Monday, March 30, 2009

Bernard Cribbins Returns? Is Catherine Tate far behind?

After a short break, a very familiar face is spotted on set - but does this mean someone else is coming back too? There's also some news of a trailer...

Filming on David Tennant's final Doctor Who story has begun today with the return of the actor Bernard Cribbins.

Cribbins, who plays Donna Noble's grandfather Wilf, was last seen in the Series 4 finale, Journey's End and first appeared in Doctor Who in the 1966 film, Daleks' Invasion Earth: 2150AD.

The legendary actor was spotted on set in Tredegar House where Who has filmed a number of times, including most recently in The Next Doctor. Next week, the production team are heading to another familiar location - the house used for Donna Noble's home.

David Harewood, currently starring as Friar Tuck in BBC1's Robin Hood, confirmed on Jonathan Ross's radio show that he will also be starring in the two part finale, due to air over the Christmas period.

The first special, Planet of the Dead, is due to air April 12, with the first trailer being broadcast this Wednesday on BBC1.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Will Tom Baker make a return to Who???

IT MAY be 28 years since he quit as Doctor Who but Tom Baker could finally be making a late return to the show.
Programme insiders say discussions have taken place about bringing back the flamboyant Baker, 75, for a cameo appearance next year with new Time Lord Matt Smith.Baker’s return could see him re-united with Elisabeth Sladen who played his sidekick Sarah Jane Smith in the Seventies

A BBC mole said: “As it’s Doctor Who, his return all these years on could be explained in all manner of ways.”Baker, most recently the narrator of Little Britain, has previously said that he would be open to the idea of returning, suggesting he could even portray the Doctor’s arch-foe The Master.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catherine Tate: I thought I was the new Doctor Who

ACTRESS Catherine Tate, who played Doctor Who's companion Donna Noble, said that she had been convinced that she would be the next Time Lord.
Speaking on The Justin Lee Collins Show, which was repeated on ITV tonight, she said that she became suspicious because of persistent attention from the press in the days before Matt Smith was announced as the 11th Doctor on January 3.
She said: "For about four days leading up to [the announcement] there was one particular paper that was so adamant that it was me that they kept ringing up and asking for quotes, confirmation, and saying 'Can we just get a statement?'
"I actually thought 'Maybe it is me, maybe the BBC are so stringent that they haven't told me yet'. For a minute I thought it must be me and that they had told all the papers before telling me!"
Tate, who is to star in a big-screen remake of Gulliver's Travels, as I reported earlier, added that her appearance in Doctor Who had put her five-year-old daughter Erin off the programme.
She said: "She was a fan of Doctor Who until I went on it. She really liked it and then I went on it and it was a bit scary for her and she thought her mummy was in danger. She doesn't watch Doctor Who any more, I ruined it for her."
Tate added: "I loved being in the show, I loved it so much. I even have an action figure - that's exciting to get a little plastic doll made of you. But if you look closely, it does look quite like Cher!
"With my own show [The Catherine Tate Show] I said I didn't really want dolls but on Doctor Who, you don't get a choice. They say 'We are going to merchandise you and that's that.' But I'm delighted with it."

Planet of the Dead Info

Some Facts on the upcoming Doctor Who Easter Special:
The Doctor will be without the Tardis!
The Unified Intelligence Taskforce will return.
Captain Magambo from Turn Left will be back.
ONE of the monsters for the episode are called the Tritovore, they are described as fly-like creatures. More info on them can be read here. A picture of a Tritovore can be seen here (please beware of spoilers!) They are not the only monsters to feature in the episode.
Pictures advertising Planet of the Dead can be found here, here and here.
Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner reveal some secrets for the Easter Special in The Next Doctor Podcast. Click here to listen.
Russell T Davies has quoted that Planet of the Dead and the other 2009 specials will be part of Series 4. So this story will be coded as Series 4 Episode 15 (episode 14 is The Next Doctor).
A trailer for the episode has been shown at the Millenium Stadium during half time at the Six Nations Rugby game. A report on the trailer was made on the trailer and can be read here, but beware of spoilers! The trailer is most likely to broadcast a few weeks before the Planet of the Dead is aired.
The episode will broadcast on 12 April, Easter Sunday, one BBC One and BBC HD. The time has not yet been confirmed, lomst likely to be some time around 7PM.
Filming for the episode started on 19th January 2009.
The episode is written by both Russell T Davies and Gareth Robert and is directed by James Strong. It is also produced by Tracie Simpson, who is taking over from Phill Collinson.
Some pictures from filming can be found here. Videos from Filming can be watched here.
The Team filmed in the Dubai Desert for 4 days. Some snaps shots can be seen here on the Official Doctor Who Site.
David Tennant has recorded video diaries on his time filming for the episode. They are entitled 'The Tannant Tapes'. You can watch them here on the Official Doctor Who Site.
The episode will be shown in high Definition on BBC One and BBC HD.
Michelle Ryan will play the mysterious character, Lady Christina de Souza and Lee Evans will play another called Malcom, who is part of the UNIT force. More info can be read here.
The Bus used for filming in the episode has had an accident while being shipped to Dubai. So Russell T Davies had to change the script a bit for the now damaged vehicle to fit in the story.
The episode will be available on DVD from 11th May 2009.

