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"Chase This Light"


Photograph - Five and Ten

I love To Boogie

Rose pictures from the set of Who

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Timecrash review and picspam


Voyage of the Damned Promo pic

The latest picture, shows David Tennant (The Doctor) and Kylie Minogue (Astrid Perth) standing in front of the gold demonic angels, which many fans are already believing to be classic series villains; The Axons.

Billie Piper to return to Dr Who!!!!!!!!!!!

Actress Billie Piper is to return to Doctor Who, the BBC has confirmed.
She will star in three episodes of the sci-fi drama, reprising her role as the Doctor's companion, Rose Tyler.
Rose's return will mean the Doctor has three assistants in next year's series - Donna, played by Catherine Tate, and Freema Agyeman as Martha.
The new series begins in March and will run for 13 episodes. There will be three special editions in 2009 before the show takes a break until 2010.
Piper left Doctor Who last year, when Rose was transported into a parallel universe.
The character had been a hit and Piper won a number of awards for her performances. She was named most popular actress at the National Television Awards in 2005 and 2006.
A separate show based on Rose had been planned by writer and series producer Russell T Davies, but was scrapped when Davies decided the programme was "a spin-off too far".
Filming is currently under way in Cardiff for the new series of Doctor Who, which sees the Doctor meeting an old group of enemies - the Sontarans - 35 years after first encountering them.
Before that, the programme will return to television screens at Christmas with a special episode set on the Titanic, which will co-star singer and actress Kylie Minogue.

Verity Lambert tribute

Click HERE to read the article and see the pics.

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Dr. Jones

Doctor Who Concept Art Goes On Sale

Doctor Who fans can buy limited edition prints of the series concept art under a new deal announced yesterday between the corporation's commercial arm BBC Worldwide and Department Six.

Ten images are available initially including Dalek DNA, The Master's Ring, The Doctor's Fob Watch and the Santa Masks from last year's Christmas special. Further prints including The Tardis, The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver and Gallifreyan text are expected to the be added to the range.

Each print run is limited to 500 giclee editions which will be numbered and signed by the artists who created the original designs. The individual prints will also be delivered with an accompanying certificate of authenticity and princes start from £220 per image.

Carefully presented to ensure collectability and longevity, each print is hand-mounted and wrapped in a fine tissue paper overprinted with Gallifreyan text and shielded by a custom made foam lined box.

Edward Thomas, Department Six Chairman said the company were "keen to develop artwork that allowed the incredible talent captured in the images to be appreciated by future generations."

"The intricacy and care put in to the prints makes them not only must-haves for collectors but for a wider audience appreciative of the magic of this treasured television series."

Link: www.departmentsix.com

Christmas with the Tylers

Tom Baker sings Video Killed The Radio Star, well kinda..


The Dalek Song


Bid for a Christmas card signed by Freema.


Davison's Celery Aids Children in Need

21-year-old Australian fan Dimitry Telfer won a piece of plastic celery worn in the series by Peter Davison — and autographed by the actor — in an eBay auction raising funds for Children in Need. Telfer's winning bid was £5,500 (AUS $12,760, USD $11,343). The BBC put the signed celery stick up for auction in aid of the children's charity last week, with bidding starting at just 99p.Dimity told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "I couldn't let an opportunity like that get away from me and it's for a great cause. I got into 'Doctor Who' in 2005 and I've been hooked. Peter Davison is my favourite."

Sarah Jane breaks records

Official figures released by BARB show that the Monday 1730 CBBC showing of The Sarah Jane Adventures has broken records for the digital channel.The second part of Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? is the highest rated programme to have been shown on CBBC since its launch, with an official audience of 633,000 viewers.In the list of top rated programmes, The Sarah Jane Adventures holds the first six positions, with the 7th position being taken by MI High, with 388,000 viewers.Figures for the final two episodes of this series will be available over the next two weeks.

BBC Drama Productions acquires rights to develop 1970s series Survivors for BBC One

BBC Drama Productions has acquired the rights from the Terry Nation Estate to develop the Seventies drama series Survivors, it was announced today by Jane Tranter, BBC Controller, Fiction.

Set in the present day, the new series will be written by Adrian Hodges (Ruby In The Smoke, Shadow In The North, Charles II and Primeval) for transmission on BBC One.

Launched in April 1975 on BBC One, Survivors ran for 38 episodes over three series.

The cult series focussed on a post-apocalyptic world, in the aftermath of a devastating plague which wipes out over 99% of the world's population, and how a group of individuals grappled with the trials of day-to-day survival.

Kate Harwood, Head of Series and Serials, BBC Drama Production, says: "The opportunity to remake Survivors for a modern generation proved irresistible.

"After months of negotiations, I am delighted that one of British television's great cult series will return with original stories packed with adventure and spirit set against the backdrop of our own recognisable world."

Adrian Hodges says: "Survivors was one of the bravest and most exciting programmes of its time and I'm thrilled to be involved with re-imagining it for a new audience.

"I remember its original impact vividly and I hope we can make a similar impression with the new version.

