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Spoiler pic of "The Next Doctor"

Christmas Who and proms mark the holiday season

Bumper Season of specials on the BBC this Christmas

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THE GENESIS OF DOCTOR WHO | The Creation of a Television Hero

Explore the origins of a TV legend with this collection of documents and images. It's now the number one family favourite, but 'Doctor Who' had a difficult birth, emerging from the imagination of some of BBC Drama's top minds.
Here, we tell the story of the creation of 'Doctor Who' from the very beginning, starting with a report on the possibility of making science fiction for television and leading up to the moment a new drama series is announced in the pages of 'Radio Times'.
Join us as we hide behind the sofa for the first time...

THE GENESIS OF DOCTOR WHO The Creation of a Television Hero

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Doctor Who: Pudsai created for CIN

Lovely little fan film (created by many of the UK regulars) for Children in Need.

Not crazy about a few of the cast but very well put togther story here, CIN needs to give you a wee budget and let you loose to have some fun :)

MEhhhhhh it'll do :)

Caramelldansen misheard lyrics


Out of Space Facebook

ohhhhhh me likey

k loved Darko so i loooove this tune and all in all a very well put together vid

Doctor Who- Mad World Nine/Rose

The Latest Big Finish News

The Three Companions(20/11/2008)

We can now reveal the cast of The Three Companions, the 12-part Companion Chronicles mini-series that will be included as a bonus feature on monthly Doctor Who plays commencing in Spring 2009. Anneke Wills (pictured here) returns as Polly who, in the present day, tracks down Jo Grant (Katy Manning), and realizes their past adventures with the Doctor have actually intersected. Meanwhile, as the planet Earth faces environmental catastrophe, a third companion is observing them from afar... A certain Thomas Brewster (John Pickard), who is in possession of a stolen TARDIS.The Three Companions is written by Marc Platt, and directed by Lisa Bowerman.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Elisabeth Sladen (The Sarah Jane Adventures) Interview

Star of CBBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures, Elisabeth Sladen first played Doctor Who companion Sarah Jane in 1973 and returned to Doctor Who this year in the Series 4 finale episodes.

Two new audio-exclusive Sarah Jane Adventures titles The Time Capsule and The Ghost House will be released on 13th November 2008, both read by Elisabeth Sladen. The titles will be available on CD and for download and will not be published as books.

There are two new audio-exclusive Sarah Jane Adventures titles out this week, can you tell us a bit about those?

There’s one called ‘The Ghost House’ by Steven Cole, who wrote one of last year’s, and there’s ‘The Time Capsule’ by Peter Anghelides. They’re great fun to do, though I only had one day to record them both. I might alter that in future, it’s very harsh! You can’t just do an impersonation of the characters, as it’s all in the first person. I do get a bit tongue-tied in the action sequences when I’m having to quickly alternate between myself, Luke, Clyde, an alien, the milkman…

With 12 episodes this year, how long did the second series take to film?

I think I was there for about six months, but I also did the Doctor Who episodes, ‘The Stolen Earth’ and ‘Journey's End’. I had about ten days in between Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. It was great working with the lovely Graeme Harper again. I’d worked with him 30 years ago and so to do 4 episodes of Sarah Jane with him was brilliant. The kids call him "The Harpenter"! It was very nice being asked to do more episodes this year, that made me very happy. And I was so pleased to have the Sontaran story, with Sarah Jane having history with the Sontarans [1975 Doctor Who story The Sontaran Experiment]. I think it’s unheard of for a show to have this sort of history with a character, it’s brilliant.

Will there be a third series of the show?

They’re writing it now, I believe. I’m very proud of the show, it’ll be lovely to do another series. And it’d be really lovely for the children – not ‘the children’, I mean ‘my co-stars’! Danny [Daniel Anthony who plays Clyde] is 21 now and Anjli [Anjli Mohindra who plays Rani] is 18!

Do you know if Yasmin Paige [who played Maria in Series 1] will return for the third series?

I’m not sure, Yasmin moved on to focus on her studies and Anjli’s role has really settled in now - the new family have fitted in seamlessly.

Do you think that Sarah Jane’s assistants will change if the show continues for another few years, like the companions change in Doctor Who?

Tommy [Thomas Knight who plays Luke] is sealed I think as Sarah Jane’s adopted son, but yes I think the format completely allows for the show to continue.

Would you like to do a Christmas special one year?

Oh wow, that would be amazing, wouldn’t it? I’d never thought about that. With a Christmas tree up in the attic! We filmed a party scene actually, in the first episode of the new series I think, but it wasn’t used. There were balloons everywhere afterwards so I was thinking they’d have to keep the scene or there’d just be mysterious balloons in the background in the attic! But it wasn’t driving the story forward unfortunately.

