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David Tennant 'enjoys steamy sex as Doctor Who'

'Doctor Who' star David Tennant has confessed that he dresses up as the Time Lord for steamy sex sessions with his girlfriend.The actor revealed that his actress lover Sophia Myles loves it when he puts on his Doctor costumes in the bedroom.David told BBC DJ Chris Moyles: "I don't want to give away all my bedtime secrets. All I'm saying is Sophia likes it when I'm dressed up as The Doctor!"David and pretty blonde Sophia, 27, met a year ago after filming an episode of the hit sci-fi series together.Since appearing in the iconic show, 35-year-old David has earned himself sex-symbol status and was voted the sexiest Doctor Who ever by readers of gay online newspaper The Pink Paper and has just been voted the coolest TV star by audiences.It was recently reported that the actor has agreed to continue in his 'Doctor Who' role for the entire fourth series.

The Weakest Link - the winner is...

The Doctor Who Weakest Link special aired last night on BBC One - but WHO won?

The contestants were:

David Tennant, John Barrowman, Noel Clarke, Camille Coduri, Claire Rushbrook, Nicholas Briggs, K9, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Andrew Hayden-Smith.

K9 was the first to be voted off, but who was the strongest link who walked away with £16,550 to g

Camille Coduri

Welcome Back Doctor Who: Series Three Begins

It's the end of March and Doctor Who is back today for its third series with the airing of "Smith and Jones" at 7.00pm on BBC1, starring David Tennant as the Doctor and introducing Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones!

The broadcast will be followed by episode one of the third series of Doctor Who Confidential at 7.45 on BBC3. There's also the first episode of the second series of Totally Doctor Who this coming Monday, 2 April at 5.00pm on BBC1. Meanwhile, BBC3 is repeating The Runaway Bride, last December's Christmas special, at 7.00pm on Sunday 1 April, followed by a repeat of the new episode at 8.00pm.

The following is a quick overview of the week's broadcasts along with some programme information from Radio Times. Welcome back, Doctor Who!
It's back and this time it looks like there may be two travellers - the Doctor and Martha, alias Smith and Jones. When Martha Jones finds herself on the moon, she meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor, and her life will never be the same again. Starring David Tennant (The Doctor) and Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones), with Anne Reid (Florence Finnegan), Roy Marsden (Mr Stoker), Adjoa Andoh (Francine Jones), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Tish Jones), Reggie Yates (Leo Jones), Trevor Laird (Clive Jones), Kimmi Richards (Annalise), Ben Righton (Morgenstern), Vineeta Rishi (Julia Swales), Paul Kasey (Judoon Captain). Written by Russell T Davies, directed by Charles Palmer.
Saturday 31 March, 7.00pm, BBC1
Repeats Sunday 1 April, 8.00pm, BBC3; Friday 6 April, 9.00pm, BBC3

Behind-the-scenes look at Doctor Who. The Doctor has a new companion, Martha Jones. By sheer courage and determination, she has wowed the Time Lord and been offered a place on board the TARDIS. Featuring exclusive footage from the new series and interviews with Freema Agyeman, who plays Martha, David Tennant and head writer Russell T Davies, the programme examines the development of Martha's character and the huge interest behind the casting of the new companion.
Saturday 31 March, 7.45pm, BBC3
Repeats Sunday 1 April, 8.45pm, BBC3; Friday 6 April, 9.45pm, BBC3

It's back with a twist as the children's companion series to Doctor Who introduces a new adventure to the mix. Barney Harwood and Kirsten O'Brien present a show celebrating the the latest adventures of the last living Time Lord. They look at anything and everything that Doctor Who has inspired children to create and do - from TARDIS-shaped garden sheds to new alien designs, from DIY special effects to new versions of the theme music. There's also the Companion Academy, in which eight young hopefuls who think they've got what it takes to travel with a Time Lord are recruited.
Monday 2 April, 5.00pm, BBC1
Repeats Friday 6 April, 6.00pm, BBC1; Saturday 7 April, 10.30am, BBC2 and 6.30pm, BBC1

A repeat of last December's Doctor Who Christmas special starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate.
Sunday 1 April, 7.00pm, BBC3

Monster man

The centre spread of today's edition of The Sun features Paul Kasey.The 33-year-old, who has played a variety of monsters in the revamped series, tells what it's like to act behind the heavy make-up and prosthetics.A sidebar by Sun TV editor Sara Nathan focuses on Freema Agyeman.NB: Both articles contain plot details.

The Strongest Link

According to unofficial overnight figures, the special Doctor Who edition of The Weakest Link was the most watched non-soap programme on Friday.5.7 million viewers saw stars from the series battle it out with Anne Robinson, a 25% share of the total TV audience.The made the programme the 4th most watched of the day, behind the big three soap shows. It was the highest rating The Weakest Link has achieved this year, beating the previous high by nearly 2 million viewers.The programme easily beat "A Touch of Frost" on ITV1Over on BBC3, 430,000 tuned in at the start of the evening to watch Donna and The Doctor battle it out with the Empress, in a repeat of The Runaway bride. This made it the 8th most watched programme on Multi Channel Television for Friday.

Russell T Davies on BBC Radio

Doctor Who executive producer Russell T Davies was the first guest on Jonathan Ross's BBC Radio Two programme on Saturday morning.Davies confirmed there will be a Christmas special in 2007 and said he has already planned the storyline for Season Four, which is pencilled in for transmission in the spring of 2008.He also spoke about his life long love of the series, his favourite classic series Doctor, and the joys of working in Wales.The whole programme is available via the BBC listen again facility for the next seven days.Davies first appears around 38 minutes into the programme.He will also be a guest on Loose Ends on BBC Radio Four at 6.15pm Saturday evening.

Doctor Who – Gridlock Ep 3/13

The Doctor takes Martha to the planet New Earth, in the far future, as the third series of Russell T Davies's Doctor Who continues. But when they find the streets being ruled by the sinister Pharamacists, they must brave the ordeal of the mysterious Motorway in order to discover the terrible secret at the heart of the city.
David Tennant plays the Doctor and Freema Agyeman plays his new companion, Martha Jones.

The time is right for Dr Who convention

Exterminate! The Daleks are coming to Wearside.

As the new series of Dr Who starts tonight, the Echo can reveal that Washington's Holiday Inn Hotel will host its first convention dedicated to the hit sci-fi show later this year.

Dimensions 2007 will bring stars of the series past and present to the city over the weekend of November 9 to 11.

Already confirmed as appearing are sixth Doctor Colin Baker, actress Nicola Bryant, who played his companion Peri, and Michael Jayston and Lynda Bellingham, who both co-starred in the Trial of a Time Lord in 1986.

The event is being organised by Essex-based Tenth Planet. Spokesman Derek Hambly said hotel manager Ken Ellington was the reason the Doctor was materialising on Wearside.

"This is the fourth year we have run a convention in the North East – first in Newcastle, then in Stockton," he said.

"When Ken moved to Washington, we moved with him. He loves the show himself, so he always looks after us."

Derek is promising plenty to keep the show's new generation of fans entertained.

"We will have a photo stall, where people can have their pictures taken with the actors, and there will be Daleks and Cybermen walking around, as well as other activities for the kids," he said.

Dimensions 2007 will launch the Holiday Inn's new Garden Pavilion Ballroom, created as part of a facelift which has 65 bedrooms fully refurbished, following a complete installation of air conditioning.

"The Garden Pavilion Ballroom adds a totally new dimension to the hotel, and will give us the opportunity to move into new and exciting markets this year," said Ken Ellington.

"Clearly as a long-term Doctor Who fan, I'm also delighted the Daleks will be descending on Washington, with an expected 500 attendees from all over the world following in their wake."

Tickets for Dimensions 2007 are available from 10th Planet Ltd, Unit 37a Vicarage Field Shopping Centre, Ripple Road, Barking, Essex, IG11 8DQ.

Credit card bookings may be made by telephone on: 020 8591 5357 or through the website

For information on the Garden Pavilion, contact Ken Ellington or Karen Whittaker on 0870 400 9084 or via

