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Barrowman Up for Captain America Role

With Marvel finally looking to bring Captain America to the big screen in his own feature and as part of The Avengers, stars with stripes like Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey are consistently attached to the comic book visage of Steve Rogers via rumor.
Now, a surprise name has entered the fray all the way from The Torchwood Institute in Cardiff. John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness from Russell T. Davies' Doctor Who and Torchwood) said at Comic-Con via published report that his representatives have been in discussions for the busy actor to play the USA's greatest defender.
If it should come to pass, the casting should spur some interesting discussion on the fan boards. Barrowman is a good actor who has exploded onto the sci-fi genre fan radar with his prominent role on the internationally popular Doctor Who and its spinoff series. He certainly has the square-jawed look and the ability to pull off both action sequences and the inner turmoil and alienation Cap must live with after he's thawed from the ice.
But, Barrowman is openly homosexual and has taken a very vocal, aggressive lead in promoting gay rights issues. He recently took part in an interesting series of tests to learn if his sexual preferences were the result of nature or nurture. But (and don't shoot the messenger here) while the politically correct thing to say is that his lifestyle choice should have no impact on what parts he can play, there will unavoidably be those who balk at the idea of Captain America being played by "a gay Canadian." (He qualifies for only one of the above as he has dual U.S. and U.K. citizenship, but that was this reporter's attempt at an "ugly (Captain) American" impression.)
Watch this space to discover if General Ross' Super Soldier program is "Don't ask. Don't tell."

'Doctor Who' and Davros take over Proms

A special Doctor Who-themed event at the Proms has been hailed a success by Russell T. Davies."We've had a brilliant time," the showrunner told BBC News. "If you were in the Royal Albert Hall, you would have had a unique Doctor Who experience."A pre-recorded scene featuring David Tennant as The Doctor was shown to the 6,000-strong crowd, while Martha Jones actress Freema Agyeman provided links to pieces of music from the show. An array of monsters also arrived on stage, with Julian Bleach reprising his acclaimed turn as Davros."It's fantastic because people queued in the heat and came a long way," added Davies. "I met someone who came here from Belgium."

'Who' nominated for four Nickelodeon awards

Doctor Who has been nominated in a record four Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards UK categories.The BBC sci-fi show faces off against The X Factor, Britain's Got Talent and Harry Hill's TV Burp in the Favourite Family TV Show category this year.Lead actor David Tennant is nominated in the Favourite Male TV Star category alongside Robin Hood's Jonas Armstrong, Suite Life's Dylan Sprouse, as well as Josh Peck, star of Drake & Josh.The Doctor's companions Catherine Tate (Donna Noble) and Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) are nominated for Favourite Female TV Star, along with Hannah Montana's Miley Cyrus and iCarly's Miranda Cosgove. Finally, the Daleks will compete with SpongeBob SquarePants character Plankton, WWE's Randy Orton and talent show judge Simon Cowell in the Favourite Baddie category. Meanwhile, the Favourite Winner award will see talent show champs George Sampson (Britain's Got Talent), Suzanne Shaw (Dancing on Ice), Alesha Dixon (Strictly Come Dancing) and Leon Jackson (The X Factor) competing against each other for the first time.Harry Hill also picks up a further two nominations; he is named as a contender for Favourite TV Presenter alongside Dermot O'Leary, Holly Willoughby and last year's winners Ant & Dec, as well as in the Favourite Funny Person category, where he is named with Ant & Dec, Catherine Tate and Dick & Dom.Nickelodeon viewers can vote online for a winner in each category until September 1. The ceremony takes place on September 13.

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Observations on Xenobiology Species TIMELORD


Brigadier in shock Torchwood encounter!!


Daleks no more???

AFTER decades of driving terrified Doctor Who fans into hiding behind the sofa, it looks as if the Daleks will finally be exterminated.
The newly appointed producer of the cult BBC show has announced that he will be taking a fresh approach rather than
bringing back old friends, foes and Doctors as many viewers want.
Steven Moffat said: “Fans always look back, but shows have to look forward.
“There’s a brand new audience of kids for Doctor Who each year and they have to think it’s their programme, not some relic that belongs to their parents.”
His clear-out may include the Doctor’s assistant Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, who was last seen starting a new life with a more passionate clone of the Time Lord.
Steven, 46, succeeds Russell T Davies as the show’s producer after writing several recent episodes.
He said: “I’m as obsessed with the show’s past as many in the audience, but I have to resist my impulse and keep everything fresh.”
Steven was speaking in San Diego, California, where he is making his first public appearance as the new Doctor Who chief in front of thousands of science
fiction fans at the city’s Comic-Con film and television festival.
“I could choose to feel pressure, but why bother?” he said. “I’m incredibly excited to work on Doctor Who which, like Sherlock Holmes or James Bond, is one of those mighty British institutions.”
Many fans had hoped Steven would write an episode featuring actors who have been past Doctors or reintroduce some former assistants – but they are likely to be out of luck.
Steven added: “You’ve got to be careful you don’t make the universe seem like it’s got about seven people in it, all about to be exterminated by the Daleks. You want it to be a big, wide-ranging universe.”
His Doctor Who could be less tragic than some earlier series. Nobody has died from anything but old age in the episodes he wrote, while those written by Russell T Davies have often had a high body count.
But the new boss laughed: “It wasn’t a case of Russell sitting there wondering who he was going to off next. There’s no death agenda for either of us.”
He refuses to be drawn on whether the wildly popular David Tennant will stay on as Doctor. His cagey response is: “Wait and see.”
David is set to appear in four specials in 2009 and while the BBC are keen to keep him, his future in the role after that is still in doubt.
Steven, who wrote the hit sitcom Coupling and the forthcoming Tintin film for director Steven Spielberg, is committed to the show for years to come.
He said: “Television shows aren’t democracies – you don’t vote on artistic ideas. But this isn’t a case of me saying I must enforce my vision and all other ideas must be crushed beneath my heel. It won’t be a dictatorship.”