"Its themes remain as relevant as ever and while we will be staying faithful to many aspects of the original, we will also be bringing the story into the 21st Century and make it accessible to contemporary audiences."

BBC Drama Productions is a world leader in producing much loved and critically-acclaimed dramas, from classic adaptations such as the much-loved Cranford starring Dame Judi Dench and Jane Eyre, to last year's tense thriller The State Within, and next year's long-awaited adaptations of Lark Rise To Candleford and Sense And Sensibility.

A BBC Drama Production for BBC One, the executive producer of Survivors is Susan Hogg.

Doctor Who's first producer dies

Doctor Who's first producer, and the BBC's first female TV producer, Verity Lambert, has died aged 71.
She was also the youngest person to take charge of a BBC television show when the sci-fi drama started in 1963.
Lambert also produced dramas including Minder, Quatermass, Rumpole of the Bailey and Jonathan Creek, while her company made 1990s BBC soap Eldorado.
She was made an OBE in recognition of her services to film and television in January 2002.
'Total one-off'

Lambert oversaw the first two series of Doctor Who before leaving in 1965.
Russell T Davies, the current writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, said: "There are a hundred people in Cardiff working on Doctor Who and millions of viewers, in particular many children, who love the programme that Verity helped create."
"This is her legacy and we will never forget that," he added.
In 1985 Lambert formed her own independent television company, Cinema Verity, which went on to make the sitcom May to December and the short-lived soap Eldorado.
Most recently she completed the second series of BBC One's Love Soup.
Jane Tranter, controller of BBC Fiction said: "Verity was a total one-off. She was a magnificently, madly, inspirationally talented drama producer."
Lambert had been due to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Women in Film and Television Awards next month.
Her death on Thursday came the day before the 44th anniversary of the very first episode of Doctor Who.

Happy Anniversay!

Yes, it'sbeen 44 years since Dr Who first graced our screens, on Saturday 23rdNovember 1963. The first episode, the Unearthly Child, was broadcast at5.16pm that evening. It was delayed by one minute, due to the continuingreports about President Kennedy's assassination.

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BBC AMERICA's all-time highest rated show, Torchwood, is back with a U.S. premiere second season, beginning January 26, 9:00pm ET/PT. Created by Russell T Davies, lead writer on the current Doctor Who series, Torchwood (13 x 60) is a BBC Production, distributed by BBC Worldwide.

With guest stars including James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Smallville), Alan Dale (Ugly Betty, The OC) and Doctor Who's Freema Agyeman, the show will air close to its UK premiere.

Richard De Croce, VP Programming, BBC AMERICA says: Torchwood has legions of loyal fans in the U.S. and we wanted to bring them the next season as soon as possible.

And fresh from its critically acclaimed airing on BBC AMERICA in September, Torchwood: The Complete First Season goes on sale January 22. The 7-disc DVD set includes over 6 hours of bonus features including outtakes and cast interviews.

Torchwood is an action-packed, adrenalin-fuelled sci-fi series following the adventures of a team of investigators, lead by Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), who use alien technology to solve crime. With fearsome new aliens and compelling storylines the second season takes the close-knit Torchwood team through dare-devil action, temptation, heartache and a life changing event for one of the team.

Hollywood Reporter called it "...a crackling good, brilliantly conceived sci-fi series that targets actual grown-ups" while the Philadelphia Inquirer said it was "...super-slick, raw, bizarre, hilarious, spooky, scary and sublimely sexy."

BBC AMERICA brings audiences a new generation of award-winning television featuring razor-sharp comedies, provocative dramas, life-changing makeovers and news with a uniquely global perspective. BBC AMERICA pushes the boundaries to deliver high quality, highly addictive and eminently watchable programming to viewers who demand more. BBC AMERICA is distributed by Discovery Networks. It is available on digital cable and satellite TV. For more information about BBC AMERICA visit www.bbcamerica.com.

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It Ends Tonight

How Far We've Come

Beating Like A Drum

You're So Vain

Saxon for Australian Prime Minister?


Doctor Who buying a Tardis wardrobe from Harveys

Dead ringers

Eccleston Quits

Doctor Who Night - Pitch of Fear

Doctor Who Night - The Web of Caves

The Doctor is imprisoned

David Tennant Script Auction

Bid On David's Script And Raise Money For ACCORD!

David has kindly donated his personal copy of The Sound Of Drums Script to the david-tennant.com ACCORD fundraiser. This highly collectable item has been signed by David and his co stars. The full list of signatures is as follows:

David Tennant (The Doctor)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness)
John Simm (Harold Saxon /The Master)
Alexandra Moen (Lucy Saxon)
Adjoa Andoh (Francine Jones)
Trevor Laird (Clive Jones)
Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Tish Jones)
You could be the proud owner of a piece of Doctor Who history AND even more fabulously you will be helping ACCORD and the fantastic work that they do! Click here to view the lot. You can learn more about ACCORD via their website here.

BBC announces Winter/Spring 2008 programme highlights

Torchwood is also set to get the nation talking this winter, moving to BBC Two for an even bigger and bolder series.

Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and his alien-fighting team are joined by Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who's Martha Jones) for three episodes, along with other guest stars including Richard Briers (Monarch Of The Glen), Alan Dale(Ugly Betty) and James Marsters (Buffy The Vampire Slayer).

Read the whole thing HERE.

Dr Who meets cancer experts

Doctor Who star David Tennant, in his new role as patron of the Association of International Cancer Research (AICR), has learned more about world-leading genetic research at Cardiff University. David Tennant met one of charity’s newest fellows, Dr Andrew Tee from the School of Medicine Institute of Medical Genetics.Dr Tee was awarded £750,000 from the charity to develop his research at the Institute. The charity funds many cancer research projects worldwide and aims to support promising young scientists who are ready to form their own research teams.The research goal of Dr Tee’s newly established lab at Cardiff is to uncover new drug targets for the treatment of tuberous sclerosis. “We are carrying out basic research to better understand the complex signals that are involved in the growth of tumours in this serious genetic disease,” he said.The results of previous laboratory research carried out by Dr Tee, when working as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard, led to the initiation of a clinical trial in patients with tuberous sclerosis by researchers at the Institute. The early results look very encouraging. “One year into the trial, we are seeing a marked reduction in the size of the kidney tumours that we are treating in patients with tuberous sclerosis” said Professor Julian Sampson, head of the Institute of Medical Genetics.The team hope that their combined expertise in genetic and cancer biology will lead to further clinical trials for previously untreatable familial tumours. Dr Tee said: “I was pleased to meet with David Tennant, our progress would not be possible if it where not for the support of independent charities such as AICR.” David Tennant said: “I know only too well that cancer strikes without regard to age or race, country or creed, fame or fortune. I believe AICR’s approach to funding research, wherever in the world it is taking place, is at the forefront of the battle to bring cancer under control and I am proud to have been asked to become a patron.”The Institute of Medical Genetics is a winner in this year’s Queen’s Anniversary Prizes , which recognise world class levels of excellence in UK Higher Education.

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Extended promo for Girl in the Fireplace

Bill Bailey - Doctor Who


GO and watch it is very cute. Thank you Aldric and janees for the link


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Kylie’s doctor love

COMEBACK queen Kylie Minogue has revealed how she almost backed out of her guest slot in Doctor Who.
Kylie, 39, whose new single 2 Hearts will hit the Top 10 today, said her busy schedule had made it very hard to be in the BBC1 show’s Christmas Day special.
She said: “Lots of people would have preferred me not to take three and a half weeks out in Cardiff.”
But Kylie, pictured in Children In Need on Friday, couldn’t bring herself to pull out after she gave Doctor Who creator Russell T. Davies her word.
“I met with Russell and Julia Gardner and they were so excited about me doing something. So we did it and day one with everyone was amazing.”

Cult Spy: 'Doctor Who' In Need?


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Watch the Timecrash Confidential here

it wont be up long so enjoy!!!!

Timecrash on youtube now

Timecrash Icons







We Get On- Time Crash

Timecrash caps



Children in Need show raises £19m

The BBC's Children in Need appeal is on course for a record total after this year's TV show raised more than £19m.
The reunited Spice Girls backed the 28th annual fundraiser by performing CiN song Headlines from Los Angeles.
Songs from Kylie Minogue, Annie Lennox, Westlife, the Sugababes and BBC news presenters were among the other highlights on the seven-hour programme.
The programme attracted its highest audience in four years, with 11.3 million watching at its peak.
In 2006, the night raised £18.3m - with the sum reaching £33m after donations from all fund-raising was collected - and was seen by 8.9 million people at its peak.
This year Children In Need encouraged the public to "do something different" to raise money for the charity.
Presenter Terry Wogan has waived his controversial fee for presenting the show this year.
The reunited Spice Girls, all dressed in black, performed Headlines (Friendship Never Ends), the official Children in Need single, from Los Angeles during the programme.
They were followed by a rendition of Elton John's Your Song by actor John Barrowman, accompanied by Myleene Klass on piano.
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat star Lee Mead was one of the first acts to perform on the show.
Irish boy band Boyzone also reformed for the show, and Doctor Who star David Tennant met his predecessor Peter Davison in a specially-written sketch.
BBC news presenters Fiona Bruce, Dermot Murnaghan, Andrew Marr, Nicholas Owen, Bill Turnbull and Ben Brown performed All That Jazz from the West End musical Chicago.
The cast of BBC One soap EastEnders covered the Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band and there were special editions of TV shows Dragon's Den, Hotel Babylon and music quiz Never Mind the Buzzcocks.
The cast of the musical Dirty Dancing also appeared.
In the course of the live televised event:
Viewers raised £19,089,771 in total
Almost 212,000 calls from viewers were handled by BT
More than 36,000 online donations were made
More than 15,000 donations were made via the BBC's digital TV service
BT used more than 2,500 volunteers in 50 call centres across the UK to cope with the demand
National and regional BBC radio and TV stations have also been raising money for Children in Need.
On Thursday, BBC Radio 2 listener Kenneth Donnell, from Glasgow, paid £83,000 for two tickets to Led Zeppelin's reunion gig in December in a Children in Need auction.