Cult Spy: Moon Based - Doctor Who's lunar journeys

The imaginative world of Doctor Who throws up many interesting sights, none more so than seeing your bog standard NHS hospital transplanted onto the moon's surface. But as we'll find out, this isn't the show's first encounter with our lunar neighbour...Having visited many far flung planets since embarking on his adventures in 1963, Doctor Who viewers had to wait until 1967 before the Time Lord, by now in his second incarnation, set foot on the moon. Cash was always tight on the show, so perhaps they didn't have enough prop cheese to go round until then.Set in the year 2070, 'The Moonbase' revolved around the Cybermen's attempts to infiltrate a human construction on the lunar surface that controlled the Earth's weather. Their dastardly plan was ultimately foiled and the fiendish monsters quickly understood the gravity of the situation when they were propelled off the moon's surface into the wildnerness of space.A brief moon-related foray occured at the start of the 1968 adventure 'The Invasion' - again involving the Cybermen - as the Tardis materialised on the dark side of the planet only to be greeted with a missile attack from a Cyber spaceship. The Doctor made a swift escape to the more familiar territory of Earth and who can blame him? Alas, the Cybermen were already there and waiting for him in the glamorous setting of the sewers.The Patrick Troughton Doctor couldn't stay away from the moon for long, as he was back in 'The Seeds of Death' the following year. This was quite a savvy move from the show, capitalising on the increased public interest resulting from the race to put the first man on the moon in the late 1960s.Ice Warriors were the lunar-based foe on this occasion, decamping from their home of Mars to take control of a 21st Century base in order to relay deadly seed pods to the Earth using a matter transmission device. The plan didn't quite come together though, with The Doctor turning up the heat a little too much for the Martians' liking. Following a regeneration, Jon Pertwee's portrayal of the anti-establishment Gallifreyan made a return to familiar stomping ground in 1973's 'Frontier In Space'. However, his visit was not by choice as he was dispatched there to serve time on a 26th Century penal colony due to false accusations of crimes against the Earth. It took The Master of all people to bail him out.The fourth Doctor, played by the immortal Tom Baker, did make a solitary attempt to take companions Harry and Sarah Jane on a trip to the moon, but sadly the Tardis let them down. They were taken instead to 'The Ark In Space'. Never mind, there was plenty of bubble-wrap festooned monsters on board to help them forget their planned expedition.What is with with these Cybermen and the moon? Yet again the silvery giants used the place as part of their plans in the 1988 story 'Silver Nemesis', using the place to shroud their fleet of cyber-warships poised to attack the Earth. Unsurprisingly they were quickly wiped out. Do they never learn? We advise going for Jupiter, or maybe Saturn, next time chaps.The latest incarnation of The Doctor heads to the moon, albeit not through choice, shortly after meeting Martha Jones in the opening episode of the new series. This might be the first time we see him in those surroundings, but he should know the full effect of the celestial satellite from the previous year's dealings with a rampaging werewolf in 'Tooth and Claw'...

Cult Spy: Phobia Corner 4 - Dolls & Action Figures

The Phobia: DollsThe Cause: Doctor Who - 'Terror of the Autons (1971)Hark back to those childhood days spent battling evil forces with your homoerotic He-Man action figure or grooming your My Little Pony until the poor four-legged creatures were bald. Times were so innocent then. But for children in 1971, the prospect of picking up any plastic action figure or doll would be enough to demand immediate nappy reinforcement... and it's all down to Doctor Who.For the Jon Pertwee story 'Terror of the Autons' sparked a big media outcry over scenes involving a killer plastic doll on the rampage. The plot revolved around The Doctor's evil arch nemesis The Master - posing as a genuine businessman - taking control of a plastics factory to enable the plastic-controlling Nestene Consciousness to conquer the Earth and ravage her resources.However, the elderly owner of the factory, a guy named John Farrel, is less than pleased with the products being churned out. So The Master gives him a sample to take home to win him over - a sinister looking plastic troll-like doll. As Farrel returns home he dumps the doll down next to the radiator, but the heat-activated creature leaps to its feet before pouncing on the shocked man and strangling the poor bugger. You can imagine hordes of children's eyes flitting from side to side at that very moment making sure the room was doll-free. In terms of any explicit violence, much was left to the imagination and Farrel's death is excellently executed by focussing on his quivering legs during the struggle. Shakin' Stevens would have been proud of those moves. Once Farrel's legs are motionless - signifying death - his wife walks into the room to emit a piercing scream as we see the doll scurry away.Killer dolls springing to life may be a more familiar concept these days thanks to the Child's Play films, but bear in mind this was family teatime viewing and not an '18' certificate movie. Following the screening, Daily Telegraph critic Sylvia Clayton was compelled to pen an article posing the question - "What level of horror is acceptable in a teatime programme?"'The present Doctor Who adventure makes this question pertinent by the very effectiveness of its attack on the nerves," wrote Clayton. "These plastic monsters come from within the range of a child's domestic scene. There is a murderous mannequin doll with deadly fangs... small children of my acquaintance have found these devices terrifying in a way fantasy figures such as the Daleks and the Cybermen were not... Doctor Who is placed at a time when the smallest children will be watching..."In 2005, the dreaded Nestenes did it again by making plastic wheelie bins an object of fear in the first episode of the revived Doctor Who series. Whatever's next? Rumours that glamour model Jordan will play a part in the next Nestene invasion are unconfirmed...

Friday, March 30, 2007

Doctor Who reveals what's behind closed (Tardis) doors on The Graham Norton Show

Graham Norton talks to David "Doctor Who" Tennant about his behind-the-scenes exploits with fellow time traveller John Barrowman as the iconic BBC series is set to return for a new series this weekend.

"We get very competitive about farting in the tardis..." David jokes on BBC Two's Graham Norton Show.

"...farting before performing is a kind of exorcism. John feels the same way ... it's our Glasgow heritage."

But he says new co-star Freema Agyeman, who joins the Doctor as assistant Martha Jones, was less than impressed: "Freema really didn't like it, which spurred us on."

"Seriously though, it's the best job in the world, I'm having a ball. It's a big responsibility, people are very enthusiastic about it, and that can be a bit of an undertaking."

And as for the rumoured Doctor nuptials, David says: "It's very difficult to answer – he doesn't not get married."

Graham also welcomes to the show comedienne Jo Brand, who joins David in reminiscing about their separate exploits for this year's Comic Relief.

Jo says about her appearance on Comic Relief Does The Apprentice: "Trinny Woodall knows everyone in Belgravia who earns more than £10million a year so she got on the phone and the rest of us just went to the pub, it was great!"

David, who had a walk-on as part of the audience in The Proclaimers' Comic Relief video, reveals he didn't actually meet his favourite group on the day – "Matt Lucas knew I was a big Proclaimers fan ... I didn't really know what I was turning up for and it was an interesting collection of people ... but [the band] had been and gone by the time I arrived.

"I was devastated, so tonight I'm a bit over-excited..." – and proceeds to meet his musical heroes on the show when The Proclaimers perform their number one hit I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday 31 March 2007 at 7pm.

The Graham Norton Show is a So Television production for BBC Two.

The Graham Norton Show, 10.00pm, Thursday 29 March 2007, BBC Two (extended repeat, Sunday, 11.30pm)

Martha's Blog

Martha Jones has signed up to myspace where she promises to update her blog whenever she gets a chance.Martha's wish is to meet interesting people. Maybe over the next few weeks she will get the chance.

Gardner's Question Time

Julie's on the radio tomorrow - ask her a question.
Julie Gardner, Executive Producer of Doctor Who, will be taking your calls on the BBC Radio Wales phone-in with Richard Evans from midday on Friday 30 March.
To get your question to Julie, you can ring 08700 100 110, email or text 07786 201040.

One To Listen To

Download David and Freema.
David Tennant and Freema Agyeman will be chatting to Natalie Jamieson (pictured with David) about the new series of Doctor who in the next BBC Radio 1 Entertainment News podcast.
The half an hour of celebrity interviews, available to download from noon tomorrow, also features chat from Comic Relief Doctor Rowan Atkinson.

John Barrowman on Richard and Judy

John Barrowman appeared on Richard and Judy yesterday (March 29th) and said Torchwood would film the end April through November and would return to BBC Two, with new episodes following the BBC Two broadcast on BBC Three (as John understood it, although he in fact may have meant repeat airing on BBC Three followed by a new episode on BBC Two) .

John also confirmed that his new series Any Dream Will Do would start after Doctor Who this Saturday.

John also talked about being the only original cast member left in Doctor Who and that Jack would know the Doctor by his new face, and that the sound heard at the end of the Torchwood finale was that of the TARDIS, so whoever was in the TARDIS would be the Doctor. This is also why Jack had to be removed form the series as while Rose would have problems with the Doctor changing his appearance, Jack would just have accepted it and moved on.

Doctor Who star set to go stellar

Freema Agyeman has spent the last 12 months immersed in the Doctor Who-niverse, surrounded by blinking lights, blue screens and A-list actors smothered in prosthetic make-up.
Such is the media interest in the science fiction series that the 28-year-old actress is famous before the first episode has even been screened.
But she claims not to be nervous of the critical reaction to her debut as the Doctor's latest assistant.
"I'm very confident in the work we've done," she says a few days before the show's first airing.
"I'm so excited. I keep thinking it's died down and then something new comes along."
Agyeman was relatively unknown when she was picked to succeed Billie Piper in the role of Doctor Who's assistant.
Previously, her highest profile role was as Lola Wise in the now-defunct soap opera Crossroads, but she also had minor roles in The Bill, Prime Suspect and Casualty.
"I was looking down my CV and I was pretty happy - and then this came along," she says, still slightly bewildered at her good fortune.
Agyeman's casting was revealed to the public last July at a press conference where, she says, she turned up in her usual hooded top and was transformed by a squad of make-up artists.
"I always say it was like The Princess Diaries!" she laughs.

Eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted Agyeman in Doctor Who before, playing a minor character who suffered at the hands of the Cybermen.
This time she plays tough, independent Martha Jones, who is revealed to be a cousin of her earlier character.
Agyeman says Jones is less in awe of Doctor Who than her predecessor, Rose Tyler.
"She comes from a big family and she's training as a medical student when she joins the Doctor, so she can stand up for herself," explains the actress.
In real life, however, Agyeman was intimidated by the timelord.
She confesses to being relieved when her first day on set was spent walking alone through corridors and taking notes.
But she soon sparked up a productive relationship with David Tennant, saying: "He's got so much energy, it's really easy to bounce off him."
Agyeman was also impressed by her co-star's ability to reel off long lists of techno-babble during the show.
"None of us could believe that he'd managed to learn it all - and he was saying it so quickly," she laughs.
Not that Agyeman, a self-confessed science fiction fan, was fazed by the tricky dialogue and quirky gadgets she encountered on set.
She grins as she says the infamous sonic screwdriver is "not just a blue torch - it's magic", then cringes with embarrassment as she recalls how she nearly broke it.
"We were rehearsing and David threw the sonic screwdriver to me and it landed on the floor," she says.
"We were both looking at each other like, 'You did it,' but it turned out it was me.
Luckily it was a rehearsal prop and not the real thing. The BBC would probably have charged me for a replacement!
"But David's always breaking things off the Tardis by mistake," she adds.
The two co-stars seem to have formed a close relationship, and share a (much-publicised) kiss in the first episode of the new series.
Agyeman says Tennant's technique is "as good as you would expect", but she is keen to point out that she is in a happy relationship.
In fact, she will be watching the series premiere with her boyfriend on 31 March, although she reveals he has never seen the show before.
And while Agyeman says she doesn't want to be changed by fame, her partner is a little more excited at the prospect of having a household name for a girlfriend.
"He'll say to me: 'Look, here's a picture of you,' and he's holding up a copy of the Sun," she says.
"It's quite interesting for him to see this side of things, because he's in property.
"I think he gets a lot of kudos from his colleagues."