What was it like working with Nicholas Courtney again, who played The Brigadier at UNIT in Doctor Who? Can you give any hints about the story that he features in?

I was so pleased for him to be back. Hmm, I don’t know how much I can give away - it’s a good one, a really good one. Oh that sounds crap! Well, for Sarah Jane to need The Brigadier, it must be a really dangerous situation. UNIT has certainly given him a wonderful pension, I can tell you that! Or maybe he has a very rich wife, he’s certainly doing alright!

Do you ever get to meet Alexander Armstrong, who does the voice of Mr. Smith?

No, I’ve never met him! All the ADR is done separately, it’s a shame.

Bradley Walsh and Russ Abbot have both guest-starred this series, what were they like to work with?

They were lovely, Bradley Walsh is so funny, he’s such a performer.

If you could choose any actor to guest star on the show as a villain, who would you choose?

Oh there’s so many, the mind races! Am I allowed to say David Tennant?

What’s it like having your own action figure?

Some of my friends have one on top of their Christmas tree! Actually, it’s in my contract that I’m allowed to have a say on the action figures before they get made and the first three they made look ok. But the latest three make me look like the Wicked Witch Of The West! I was really angry about that, if these things don’t look right then people won’t buy them.

There’s a signing event at Borders on Oxford Street on Saturday (15th November, 1.30-4pm) – what are those events like? Do you get fans of all ages?

You do, yes, I was at the Bath Literature Festival recently and the little ones are so enthusiastic. They run up to me screaming “Sarah Jane, Sarah Jane!” and ask me a question, so I answer and then they go “Sarah Jane, Sarah Jane!” and ask me something else. I often answer in character – “I’m afraid The Doctor isn’t here today but I can pass on your message for him” – I don’t think I have the right to spoil it being real for them.

What was it like filming the Doctor Who Series 4 finale episodes with Thomas Knight?

Poor Tommy was very cross as he never met a Dalek, he was just stuck in the attic! It was an amazing story, Sarah Jane has so many links with Davros. Michael Wisher was the first Davros [in 1975’s Genesis Of The Daleks] and after I first did a scene with Julian Bleech, the new Davros, I said to him “you sound just like Davros!”. Genesis Of The Daleks is such an iconic story and it was a time when Tom [Tom Baker, as the fourth Doctor], Ian [Ian Marter, as companion Harry Sullivan] and I had started to gel so well together. I really do love it! Oh no, Russell’s turned me into a fan! I never even watch sci-fi! The joy now is doing the DVD commentaries, although unfortunately I’m not anymore due to contractual reasons with 2entertain, we couldn’t come to an agreement.

How did filming the Doctor Who finale differ from filming The Sarah Jane Adventures?

Doctor Who is such a different animal, it’s like our big brother. Actually, the Sarah Jane Adventures sound man told me that it’s much harder for him than Doctor Who as there’s so much more dialogue! My dialogue has to be really precise as well, I can’t paraphrase my stuff as it’s explaining the plot!

Do you think Sarah Jane and any of her assistants will feature in Doctor Who again?

I don’t know, I didn’t think I’d be coming back after ‘School Reunion’! I thought I’d had a lovely goodbye, but then I came back again! Never say never, definitely.

This time last year, the newspapers were reporting about all the recent companions coming back for the Series 4 finale. At what point did you know you’d be returning?

Oh, I knew quite a long time back! People were asking me about it and I had to just go “oh, that’s news to me!”.

Now that David Tennant has announced he’s leaving Doctor Who next year, who would you like to see as the next Doctor?

Jason Isaacs is an incredibly talented actor, I think he’d bring real gravitas to it - and he’s also from Liverpool! Or maybe Hellboy! The actor who plays Hellboy [Ron Perlman], it’d be brilliant to have a big Doctor with a bit of muscle! I imagine Steven Moffat has his own plan though, it’s quite exciting! I’d love to work with him, but I really don’t think I’ll be coming back to Doctor Who again now. Bringing people back was more Russell’s thing.

Apart from Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures, which other TV shows do you enjoy watching?

I love The Wire, I have the boxset. It really takes no prisoners, it’s an amazing show. The original CSI in Vegas is so clever too, I love William Petersen who plays the main guy, Grissom. He’d make a really good Doctor actually! He’s in an amazing film called Manhunter. It’s the first Hannibal Lecter film, before Anthony Hopkins did them. It’s probably the scariest film I’ve ever seen!

Series 1 of The Sarah Jane Adventures will be released on DVD on 10th November 2008 from BBC Worldwide.