PICTURES the event.

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Watch Timecrash CIN special online here

Click here to watch 'Doctor-Who-Timecrash-CIN'

I almost cried at the end when DT said "You were my doctor." How utterly lovable and sweet.I will try and find the confidential also. Please enjoy and click the link below to donate to the CIN thank you!!!


Mark pays £37,000 to meet Doctor Who team

A CLITHEROE man will travel through the vortex to meet the 900-year-old Time Lord from the Planet Gallifrey - after donating £37,000 in aid of Children in Need.
Kind-hearted Mark Shift was the highest-bidder for the auction prize in Sir Terry Wogan's Auction of "Things Money Can't Buy" (BBC Radio Two) in the run-up to this year's Children in Need appeal. The lucky winner will travel to a top secret location in South Wales early next year where he, and three other guests, will watch the filming of the next "Dr Who" series. The team of four will be accompanied throughout the day by executive producer and chief writer Russell T. Davies, who will let them in on some of the Doctor's closely-guarded secrets. During the visit, the production team will give the winner an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the series is put together and even the chance to meet with the Time Lord himself - David Tennant - and his new companion Donna, played by Catherine Tate. And if that wasn't enough, Mark and his group will also spend some time with the Doctor Who sound team, helping to create monster voices, alien ship take-offs and big bangs and explosions! Mark beat stiff competition from several other bidders to experience the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. "Although I originally contemplated ent
ering this auction for my five-year old Doctor Who fanatic son, Joshua, having seen the vast amount of money that has been collected over this week for Children In Need, I am so very, very proud to not only provide my son a day that he will remember for the rest of his life, but also be able to be a part of making an enormous difference to the lives of many other children," said Mark."It's only when the excitement of the auction has finished that you sit down and take stock of just what a contribution of close on a million pounds can make, and it's just great to be a small part of that. "I shall of course be taking my son Josh, also my wife Andrea and Josh's best friend Jake, another five-year-old Doctor Who fanatic - although they will know nothing of this until they come home from school this evening - I expect that'll be two young lads who won't be able to sleep tonight!! "

Updates on Doctor Who Merchandise and Signings


Watch Timecrash here.

Click here to watch 'Doctor-Who-Timecrash-CIN'

I almost cried at the end when DT said "You were my doctor." How utterly lovable and sweet.
I will try and find the confidential also. Please enjoy and click the link below to donate to the CIN thank you!!!


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Suddenly I See Sarah Jane

The Wizard & I

Lily Allen to play 'Who' assistant?

Lily Allen is being lined up to play the Doctor's assistant, say reports.According to The Sun, the BBC wants the popstar to replace Catherine Tate in a future series of the sci-fi drama.An insider commented: "Lily is multi-talented. She comes from more of a TV background than a musical one. "After the chat show we hope she’ll take over from Catherine as Dr Who’s assistant. We’ve talked to her and she was excited by the idea."Billie [Piper] used Doctor Who for her transition from music to acting. We think Lily can emulate that. The great thing about the show is it’s good fun but still a cool thing to be involved with. "It would be perfect for Lily and she would be perfect for the show."The news follows rumours that David Tennant will be replaced as the Doctor at the end of the next series.The source added: "With Lily and someone younger and edgier in the lead role it could open up the show to a new, trendier crowd. "John Simm and Rhys Ifans have both been linked with the role. Lily would make a very cool couple with either of them."

Talking Shop: John Barrowman

The varied career of actor and singer John Barrowman has included starring in Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood and appearing on the West End stage.
He has also served as a judge on talent search shows such as Any Dream Will Do.
But the 40-year-old's latest venture is an album of modern covers including You're So Vain and All By Myself - dubbed his first pop disc.
Barrowman talks about acquiring another string to his crowded bow and why he decided to swap musical theatre for the recording studio.

What made you decide to record an album of well-loved classic pop songs?

I never do anything that people expect me to. I like to try different things and challenge myself. If I sit back and say I don't want to do any more then I may as well retire.

Just because it isn't musical theatre doesn't mean I think it's an album people won't enjoy. That's why it's called Another Side - it's another side of my music.

How did you choose which songs to record?

John Barrowman

I wanted songs which related to me in some way. If I was going to make a mix-tape for you, this would be it. They're related to moments in time when I learned something or can relate it to someone.

Are there any associations you would like to share?

Time After Time relates to a friend of mine who was telling his family that he was gay and HIV positive. He was expecting an outrageous reaction. But when he got home there was a letter from his father and a cassette with this song on it. The lyrics to me are about the unconditional love of a parent to a child.

Are there any associations you would like to share?

Time After Time relates to a friend of mine who was telling his family that he was gay and HIV positive. He was expecting an outrageous reaction. But when he got home there was a letter from his father and a cassette with this song on it. The lyrics to me are about the unconditional love of a parent to a child.