BBC Proms schedule

Murray Gold Concert Prologue* (3 mins)
Copland Fanfare for the Common Man (3 mins)
Murray Gold All The Strange Strange Creatures* (4 mins)
Mark-Anthony Turnage The Torino Scale (UK premiere) (4 mins)
Holst The Planets - Jupiter (8 mins)
Murray Gold The Doctor Forever* (4.30 mins)
Murray Gold Rose* (1.30 mins)
Murray Gold Martha v The Master* (4.30 mins)
Murray Gold Music of the Spheres (including theme original)* (7.30 mins)
Wagner Die Walk├╝re - The Ride of the Valkyries (5 mins)
Murray Gold The Daleks & Davros* (8 mins)
Murray Gold Donna, Girl in Fireplace, Astrid* (4 mins)
Prokofiev 'Montagues and Capulets' from Romeo and Juliet (5 mins)
Murray Gold This is Gallifrey* (3.30 mins)
Murray Gold Doctor's Theme / Song for Freedom * (5.30 mins)
Murray Gold Doomsday* (5 mins)
Murray Gold Song for Ten* (4 mins)
Murray Gold Doctor Who Theme* (1.30 mins)

Dr Who at the PROMS video "MUSIC OF THE SPHERES "

Part one

Part two

thank you blogtor Who for promptly putting this up for we poor souls outside the UK.....

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Torchwood and Dr Who panels from San Diego Comic Con 2008

Torchwood Part 1 SDCC 2008

Doctor Who Panel Part 2 SDCC 2008

Doctor Who Panel Part 3 SDCC 2008

Doctor Who Panel Part 4 SDCC 2008

Doctor Who Panel Part 5 SDCC 2008

Doctor Who Panel Part 6 SDCC 2008

Omg all thses rocked and thank you Gonturan74 for filming and posting them on youtube for we poor people who never get to attend the fantastic adventure that is san diego con....sniffle..

The Sun says The Doctors Daughter may return. well no shit...

DOCTOR Who bosses could make David Tennant’s real-life lover Georgia Moffett his next telly companion.
Georgia, 23, whose dad is former Timelord Peter Davison, was in the last series as the Doctor’s daughter.
A source said: “She was great and may get a bigger role.”

Friday, July 25, 2008

Barrowman Fans! - San Diego Comic Con pictures.

Click the pic to see the rest.

Freema tortures Torchwood?? from the SUN

FUMING Torchwood bosses have been forced to tear up scripts for the show after star Freema Agyeman defected to ITV.

Scriptwriters spent months writing gripping storylines for Freema, 29 — who was a central character in the spin-off show.

But now the former Doctor Who star has been ditched from the five-part BBC mini-series — after agreeing to do ITV’s new British version of US crime series Law and Order.

The move is believed to have annoyed Torchwood creator and executive producer Russell T Davies.

It was him who gave Freema her big break in Doctor Who, playing scientist Martha Jones.

An insider said: “This has really mucked things about. We’ve had to go back and re-edit loads of scripts because she’s not going to be in it.”

The source added that the fact she signed for ITV added insult to injury.

They added: “They’re the Beeb’s bitter rival, so the fact she’s going over there to star in a big new project has not gone down well at all.”

The BBC said in an official statement: “As with any drama in the early stages of production, scripts evolve and change on a daily basis before being finalised.”

Freema — who was plucked from obscurity to be Doctor Who’s assistant in series three — is expected to play a prosecutor in Law and Order: London.

ITV bosses have high hopes for the adaptation of the Five hit — breaking with tradition to order a long run of about a dozen episodes.

They will start filming the show in the autumn with an “enormous cast”.

Doctor Who Episodes on iTunes

The long awaited news of Doctor Who being available for purchase via Apple iTunes store has finally come. For the first time starting today, Doctor Who is available to download on iTunes in the US. Currently, the selection is limited to the 2005, 2006, and 2007 series. We can speculate that the 2008 series (AKA "Series 4") will become available after they have been shown on BBC America.