Barrowman on church tonight

SHE might be newly pregnant but Charlotte Church will appear on her Channel Four show tonight boldly kitted out in a bright red dress and ready to rock with fellow countrymen The Manic Street Preachers.
The Charlotte Church Show tonight will see the Welsh diva duet with the trio from Blackwood, pictured below. The rockers will sing their latest single Your Love Alone Is Not Enough with the pregnant pop star turned TV presenter.
The show will also feature Torchwood star John Barrowman and Danny Dyer, star of Nick Love's vigilante movie Outlaw, which was part-filmed in Wales.

John Simm reveals 'Doctor Who' inspiration

John Simm has revealed that he felt duty bound to accept a role on Doctor Who because his young son is such a major fan.The Life On Mars actor, who will play politician Mr Saxon in the upcoming season, told The Times how his five-year-old's devotion to the show led to him becoming involved: “He’s Doctor Who mad. He’s got the lunch-box, the dolls, the screwdriver. As the dad of a small boy, you kind of have a moral duty to be a baddie on Doctor Who if you can, don’t you?” Simm also told the newspaper of the lengths the family drama's Executive Producers went to in order to convince him of taking the part: "Julia Gardner and Russell T. Davies were getting on midnight trains up to Manchester, to the set of Life on Mars, to ask me to do it.”Doctor Who returns to BBC One on Saturday at 7pm.

ITV's 'Doctor Who' rival too white??

Doctor who writer Russell T Davies has hit out at ITV's sci-fi show Primeval - 'for being too white'.

ITV's sci-fi rival about time-travelling dinosaurs was announced within weeks of Doctor Who's return to the BBC.

The £6m show launched last month with almost seven million viewers seeing the first episode.

The series stars Douglas Henshall as a scientist battling prehistoric monsters who turn up in central London, Ben Miller as a civil servant and former S Club star Hannah Spearritt as a zoologist.

Mr Davies described the show's 'lack of ethnic casting' as shameful.

But one TV expert denounced his comments as 'ridiculous' and a bid to gain publicity for the new series of Doctor Who, with its newly cast non-white Doctor's sidekick.

Mr Davies said ITV's decision to launch its own sci-fi show was a compliment, adding 'although you can't swear it wouldn't have been made anyway'.

But the Swansea-born writer said he deplored the lack of non-white faces on the show.

He told TV trade magazine Broadcast, 'Its (lack of) ethnic casting is shameful. I've never seen such a white show in all my born days.'

But he added, 'Apart from that I think it's excellent ... I absolutely love it.'

The third series of Doctor Who features the first ethnic minority companion in the 43-year TV history of the show with Freema Agyeman, who has an Iranian mother and Ghanaian father, as sidekick Martha Jones.

The first and second series also had a prominent black character with Noel Clarke playing Mickey Smith, Billie Piper's boyfriend.

Dr Mikel Koven, a lecturer in film and TV studies at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, said, 'I have a great deal of respect for Russell T Davies but something like that is a ridiculous comment.

'It's a very superficial argument and I think discredits the serious study of race and ethnicity within television.

'I think it's more important that Primeval, from what I've read, isn't very good.

'Why draw attention to this particular issue?'

He continued, 'I wouldn't say ITV was racist or ethnocentric. They put on what will appeal to their audience and perhaps they have an ethnocentric audience.

'But let's back up here a minute - on the eve that the new series of Doctor Who is starting, Russell T Davies is suddenly deciding that Primeval is too white, just because he's got a companion of colour?

'The same could have been said of Doctor Who last season.'

He added that the main issue of race and ethnicity in television is the struggle to get non-white actors into leading roles.

He added, 'It's having minority characters as main characters rather than them being marginalised.

'One of the reasons why I love Ugly Betty, and I really do love it, is because of that. Because you do have people of colour in New York.'

Freema Agyeman recently spoke about the issue of race in Britain, saying, 'I'm OK with where we're at.

'We've come so far, but we are still not seeing so many black faces in Parliament, we are not seeing so many black people in very high-powered positions.

'There is still a way to go, but we'll get there.'

ITV refused to comment on Mr Davies's comments and the issue of ethnicity with regard to Primeval.

Spelling bee

Ethnic diversity - or the lack of it - isn't the only bee in Russell T Davies's bonnet.

The Doctor Who writer was furious to find out that one of the show's merchandise had contained a spelling mistake.

In his interview with Broadcast magazine he said he was incensed by the error on the packaging of the Empress of Racnoss toy.

He said, 'There's a spelling mistake on the back of the Empress of Racnoss toy packaging and it drives me mad.

'Kids are buying this and there's a f****** spelling mistake on it.

'That's wrong. That won't happen again. When it's released it won't have a typo on it.'

The action figure, a giant orange space spider, has 'over 24 points of articulation' according to its manufacturers.

Doctor Who merchandise was responsible for an estimated £50m of retail sales last year.

Items include such things as a Tardis Electronic Playset, 3D Dalek money bank, sonic screwdriver LED torch, action figures and books and magazines.

Torchwood star brightens up the play

PUPILS at a Barry school were transported into another world when Torchwood star Eve Myles paid them a visit.

Eve, who plays Gwen Cooper in the popular Dr Who spin-off, was at the Ysgol Maes Dyfan to present a cheque for £17,000 from the Welsh region of sporting charity, The Lord’s Taverners, to pay for a state-of-the-art outdoor play area.

Ysgol Maes Dyfan caters for children between the ages of three and 19 with moderate to severe learning, mobility and sensory difficulties.

The Lord’s Taverners is a national celebrity sporting charity, which raises £1.6m per year to give young people, particularly those with special needs, a ‘sporting chance’.

The play area includes a low-level adventure link trail, wobble bridge, balance logs, stepping stones, parallel chains and two adventure huts.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

watch the Doctor Who Series 3 preview from BBCi

John Barrowman will be on Richard and Judy this afternoon

JB will be on Richard and Judy's show, TODAY, Channel 4, 5-6pm.

DT was on Virgin Radio for the Christian O'Connall Breakfast Show

Pics from S3: BBCi Red Button Preview

When worlds collide the adventure begins......

or so says the advert for the new who the pics above are from the digital preview and show simms, the doctors wedding in human nature, a dalek, scarecrows, and some big blue grey melting creature thingy lol.


Tennant on The Graham Norton Show - tonight

David Tennant will be interviewed on The Graham Norton Show tonight.

David will be interviews by Graham Norton regarding his role in Doctor Who as well as some of the on-set antics that both he and John Barrowman got up to whilst filming the third series.

* The BBCi Press Office has mentioned this in a Press Release.

The Graham Norton Show can be seen at 10:00pm on BBC Two.

Doctor Who for mobiles?

The BBC today announced the beginning of a test syndication of a range of its TV channels and radio networks via 3G to certain mobile phones.Although no specific programmes were named, the BBC chose to use Doctor Who to illustrate the announcement via its press office.Lasting up to 12 months, the test will allow subscribers to Orange, Vodafone and 3's TV packages to watch BBC One, BBC News 24 and BBC Three (with the exception of some sport and acquired programmes) streamed on their mobiles. Subscribers will also be able to listen to up to eight radio stations, including Radio 1, 1Xtra, Radio 2, Radio 3, Radio 4, 6 Music, BBC 7 and Asian Network. It will start within the month, said the corporation.

Companion gallery

With just two days to go before the first adventure of new companion Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, the BBC News Entertainment site celebrates her arrival by taking a look back at some of the actors and actresses who have travelled in the Tardis with the Doctor.The gallery of 11 images starts in the Hartnell era and ends with a publicity picture of Martha.

BBC Digital Preview

There is now a preview of the forthcoming series running on a loop on BBC's Digital service; the loop runs for about a minute and a half and features clips from a number of stories. Beware spoilers!The preview is available on Sky Digital and Virgin Media from the red button

A number of clips are shown, including brief snippets from later stories such as Human Nature (including the wedding reported in Heat and on tonight's Graham Norton Show), Utopia and The Sound of Drums, featuring Derek Jacobi, Michelle Collins, John Simm and John Barrowman.

Doctor Who nominated for three Hugos

The Stage and Paul Cornell are reporting the nominations for the Hugo Awards 2007. Doctor Who is nominated three times in the "Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form" category, which the programme won last year with The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.This year, the episodes nominated are Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, The Girl in the Fireplace and School Reunion. The other two nominations in this category are episodes of Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG-1.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Barrowman news

Blackpool Today reports John Barrowman was among the 400 guests at a reception at Buckingham Palace for Americans based in Britain. CLICK HERE for more details.