Why have you decided to add another string to your bow?

Well, I don't see it as any different from making an album of songs from the musicals - it's just to a different audience. Let's just say it's the tightening of a bow.

Is musical theatre still your first love?

Musical theatre gave me my beginning and I'll never turn my back on it. I think they possess some of most underestimated performers in the business. That's why I've got involved in the Joseph and Maria shows. I'm talking with Andrew Lloyd Webber about a future return to the West End.

What's the current situation with your other major project, Torchwood?

I'm making series two at the moment, filming should finish at the end of November and it'll go out in January. They'll hate me for saying it, but it's actually doing better than Doctor Who in the US on BBC America.

How do you manage to juggle all the projects you have on the go?

I have a good team around me, and people who understand that achieving certain things in my career is important to me. My partner Scott is a saint.

Do you ever feel that you've spread yourself too thinly?

I've had instances when I've thought I've done too much, but if I've committed to something I finish it. As the first contract, Torchwood has priority, while I've just finished my autobiography and I'll be doing pantomime.

But as my mother says, you can sleep in your coffin - but Captain Jack is the superhuman, John Barrowman isn't!

Meet the Doctor!

Terry Wogan is to auction another chance to meet the Doctor, in aid of Children In Need.
Early next year, the winning bidder and three other guests will travel to a top secret location in South Wales where they will watch the filming of the next series.
They'll be accompanied throughout the day by Executive Producer and chief writer Russell T Davies, who'll let them in on some of the Doctor's closely-guarded secrets.
During the visit, the production team will give the winner an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the series is put together and even the chance to meet with the Time Lord himself - David Tennant - and his new companion Donna, played by Catherine Tate.
And if that wasn't enough, the winner will also spend some time with the Doctor Who sound team, helping to create monster voices, alien ship take-offs and big bangs and explosions!
The set visit auction lot includes one night's hotel accommodation, but not travel, and the winner will need to be flexible when it comes to the date of the visit.
Other auctions to watch out for during Children In Need include:
Signed Fifth Doctor Celery
A Pudsey Bear signed by David Ternnant
A Pudsey Bear signed by John Barrowman
The set visit auction takes place on Thursday, 15 November 2007 on Terry Wogan's BBC Radio 2 show.

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Home-made Dalek is out of this world!

What a great mom!!!!


Obituary: Howard Attfield

It is with deepest regret that we announce the passing of Howard Attfield.

Howard was best known to Doctor Who fans for his role as Donna's dad (Geoff Noble) in the 2006 Christmas Special; The Runaway Bride.

Howard's final scenes can be seen in Series Four of Doctor Who, which airs in the spring of 2008.

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Dreaming with a Broken Heart

Got quite weepy eyed when i watched this one. Well done well done!!

Color pics of Dr Two and jamie


DT article in the stage mag


TARDIS Time Trio Reunited In Doctor Who S4?


New Doctor Who locations website up and running


New Who Theme Tune!

TimeVortexNews is reporting a change in the theme for the show. read it an more here.

Doctor Who tribute to M56 victim

Doctor Who tribute is paid to M56 victim.

Murray Gold's Doctor Who theme was played at the funeral of a seven-year-old Doctor Who fan, who was tragically killed whilst crossing the busy M56 motorway in the UK.

Kieran Coupe and his friend Guy Davies (6) were crossing the motorway between junctions 11 and 12 at Preston Brook with their push scooters, when they were hit by three cars.

During the ceremony the congregation were played Flying Without Wings by Westlife, a song Mr Lambert listened to when he found out his ex-partner was pregnant with Kieran. As the service ended and the Dr Who theme tune began, Kieran’s coffin was carried from the church closely followed by his father, proudly clutching a framed portrait of his son.

Tennant named top celeb 'teacher'