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The Doctor Who CIN promo has aired and i have the clip


K9 Series Production Website Launched

website dedicated to the production of spin-off series K9 has been launched.People who register on it will be sent e-mail updates about the show. There is, however, no indication when the series will start airing.The website has sections for the series' main credits, a photo gallery, casting and crew documents (both of which are currently not allowing access), plus locations and key design (which is not displaying anything at the moment).Click here for more details.

'Twilight' actor open to 'Doctor Who' role

My colleague Rob Elder interviewed "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson yesterday, and there's an interesting tidbit in the piece: Pattinson, who is English, said he would be open to taking over the lead role in "Doctor Who" once David Tennant departs it, as he has said he plans to do in 2010.
There's already a ton of speculation about who the next Doctor will be; the guessing game so far has centered on Paterson Joseph, an actor who has previously worked with Steven Moffat, "Doctor Who's" new head writer. But no decision has been reached yet.
"The Doctor is great," he said. Asked if he'd pick up the mantle, he replied, "Yeah, maybe."
Pattinson, whose movie opens Nov. 21 and whose appearance caused a near-meltdown at Orland Square Mall, said he "did grow up watching it. I loved it when I was a kid. In fact, I met one of them the other day, Sylvester McCoy [the seventh Doctor]. He's one of the few people I've asked for an autograph."
For all you "Twilight" fans (and yes, I've read the first three books, but held back on the fourth because Stephenie Meyer's sci-fi book, "The Host," was so unbelievably frustrating), I thought Elder came up with an interesting question: With almost limitless choices as to what to do with his undead life, why the heck does Edward, Pattinson's vampire character in the film, stay in high school?
"For you personally, wouldn't 80 years of high school be hell?" Elder asked.
Pattinson answered, "Definitely. I would hate it. That was one of the most difficult things to figure out. You think he'd stay in college, or be a street kid. It'd be way cooler. But I think the whole concept of it is: He's like an addict. I think he wants to make his life really, really, really boring."
Interesting trivia note: Pattinson, who's also a musician, has a song on the "Twilight" soundtrack, which just debuted at No. 1. And that CD was put together by none other than Alexandra Patsavas, the music whiz behind many notable TV show soundtracks (she has worked on "Mad Men," "Grey's Anatomy" and "The O.C.," among others).
UPDATE: Here's a longer version of the Q+A section of Elder's piece, the shorter version of which I linked to above.
Q What does Edward, a 108-year-old vampire, see in a 17-year-old girl?
A He’s lived for 108 years, but he still has the same brain as a 17-year-old. He experiences the world as a 17-year-old. He’s kind of mature in some ways. But if you were in the body of a 17-year-old, I don’t think you’d go for a 108-year-old woman. There’s not much point.
Q And not many around. But why is he drawn Bella Swan, his love interest?
A Initially, it’s just the smell of her blood. She has a weird blood type. And he stopped killing people 50, 60 years ago. She breaks down all his discipline, immediately. He thinks, “I’m not going to let 50, 60 years of work get destroyed by this insignificant girl.” So, he starts testing himself. And he starts to fall for her.
Q But why high school? For you personally, wouldn’t 80 years of high school be hell?
A Definitely. I would hate it. That was one of the most difficult things to figure out. You think he’d stay in college, or be a street kid. It’d be way cooler. But I think the whole concept of it is: He’s like an addict. I think he wants to make his life really, really, really boring. He always does all his homework. He just doesn’t want to get into a situation where he’ll kill someone.
Q So high school is his 12-step program?
A [Laughs] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely.
Q In Bella’s eyes, he’s perfect. How difficult is it to play a perfect character?
A I just kind of ignored it. I just tried to concentrate on his flaws. I can do the flaws and forget about the rest. Q This question is from Jennifer Armour, a fan waiting in line. David Tennant, the current star of “Doctor Who,” is quitting in 2010. Would you consider taking up the mantle?
A That would be quite cool. I didn’t know he was leaving. The Doctor is great…yeah, maybe. I did grow up watching it. I loved it when I was a kid. In fact, I met one of them the other day, Sylvester McCoy [the seventh Doctor]. He’s one of the few people I’ve asked for an autograph.

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Colin Salmon to be next timelord???

Now this is an actor i can stand behind for the first black Doctor Who!!!!