'Who' star Freema's thrilling Dalek encounter

New Doctor Who star Freema Agyeman has spoken of her first on-set encounter with the Daleks that left her thrilled, until a bit of malcoordination left her laughing. Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, Agyeman, who plays new companion Martha Jones, enthused about meeting the malevolent monsters for the first time: "It was amazing. I'd never seen the Daleks for real, until we did the scenes. I remember one day I walked into the studio and there was half a Dalek in the corner, and I averted my eyes. I thought 'I don't want my first experience of a Dalek to not be in its entirety', but I was so excited when I knew it was going to be a Dalek day.""They came rolling on, and it was incredible," the actress continued. "It was like holding a sonic screwdriver for the first time... or walking into the Tardis, all those moments, it's like goosebumps, heart racing. You think 'I'm actually part of this and I can't believe it'. The Daleks were a big moment."The adrenalin soon turned to laughter during filming courtesy of some dodgy driving skills, as Agyeman explains: "Moments later, two of them were sort of turning around and they both turned at the same time and bumped each other! And then you heard the voice from inside go 'oh, sorry!', [from] the men that were operating them, and I laughed and I thought that just killed any menace they had!"

BBCi Doctor Who site - updated

The BBCi Doctor Who site has been updated.

The site has refreshed its front page to promote Episode One: Smith and Jones, and includes a picture gallery for the episode.

Direct Link to the BBCi Doctor Who website.

S3: Episode Titles & Information

Radio Times: 31st March - 6th April 2007
Excerpts from Russell T. Davies' Episode break-down


Writer: Russell T Davies

Guest stars: Anne Reid, Roy Marsden

“Welcome on board, Martha Jones!” says Russell T Davies. “She’s 23, a medical student, and her family’s going into meltdown. Dad’s run off with his secretary, Mum’s boiling with fury, brother Leo’s got a six-month old baby, and sister Tish is all ambition, thinking only of her next job. Martha’s stuck in the middle, as the peacemaker. Just the sort of woman who needs an escape.

“Before you know it, mysterious storms are sweeping across London, sinister motorcycle couriers are stalking the hospital and Martha finds herself transported to the Moon! That’s just the beginning of her troubles, as the alien Judoon arrive in a fleet of mighty spaceships — big, brutal space police! Only one man seems to know what’s going on: a patient called John Smith. And he claims he’s some sort of Doctor.

“When we first introduced Rose [in 2005], we were introducing a whole new audience to the concepts of Doctor Who at the same time, so sci-fi events invaded her life gradually over her first episode. With Martha, it’s the opposite — she’s thrown straight in at the deep end, away from Earth, surrounded by aliens and struggling to save the lives of everyone around her. I did think of calling this episode Baptism of Fire!”


Writer: Gareth Roberts

Guest star: Dean Lennox Kelly

“Martha’s baptism continues. With any new companion, it’s important to show them the sheer range and breadth of the Doctor’s life, so we’ve taken her back to 1599, when Shakespeare’s at the height of his powers, in London’s Globe Theatre [below]. But if you’re ten years old and the word ‘Shakespeare’ makes you groan, then rest assured, this isn’t just a history lesson. There are witch-like creatures at work, strange deaths — a man drowns on dry land! — some terrible puns and a fearful plot dating back to the dawn of the universe.

“I think this might be our most lavish production yet. We try to film in and around Cardiff, but there aren’t many Elizabethan settings around here, so the team had to travel to Warwick, Coventry and to the Globe itself for some magnificent location filming. And many thanks to the Globe for allowing us in — I hope we increase ticket sales!”


Writer: Russell T Davies

Guest star: Ardal O’Hanlon

“Martha’s eyes are opened even further, as the Tardis returns to the year five billion, on the planet New Earth, where the Doctor and Rose last fought off cat-nurse nuns and zombie patients. It’s a bit like the Doctor taking Martha to places where he took his ex — which Martha soon notices! But before long, greedy Pharmacists, hapless kidnappers and terrifying Beasts from Below have thrown her into danger. And all because the Doctor told a lie.

“I love these futuristic, far-off adventures because it’s a chance to see every single design department working at full tilt — sets, costume, make-up, prosthetics and CGI, all creating an extraordinary and deadly world. At the heart of which, the Doctor’s old friend, the Face of Boe, is waiting with a secret.”



Writer: Helen Raynor

Guest stars: Miranda Raison, Hugh Quarshie, Ryan Carnes

“Another baptism of fire — this time for our script editor, Helen Raynor, who’s an equally fine writer. Sometimes I give writers a shopping list of elements, and this was the barmiest one yet: 1930s New York, Pig Men, sewers, showgirls and the Empire State Building. Oh yes, and Daleks, too. Make a story out of that!

“Helen’s done a brilliant job, combining the Depression with the Daleks’ desperation to survive and adding a good bit of The Island of Dr Moreau. Not to mention Frankenstein! Be prepared to see the Daleks as you’ve never seen them before.”


Writer: Stephen Greenhorn

Guest stars: Mark Gatiss, Thelma Barlow

“Marvel Comics! That’s what I said to Stephen Greenhorn. Give us a good old mad scientist, with an experiment going wrong, and an outrageous supervillain on the loose.

“The episode also marks a return to modern-day Earth and a chance to find out what’s been happening to Martha’s family in her absence. With every series, we’ve woven in a small linking theme, which gradually builds to the series climax — series one, we had the mystery of Bad Wolf, and series two saw the creation of Torchwood. This time, pay attention to the enigmatic paymaster of Professor Lazarus as a trap plotted across the whole of time and space begins to close . . .”

3.7: 42

Writer: Chris Chibnall

Guest star: Michelle Collins

“The 42nd century, a spaceship in a far-flung galaxy, saboteurs at work, crew members possessed, and the terrifying catchphrase ‘Burn with me’.

To be honest, I love that title as I can’t wait to see the Radio Times billing for this episode: (7/13. 42). Dial that number, you get a free pizza.”



Writer: Paul Cornell

Guest stars: Jessica Hynes (formerly Stevenson), Harry Lloyd

“A very different sort of story — though still with monsters and scares galore! But when you’ve got David Tennant as your lead actor (call me biased, but The Best Actor in the Land, frankly), then you want to write stories that push the Doctor into completely new territory. And these two episodes take the Time Lord to places he’s never been before, all in the haunting setting of a boys’ public school in 1913; the winter before the War, with a chill in the air, and mysterious lights in the sky. If ever you thought scarecrows were scary, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

3.10: BLINK

Writer: Steven Moffat

Guest star: Carey Mulligan

“The King of Terror, that’s Mr Moffat. He was the genius behind that gas-mask child with his sinister lament of ‘Are you my mummy?’ and the tick-tock clockwork droids who stalked Madame de Pompadour. But this one!

“To be honest, Doctor Who rarely scares me, because I’ve seen all the behind-the-scenes prosthetics and computer trickery, and I’ve lived with the scripts for months. But when I watch this episode — I’m not kidding — I’m scared to death! Go on, I dare you. Close the curtains. Turn the lights off. Huddle round the TV. Clutch your loved ones. And shiver.”

3.11: UTOPIA

Writer: Russell T Davies

Guest stars: Derek Jacobi, John Barrowman

“Jack’s back! As John Barrowman’s Captain Jack Harkness comes storming back on board the Tardis — with an arrival like no companion has ever had before — it’s time for the Tardis’s wildest ride yet! It hurtles out of control, taking the crew to the distant planet Malcassairo, where a lonely and patient professor is giving his all to save his people from extinction.”



Writer: Russell T Davies

Guest stars: John Simm, Tom Ellis, Nichola McAuliffe

“The season finale! And the trap closes, as the Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack find themselves in a desperate fight for survival.

“Who are the Toclafane? What is the power of Archangel? And what terrible secrets are stored at the heart of the Valiant? It’s an epic and heartbreaking story, as the Doctor faces his greatest enemy yet. Now, I wonder who that could be . . ?”

Freema Reveals Her Inner Fangirl

In an interview in The Sun today, Freema Agyeman comes clean on a very important subject: "I'm a big sci-fi fan - I even went to a couple of Star Trek fan conventions. The Next Generation was my favourite show and I loved Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard."

Agyeman says that she grew up with Doctor Who when Sylvester McCoy was in the title role, but even then she was more of a Trekkie. However, she comments "Now I can't wait to go to a Doctor Who convention as a member of the cast."

This is partly to do with the reception that she's gotten from Doctor Who fans: "The fans have been really, really encouraging. I've had some great letters saying that they'll miss Rose but they're looking forward to meeting Martha. It warms my heart to know that the fans are backing me."

Catch Agyeman's debut as Martha Jones this Saturday, 31 March, at 7 pm in "Smith and Jones", the first episode of Series Three.

King of Cool

David Tennant's incarnation as the Doctor has been voted the coolest TV character beating federal agent Jack Bauer, played in the hit US show 24 by Kiefer Sutherland, to second place.

The poll for was conducted to find the coolest character - defined as laidback and sexy - on TV.
The Fonz in the Seventies TV show Happy Days, played by Henry Winkler, now 61, came third.

Colin Firth's heart-fluttering turn as Mr Darcy in the TV adaptation of Jane Austen favourite Pride And Prejudice is fourth, followed by The Cat in Eighties comedy series Red Dwarf, brought to life by Danny John-Jules.

The top 10 list was voted for by more than 4,000 TV fans.

Radio Times deputy TV editor David Butcher said: "David Tennant is so hugely popular as the Doctor - he looks like becoming a bit of an icon.