Christopher Eccleston On Life After Doctor Who

FORMER Doctor Who Christopher Eccleston turned heroic tea drinker while working on cult sci-fi series Heroes.
The Brit actor joined the BBC Two series as Claude, the Invisible Man when he left Doctor Who after only one series.
And he admitted he loved his time on the American show.
He said: "I was made welcome by that crew and that cast.
"Being a Brit on that show, I've never been offered so many cups of tea in my life.
"But you do, it's like you get lots of attention because you're different."
"I think what interestedme was, having made British television for, what, nearly 20 years now, I wanted to experience American television.
"The process is different. Scripts are less tied down than the UK.
"I thought Claude was a really interesting addition to that cast of characters, dropping a Brit in with a Japanese and the Haitian."
While his time as the ninth Doctor was short and he's not saying whether he'll be back for series two of Heroes, the actor is a big draw in sci-fi.
After a career playing gritty roles in Shallow Grave and Jude as well as in television shows Cracker and Our Friends in the North the actor has become something of a kids' favourite.
Next week he stars in new fantasy film The Dark is Rising.
The former Time Lord plays another time traveller but this time he is a horseman who spreads terror.
He said: "99 percent of the dramas I've made have been for adults, and this was a real opportunity to try something new. I've had experience of making drama for children with Doctor Who. I think it's important if we can provide complexity and grey areas rather than just a funfair ride. That's what appeals tome.
"I think a younger audience is much more exacting than adults actually... they're much fiercer in their attachment once they've taken you to your heart, but they have better detectors than us."
Christopher brought Doctor Who back to the BBC and to millions of fans old and new who were gutted when he quit after one series.
While Scot David Tennant has become an even bigger Doctor there have always been questions about why Christopher took on the role just to quit so quickly.
All he will say is that he "was very proud to play the Doctor".
Of course, since leaving the show in 2005 Christopher has become an equally arresting character in Heroes - about a group of modern-day superheroes finding their powers - and will break further into films with The Dark is Rising, a grittier fantasy film than The Chronicles of Narnia.
While the Doctor was a good guy, his role as The Rider in The Dark Is Rising is a real "dyed-in-the-wool bad guy".
The 43-year-old from Salford, Lancashire, added: "I'd never heard of the books, but as a child I was one of those who was hugely passionate about The Lord of the Rings.
"I understand the passion people feel for these books, but I think they should be left for childhood. People say The Lord of the Rings were the greatest novels ever written, but no, they're not; they're childhood.
"But I read the book for this and enjoyed it very much, and obviously it's close tome because it's couched in Celtic mysticism and it's a very, very intensely British book."
His role as an evil horseman also allowed Christopher to become a bit of an action hero, although obviously a baddie action hero.
He joked: "The stunt men did easy stuff and I did the dangerous stuff."
Christopher's main scenes are with Alexander Ludwig, who plays Will Stanton, a young man who learns he is the last of a group of warriors dedicated to fighting against the forces of the Dark.
Like StarWars, Christopher's character tries to bringWill over to the dark side.
Given that it was Alexander's first ever film, Christopher is full of admiration for the American.
He said: "He's an amazing young man to carry a film like this.
"I carried a film when I was 27 and couldn't really speak or think for the two months afterwards, but he seems like it's water off a duck's back.
"He doesn't seem tainted by all the Hollywood that we all know and hear so much about."
Next up for Christopher is the play Macbeth in the West End.
He admitted: "It is something I've wanted to do since I was 17. But we have to pull a deal together."
As David Tennant is taking time out to play Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company next year we could see two Doctors in the house, at least in the theatres they will be performing in.
The Dark is Rising was written by Susan Cooper and is adapted by former Scots doctor John Hodge who was nominated for an Oscar for his adapted screenplay of Trainspotting.
It is filled with Harry Potter-style scares - particularly one scene in whichWill is chased by a giant albino cobra and 1000 live snakes, some 13 ft long, were used to fill half of a massive church.
One person who liked the snakes was veteran actor IanMcShane, the star of Lovejoy and Deadwood, who playsMerriman Lyon, the oldest of the Old Ones who guidesWill through time and also include Scots actor James Cosmo, Frances Conroy and JimPiddock.
Talking of the snake scene Ian said: "I grew fond of the snakes. I've never worked with them before. They were nice, you know? I was especially fond of this big python.
"He was this 30 footer. But they are very heavy. And I had these two that just kept looking atme..."
He also joked that he took the role in the film because it would mean his grandchildren could watch it.
He laughed: "They can't watch Deadwood, or something like that. This will be good, I thought."
James Cosmo is becoming something of a period costume actor starring in Braveheart, Troy and as Santa Claus in The Chronicles of Narnia.
The Scots bear of an actor laughed: "You do tend to get typecast in things, because people see you as your most famous roles.
"Which is fine, having a niche I work in most. But it is nice to jump out of that and do something ordinary.
"But I'mnot knocking it. To tell you the truth I amhappy sitting on a horse somewhere nice, not that there are any horses in this one.
"Doing action stuff is great fun, and then going back and doing something different."

Minogue eyes Doctor Who return

Australian pop star Kylie Minogue is hoping to land a permanent part in hit TV show Dr Who.
The 39-year-old singer will appear as waitress Astrid Perth in the show's Christmas (07) special but Minogue would like to become a regular cast member.

She says, "It's not up to me but I know there has been talk that my character could be reintroduced at a later date. We'll have to wait and see.

"I've always been a fan of Doctor Who and when you think how long it's been running, it is a series that is a unique piece of television history."

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Series 3 Outtakes Reel

Blink Security Protocal - Deleted Scene

A deleted scene from Daleks in Manhattan

Runaway Bride - Deleted Car Scene

Another clip from the deleted scenes on the Series 3 box set. This includes the Runaway Bride car scenes. Note David's mum & dad, sister-in-law & nieces in the background.

DW - Human Nature Clip - Fast Forward Scene

Clip from the Deleted Scenes of Season 3 Human Nature. Make sure you watch up through #6 this is where the bit that Martha fast forwards through starts and it's David just talking about his favorite band and making funny sounds in character as the Doctor...very cute.