Each episode is available to download for $1.99 (US) or for each of the complete 13 episode series $25.87 (US). Unfortunately, at this time it does not include any of the Christmas specials (The Christmas Invasion, The Runaway Bride, and Voyage of the Damned). Also there is no indication of any episodes prior to 2005 appearing on iTunes.

This makes it easier than ever for people to enjoy recent episodes the long running series right on their iPod, iPhone, AppleTV, and/or computer.

This announcement comes just prior to the biggest presence of Doctor Who at the annual Comic-Con publicity event in San Diego, CA. Scheduled to appear on Thursday (12-1 pm) at the event are Executive Producer and Lead Writer Russell T Davies, Producer Julie Gardner, and writer (and soon to be Exec. Producer) Steven Moffat who will be discussing the creative process and their experiences working on Doctor Who. This is the first year that BBC America will have booth at this event

Dr Who 2008 X-mas Special trailer

The Doctor who panel at Comic con July 24, 2008 didn't give us a chance to see RTD, but we got an extended trailer for the next Christmas special!

Io9 reports that:
Other exciting revelations at the Doctor Who and Torchwood panels:

Moffat says his famous catch phrase "wibbly wobbly timey whimey" isn't a "get-out clause," because the time travel and manipulation still has to make sense in the story.
There were very vague hints about Neil Gaiman writing for Moffat's Who. At his reading, Gaiman said it would be okay to mention to Moffat that it would be nice. And Moffat agreed that it would be nice.
People kept asking John Barrowman if he'd read the end of the script for the season three finale, where it's revealed Captain Jack is the Face of Boe, and he hadn't read it yet. Finally, he did read it, and screamed and freaked out with glee.
Moffat said you have to give the Doctor credit for "dumping a sligthly clingy girlfriend" by sticking her with a clone.
Gardner and Moffat disagreed about whether to bring back Donna's kids at the end of "The Forest Of The Dead." Moffat didn't want to kill off kids in a kids' show, and Gardner thought it was a mistake to bring them back as River Song's kids at the end, because it would be confusing. But now Moffat's changed his mind and thinks it "was a loss of clarity and it makes no sense." Now, when he watches the episode he can't stand watching it after the moment where the TARDIS door closes. But Gardner has changed her mind too, and thinks it makes sense to keep the kids around.
It's deliberately vague as to whether River Song recognizes the "essence of the Doctor" or specifically the David Tennant Doctor. But in Moffat's mind, she's met the Tennant Doctor before, and that's not the only Doctor she's met.
Moffat thinks the "stunt value" of two Doctors meeting only lasts about eight minutes, and any plot just gets in the way of the wish fulfillment of seeing them chatting. He wouldn't do a longer story involving two Doctors, unless he had a way to get some energy from the fact that the same adventure was happening to this man at two different times in his life.
Asked about bringing back random old characters from the classic show, Moffat said it's most important to tailor the show for the new eight-year-old viewers. "We're not in the business of doing nostalgia, we're makking nostalgia for the future."
Also, asked whether his Who would be too frightening, he responded: "If your concern is that with me taking over Doctor Who, it's going to be really really frightening every week, then tough." (But Moffat also told Sci Fi Wire that we shouldn't expect all of his episodes to be the same as "Blink," because he'll have to vary his style more when he's overseeing a whole season.)
The Doctor's daughter didn't die, as originally planned, because Moffat made an off-hand comment to Russell T. Davies that introducing the character and killing her in the same episode would be "what Star Trek would do."
BBC America officially announced that it's picking up the third season of Torchwood to air in the U.S. And the new Torchwood season starts shooting soon. Davies is working on scripts for it right now.
{Io9 article}

Moffat: 'Who' will be stressful

Steven Moffat has confessed that working on Doctor Who will be a "stressful" experience.Speaking to Coming Soon at the San Diego Comic Con, Moffat also discussed his excitement at taking over showrunning duties from Russell T. Davies.Moffat said: "Well, I suppose it's daunting, but I've run television shows before so that's alright. I always say I'm daunted but I'm not really. I'm just terribly excited. It's just such a fantastic job to have. It's a very exciting job so what's the point in wasting time stressing about it? "Of course it'll be stressful! Whatever I do next will be stressful. Doctor Who will probably be more stressful than anything else but it'll be more fun. And it's probably the biggest job in, certainly, British television. I think it is. It really is. So why waste time being frightened of it?"Moffat was cagey when quizzed about speculation that Tom Baker would make a cameo appearance during his tenure and that Neil Gaiman would write an episode, giving a "no comment" response for both rumours.