Easter Sunday For First Special

April 12 will have the biggest Easter Egg of them all - the "200th" Doctor Who story, Planet of the Dead.

The listings magazine for Sky customers, Sky Mag, is reporting that the first of this year's Doctor Who specials will be screened on Easter Sunday - April 12.
No specific time has been detailed but the BBC have scheduled Planet of the Dead for Week 15, which takes in April 11-17. Airing the special on the Sunday will ease the potential headache for schedulers as the Saturday night of April 11 will see BBC1's Robin Hood squaring off against ITV1's Primeval.
A trailer for the special was screened in the Millenium Stadium during the half time of the recent Six Nations Rugby game which would indicate that it will hit our screens this weekend, possibly after (or before) the Robin Hood series opener.
Planet of the Dead will also be screened on BBC HD, a first for Doctor Who, and stars Lee Evans (The Fifth Element) with Michelle Ryan (The Bionic Woman). The DVD already has a release date of May 11.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jessica Hynes cameo confirmed

Its been rumored that Jessica Hynes would be returning for a cameo but now it's official, thanks to the set pics on planet galifrey, and I09 . But it's the present day, not pre-World War I England. And Hynes appears to be playing someone named Verity Newman (a play on Doctor Who's creators, who included Verity Lambert and Sydney Newman.) She's written a book called A Journal Of Impossible Things, apparently based on the journal the humanized Doctor left behind. And she's doing a book signing, where the Doctor shows up to have words with her. The Doctor is stern but sad, then he turns and walks away.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Give the gift of Doctor Who

Give the gift of Doctor Who on facebook. I made this application and not really done with it yet will add many more pics as it progresses and when time permits. Add it and send to all your friends thanks :)

Watch all The Hartnell Doctor who episodes for free

Life, Doctor Who and Combom has posted links where you may view the first Doctors', William hartnell, adventures for free online. Click the link HERE to go view them all and be sure to leave a thank you for their efforts :)

Medusa cascade has stills for Planet of the dead

The blog Medusa cascade has stills for Planet of the dead and im not too impressed with the monster pics. It looks like a reused suit from the 1950 The Fly gahhhhh. Go have a look HERE and see if you agree.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Doctor Who The Tennant Tapes Tape 4

Piper, Tate, Freema, and Simms to return???

BILLIE Piper will return to Doctor Who with ALL the Time Lord’s former companions as part of David Tennant’s final episode.
Billie, 26, will again play Rose Tyler and teams up with other sidekicks Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman).
The trio will join forces to take on the Doctor’s revived arch-enemy The Master, played again by John Simm.
The episode sees the Timelord regenerate into the new Doctor (Matt Smith).
An insider said: “This will be the most exciting episode Doctor Who have ever done. We really wanted to get all the companions back on board as a fitting send-off to David.
“And of all the enemies for him to face in his final episode it makes sense for The Master to be the main one. Getting Billie to agree is a real coup, but she loved working on the show so much it didn’t take much convincing.”
Rose — who left after series two — formed the strongest bond with the Doctor out of the female companions. She returned for a few episodes in the last series where she was reunited with the Doctor.
Rose then returned to Earth with a separate half-human version of the Time Lord.
Since she left Doctor Who, Billie has gone on to star in the raunchy ITV2 drama Secret Diary of a Call Girl. She plays a high-class hooker in the risque show, which is currently on its third series.
We revealed yesterday how her three brothers and sisters are embarrassed about her success.
David, 37, will quit the show after the last of the four specials.
Meanwhile the red London bus set to feature in the first special has been damaged in Dubai by schoolkids.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Doctor Who's David Tennant will fight his last war against Martians

David Tennant will have to fight creatures from Mars in his last days as Doctor Who.
Among those he takes on will be ex-soap actor Peter O'Brien, who played Shane Ramsay in Neighbours and renegade doctor Stitch in Casualty.
He told reporters in Sydney he will appear as a villain in the story.
Glamorous actress Gemma Chan has also been lined up as a baddie.
A source said: "Peter and Gemma's evil characters are some of the final ones David will face before Matt Smith replaces him."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here is the first picture of the K9 model that features in the spin-off series currently being filmed in Australia.

The photo - taken on set - gives fans a glimpse of what they can expect to see when the show, called simply K9, airs on Network Ten.

The teaser image comes in advance of a full press photo release, which is due to take place towards the end of March.

Although a precise transmission date has yet to be confirmed, it is believed the 26-part series will be broadcast later this year.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tennant tapes part 2 and 3

Doctor Who The Tennant Tapes - Tape 2

The Tennant Tapes 3

Hannah Murray for 'Doctor Who' companion?