Agyeman discusses 'Torchwood' and Kylie

Freema Agyeman has spoken of her joy at joining the Torchwood cast for several episodes, as well as meeting Kylie MinogueThe actress told Metro that she has finished filming her stint on the Doctor Who spin-off and that "it's part of the same family, but you've got the mad John Barrowman who's on board, so it was a really good experience".Agyeman will return to Doctor Who as companion Martha Jones and join Catherine Tate alongside David Tennant in the Tardis. Despite not appearing in the upcoming Christmas Special 'The Voyage of the Damned', she has since encountered the guest star Kylie Minogue. "I met her and she's adorable and so sweet and just really approachable and she had a really good time and everybody thought she was amazing," she enthused.

Tennant 'tongue-tied' meeting old Doctor

Peter Davison has revealed that current Doctor Who star David Tennant was nervous around him when filming a special short story for the upcoming Children In Need.Davison, who played the role of the Fifth Doctor between 1981 and 1984, told Radio Times: "David Tennant and I very much got on and did the scene. I only found out afterwards that he was a fan of my Doctor, because he sent me a very nice text saying that he was at first a bit tongue-tied. I wasn't aware of that at all!"The scene, entitled 'Time Crash' and reportedly lasting seven minutes, was "enormous fun" to make, according to Davison. He added that he felt his cricket-inspired costume was initially "a little out of place" in the new Tardis set, but he "grew into it again after and hour or so".The Children In Need episode is schedule to air on Friday, November 16 on BBC One.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Unconfirmed spoilers

Found this posted on the martha jones live journal:

This thread speculates whether Martha is involved with UNIT or indeed is the new head, since UNIT soldiers were seen at the filming of the Sontaran two parter that she's in. A member in post #35 says he's got a reliable source (take that as you will) that Martha IS involved with UNIT, which is why she's there when the Doctor and Donna come across the Sontarans. Seemingly she transfers from Torchwood to UNIT, and Jack is involved in helping her do this. Well. I am SO squeeful over this. I LOVE UNIT. UNIT characters in new Who haven't exactly been stellar. I think the Brig is one of the best characters Classic Who ever saw, and all of the army chaps are fabulous. I also love Doctor Harry Sullivan, but that's another matter! I think it'd be brilliant to see Martha involved with UNIT, and have a cast of supporting UNIT characters around her, like the old days. Maybe our crazy fan spec wasn't crazy, and she actually WILL become the new Who equivalent of the Brig.

Piper In Line For Theatre Award

Billie Piper has been shortlisted for a theatre award.BBC News reports that she has been nominated in the Best Actress category of the Evening Standard Theatre Awards for her role in the play Treats, by Christopher Hampton.The winners will be announced at a ceremony at the Savoy in London on November 27. The event will be hosted by actor Richard Wilson, who played Dr Constantine in the Piper/Eccleston episodes The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances.

John Barrowman in Aladdin

John Barrowman will once again don his tights for an annual pantomime performance, this year appearing at the Birmingham Hippodrome for their production of Aladdin between 19th December and 27th January.According to the show publicity, the production will also feature the Daleks in their very first pantomime appearance!There is a special Aladdin website dedicated to the show, and full details on availability and booking can be found on the theatre's website.
John Barrowman will head the cast of the glittering pantomime spectacular ALADDIN.The popular and multi-talented, singer, actor, presenter and time-travelling friend of Dr Who, flies onto the Birmingham Hippodrome stage from 19 December 2007 to 27 January 2008. Appearing alongside John is Birmingham’s very own multi-talented DON MACLEAN as Widow Twankey; the hilarious GRUMBLEWEEDS as The Chinese Policemen; MASASHI FUJIMOTO from the BBC sitcom Roman’s Empire as The Emperor; with PETER GALLAGHER as the evil Abanazar and introducing the beautiful LILA McCONIGLEY as Princess Yasmin. Aladdin will also feature a special appearance by the DALEKS making their pantomime debut! ALADDIN also features breathtaking special effects, costumes and sets and a spectacular 3D digital Genie and carpet ride viewed by the audience with 3D glasses.

Torchwood Magazine

Titan Publications have released a preview of the front cover image for the very first edition of their new, officially-licensed Torchwood Magazine, due to be released in January 2008.The cover features John Barrowman as Torchwood's main character Captain Jack Harkness alongside Freema Agyeman, who guest stars as Martha Jones, crossing over from Doctor Who, in three episodes of next year's second series of Torchwood. Further information on the magazine is available from Titan's website.

Doctor In The Tardis Megamix 2

Steampunk Dalek

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Reason Why



Freema interview


Ready, Set, Don't Go...

Season 4 spoiler in the new Sontaran pic

Read this post and look close at the pic Martha seems to be either engaged or married....hmmmmmmmm


Pegg snubs Doctor Who role

Simon Pegg has ruled out an appearance in TV show Doctor Who - because he is such a big fan of the show.
The Hot Fuzz star appeared in an episode of the sci-fi series in 2005, but will not audition for the lead role of the Doctor following the departure of David Tennant, because excitement would overrule his acting skills.
He says, "I'm too much of a fan to actually play the doctor. I think my head would actually explode.

