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Doctor Who Journey's End - TV Trailer

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The Return of Rose Tyler Extended (DR WHO TRAILER)

Whats the story behind this now?

The spoiler for Stolen Earth

OMFG!!!!!!!! Stolen Earth ROCKED!!!!!!!!

OMG Rusty knows how to go out with a bang!!!! Rose toting a BFG, Project Indigo, The shadow Proclamation, Torchwood, Unit, and Sarah Jane coming together to help find the Doctor, Harriet Jones regal til the very bitter end, and then omg and then............

REGENERATION!!!!!!!!! {i know it will be absorbed by the freaky Doctor hand but ..............................WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!

Watch Doctor who Online




Russell T Davies on The Stolen Earth - Radio Times, June 2008

Benjamin Cook talks to Russell T Davies about bringing back Davros and building up to the fourth season's big finale, a two-parter starting with The Stolen Earth.

"The most important thing about the show is the Doctor himself, and the Daleks raise the stakes for him," says Russell T Davies, Doctor Who's showrunner. "He witnessed the Daleks' creation, fought them in ten different bodies. He saw them murder the Time Lords. He lost Rose to a parallel universe because of them. So when the Daleks appear, it gets personal."

This year's two-part series finale boasts a menagerie of different Daleks. "We called it the Dalek Freak Show! We've got the Supreme Dalek, a mighty red metal beast, and he's truly impressive...although everything's in danger of being upstaged by Dalek Caan. Our voice man, Nicholas Briggs, gives an amazing performance. It's the creepiest Dalek yet!"

Also returning - for the first time in 20 years - is Davros, creator of the Dalek race. "I hope older viewers get a shiver of recognition," says Davies, "but I really want kids to love this bizarre half-man, half-Dalek." How come he's waited until series four to resurrect such an iconic adversary? "It's given a chance for the myth to grow. The legend becomes a bit of a game, between us and the viewers, between parents and kids. I'd like to think that mums and dads have been stoking the rumours! The longer you leave it, the more currency it gains. But we've waited long enough. Besides, he's my favourite monster. So I waited to give myself a treat!"

Julian Bleach is the fourth actor to don Davros's latex mask. "Julian has it all - the voice, presence, intelligence, even the physicality. Davros might only have one arm, but Julian makes it incredibly expressive and muscular. And wait till you see him tip Davros into insanity - it's terrifying!"

Is Bleach the best Davros yet, then? "Now, don't be cheeky. I love all those Davroses! But Julian is a rightful successor to the throne, bringing elegance to the part, even a cruel playfulness. Davros is contrary to everything the series stands for: life, survival, optimism, hope and fun. But Davros's world is so twisted and dark, it's like staring into the pit. Yes, he's clever, he's a genius, but all his brilliance has gone into creating the darkest force in the universe."

And as well as Davros, look out for various plot strands drawing together. "There have been fleeting mentions of missing planets," says Davies, "and you're about to discover their fate. Donna keeps mentioning the fact that, back on Earth, the bees are disappearing - that's going to become important. And way back, in our very first episode in 2005, the Ninth Doctor invoked the might of the Shadow Proclamation - well, here it comes!"

And there have been "mysterious hints" about Donna's future, which "will reach a terrible climax. That said, this episode is still a rip-roaring adventure that you can follow without having noticed any of this stuff."

Last month, the BBC announced that this series of Doctor Who (and next year's specials) will be the last in charge for Davies, who was awarded an OBE earlier this month. A tough decision? "Do you know what? It was easy," he says. "I decided way back in 2006, so it was more like keeping a promise - with the satisfaction of a job well done. I'm proud of every single episode we've made, and that's a good time to leave. I know my own mind, and I know for a fact I won't regret it.

"When you choose to be a writer, you choose to be freelance. I've never stayed in a job this long, and I've only stayed because I've enjoyed it so much. I don't even know where I'm going. That's so exciting." He breaks off. "Oh God, I sound like the Doctor!"