1. Doctor Who (David Tennant)
2. Jack Bauer in 24 (Kiefer Sutherland)
3. The Fonz in Happy Days (Henry Winkler)
4. Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth)
5. Cat in Red Dwarf (Danny John-Jules)
6. DCI Gene Hunt in Life On Mars (Philip Glenister)
7. Dermot O'Leary
8. Columbo (Peter Falk)
9. Dylan in The Magic Roundabout
10.Sawyer in Lost (Josh Holloway)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rose Tyler : The story of how I died.

damn good vid!!!!

There are Rose and Charlie from lost shippers??? WTF???

Go figure!!! I like the song, i hate charlie, but i love so

John Barrowman invites Anne Robinson for threesome

LIFE STYLE EXTRA (UK) - 'Doctor Who' star John Barrowman has invited Anne Robinson to join him for a threesome.The 39-year-old actor - who plays bi-sexual Captain Jack Harkness in the hit BBC show and its spin-off series 'Torchwood' - is a guest on a 'Dr Who' special edition of 'The Weakest Link' and invites the stern quiz show hostess to join him for some kinky sex.Barrowman tells 62-year-old Anne: "Captain Jack is a modern guy and he'll have sex with anyone."In fact, I wouldn't mind joining you and Noel afterwards if you're up for it!"His co-stars David Tennant, 35, who plays The Doctor, and 31-year-old Noel Clarke, who plays Rose's boyfriend Mickey, are also guest on the show.A specially made robot Anne Droid features in the game show as well.'The Weakest Link Doctor Who Special' will air on BBC1 on Friday March 30 at 8.30pm.

Doctor Who is on the cover of this week's "TV & Sattellite Week"

Tennant to be at script auction

David Tennant is going to be at the auction of his signed script from The Satan Pit at John Nicholson Auctioneers this coming Wednesday.As earlier reported by Outpost, the script has been signed by Tennant, Billie Piper and Russell T Davies.It was given by Tennant to Arabella Weir, who played the Doctor in the Big Finish audio Exile, and will be sold by her in aid of a parent-teacher association of a primary school supported by Tennant, who is godfather to her son.The fine art and collectables auction will take place at the auction rooms in Midhurst Road, Fernhurst, Haslemere, Surrey and will be filmed for the ITV show Dickinson's Real Deal. There is a reserve price of 1,000 pounds on this item, although the auctioneers expect it to go for between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds. No ticket is necessary to go along to the event.The full details of the lot going under the hammer are given below, and are as stated by the auctioneers.
LOT 401A. A DR WHO SCRIPT which was used in the last series with DAVID TENNANT as the Doctor, for DOCTOR WHO II, Episode 9. THE SATAN PIT, 4th Draft by MATT JONES, 4th Feb. 2006. The script was given to her by David Tennant as he is a close friend and godfather to Arabella's son. The script comprises 56 pages. The script is the only one of its kind in the world. To prevent story leaks to the press each script is printed with name of the cast member at the top of each script. In this instance the script belonged to the leading role David Tennant. It is signed by David Tennant, Billie Piper and Russell T. Davis [sic]. 3000-5000 pounds.

Army of Guests in Glasgow

A one-day Doctor Who convention is to take place in Glasgow, Scotland, on 3rd June.Army of Guests will take place at the Quality Hotel, near Glasgow's Central Station, bringing together Frazer Hines, John Leeson, Deborah Watling and Sophie Aldred, with further guests expected.The event is organised by the Glasgow Doctor Who Group, and further details, including pricing, and help with travel and accommodation, can be found on their website.

Series 3 Complete Episode Titles

The latest issue of the Radio Times has the final complete list of episode titles for series 3.

They are:

Smith and Jones
The Shakespeare Code
Daleks in Manhattan (Part One)
Evolution of the Daleks (Part Two)
The Lazarus Experiment
Human Nature (Part One)
The Family of Blood (Part Two)
The Sound of Drums (Part One)
The Last of the Time Lords (Part Two)

Tennant's relatively new role

From Teletext:

Doctor Who star David Tennant is to star in a TV movie about Albert Einstein, writes Jonathan Donald.

Tennant will perform alongside Andy Serkis, who played Gollum in The Lord Of The Rings, in the production titled Einstein And Eddington.

With Serkis as Einstein, it charts the creation of his theory of relativity, one of the most important science breakthroughs of the 20th century.

Scottish-born Tennant will play Sir Arthur Eddington who proved the German genius's theories worked and introduced them to the English-speaking world.

The boffins corresponded while their countries squared up during the First World War.

Peter Moffat, whose credits include a biopic about Stephen Hawking, has penned the TV movie, which is a joint venture involving the BBC and HBO

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Pertwee Tribute


Icons galore!!!

Happy Patrick Troughton's Birthday everyone.

Sunday was Pat's birthday and i forget sorrrry.....

Freema articles galore

Freema Agyeman Gets A Radio Times Cover

New Freema Photos As Martha Jones In Action

Freema Interviewed In Sunday Magazine

Freema's Upcoming TV and Radio Appearances

Description Of Freema's Second Episode

New Photo In Sunday Telegraph Seven TV Guide

Martha Jones Monday - Watch Freema Early!

Freema Kisses The Doctor As Martha Jones

Check Out Freema's Fashion In "Company"

Newsround Part 2 - Freema At Press Launch

Freema Proves Generous With A Kind Heart

The Daily Mail on Sunday has an interesting little article on Freema today.
While we know she is paid only a fraction of what her co-star David Tennant makes (as well as Billie Piper) despite the same amount of screentime, she apparently has been spending it not so much on herself, but giving gifts to her mum and even paying to repair her neighbours home.
(Freema has even mentioned elsewhere she wishes she had a working TARDIS so she could go back and buy homes for family and friends when the prices were right) click the link to read the article:

Crocheted tardis ornament

Bafta Television Craft Award Nonimations for WHO

Doctor Who has been nominated in 2 categories at this years Bafta Television Craft Awards.

The nominations are as follows:

Editing: Fiction / Entertainment
Crispin Green - Doctor Who

Visual Effects
The Mill - Doctor Who

DWO would like to wish both Crispin and The Mill, the best of luck.

The Bafta Television Craft Awards will be held at The Dorchester on Sunday 22nd April 2007.

The Doctor will see you now

WHEN Doctor Who Magazine polled its readers to name their all-time favourite Doctor, David Tennant won by a fair few votes, dislodging Tom Baker for the first time in years. Now the BBC has also thrown its weight behind Tennant, signing him up until 2008 for £1m, making him the most expensive Time Lord in the show's 30-year history.

Some might suggest that a million pounds is not enough to compensate for spending nine months of the year in Cardiff being chased by homicidal pepperpots, but Tennant has proved himself to be an exuberant, charismatic 10th Doctor. Like Baker, Tennant fills the Doctor's shoes with a quirky sense of style and humour, perhaps more so than predecessor Christopher Eccleston.

Landing the role of one of TV's most iconic characters has propelled Tennant into the big time, but the series is also the reason he went into acting. Aged three, he told his parents that he was going to be an actor and play Doctor Who. "It has been a lifelong dream to get my own Tardis," he says.

Born in Bathgate, Tennant has also done his own bit of identity-shifting, changing his name from David McDonald to avoid clashing with another actor. He adopted the surname of his favourite Pet Shop Boy, Neil Tennant.

Tennant was on screen before he was out of Paisley Grammar, talent-spotted by Scottish TV at a Saturday youth theatre club, an offshoot of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama where he later trained. Not all the reviews were positive, he recalls: "I was playing King Arthur in Edinburgh, which was only my second job, and the review in the Scotsman said: 'The cast of 18 are uniformly excellent, with the exception of David Tennant, who lacks any charm or ability whatsoever.' Which I have to say floored me for quite a while."

In his 20s, he joined 7:84, the angry young theatre company whose work made Das Kapital look like David Cameron's desk diary. Tennant wasn't particularly into the politics, he says, just the employment.

The thing that he says "changed my life" was a lead role in the 1994 TV drama Takin' Over The Asylum, which he won after spending one day on another drama called Strathblair. It was enough to impress the director, David Blair, who cast him as manic-depressive radio station manager Campbell Bain. As Tennant recalls: "They needed someone who could believably act 19 and bonkers." He could, and did.

After that he moved to London and rented rooms from Fast Show actress Arabella Weir, a landlady with the gentle yielding qualities of Davros, leader of the Daleks. Using the dishwasher was verboten, and she rarely allowed Tennant to switch on the central heating. "We used to live in near-freezing temperatures. Of course, the fact that I was from Scotland delighted her, because she thought: 'Oh well, you're used to it, you'll be fine.'"

By this point he was carving a career as a serious spear-carrier and then a star of RSC productions, yet he could barely contain his delight when, aged 30, he got a bit part in a Doctor Who adventure on audio CD. "I got to play a Nazi-ish character and Sylvester McCoy was the Doctor. Sylvester McCoy was a bit after my time, to be honest, but he's still a god among men because he's played the Doctor. I played it quite cool, though. I don't think they knew quite how overexcited I was."

By 34, he had been talent-spotted and targeted by the BBC, casting him in a series of high-profile heavyweight dramas: He Knew He Was Right, Blackpool and Casanova preceded Tennant's metamorphosis into the 10th Doctor.

Despite initial scepticism from some quarters over Tennant's youth, the series appears to have found a balance under his insouciant performance. The hyperactive storytelling is clearly aimed at a new generation of kids glued to the internet or PlayStation, with enough invasions, monsters, classic foes, references to earlier series and "let's-not-take-any-of-this-too-seriously" sophisticated playfulness to please diehard fans.