Who's Moffat Looks Ahead to series 5

Steven Moffat, who is set to take over the job of executive producer of the BBC's Doctor Who from current show runner Russell T. Davies, told SCI FI Wire that he is currently planning the fifth season of the new incarnation, due to air in 2010 following a series of five specials next year. "It's all happening in this head," Moffat said in an interview at Comic-Con International in San Diego on July 23. "I know where I want it to start. I don't mean to make it sound very grand. It's very simple, just where I want it to be when it takes off. So [Russell's] arranged for that." Moffat, who has written some of the most popular episodes of the new series so far, said that his new role as executive producer will require him to approach writing from an entirely different perspective. "There are a bunch of things I've always wanted to see in Doctor Who, yes, but now it's slightly different--it's very different in my new position," Moffat said. "Obviously, I only turned up once a year, and practically my brief was to write, in effect, the Moffat episode--the one that's very different, the one that's a bit timey-wimey or a bit scary. And that's all they were expecting. And they would just tell me, 'Go, and do your thing.' So I would do my Moffat-y thing--whatever the f--k that is--in a very, very pronounced way. But you couldn't have a whole series like that. If you started a series with 'Silence of the Library' or 'Blink,' people would turn off. You can't have that as the first episode. It's just too grim. So it's different contemplating it from this position, very, very different." The series will also continue to embrace a wide range of tones and genres, Moffat said. Rather than adapting the show to his particular writing style, he looks forward to experimenting with different voices to maintain the show's variety. "That's not what the show's about," Moffat said. "Kids aren't rushing to their television sets to see how much of the Moffat voice will get through. All you can do is make exciting television episodes and experiment with different voices. I've quite deliberately and purposefully--it's not been an accident--had a very consistent voice in Doctor Who, because that enables Russell to manage me. He knows what he's going to get. He knew it was going to be dark before [he] got it, because that's what he said it was. 'You'll be doing a dark one.' Whereas Russell in Doctor Who will write everything from 'Partners in Crime' to 'Midnight,' and those two have nothing in common as far as voice is concerned. It's two totally different takes on the same show. And that's quite exciting for me, too, because I get to write episodes that I wouldn't normally write, that wouldn't be expected of me." Moffat hopes that the long wait between seasons, punctuated by the specials, will make the audience more excited for its return. "Part of the reason behind the gap year was thinking, 'Starve them for a year. Make them want it back. Return it to event status.'"

'Doctor Who' specials writers announced

Russell T. Davies has revealed his co-writers for the forthcoming Doctor Who specials in 2009."I can confirm that after Christmas 2008 there are a total of four more specials to come before the Steven Moffat era begins in 2010," Davies told Doctor Who Magazine. "Two of next year's four will be written by me, One will be written by me and Gareth Roberts and one will be co-written by me and Phil Ford."Roberts has previously written episodes 'The Shakespeare Code' and 'The Unicorn And The Wasp' for Doctor Who, in addition to co-writing 'Invasion Of The Bane' with Davies for The Sarah Jane Adventures.Ford has never scripted an episode of Doctor Who before, but is responsible for 'The Eye Of The Gorgon' and 'The Lost Boy' for Sarah Jane and 'Something Borrowed' for Torchwood.

Pegg now not interested in Doctor Who

Simon Pegg has no interest in taking on the title role in cult sci-fi show Doctor Who - because he is having too much fun acting in Hollywood films.
The star, who once played a villain called The Editor on the programme, insists he would not want to trade his film career for David Tennant's part as the time-travelling adventurer.
He says, "Being the Doctor? I don't think so. First, I'm really loving doing movies. I'm really enjoying working in the US.
"Second, I really love Doctor Who and would hate to sit down on Saturday night and have it be me.
"David Tennant has done an incredible job - he'll be a tough act to follow. I would feel awful if I messed up the franchise by just being rubbish."

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Elisabeth Sladen Interview

Read it HERE.

Graske returns for Proms??

I hope there is more to this than just the graske returning, but rumors are a flyint that the Graske will be returning to Doctor Who for a mini-episode which will air as part of the Doctor Who Prom on July 27th 2008.
The episode was filmed earlier this year and stars David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor and Jimmy Vee as the Graske.The Graske previously appeared in the interactive game Attack of the Graske and has also appeared in the first series of The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Io9 has an Exclusive Interview With Doctor Who's Steven Moffat

Read it HERE.

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Duchovny would play 'Who' villain

X-Files star David Duchovny has revealed that he would like to play a villain in Doctor Who.The actor admitted that he would prefer to play an evil character, rather than taking over from David Tennant when he completes his run as the tenth Doctor."I love Doctor Who and I remember the first one, which was wonderful in its low-tech quality," Duchovny told the Radio Times. "I also loved the theme song, which sounded like The Cure to me."Which character would I like to play in Doctor Who? Who's the bad guy? The Dalek? OK, I'll play him."Duchovny reprises his role as Fox Mulder in new X-Files movie I Want To Believe, which is released next month in the UK.

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Download the Dr Who 1987 fun book for free

This 1987 Target book is absolutely splendid, featuring plenty of highly amusing Doctor Who cartoons from the brilliant Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett. A must-read for any longtime Doctor Who fan.Download it from Rapidshare via-CosmoBells here.