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Martha Jones & Sarah Jane on Richard Arnold Show

Doctor Who Red Dalek Footage

Nicholas Briggs interview

The darkness is here. In the first part of the Doctor Who finale, the Earth is literally plucked right from under the Doctor's feet and transported to a destination unknown. While the Doctor scratches his head, the mother of all reunions ensues on Earth, as his allies (Captain Jack, Sarah Jane Smith, Martha Jones) come together to help deal with the crisis. Behind the dastardly act are the seemingly-indestructible Daleks, now under the charge of one of the Doctor's old foes. Nicholas Briggs, voice of the metal menaces, previews the final episodes.

What has happened with the Daleks since we last saw them?
"The last survivor of the Cult of Skaro, Dalek Caan, has had a very rough time. Something very odd has happened to him! That's linked up to a load of stuff that I couldn't possibly reveal because unfortunately the Daleks have used a mind probe to erase my brain."

When did you find out that you would be returning for the final two episodes?
"I think those who I know that knew about it, including David Tennant, might have given me hints pretty early on. I think David said to me, 'I'm not cagey but if things go as planned, you'll probably be here in March for the final block.' I'd kind of known it was on the cards for quite some time."

How did you react when you read the script for this week's episode, 'The Stolen Earth'?
"Well first of all, it didn't have a title, so I didn't know what was [going to happen]. It's a great, exciting title, but it does rather give stuff away, doesn't it? The whole build-up was very exciting, bringing together the new mythos of Doctor Who with Torchwood and Sarah Jane. I was quite taken aback about how epic it is - and it really pays off in the final episode, which of course I can't tell you anything about. D'oh! How annoying."

How difficult was it to perfect the voice of the deranged Dalek Caan?
"Well, it was a great challenge, a bit like when we did the Dalek Emperor in the first series. When Russell [T Davies] introduces a character like that, there is a whole chunk of stuff in the script that describes the voice. He did the same for Dalek Caan, which gave me a real key into what I could do. Then I evolved all these different theories about Dalek Caan's neurons firing in the wrong direction in his brain. He can't tell when he's happy or sad, his emphasis is very strange and he finds things funny when things aren't funny. He's a kind of soothsayer really. His mind is almost pure."

Do you ever get to improvise any Dalek dialogue?
"No, although there's some bits in this one where they kind of go a bit crazy, and things go wrong at one point, so they do a few strange noises. I suppose that required improvisation in a scene. Also I remember in 'Parting of the Ways' when they flew into the void, I had hours of fun in the studio [doing Dalek screams]. When I heard it back, it was hilarious, because they'd multitracked it. It sounded like the cat in that old public information film!"

We know Davros is returning for the finale, but are there any other foes from the classic series you'd like to see come back?
"I do the Doctor Who audio adventures for Big Finish, and we've had the Ice Warriors back in a couple of times. I've rather enjoyed doing those. I can't immediately think of anything else that should come back. I'd be happy for it all to be Daleks, frankly."

What was it like on set with so many former companions returning?
"It was like a really good party, in that people would all be standing around in different groups chatting, and everybody was getting on really well. There was a slight 'end-of-term' feeling, in the best possible way. I suppose you would wonder if there might be some tension, but there wasn't at all. It was lovely to see people back you haven't seen for a while."

How do you feel about Steven Moffat taking over as executive producer?
"Steve's take on Doctor Who is fascinating. His stories have won awards. I'm really excited about it. It'll be interesting to see because he's got such an interesting mind. I don't know what's coming up at all, but I suppose he's going to change a few things."

Finally we know the Cybermen are back for this year's Christmas Special. Are you back doing their voices?
"Well, were the Cybermen to be involved in something, I guess they would get me to do the voices! If that is in fact true. I believe there may have been some pictures of the Cybermen on the internet..."

Doctor Who airs Saturday at 7.10pm on BBC One.