He missed scooping the title of the first ever black man to play James Bond, but Luton actor Colin Salmon is now tipped to be the first black Dr Who. The television and film star, who was famously thrown out of Luton Sixth Form College as a teenager, appeared as Dr Moon in the BBC sci-fi series earlier this year. And now it has been reported that Colin will replace current Timelord David Tennant when he leaves the small screen show in 2009. But the BBC has refused to confirm the rumours. Colin, aged 46, has become a screen favourite, rising to fame in popular programme Soldier Soldier (1994) before starring in Prime Suspect (2003), Bad Girls (2006) and Secret Diary Of A Call Girl (2007), as well as having film roles in Alien vs Predator and Resident Evil. But Colin is best known for playing M's assistant, agent Charles Robinson, in three 007 films, and was rumoured to be in the running for the Bond role before it went to Daniel Craig. It would have made him the first ever black man to play the famous spy.

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According to a BBC WALES Source, Murray Gold could be discontinuing his (superb) association with DOCTOR WHO after the 2009 SPECIALS, leaving incoming Producers with the task (if not already completed) of allocating another Composer.
The creative talent of Gold is often overlooked but is key to the success of the series. He should have won the BAFTA for VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Will the new Doctor Who be announced on Children In Need?

Are we just days away from finding out who the next Doctor Who is?
Listeners of Terry Wogan’s Radio 2 breakfast show this morning may have done the same double take that regular DoG contributor Cameron McEwan did when the host started telling his listeners just what to expect on the upcoming Children In Need telethon. Due to be broadcast on Friday 14th November, one of the treats for Children In Need, according to Wogan, could be that they “may announce the new Doctor Who”. Now this could clearly mean a number of things, as part of the Children In Need extravaganza will be the broadcasting of the first two minutes of the upcoming Christmas special, The Next Doctor. Could Wogan’s comment be related to that, which is quite likely? Could the man just be going mad? Or are we really going to see the planet’s most anticipated casting decision revealed in the midst of a charity telethon?Time will, surely, tell. In the meantime, it might not be a bad time to get down to the bookies and get your bets on, just in case...

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

EastEnder's Tom Ellis is favourite for next Dr Who

Former EastEnders actor Tom Ellis is the surprise name being lined-up to replace David Tennant as the 11th Doctor Who.
Tom, 29, is best known as Dr Oliver Cousins, having spent just five months in the BBC soap in 2006.
But the actor, who is married to former EastEnder Tamzin Outhwaite, 37, also appeared briefly on Doctor Who last year as NHS doctor Tom Milligan.
And the show's new boss Steven Moffat has already asked him about his availability to play the Time Lord for the 2010 series.
A BBC source said: "Tom is the frontrunner for the job and is very interested.
"Now he has to impress Steven and show he's willing and able to play a different kind of doctor."
Tennant, 37, bows out as Doctor Who in a Christmas Special 2009. Other names in the frame include Robert Carlyle, Paterson Joseph and David Morrissey.

David Tennant On BBC Breakfast

David Tennant appeared on the BBC Breakfast sofa today to discuss his decision to move on from Doctor Who, which he announced last Wednesday night.
You can watch a clip of his appearance by following the link below.
David will be appearing as The Doctor in a further five specials, the first of which airs this Christmas. You can watch a clip of this too, by following the second link below.
David On BBC Breakfast
The Next Doctor

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Tom Baker on Have i got news for you

Watch a clip HERE.....

Lock up your daleks, tie down your knitwear and get yourself behind the nearest sofa, because this week's show will be hosted by none other than Doctor Who legend, Tom Baker. Also most recently gracing our screens as the irreverent voice of Little Britain, Tom's incarnation as third Newslord of this series of HIGNFY promises to be something quite unforgettable.
Doctor Who is customarily joined by a pretty, young assistant, so after some careful casting we've gone for deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cable, as the obvious choice. Our second guest this week, Chris Addison, also has some experience in pretending to influence government, having played Special Advisor to the Secretary of State in award-winning political comedy, The Thick Of It. Chris has also written and starred in his own sitcom, Lab Rats, as well as regularly performing stand-up around the country.
Bending the rules of space, time and, quite often, acceptable humour, the Have I Got News For You website may look a little poky on the outside, but offers the more intrepid explorer a Tardisian cavern of exclusive content within. As usual, we'll have our world-famous Inevitable Internet Spin-off, with outtakes from the show; we'll be delving deep into the life of one of our panellists in the Guest Interview; and there is the opportunity to show us how this whole topical humour thing should be done in our interactive Caption Challenge.

David Tennant On BBC Breakfast

David Tennant will take to the BBC Breakfast sofa this Monday, 3rd November 2008.
The interview will take place shortly after 8.30am. Tune in to hear him discuss his decision to move on from Doctor Who which he announced on Wednesday night.
David will be appearing as The Doctor in a further five specials, the first of which airs this Christmas. You can watch a clip of it here, by following the link below.
The Next Doctor