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£500,000 Mr Spielberg? Sorry, I've got a date with the Beeb, says the new Dr Who writer

The new man in charge of Doctor Who turned down a £500,000 movie deal with Steven Spielberg so he could take the job.
Bafta-winning scriptwriter Steven Moffat has quit a two-picture deal with the director and Lord Of The Rings film-maker Peter Jackson to fulfil a 'childhood dream' of working on the BBC sci-fi drama.
Moffat, who created hit BBC comedy series Coupling, had signed a £1million contract to write the first two scripts for Tintin, a £150million Spielberg trilogy based on the comic-strip hero.
But instead the Scottish writer will take over as the creative force of Doctor Who after Welsh writer Russell T. Davies, who revived the series in 2005, decided to step down.
While some Hollywood movie executives are baffled by Moffat's decision, he was given a sympathetic hearing by Spielberg, who is a fan of the long-running drama currently starring David Tennant.
Moffat said: 'I know a lot of people won't understand it but I've been dreaming about writing for Doctor Who since I was seven.
'There are no bad feelings between Spielberg and me, but Doctor Who has to come before Hollywood.
'The show has enjoyed a renaissance. I am working on scripts to be filmed next year. Russell T. Davies is doing four specials next and then my shows will begin. The show is all-consuming.'
One Hollywood insider said: 'No one walks away from Spielberg and all that money for a show no one has heard of. I mean, what is this doctor show about? It sounds a little silly.'
In fact, the programme has an estimated global audience of 250million thanks to overseas sales.
Among the best-received episodes this year was a two-parter written by Moffat and featuring Alex Kingston in a guest star role.
Moffat told The Mail on Sunday: 'I was under contract to do the first two of the three Tintin films. I completed the first one and then the Hollywood writers' strike happened and I couldn't work.
'I was offered the Doctor Who job and accepted immediately. I hope you won't make what happened sound too dramatic.
'I talked to Steven and he understood completely.
'I could not work on the second Tintin film and work on Doctor Who. So I chose Doctor Who.
'Steven is a fan and he understood my passion for the series completely.'
Asked to confirm that he had walked away from £500,000, he said: 'I honestly couldn't tell you the financial implications. That is all handled by my agent. I know I've made a good decision.'
Some experts estimate his pay packet for Doctor Who could be 'not more than £150,000' a year.
Tintin, about a boy reporter, his faithful dog Snowy and their friend Captain Haddock, is Spielberg's pet project. He is due to start filming in September, sharing directing duties with Peter Jackson.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BBC Proms season gets under way

The 2008 Proms season has begun with a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
The Proms will feature more than 80 concerts, including 20 new works, as well as folk bands and world music.
Highlights include Simon Rattle conducting the Berlin Philharmonic and Nigel Kennedy performing at the Proms for the first time in 21 years.
The Doctor Who theme will be played at a prom exploring time and space, hosted by actress Freema Agyeman.
The concert, at the Royal Albert Hall on 27 July, will also feature Daleks, Cybermen and a pre-recorded scene featuring Doctor Who star David Tennant, alongside music from Holst and Wagner.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Delia Derbyshire, producer of Doctor Who theme music, has legacy restored

Listen to an example of Delia Derbyshire's sound effects
A long-lost collection of tapes representing the legacy of the musical genius who arranged the Doctor Who theme has been rescued from irreversible decay by a team of academic musicologists.
Delia Derbyshire, who battled with depression and died, aged only 64, a hopeless alcoholic in 2001, was the godmother of modern electronic dance music.
She carried out pioneering work for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in the early 1960s, producing the familiar Doctor Who signature tune and collaborating with Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix among others.