Doctor Who // Stolen Earth preview (Wilf vs Daleks)

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The funniest thing i have seen all week

Nesbitt is fans' choice for new Doctor Who

{I hope DT stays for a few more years dont get me wrong, but id love to see Jimmy take a whirl in the tardis}

James Nesbitt has been voted the actor that Doctor Who fans would most like to see take over from David Tennant.
Out of 3,500 Doctor Who viewers surveyed on behalf of the Doctor Who Exhibition at Earls Court, 714 fans want to see the Cold Feet star as the next incarnation of the Time Lord.
Second favourite was Shaun Of The Dead star Simon Pegg with 18 per cent of the vote.
The poll - conducted via, the official website of the Earls Court Exhibition Centre where an exhibition of Doctor Who memorabilia is currently on display - also asked fans to vote for their favourite Doctor Who, and Doctor Who enemy.
Current Time Lord David Tennant proved the nation's favourite with 62 per cent of the vote but Tom Baker - best known for his eccentricity during the 1960s series - remains a classic Who icon, coming in at second place with 19 per cent.
Tennant is remaining tight-lipped over when he plans to quit as Doctor Who.
The Daleks were of course the most popular enemy, with a whopping 44 per cent and they are due to reappear in Saturday night's episode of the BBC series.
The Doctor Who exhibition features many of the actual props and costumes worn by the stars of the show David Tennant, Billie Piper and Catherine Tate, along with plus creatures from the hit sci-fi show.

Doctor Who star set to get £1.3m to stay

THE BBC is rumoured to be ready to pay David Tennant a massive £1.3 million to carry on as Doctor Who.
The Bathgate-born actor is expected to be offered a new deal worth up to £100,000 per episode.And he could also be offered other drama projects in a bid to keep him on board.BBC bosses are desperate to stop the 37-year-old from quitting the show, which attracts up to eight million viewers.One senior BBC source was quoted saying: "Everyone assumes David is quitting but that's not the case. We're hoping he will be back."The situation as it stands is that no deal has been discussed yet for the next series of Doctor Who. That, however, is about to change."David is brilliant in the role and naturally we hope he will continue. We're not considering anyone else at this time."Tennant said: "I've been asked when I'm quitting since the first day I took the part. I've not quit – I've just not been offered another deal yet."

Tv times dalek article

Doctor Who - 4x13: "Journey's End" - Behind the Scenes with Blue Peter

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Doctor Who goes crazy...


Rose just wants a strawberry

Preview: A 'Doctor Who' reunion

Digital spy has a long winded review with a few spoilers posted now.

This week on Doctor Who there's the mother of all reunions. In 'The Stolen Earth' - the first episode of the two-part finale - our planet is suddenly plucked from the solar system and deposited (along with 26 others) in a place far, far away.Donna and The Doctor are left clueless in the TARDIS, which is hovering in the empty space where the Earth used to be. Meanwhile, on Earth itself, mass panic and hysteria reigns. Companions from the past start to band together to summon the Doctor and save the world from "the darkness".This means the return of Martha Jones, on assignment for UNIT in New York; Captain Jack, who appears in the Torchwood hub alongside Gwen and Ianto; and Sarah Jane, together with son Luke and trusty computer Mr. Smith.Oh, and what about Rose? Well, she decides to pay Donna's parents a visit and misses out on a lot of the action. But she deserves a reunion too, doesn't she? Yes. Yes she does.Your questionsTime now for some of your burning questions about the Doctor Who finale...

Howdy Neil, Loving TubeTalk as usual, but i'm a bit concerned...... I am a BIG Doctor Who fan, but with all the spoilers (:S) on the Forums, etc, and we know that all the old assistants are back, but i'm abit worried were in for a bit of Bloodshed.... could you confirm or deny this... or give us a hint which Who Assistant may be for the chop?! Heres hoping its Martha Jones...

James, From Chester

Neil: Let's put it this way: a female we know very well is exterminated this weekend.

in the final two episodes of doctor who will rose get to see the doctor?