But there is also an emotional dimension now, a departure from the classic structure of Doctor Who of simple morality plays wrapped in the distracting kitsch of period science fiction. Tennant's Doctor not only could get chased by a Sontaran through what looks like a Tiger Bay leisure centre after hours, but was also given to exchanging Basset Hound looks with his comely assistant Rose across a sonic screwdriver, Still, Doctor Who may be the exception to the rule that the motor of all drama is sex. Tennant says that while the upcoming series may contain a kissing scene, the relationship with his new assistant remains essentially demure and platonic because "you can't have shagging in the Tardis".

Off-screen, Tennant's relationships have consisted of a string of long-term affairs, including four years with Shameless actress Anne-Marie Duff, now married to Tennant's friend James McAvoy. Tennant's current girlfriend is Sophia Myles, who he met when she starred as Madame De Pompadour in Tennant's first season as the Doctor. Sophia is the daughter of a vicar, while Tennant's father, the Very Rev Sandy McDonald, was a minister and then the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in the late 1990s. As for Tennant's own Christian beliefs: "I'd say that's an ongoing question for me."

So far, Tennant has managed to stay wry and dry about his elevation to saviour of the galaxy: "When I got the role of Doctor Who I thought my life would never be the same again and that I would be recognised everywhere I went. But when I turned up at the BBC in London to do a morning show recently they didn't recognise me and wouldn't let me in. They thought I was some bloke called Stephen."

In career terms, Tennant clearly has ambitions beyond Gallifrey and would prefer to make the break before he gets eternally typecast as the Time Lord, a fate that Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker did not escape.

To that end, he has already been exploring other options. Last month he appeared to great acclaim in the one-off drama Recovery as a brain-damaged builder, and later this month he begins filming the romantic comedy Cheerful Weather For The Wedding, opposite The Devil Wears Prada actress Emily Blunt.

It seems unlikely that Tennant will stay long beyond the fourth series of Doctor Who. Tennant himself has declared he wants to leave the show on a high, even though he remains coy about naming the date.

"It's judging when is the right moment to go. I think I now know how many series I'm going to do - but I think it would be stupid of me to say more."

In pictures: New Doctor Who pix from series three

Click the links to view the pics from episode one of the third series.

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New Scarifyers Story Announced

Cosmic Hobo has announced that The Devil of Denge Marsh, the second installment of their Scarifyers series starring Terry Molloy and Nicholas Courtney, will be released on May 7th.

Tis Shub-Niggurath as we worship, and dread,For she reigns o'er the living and dwells with the dead,O'er shoreline and beach, o'er heathland and marsh,She sees all that men do, and her judgement be harsh. A melting minister… a scientific project gripped by madness… a remote village on the Kent coast where the locals have some strange habits indeed. It's all just the ticket for top-secret government department, MI-13.Lionheart (Nicholas Courtney) and Dunning (Terry Molloy) are back, to do battle with the Women's Institute, an old adversary and an inter-dimensional being from the dawn of time - THE DEVIL OF DENGE MARSH.

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Doctor Who Phone Charms and a Film Festival

I often like my gadgets and cell phone to express as much of my own personality as possible and if that means wearing a dork revealing DoctorWho phone charm, so be it. With Firebox's new Tardis and Dalek phone charms, you can be notified of an incoming phone call by watching them spin in their transparent domes. Individually they are $9.95 but you can get both for $17.75.
If Doctor Who charms aren't enough to get you excited, Firebox is also hosting their 3rd film festival. The Firebox 2007 film festival runs for about 10 weeks and anyone can submit a 5 minute video that includes a Firebox product. The deadline for video submissions is April 22nd and if you hurry, you might be able to include a snazzy Tardis phone charm in the video.

Gay accolade thrills Tennant

DOCTOR WHO David Tennant says he’s thrilled to have been voted a gay icon.
The Scottish actor, 36, who returns as the Time Lord in a new 13-parter on March 31, was voted Most Fanciable Male by readers of gay publication The Pink Paper last year.
He said: “I was delighted and flattered to be chosen – they have such good taste.”
But he’s worried that he might not retain his title. He joked: “Apparently I’m not on the list this year – David Beckham, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt complained about me!”

Spin off series is Doctor Toon

DOCTOR Who is entering a different dimension — with a spin-off cartoon series.The main show’s Timelord David Tennant and sidekick Freema Agyeman voice their animated characters.The 13-episode series Infinite Quest runs on CBBC from April 2. Writer Russell T Davies said it featured “wonderful alien worlds”.

It's now time to take Doctor Who seriously

What an announcement - if announcement it was. "Yes," David Tennant said this week. "He gets married. Well, he doesn't not. Actually, it's quite difficult to answer that question truthfully." If you were conscious, and in possession of a television last year, you'll know Who David Tennant is, and Who he's talking about - even if what he's actually trying to say is, to say the least, a little opaque.
Can he mean it? Can Doctor Who actually be about to get married or, at least, be about to not not get married? Of all the teasers for the third series of the new Doctor Who, this is the most intriguing, because it threatens to go against all the axioms we imagine govern his universe. The Doctor snogging his companion caused eyebrows to shoot up in fandom. But matrimony? The Doctor is, in the long run, the ultimate solitary.
I apologise if it seems silly to be taking Doctor Who seriously. But Russell T Davies and his team of scriptwriters, it seems to me, have produced one of the best and most artful pieces of popular television in years. And what has made it so resonant is not the cast of silly monsters, the excellent jokes, the jolly special effects, and so forth - but its underlying deep melancholy.

Mr Davies has taken a rickety old 1970s science-fiction series, and - by applying a little psychological seriousness to the premise; by asking what it would mean to be able to travel through time, and to live more or less for ever - turned it into an extraordinary study of loss. Its deep theme is loneliness. Loneliness goes through the series like the lettering through a stick of rock.
The Doctor is described at one point as a "lonely god". He has something close to the perspective of a god: he can munch, if he so chooses, his breakfast bagel shortly after the Big Bang and have supper the same day in the Restaurant at the End of the Universe. But he does not have the power of a god: he can't go back and change the course of events. So everybody he cares about or ever will care about is always already dead; every companion he picks up will, sooner or later, be gone.
I've mentioned before, in connection with this, T S Eliot's notion that if "all time is eternally present/ All time is unredeemable". Eliot was interested (inter alia) in the theology of this; Russell T Davies in the psychology.
This works both on the planetary level and on the individual one. The Doctor's home planet and his entire race have been wiped out in the Time War. The same went - or so we initially thought - for his enemies, the Daleks. ("I... am... alone..." complains the solitary surviving Dalek we met in the first series. You felt for the poor homicidal little dustbin.) At one point the Doctor is offered a device powerful enough to rewrite history - "I could stop the War" - but resists the temptation. (Possibly because the person offering it was the man from the Gold Blend ads, possibly because he was an evil interplanetary bat-creature... the Doctor's motives are inscrutable.)
His sidekick Rose, Billie Piper's character, is perpetually running up against versions of her dead father, perpetually trying to undo the events that led to his being killed... and perpetually being thwarted. Rose and the Doctor are, in turn, duly separated, and irredeemably so.
Who didn't tear up a bit when, at the end of the last Christmas special, the Doctor admits to having had, and lost, a friend, and chokes out, "Her name was Rose," before disappearing into the Tardis? It's all as sentimental as hell... and quite irresistible.
The poet Elizabeth Bishop used to say that she felt comforted thinking about the vastness of "geological time" - her own griefs and disappointments suddenly ephemeral in comparison. For the Doctor - who has to live in geological time - the exact opposite can be imagined to apply.
As he explained in the episode where Rose meets his old companion Sarah Jane, either of them could choose to spend the rest of their lives with him - but he can never choose to spend the rest of his life with one of them. He is, as Madame de Pompadour put it in another episode, a "lonely angel". Look homeward angel, now, and melt with ruth.
Audrey Niffenegger's excellent novel The Time Traveler's Wife uses a similar device. It tells the story of the relationship between an ordinary woman, Clare, and Henry, who suffers from a strange and incurable condition. From time to time, Henry disappears, leaving a pile of clothes on the floor and reappears, naked and bewildered, in another place and another time, often in danger. Sometimes he's away for days before he snaps back into her present. She frets.
"Long ago, men went to sea, and women waited for them, standing on the edge of the water, scanning the horizon for the tiny ship," says Clare in the Prologue. "He vanishes unwillingly, without warning. I wait for him. [...] Why has he gone where I cannot follow?" Henry, in the same Prologue (Niffenegger uses a dual narration), echoes her: "I hate to be where she is not, when she is not. And yet, I am always going, and she cannot follow."
Time travel, in Niffenegger's novel as in Doctor Who, works not only as a device to shape the plot and structure, but as a metaphor for what in relationships is unknowable and inaccessible, and as a foreshadowing of their end. The Doctor is a two-hearted, multi-incarnational, space-roaming Time Lord from the Planet Gallifrey - but he's also us.
If an immortal marries a human being, the phrase "till death do us part" takes on a particularly poignant resonance. But perhaps the Doctor's not-not marriage will last longer at least than James Bond's. We can't begrudge the poor old creature a moment of happiness - and what a delight to imagine someone being called Mrs Who, or Not-Not Mrs Who. Bring on the new series.