Her experimental work fell out of fashion following the advent of the synthesizer but, in recent years, she has enjoyed a revival of interest especially among bands like The Chemical Brothers and Portishead to whom she is a legendary figure.
After her death the collection, which comprises 267 tapes, correspondence and scores, was entrusted Mark Ayres, the Radiophonic Workshop.
The material had languished unheard for 30 years until it was passed to Manchester University’s School of Art, Histories and Culture to catalogue and preserve. The material, in poor condition, had to be played on a 1960s Studer A80 tape machine lent by the BBC’s Manchester studios before it could be digitised.
Among the tapes is one of the earliest electronic dance music compositions composed by Ms Derbyshire for radio more than two decades before it became a popular cultural phenomenon.
A recording features the actor Nicol Williamson’s famous portrayal of Hamlet at the London Roundhouse complete with the composer’s special sound effects.
Others jewels include a recording of the way she electronically manipulated the sound of her own voice to create her celebrated composition ‘Blue Veils and Golden Sands’.
Dr David Butler, in charge of the cataloguing, said: “Delia Derbyshire never really received the recognition she deserved as one of our most influential composers of the past 30 or so years.
“Though brilliant, the Doctor Who theme is just one small example of her genius which was held in high esteem by figures across music, television, theatre and film, including Paul McCartney and John Peel, the disc jockey”.
She studied piano and mathematics at Girton College, Cambridge, and, in 1962, joined the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, a department created in 1958 to supply the corporation with the latest technological sounds. The secondment set for three months lasted ten years.
She had not been there long when she was given the task of translating a melody for a new Saturday early evening series about a mysterious time traveller who lived in a police box. The resulting music was a revelation in 1963, and remains one of the most easily recognised themes of all time.
The composer, who always kept a book of logarithms in her back pocket, used a combination of musique concrete techniques including the tape manipulation and electronic gadgetry to create her sounds. Her favourite instrument was a green lampshade which she would strike and then manipulate the resulting sound to achieve the desired effect.
Pippa Murphy, who wrote the score for a play about Delia Derbyshire's life, once said: "It was a question of hitting a lampshade, getting a 'ding' sound, recording it, manipulating it, changing the pitch until you had a range of pitches. Then those sounds would be combined with more textured sounds, keys jingling, a cheese grater, a colander. You made a composition by cutting and sticking together bits of tape".
Ms Derbyshire was also a woman of her times, clad in Biba or Mary Quant, her hair in a Vidal Sassoon bob, a fixture at the parties of Swinging London where she was known for her chaotic but exuberant love life. She worked with Brian Jones, the late member of the Rolling Stones, Yoko Ono and Jimi Hendrix and met Paul McCartney to discuss an opportunity to work on Yesterday.
She left the BBC a disillusioned woman. She and struggled with drink and a series of unsuitable jobs, including radio operator. At one time she married an out-of-work miner but eventually settled in the Midlands where she lived in relative obscurity and would rail, between drinks, against her lack of critical recognition.
The transferral of the tapes, all made between 1962 and 1973, into digital form was overseen by Louis Niebur, a visiting professor of musicology from Nevada University.
Dr Butler said: “Many of the tapes have no labels so it is a case of using detective work to find out what they are. We cannot even be certain Delia composed all the music.
“But it has proved to be an Aladdin’s cave and we have just started to scratch the surface. The collection includes her freelance work and really does give us a better sense of her range as a composer.
“It is fitting that we are doing this almost exactly 50 years after the BBC Radiophonic Workshop was launched in 1958”.
Dr Ricardo Climent, from the university’s Novars Research Centre, said: “The tragedy is after leaving the BBC in 1973, she withdrew from composition until 1996. That can be attributed to her struggle for acceptance but also the rise of the synthesizer in electronic music.
“She was not comfortable with that as she felt the off-the-peg sounds removed the creativity of her compositional techniques but at long last her pioneering sounds can be heard again”.

Torchwood - Everything Changes


The first wave of Torchwood action figures will now be released in mid September and not August as previously announced. This is due to some problems with the figure sculpts being approved by the BBC and the cast. You can still pre-order the Torchwood action figures, and we’ll get them out to you as soon as they come in! Plus, it has been mentioned that due to overwhelming demand for the first wave of figures, a second series is already being planned for the end of the year (we’re told these may turn up in November). More on the range of official range of Torchwood merchandise, and indeed the forthcoming third series (which is going to be quite a TV event) as we have it, in our TORCHWATCH series of features.

The Sun says David Tennant was offered £1.5million deal.

BEEB bosses are more hopeful than ever that David Tennant WILL stay on as Doctor Who — after wooing him with a £1.5million deal.
They had feared the Scot, 37, was sure to quit after filming four more specials of the BBC1 sci-fi hit.
But last night a source said he could stay as the Timelord for the fifth series to be screened in 2010.
As TV Biz revealed, show boss Russell T Davies quit and has been replaced by top writer Steven Moffatt.
The source said: “It will be a new team and David has to meet everyone to make a final decision.
“But we’re gearing up to offer him a massive deal. He’s interested. Everyone thought he was going, but it’s not as open and shut as that.”
Filming would not start until autumn 2009, but bosses are believed to want a deal by this autumn.
The actor is making four specials this year instead of a series as he is also playing Hamlet at the Royal Shakespeare Company.
The Christmas episode is now finished.
David’s real-life love Georgia Moffett, 23, returns as his daughter Jenny for one of the Who specials.

Q & A with David Tennant


New Doctor Who companion?

Rumors still circulating go HERE to view a few.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

You Spin Me Round (Like a Dalek)

the Doctor - Hurt

'Dr Who' finale completed days before TX

Doctor Who's executive producer Julie Gardner has revealed that the season finale was completed only three days before transmission.Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Gardner said: "For 'Journey’s End', the final episode of series four, we delivered the finished programme to the BBC the Wednesday before transmission. That’s how close to the wire it is.”She also elaborated on the pressures of making the hit science fiction show, which will not return as a full series until 2010. "It’s been a very intense four years,” she admitted. "Making 13 episodes of Doctor Who is a year-long job. We film from July to March. In between March and July we’re in post-production."

Blogery Pokery interviews Steven Moffat

Blogery Pokery

"The Sarah Jane Adventures" sontaran episode spoilers

+ Mr. Smith begins to receive information that an attack on Earth is imminent - at the same time, Luke begins to experience strange dreams, with a familiar female foe haunting him. She's calling out for Luke, because [well, that'd be telling].

+ Coincendentally, Sarah-Jane is receiving a visit from an old friend at the same time; Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart - formerly Brigadier of U.N.I.T (or at least, the U.N.I.T of the old days...)