Skins star Hannah Murray has been tipped to become Matt Smith's companion in the fifth series of Doctor Who.
Murray, who played Cassie in the first two series of the Channel 4 teen drama, is supposedly in secret talks with producers about the role, News Of The World reports.
A BBC insider said: "Hannah did some challenging stuff in Skins and they see her as an up-and-comer."
Other stars reportedly being considered for the role include Georgia Moffett, Lily Allen and Kelly Brook.
Russell T. Davies has confirmed that he does not want to "ruin anyone's chances" of being cast as the fifth series companion by using them in this year's specials.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Doctor Who - More Specials Casting News

A neighbourly Aussie and a model join the Time Lord for the Doctor Who specials. We also find out what planet the finale is set on.

Two more names have been added to the cast of the upcoming Doctor Who specials; model Gemma Chan and former Neighbours actor Peter O'Brien.
Chan was spotted filming on the streets of Newport last week with Lindsay Duncan and David Tennant. According to a casting website,, the model will play a character called Mia Bennett in the Christmas special.
According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, O'Brien has confirmed that he will be filming Doctor Who at the end of this month. The former Casualty actor added that he will be playing a villain in the episode, part of David Tennant's final story, and it will be set on Mars. The Australian has previously worked with outgoing Who showrunner Russell T Davies on Queer As Folk.
So far the BBC has not confirmed the broadcast dates for any of the specials though it is believed that the first, Planet of the Dead, will air at Easter whilst the second will be shown on Christmas day. The very last episode will be screened in 2010, possibly New Year's Day.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Doctor Who's nemesis is found in pond

Someone found a dalek head in a pond while dredging it for trash. Read about it and see a few pics HERE

Monday, March 02, 2009

Who will be Doctor Who's new sidekick?

It's been two months since Matt Smith was unveiled as the 11th Doctor, so the casting of his new companion must surely be imminent. Here are the contenders

Emma Rigby
A wild outside punt, but my personal favourite. Rigby plays Hannah in the rebooted Hollyoaks and is one of the best things about it. Her brutal performance in the anorexia storyline broke ground and won awards. Since then, Hannah's matured into a plucky, kooky and confident character, all fine qualities for Tardis travelling. She also looks suitably younger than Matt Smith. Rigby's imminent exit from Hollyoaks will dovetail perfectly with the start of filming for series five. And wouldn't it just annoy all the people who complained that Smith's casting was the "Hollyoaks-ing of Who" in the first place?

Michelle Ryan
For a long time, the obvious choice. Both accomplished actor and BBC household name, she also has sci-fi chops, having starred in the doomed remake of Bionic Woman in the US and Merlin in the UK. She has also worked previously with incoming writer Steven Moffatt – she was impressive in his Jekyll. She would be the perfect companion. So it's rather a shame that she's probably out of the running thanks to having already been cast as posh companion Lady Christina de Souza in upcoming special Planet of the Dead.

Lily Allen
A precocious pop celebutante reinventing herself as a time-travelling girl-next-door in the nation's favourite series? That'll never work! Still, the Sun's random casting generator provided a few seconds of amusement when it claimed that chiefs were "desperate to sign her". If Lily had any notable acting experience to speak of, and if her pop career wasn't flourishing, then this might have been something to think about. But, no. Ridiculous, obviously.

Carey Mulligan
If fans really had any power then this would have been decided months ago. Ever since her one-off appearance as Sally Sparrow in Moffatt's incredible season-three story Blink, fans have been calling for her to return when Moff takes the helm. Sally was the kind of arty and sarky girl that he excels at writing. But the fact that her story was finished, plus Mulligan's own growing reputation, make this another unlikely one.

Zoe Tapper
Don't be surprised to find Tapper – who looks like the kind of porcelain doll who could kick your teeth out – at the top of the most-wanted lists. She was sublime as Dr Anya in the remake of Survivors (a show whose cast overlapped with Who all over the place). Plus she's no stranger to Saturday night telefantasy – her turn as Mina Harker was just about the only thing worth watching in the likely-to-be-axed Demons.

Katee Sackhoff
The BBC cast an American Captain Jack in an attempt to make the show more exportable, but it only half worked, since his spin-off show Torchwood is a bigger deal in the US than Who. An American actor as the main companion would be the next logical step, and sci-fi's favourite daughter right now is Sackhoff, the conflicted kick-ass heroine Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica. Of course, Sackhoff's going to be doing plenty of auditions at the moment.

Freema Agyeman
Agyeman has already as good as admitted that she's probably coming back to ease the transition between the two Doctors. It's unlikely that Martha Jones would step back aboard the Tardis full-time, but she's the only one of Ten's companions who feasibly could maintain a presence in the Whoniverse. This would be Russell T Davies's third attempt to do the character of Martha justice, having wasted her with the unrequited love story in series three and sent her off on solo night missions for most of series four.

More set pics and Dean Gaffney also joins the cast

The set pics above show the Doctor traveling with three companions, hmmmm, who is the man we can see leaving the tardis also? Might it be ex~Eastenders cast member Dean Gaffney? Looks to be true he has been twittering away about his who experience and he said: "Sorry about the lack of tweets been filming for the new Dr Who."
The second pic shows the familar face of ood sigma popping up and apparently giving the Doctor a fright, whats that about? It is rumored he will show up at the end of the second special and will lead over to the third unfilmed as of yet.