Neil: It would be very cruel if she didn't, wouldn't it now? They wouldn't be that cruel.

Do you know if there is any news on the Series 5 companion in Doctor Who? Is Billie Piper or Freema Agyeman returning for a further stint?

Michael Anderson

Neil: We don't even know for certain that David Tennant has signed up for series five yet - although from everything I've heard, he will be on board. As far as assistants go, we know that Catherine Tate won't be back as Donna, and I doubt Freema will be on board the TARDIS again any time soon. Who would you like to see? Add your comments at the end of this entry.

Will we find out what has happened to all the bees?


Neil: Ahh yes, the mystery of the disappearing bees. This will be answered. The question isn't really why they are going, but where to?

ok i gessed davros was comeing back but can you tell us if the doctors old frend k-9 is to make an aperance at eny time please. thanks


Neil: Ahhh yes, Davros. I almost overlooked that. Davros - creator of the Daleks - doesn't feature too heavily in this week's episode (next week he really shines). He's not quite what he used to be. Literally. There's no sign of K-9 in the finale, unfortunately. He must be too busy guarding that black hole.

Who said What?
Here are some select quotes from the episode, with the now-customary stars inserted to keep you wondering. Add your guesses at the end of the column!

"I like Saturdays."
"You cannot possibly *****."
"I'm sorry for your loss. I mean the loss that *** *** to ****."
"My vision is not impaired."
"Who's she?!"
"Tell the Doctor from me, he chose his ********** well."

One more thing...

Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth {the lolz version} hehe

Doctor Who Transcripts

Go here:

Radio Times Article scans for The Finale

Blue Peter Journeys End clip

Today on Blue Peter they ran a clip of Sarah Jane, Micky, Luke, Jackie, and a whole bunch of humans being led around a ship called the Crucible and sorted for processing. Watch it below!!!

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Doctor Who - The Stolen Earth - Next Time

Doctor Who - The Stolen Earth - Next Time

I rewatched it and just now noticed Harriet Jones makes a quick appearance at 0:12, Daleks invading Torchwood and the world, why is jack just giving up?, and Davros popping out of a pod. SWEEEEEEEEEEET

Spoiler pics for Stolen Earth

We gonna die!!!! Hold me Ianto.......
Daleks are invading Torchwood

Gwen and Ianto!!!!!


Sarah Jane!!!!!!


Sarah Jane and Luke!!!!!

Martha, where the hecks she at?

The Shadow Proclamation?

Daleks invading the earth

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More season Finale photos leaked

The companions will save everyone of us
Every reference to this pic has been the supreme dalek...and friends lol

Rounding up those pesky humans

Is that a chained dalek Caan?

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Doctor Who - Turn Left - Preview

So it does seem this doctor death happens with the racnoss, but without donna as the runaway bride. Alternate earth anyone????

Sneak preview of Doctor Who season finale by SFX

We don't normally run previews of the new episodes of Doctor Who - doing the reviews keeps us busy enough! But our Ian was so excited after watching his preview disc of episode 12 (Russell T Davies's "The Stolen Earth", the first part of the two-part season finale) last night that he just had to share his instant assessment on our forum:
"Episode 12 is ABSOLUTELY BLEEDIN' MENTAL and SUPER-DOOPER-FANWANKY. They'll have to power-hose the squee off the walls of the Outpost Gallifrey forums a week on Saturday.
"It feels a bit like a nostalgic Russell flicked through Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia and went 'Oooh, yeah, that was good - I'll have some of that. And them. And her. And bring in that wotsit from that throwaway line in episode X.' Whilst throwing his head back, hooting with laughter, and booming 'MARVELLOUS!' It's like watching the entire new series so far compressed into a blipvert.
"Ming-mong-kryptonite, then, and there's a danger that the sheer density of it will give casual viewers concussion, but I spent 45 minutes whooping and bellowing with laughter at the sheer don't-give-a-toss audacity of it, and am about to watch it all over again IMMEDIATELY. I bloody loved it, even though there's a slim chance I'll think it's a big pile of tits once I've calmed down sufficiently to be dryly rational - in, say, about three years' time."
Fear not, readers: we've administered a large dose of horse tranquiliser, and Ian is now in a stable condition.
"The Stolen Earth" airs on BBC One on Saturday 28 June.