+ Sir Alistair is now semi-retired, having fallen out with the M.O.D over their treatment of U.N.I.T in recent years. Warfare isn't always the answer, he tells Sarah. It took a wise man (ergo, the Doctor) to make him realise that.

+ The Sontarans are back; having formed an alliance with an old foe! They want "blood revenge" for their defeat in Doctor Who's "The Sontaran Stratagem" two parter.

+ Sir Alistair has something rather sinister concealed in his cane - a gun! He uses it to shoot a Sontaran's probic vent!!

+ A florists plays an important role within the story...

+ There's "a lovely scene" with Sarah, the Brigadier and Luke up in Sarah's attic. It's a trip down memory lane; especially when Sir Alistair sees a picture of Harry Sullivan...

+ We learn what the Brig was doing

Friday, July 11, 2008

WAR hero Sir Winston Churchill is all set for a new adventure — alongside Doctor Who.

This is from the SUN so take it with a grain of salt lol:"::::::

The legend who led the Allies to victory in World War II will help current Doctor David Tennant.
Winnie joins Charles Dickens, Agatha Christie and William Shakespeare as historical characters met by the Time Lord since the series was relaunched in 2005.
Perhaps we can expect a stirring speech of “We shall fight them in the Tardis”.
But no date has been fixed for the cigar-smoking former PM to appear and it is not known who will play him.
Doctor Who finished its latest BBC1 run last Saturday and returns next year for four one-off specials.
A new series begins in 2010 but the Beeb is keeping tight-lipped whether Tennant will be back for that.
Plans to feature Churchill in a new Dr Who novel, Revenge of the Judoon, have been shelved.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Interview with Victor Pemberton creator of the sonic screwdriver


Doctor Who: The Forgotten

In August, American comics publisher IDW will release the first issue of Doctor Who: The Forgotten, a new comic book miniseries starring the Tenth Doctor and Martha, and also containing flashback stories for each of the previous nine Doctors. The comic is written by Tony Lee, who previously wrote for the Tenth Doctor and Rose in the Doctor Who Magazine strip "F.A.Q." (DWM 369-371). It is illustrated by Canadian artist Pia Guerra, who is best known for her work on the Vertigo comic Y: The Last Man. Guerra has described herself as an "insane" fan of Doctor Who (see her studio for proof) and is a past winner of the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Art. Covers for the series are provided by Nick Roche, who illustrated IDW's previous Tenth Doctor miniseries. That series, written by Gary Russell, will be available in trade paperback as Doctor Who: Agent Provocateur in August.Comic Book Resources has an interview with Lee, along with sample art from the first issue of The Forgotten.IDW also publishes Doctor Who: Classic Comics, which reprints Fourth Doctor comics from Doctor Who Weekly in full color.

In Doctor Who: The Forgotten, the Doctor finds himself stranded in a strange Museum that's dedicated to him; and with no TARDIS in sight. The Doctor and Martha must make sense of their surroundings, hindered by one small fact… the Doctor has lost his memories of every one of his previous incarnations! With items relevant to each Doctor in their possession, the Doctor must try to use them to regain his memories before it's too late.

Fans try to "call" the Doctor.

Several articles of fans trying to phone the Doctor (07700 900461) can be found at The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Mirror and The Inquirer.

Is the Brig set to return in SJA????

According to sources on the Doctor Who Forum [SPOILER] Nicholas Courtney is in Cardiff right now, filming scenes for his appearence as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in the second series of "The Sarah Jane Adventures".There's been no official confirmation of his return, but Courtney has apparently been spotted on set - and will remain in Cardiff for the remainder of the week.Rumours suggest that he'll be appearing in a story that also features the Sontarans - who returned to Doctor Who earlier this year.Updates whenever possible!

Dalek made of liquorice? mmmmm

Doctor Who may think he's beaten the Daleks but he hasn't got them all licked, as design and textile students from New College in Ponfefract demonstrate with a creation that even the Timelord's arch enemy Davros would be proud of.
The students used more than 110lb of liquorice to produce Daliq – a sweet incarnation of the sci-fi baddie – to promote the town's annual liquorice festival.They spent a month working with design technician Steve Jefferies and textiles tutor Amanda Bird to create the 5ft 10in-high work.The liquorice was donated by the town's two sweet factories, Monkhill andHaribo.The festival on Saturday and Sunday features all kinds of entertainment including music, food, acrobats, arts and crafts.For more information visit

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Two great reviews of Journeys End