Tennant on Dead Ringers

David Tennant will be appearing in the last episode of the current series of Dead Ringers on BBC2.He will not be in it as the Doctor but will be doing 'an impression', say sources.The show - well-known for Jon Culshaw's take on Tom Baker's Doctor, plus its Doctor Who and Torchwood skits - will go out on Thursday, March 29 at 9.30pm.

Gap Filled In Capt. Jack Backstory On 'Doctor Who'

By MICHAEL HINMANSource: Sci-Fi PulseMar-23-2007

"Torchwood" fans want to know what happened when Capt. Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) disappeared at the end of that show's first season. But for those dedicated "Doctor Who" fans, the questions go back even further, like "How did Capt. Jack get back in time?" and "Why is he immortal?"
Many of those questions, if not all, will be answered in the final trio of episodes in "Doctor Who's" third season, and Sci-Fi Pulse source "Dr. Phibes" has all the answers.
According to the source, The Doctor (David Tennant) and Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) make a stopoff in Cardiff, Wales (where "Torchwood" is set) to recharge the Tardis over the rift that has been there practically since the beginning of the modern series. As seen in the "Torchwood" season finale, Capt. Jack discovers this with his Doctor Detector.
"While The Doctor and Martha are enjoying a quick banter about Cardiff, we will see Capt. Jack running and shouting after The Doctor only to barely latch onto the Tardis as it dematerializes," Phibes said. "This one moment promises to be a rather impressive CGI shot."
Capt. Jack gets to travel through the time vortex, but outside the Tardis. And it seems there's a long way to go.
"The episode sees The Doctor and his friends going to the year 100 trillion, which The Doctor says is impossible," Phibes said.
"So what's out there?" Martha asks.
"I don't know," The Doctor replies. "Not even the Time Lords came this far. It's all just theory. We should leave. We should go. We should really, really go ..."
Capt. Jack does explain how he got back in time in the first place, showing his trusty leather wristband which also seems to have some sort of time travelling device installed.
"So there I was, stranded in the year 200100, ankle deep in Dalek dust, he [The Doctor] goes off without me, but I had this," Jack says, showing his wrist strap. "I used to be a Time Agent. It's called a Vortex Manipulator. He's not the only one who can time travel," Jack said of The Doctor.
"I thought, 21st century, that's the best place to find The Doctor. Except I got it a little bit wrong, arrived in 1880, and this thing burnt out, so it was useless," Jack continued. "Then I had to live through the entire 20th century, waiting to find the version of you [The Doctor] that would coincide with me."
The episode will be the 11th of 13. Of course the season itself will begin March 31 on BBC One, and later this year in the United States, most likely on the SciFi Channel.
To see more excerpts from the episode, check out the Sci-Fi Pulse article.
Remember that all this has not been confirmed by the BBC, and should be treated as any rumor would.

Addicted to Who?

A new run of Doctor Who is almost upon us and habits are being altered across the country in anticipation of the season premiere. If any of the following seven signs ring a Cloister Bell, then you might as well face it, you're addicted to Who...

1) 27 and 57 minutes past the hour suddenly take on a new significance. For those are the times when the end credits on programmes tend to roll, which means there's a chance of catching the latest Doctor Who trailer between programmes. You already have the thing saved in high quality avi, mpeg and wmv on your computer of course, but the magic of seeing it on an actual television makes it somehow appear more real.

2) Scouring listings magazines and websites to scout out the potential opposition from ITV in that all important 7pm timeslot. Could they dig out a Harry Potter movie as the opposition yet again? There's scant chance that Celebrity Wrestling will be making a reappearance, although Whovians would welcome the move...

3) Taking different routes in the car to give yourself a chance of seeing one of the promotional billboards that may or may not be in existence this year.

4) Reacquainting yourself with that all important F5 key on your keyboard, because you just know Sunday mornings will be spent refreshing pages on various forums in a desperate bid to locate the overnight ratings.

5) You're only happy when it rains, as weather forecasts begin to take on a new meaning. More rain equals more people indoors, which means more potential viewers. RESULT! Also, having rays of sunshine beaming into the living room doesn't really help to watch the beloved sci-fi show.

6) Bags under the eyes. For that all important publicity blitz is underway and the stars will be wheeled out on breakfast television and radio for interviews that often offer exclusive preview clips not available elsewhere. The sound of your Gold Dalek alarm clock threatening to exterminate you in the early hours is inevitable...

7) Newspapers and magazines you'd never usually consider buying are suddenly viewed as the Holy Grail if they contain exclusive Who related features. Straight men will keenly march into their local newsagents to pick up a copy of Attitude just because of an exclusive John Barrowman interview. All in the name of Doctor Who and we wouldn't have it any other way.

The new series of Doctor Who starts on BBC One at 7pm next Saturday, March 31.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Doctor Who – The Shakespeare Code Ep 2/13

For Martha's first trip in the Tardis, the Doctor takes her back in time, to Elizabethan England, as the third series of Russell T Davies's Doctor Who continues. When they find William Shakespeare under the control of deadly witch-like creatures, they must battle forces from the dawn of the universe to stop history being changed for ever.

David Tennant plays the Doctor and Freema Agyeman plays his new companion, Martha Jones. Dean Lennox Kelly guest stars as William Shakespeare.

Second publicly released trailer for the upcoming third season.

Weakest link clips online

The BBC Doctor Who website has some links to clips from the Weakest Link Special which will air on Friday 30th March.

Doctor 'marries' in next 'Who' series

The Doctor "gets married" in the next series of sci-fi hit Doctor Who, actor David Tennant has said, tentatively.According to the Daily Mail he is thought to be seen marrying a character played by comedy actress Jessica Stevenson in an apparent flashback scene."Yes. He gets married," admitted Tennant. "Well, he doesn't not. Actually, it's quite difficult to answer that question truthfully."Clips of the upcoming episodes also apparently show Tennant kissing his new assistant Martha Jones (played by Freema Agyeman) on the lips. However, he adds: "It means nothing, it was just a genetic transfer."Meanwhile, Agyeman admitted it was hard not to be influenced by Billie Piper's portrayal of the assistant."Hands on heart, I didn't have Billie's character in mind when I took this on but looking at it now I can see there are similarities," she explained. "But the Doctor is always going to look for the same sort of thing in an assistant. There's got to be a feistiness, you're going to get a happy-go-lucky, bolshy kind of person."

Simm confirms role in Who

John Simm was interviewed by Simon Mayo on Five Live this afternoon. He confirmed he is playing a character called Mr Saxon, but wouldn't be drawn on the nature of the character. "There's a lot of secrecy about it," is the only comment he would make after repeated queries from Mayo. He was attracted to the show by its writer, he said, as he tends to be with all the roles he takes.

Tennant Addresses Multi-Doctor Stories

David Tennant has spoken about the possibility of a Doctor Who story featuring several incarnations of the Timelord working together. Chatting exclusively to Digital Spy at the Season Three press launch on Wednesday night, the acclaimed actor admitted he was open to the idea of linking up with past Doctors for a story, but that the passing of time may prove an insurmountable obstacle: "Sure... it's a lovely idea, [but] I just don't know about the practicalities of it, really. It's one of those shows and because it goes on for a long time it has this history.""It gets tougher though... as the years move on," Tennant continued. "Let's be honest, we've lost three, unfortunately," he added, referring to the fact that William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee - the first three actors to play the role - have all passed away. Tennant reminisced about the impact such a reunion show had on him as a young fan, specifically the 1983 90-minute special: "I remember as a kid 'The Five Doctors' being the most important thing that had ever happened, so it's a nice idea. I just don't know if practically we could make it happen [again]."The hit family drama has a history of gathering several incarnations of the rebellious Timelord together. The first such story was 'The Three Doctors' in 1973, featuring Hartnell, Troughton and Pertwee. Ten years later 'The Five Doctors' was screened, with Richard Hurndall taking over Hartnell's role with Tom Baker (via archive footage from the unbroadcast story 'Shada') and Peter Davison featuring alongside Pertwee and Troughton. The final story of its kind, to date, saw the Gallifreyan down to just 'The Two Doctors' in 1985, with Troughton joining Colin Baker to battle the Sontarans in Seville.The third season of Doctor Who will begin on Saturday, March 31 at 7pm on BBC One with the episode 'Smith and Jones', featuring Freema Agyeman as the new companion alongside Tennant.

BBC Wales Exclusive Screening

Fans in Wales are being offered a chance to see the first episode of the new series before the rest of the UK.Smith and Jones will be exclusively screened on Saturday, 31 March at 10.30am at a number of venues across the principality.Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis from 9am on Monday, March 26 by calling 08703 667 887 (Calls from a BT line cost up to 8p per minute. Some operators and mobiles vary and calls may be recorded for training). Tickets will not be available before this date. BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru will also be giving listeners the chance to win a ticket when a small number are released as competition prizesThe Venues are Odeon cinema in Cardiff, Swansea and WrexhamAberystwyth Arts Centre, AberystwythNeuadd Dwyfor, Pwllheli Details here

Frank Seton 1918-2007

The Independent has an obituary on Francis Wilfred Poupart (Frank Seton), who died on 28 February 2007 at the age of 88. It mentions he had three small parts in Doctor Who, including a Sea Devil. Further research has revealed the other two parts were a Miner in The Green Death and one of the missing scientists in The Time Monster. He also appeared in Dixon of Dock Green, Quatermass and the Pit, Z Cars, Compact, The Two Ronnies, Rumpole, Ghost Squad, and No Hiding Place.

John Barrowman News

Some good new for fans of John Barrowman.