Doctor Who stars meet their fans


Click the link above to see the Doctor and Martha signing dvd boxsets for fans...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Martha's Monster Mash

The Sontarans and Miss Jones return to Doctor Who.
The Doctor and Martha Jones are to be reunited in an explosive new adventure, which hits our screens next year on BBC One.
Martha comes face to face with Donna Noble for the first time as they unite against the Sontarans, one of The Doctor's oldest enemies.
"I am delighted to be back filming on Doctor Who with David and Catherine," said Freema. "Martha Jones returns in a fantastic storyline and the fans will get to see her in a whole new light!"
The Sontarans first appeared on Doctor Who in 1973 when they met Jon Pertwee's Doctor. Former Young Ones star Christopher Ryan guest stars as the Head of the Sontarans.
Other guest stars in the new series include Felicity Kendal, Sarah Lancashire, Fenella Woolgar, Tim McInnerny, Peter Capaldi, Phil Davis and Tracey Childs.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Terrance Dicks Retrospective

The National Media Museum in Bradford is honouring former Doctor Who script editor and prolific author Terrance Dicks with a career retrospective later this month.Dicks, whose work on the show stretches back to The Invasion in 1968 and who was script editor throughout the Jon Pertwee era, will be at the museum to discuss his time in TV and work as an author.The Terrance Dicks: Three Decades in Television and Beyond event takes place on Saturday, November 24.The museum says the interview will be illustrated with rare photographs from its collection plus clips from shows Dicks has been involved with, such as The Avengers, Moonbase 3, Space: 1999, Jane Eyre, Oliver Twist, Vanity Fair, and Doctor Who. The discussion will be followed by a screening of his 1980 Doctor Who story State of Decay, from Tom Baker's final season.Click on this link for more details.

Sea Devils DVD Extras

The British Board of Film Classification has passed a number of extras for the DVD release of The Sea Devils in the UK.Included on it will be a 36min 35sec documentary entitled Hello Sailor! - Making The Sea Devils, plus a photo gallery and continuities.The six-part story was classified on October 29. Outpost Gallifrey reported in September that the Jon Pertwee adventure would be part of a three-story box set also comprising Doctor Who and the Silurians and Warriors of the Deep.It was revealed in May that The Sea Devils was being prepared for release on DVD, with the news that the Restoration Team were hoping to track down naval personnel who were involved with or who witnessed the filming - in particular, a rating believed to have shot some cine footage.A release date for the box set has not yet been announced but the BBFC classified Warriors of the Deep on November 1 - the same day it did the extras for The Sea Devils.Extras for Doctor Who and the Silurians were classified on October 31, and the story was classified on November 1 - with episode seven listed as "Episode 7/Doctor Who - Next Week", which implies a contemporaneous trailer for The Ambassadors of Death is included at the end.

Timelord lands in Brede

Tom Baker, famous as the fourth incarnation of Doctor Who and the voice of Little Britain, has forsaken the South of France to move to Brede. And Tom says it has been a good move for him. He said: "I have only been here for a couple of months. I moved here from the South of France and Brede leaves that standing, especially with all the autumn colours and falling leaves. "That's why I came here you see, because I am in the autumn of my life and I am waiting for my leaves to drop.
"Rye is a beautiful town and I had considered living there but the pavements are just too narrow. It's all single-file - If you are walking along and wanted to talk to someone you would have to talk to them over your shoulder, or walk backwards. "Also there are too many antique shops in Rye and I am worried I may get pulled into one and sold." Tom has been a regular visitor to Mountfield waste site and was enthusiastic about the time he has spent there. He said: "There are so many wits and good conversation here - I am loving it. I don't make friends very easily and this is a great place. It is a shame they are laying people off because I would love a job here as a greeter." As for his other life as an actor, Tom says he busy at the moment with lots of voice-over work for commercials, work for BBC radio, for a programme on the 50 greatest sketches, and work for audio books.

Barrowman interview


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Scans from lotsa Dr Who comics


Pictures from the National Television Awards 2007


Doctor Who at the NTAs 2007

The Time Meddler DVD for 2008

The Time Meddler; starring William Hartnell as The Doctor, is coming to DVD in 2008.

Confirmation comes from the BBFC website (British Board of Film Classification), where it is listed as 'coming soon to dvd' on the forthcoming Silurians DVD extras. As DWO has previously reported, The Silurians will be released together with The Sea Devils and Warrior's of the Deep.

Peter Moffatt 1923 - 2007

Former Doctor Who Director Peter Moffatt has died at the age of 84.Moffatt had a long and distinguished career in British television working on some of the nations best known drama series including All Creatures Great and Small, Juliet Bravo and Within These Walls.For Doctor Who he directed six stories starting with the 1980 Tom Baker story State of Decay and finishing with the 1985 story The Two Doctors which featured both the second and the sixth Doctors.He was something of a specialist in multi Doctor stories having also directed the 20th anniversary story The Five Doctors which was shown as part of the BBC's 1983 Children in Need programme.Peter Moffatt died on the 21st October 2007