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Tv Week article on Rose

TV and Satellite magazine scan

Tv Guide magazine Dr Who scan

Radio Times magazine Rose Returns scan

Julian Bleach ties torchwood to Dr Who finale

Doctor Who villain Davros will return to the show for the finale of the current season, it has been confirmed.It was recently rumoured that the evil creator of the Daleks, who last battled The Doctor in 1988, will be played by Julian Bleach. The actor, renowned for his stage work, recently appeared as a sinister ringmaster in the Torchwood second season episode 'From Out Of The Rain'. Davros first appeared in the 1975 story 'Genesis of the Daleks', 12 years after the debut of the Daleks, and was played by Michael Wisher, David Gooderson and Terry Molloy in several stories.

Lizo reviews Turn left

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Davies hails Captain Jack's sexuality

Russell T. Davies has hailed the importance of bisexual character Captain Jack Harkness on primetime British television.

The Doctor Who showrunner told the New York Times that the presentation of Captain Jack, first seen in 2005 story 'The Empty Child', opposes the usual depiction of bisexuality on television.

"I thought: 'It’s time you introduce bisexuals properly into mainstream television,'" he said. "The most boring drama would be - 'Oh, I'm bisexual, oh my bleeding heart' nighttime drama. Tedious, dull. But if you say it’s a bisexual space pirate swaggering in with guns and attitude and cheek and humour into primetime family viewing - that was enormously attractive to me."

Davies added: "I often get asked to write dramas or films about a man coming out of the closet to his wife, or a man coming out of the closet to his children, or a man who's beaten up because he’s secretly gay. I always refuse if it's a negative take on homosexuality - if the only aspect being portrayed is the trouble, the tears and the angst."

There are strong rumours that Captain Jack, last seen in spinoff show Torchwood, will return to Doctor Who for the finale of the current fourth season.

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Left...or Leaving?

Turn Left pics

The worlds gone all wrong, who can save us now???
DONNNNNNA NOOOBBBBLE she will save every one of us!!!!! Oh wait thats flash gordons theme song nevermind.....

Time leap in 3....2.....1.......GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Donna gonna blow up reaaaaaaaal good it looks like!!!!

The time beetle upon Donna's back. Ohhhhh so scary.....


The story was ok, i will give Rusty one thing, he knows how to write a cheap ass story to film. The finale must be costing a bundle to film and be full of special effects and cgi since this one sorely lacked any at all. Rusty is good at cutting those corners. I had hoped a donna lite eppy would have been so much better, but instead we get 12 angry men set on a tram on a planet of diamonds. whoo hooo. I liked it well enough but for this story to follow the two parter before it, really shows the different styles of RTD and Moffat, Moffat being on top here in my humble opinion. At least we got a glimpse of Rose, you did catch her didn't you???


Fu#$ me the confidential for Midnight was even worse!!!! You don't have anyone better to talk about WHO than the foley guy or the boom mic holder? DAMNNNNNNN

Turn Left promo

Article with spoilers from Turn Left


Ny Times article on RTD

Who Altered British TV? ‘Who’ Indeed

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Davros and red dalek pics leaked

Davros looks awesome, the metal claw looks great. Already saw the red dalek awhile back tho so no biggy. Cant wait for the finale now.

Eccleston signs up for 'Amelia'

Christopher Eccleston has signed up for the upcoming Amelia Earhart biopic.The film chronicles the career and personal relationships of the famous aviator, who disappeared in 1937 when flying over the Pacific Ocean.Hilary Swank will take the lead role, while Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor will appear as Earhart's love interests George Putnam and Gene Vidal.The movie, which is already shooting in Toronto, is helmed by Mira Nair.