The BBC Press Office have issued a Press Release on Any Dream Will Do, a musical theatre reality type show whose goal is to find a lead role for Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor™ Dreamcoat. John Barrowman is on the panel of the show. The Stage also has coverage HERE and HERE, plus there is an article from The Sun.

The exact air date has yet to be determined, but will be the same week as the return of Doctor Who.


DAVID Tennant has signed a £1million deal to star in another series of Doctor Who, it was revealed last night.
Despite false reports suggesting he would bow out halfway through next year's run, insiders have revealed he will film the full 13 episodes.
Delighted BBC bosses are thrilled to be keeping the hunky Scot, who has proved a smash-hit with viewers since taking over from Christopher Eccleston last year.
They are overjoyed to be have retained their dream-team of Tennant and writer Russell T Davies and have also been bowled over by the performance of new sidekick Freema Agyeman.
It had been rumoured that Tennant, 35, would exit halfway during his third run, which hits the screen in spring next year. One source said: "To be honest, David was never going anywhere.
"He loves to create an air of mystery about his role in Doctor Who, and when he might leave, so he's happy for people to speculate about his departure from the Tardis.
"But the truth is that he's finished filming the third series, which kicks off in a couple of weeks,and he's signed a contract to appear in the whole of the next series.
"That will see him filming throughout 2008. It's brilliant for the show and for the fans - everyone is thrilled." Rumours that Tennant was to quit were sparked when he confided to a magazine that he had made a decision over when to leave.
Now the earliest point for the next regeneration to occur - which would introduce an 11th Timelord - would be for the 2008 Christmas special.
The third series kicks off on March 31 with the doctor battling to get over losing Rose, played by Billie Piper. He eventually falls in love with another earthling - Royle Family favourite Jessica Stevenson.

From council estate to Tardis: rise of the Timelord's sidekick

She was raised on a deprived council estate in London, the daughter of an Iranian mother and Ghanaian father who divorced when she was young.

Since completing her university degree in drama, she has acquired the typical actor's CV of stints in The Bill and Casualty mixed with shelf-stacking in the video store Blockbusters.

But now the years of struggle should be over. This month, Freema Agyeman will acquire immediate cult status in the eyes of thousands of fans of the newly-revitalised television hit, Doctor Who. The 27-year-old becomes Martha Jones, the first black assistant on board the Tardis in the 44 years since the show began and the successor to Billie Piper's Rose Tyler.

Speaking at the launch yesterday of the third series since the programme returned in 2005, Agyeman said fans were already proving warm and welcoming. "Billie did a tremendous job. I know no one likes change but the nature of the show is change and hopefully fans will be cool with that and give me a chance," she said.

"There are similarities between Martha and Rose. She's not a wallflower and there is a lovely and different relationship with her and the Doctor. It's been an amazing experience."

Agyeman was born in 1979 and grew up on the Woodberry Down estate in Finsbury Park with her older sister, Leila, and younger brother, Domenic. Though her mother, Azar, and her father, Osei, split when she was a child, she is said to be close to her mother and her father lives near by.

After attending Our Lady's Convent, a Catholic comprehensive in Stamford Hill, and the Anna Scher Theatre School, she took up a place to read performing arts and drama at Middlesex University from where she graduated in 2000.

Apart from the seemingly obligatory appearances in The Bill, Casualty and Silent Witness, her biggest role to date was as Lola Wise, a kitchen assistant, in Crossroads when it returned to TV screens in 2003. She was nominated for best newcomer in the British Soap Awards and for sexiest female in the What's On TV magazine awards that year. But it looks likely that it will be Doctor Who that makes her name.

She first appeared in the show in July last year as Adeola, who met a grisly end at the hands of the Cybermen. Doctor Who producers were so impressed by the young actress that they invited her back for a new part, which she understood to be in the Who spinoff, Torchwood.

"My agent got a call saying they wanted me to audition for a regular role in Torchwood, and I was so up for it. So I went for an audition in London," she told Doctor Who magazine.

"But I had to miss the second audition, because I got sick for a week in January. It was really awful. I was so upset. But then they said that they'd reschedule it. And then, just before the third audition, I got a call from my agent. She said, 'All this time, they've been seeing you for the part of the new companion in Doctor Who, not for a regular in Torchwood.' I couldn't believe it."

A who's who of assistants

Dr Who has had 21 female assistants since the first series in 1963. Among the most memorable are:

Susan Foreman, 1963-64

Dr Who's first helper, Carole Ann Ford, played his schoolgirl granddaughter. She claims to have made up the name Tardis herself. Following Dr Who, she appeared in The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery. Now a voice coach in London, she has said: "After Susan, I just got roles as kookie girls. It was a curse."

Zoe Heriot, 1968-69

Wendy Padbury turned down a role in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie to play Zoe, a teenage genius from Earth's future. Afterwards, she married Ain't Half Hot Mum star Melvyn Hayes. In recent years she worked as an agent in London and now lives in France

Jo Grant, 1971-73

Played by Katy Manning, Jo appeared alongside the third Dr Who, John Pertwee. Jo, an enthusiastic but clumsy trainee secret agent, joins the UNIT after her uncle pulls a few strings.

Mel Bush, 1986-87

Mel, played by Bonnie Langford, was assistant to Colin Baker and then Sylvester McCoy's doctors. Unlike her counterparts, it was never fully explained as to how Mel came to travel with the doctor. Bonnie Langford went on to star in various television shows and musicals, most recently Dancing on Ice.

Rose Tyler, 2005-06

Billie Piper, the former pop singer, began her acting career with the 2005 relaunch of the series playing Rose, a shop assistant who travels with the doctor after he saves her from the Autons. Played alongide Christopher Eccleston in the first series and David Tennant in the second before leaving to work in films.

Who is a money maker

Yahoo Finance reports Character Group will "substantially exceed" current market expectations for this financial year thanks to demand for their Doctor Who products.

try HERE or HERE.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Temporal Wanderers

This is a fanvid profiling the 2nd Doctor(played by the wonderful Patrick Troughton), and his group of companions. This era is famous for its monsters and I tried to show a bit of that in the fanvid. I included all of the Doctor's compainions from that era(Polly,Ben,Jamie,Victoria,and Zoe all show up prominently). Hope you have fun watching the fanvid

BBC: The Official Doctor Who site has been updated. There's a series three countdown slideshow on the front page

Freema Agyeman website updated with tons of stuff

S3: Trailer Two - now online

BBC One have aired a different version of the 40 second Series Three trailer.

The trailer which the BBCi Doctor Who website is calling Trailer Two, features different dialogue between The Doctor and Martha, as well as new shots from the series, including one of the rumoured Art Deco Dalek.

There is even a scene where Martha is seen trying to revive The Doctor.

Click Here to view the trailer.

S3: Tennant hints at 60's monster return

At last night's Series Three Press Launch, David Tennant hinted at a 60's monster return.

Tennant said that a monster from the 1960s Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who would be making a comeback. Many fans believe it to be The Macra, which was a giant Crab last seen in the Troughton story; The Macra Terror.

Other fans believe it will be The Ice Warrior's , but Russell T. Davies has previously quashed that rumour on Series One of Totally Doctor Who. Russell did, however, confirm last night that: "It's not the yeti - that's all I'm telling you".

Opppps i missed World Water Day

Wednesday 22nd March was World Water Day. The project is supported by the charity Love One, which has David Tennant as one of its ambassadors.The charity sells bottled water in stores, and spends the profits to aid some of the one billion people in the world who don't have access to clean water.The charity's website features a video starring Tennant.

New Series Publicity Round-Up

As the broadcast of the new series looms closer, the Doctor Who publicity machine has been working overdrive.The launch of the third series took place tonight in Mayfair, London, screening the first two episodes to assorted press. As well as David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and Russell T Davies, a variety of other stars were in attendance, including Jonathan Ross, Dawn French, Adam Woodyatt and Sophia Myles. BBC Wales featured a report of the launch in their 10.25pm bulletin, highlighting the introduction of Martha Jones and the Welsh locations featured in the series. Radio One DJ Jo Whiley went to the press launch tonight, and will be reviewing the event on her show tomorrow between 10.00 and 12.45. If you miss it, the show will be available on listen again here for the next seven days.Newsround will also have a report on the press launch tomorrow.There will also be a variety of appearances by various members of the cast and crew over the next week, and here's a round-up of television and radio shows to look out for.Freema Agyeman will be appearing on Blue Peter on Tuesday, 27th March, and viewers have been invited to submit questions. Freema will also be a guest with Simon Mayo on Radio Five Live on Friday, 30th March between 1 and 4pm. Update: Freema will also be appearing on BBC Breakfast next week (date to be confirmed).Also on 27th March, Russell T Davies will be appearing on the Richard and Judy Show on Channel Four from 5pm. John Barrowman will also be appearing with Richard and Judy on 29th March, and on the Charlotte Church Show on 30th March from 10pm.David Tennant will be a guest with Fearne and Reggie on Radio One on Saturday 24th March from 7-10am. He will also be appearing on the Chris Moyles show on Radio One and with Steve Wright on Radio Two next week, but the dates have not yet been announced. These shows are available for seven days after broadcast via listen again.Catherine Tate will be interviewing David Tennant for the new series of Chain Reaction. This is being recorded on 24th March, and there is no information yet on when this will be broadcast on Radio Four. David Tennant will also be the interviewer on the next show, but it is not yet known who his guest will be.A repeat of The Sarah Jane Adventures has also been scheduled for Saturday 31st March on the CBBC channel from 4pm, preceding the broadcast of Smith and Jones.