Jim Shelley's thoughts on the Doctor Who finale

Thanks for the Memory Wipe

Davies vows clean break from Doctor Who

As Series Four draws to a close, Executive Producer and Head Writer Russell T Davies talks about his involvement with Doctor Who, the show he was part of reviving after a 16-year hiatus in 2005. Answering fans' questions on the BBC News website, he says that once he leaves he will no longer be involved with the show even for an occasional writing stint. He hands the reins over to Steven Moffat in 2010."I think Steven's more than his own man. He doesn't need me at all. I won't write for it in the future. I'm done with it. It's time to move on and I'd hate to be just a ghost haunting the corridors that I used to walk."And who needs me? Because Steve's brilliant and they've got a thousand million plans. I'll just be old news and it's about time."He said he would most miss the people he had worked with. "They are genuinely brilliant people, our designers and producers and the crew at BBC Wales. They are fantastic and they're part of the reason I've stayed for so long."Despite his intial fears of low budget and a non-peaktime slot, he was pleased with the way the BBC treated the show. "I thought there'd be a lot of compromise, I thought we'd be compromised on budget. We could have ended up with no ratings and a Sunday afternoon slot, so absolutely nothing [was compromised] and that really is the honest answer. We got to make everything that I wanted to make."I knew what we'd made was good. So I knew I could sleep at night. I knew even if no one watched it, I could sit there and say I had done a great piece of work."He added: "None of us ever saw this much success coming. I didn't even envisage a spin-off would be possible."When asked about his favourite line of dialogue, he replied: "I did love Donna, played by Catherine Tate, in a show we did two weeks ago called Turn Left. She said: 'You liar, you told me I was special' to Rose, when she feels her life has been betrayed and lied. I think she delivers that line with such venom - I love that moment."Asked which villains or creatures he might have brought back if he'd continued with Doctor Who, he said: "I've used a lot of the classics but the Silurians were always very good. They were a race of lizard people who were the original owners of the Earth. I always thought it was a very clever idea that there was a civilisation before us. I'm not bringing them back but they're ripe to be returned one day."

Monday, July 07, 2008

Sylvester McCoy as Doctor Who: an appreciation

A great article about McCoys doctor bearing an unfair stigmata. Read it HERE....

McCoy: 'Izzard is the ideal Doctor'

Sylvester McCoy has revealed that he wants Eddie Izzard to be the next Doctor.

McCoy, who played the Time Lord from 1987 to 1989, said the comedian would be the ideal choice for the role when David Tennant steps down.

Teletext quotes him as saying: "I like Tom Baker's suggestion which he made a while back.

"Eddie Izzard would be perfect. He's a bit eccentric and he dresses in women's clothes. Everyone would be happy!"

Miss You

Sunday, July 06, 2008

More Companion Chronicles

Big Finish Productions has recently announced that their Companion Chronicles line will go from being a mini-series to an ongoing monthly range starting in July. The series will continue to be released in ‘seasons’ with each season comprising of twelve releases. Each release is a new Doctor Who story as told by one of the Doctor’s companions played by the actor who portrayed the role in the Classic Doctor Who TV series.July’s release is a First Doctor adventure narrated by Carole Ann Ford as the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan. The story, entitled Here There be Monsters, has been written by Andy Lane. In the adventure, the Doctor, Barbara, Susan and Ian face creatures from another dimension.August sees The Great Space Elevator, written by Jonathan Morris, featuring Deborah Watling as Victoria Waterfield in an adventure with the Second Doctor where a one-way trip leads to a confrontation with an alien force that threatens the Earth. September’s release is The Doll of Death by Marc Platt, an adventure for the Third Doctor told by Katy Manning as Jo Grant. This is the first time that Katy has reprised her role since she starred in the TV series in the 1970s. The fourth adventure, Empathy Games by Nigel Fairs features the Fourth Doctor’s companion, Leela played by Louise Jameson. November's release for the First Doctor features Sara Kingdom who originally joined the TARDIS crew for the epic length TV story, The Daleks’ Master Plan. As in the original TV series, Sara Kingdom will once again be played by Jean Marsh. The story, entitled Home Truths, has been written by Simon Guerrier.With the expansion of the releases, the series will now include tales from Companions to Doctors 5 through 8, as well as tales from characters who are not strictly companions. Already confirmed to be appearing later on in the range are Mary Tamm (Romana I), Richard Franklin (Mike Yates), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), and Sophie Aldred (Ace).

Davies watched 'Who' finale 15 times

Russell T. Davies watched the Doctor Who finale 15 times before it aired, he has revealed."There are probably about ten of us who have watched it - including David (Tennant), who was cast as the tenth Doctor in 2005, and Catherine Tate, and that's about it," the writer and producer said in an interview before the show went out. "The controller of BBC One has not even seen it, or the head of drama, because it's been locked away. But I have seen it about 15 times. "I'm busy at the moment, but I had an hour off yesterday at 3pm and I watched it again because it is such an exciting episode. And I will be watching it on Saturday night at home in Manchester with my boyfriend."Davies also spoke about his plans now that he has quit as executive producer of the series. "I have got about 27 ideas boiling in my head and that is the main reason why I've left," he told the Daily Mirror. "I get a lot of people who want me to come and make a family drama for them. But having done Doctor Who, I have done the best - anything else would pale in comparison. "I have almost got to go and do adult stuff, something a bit cheeky or sexy. I will just see which thing comes to the front of my mind first and start with that."


Reading all about the net today i find that it's about half and half when it comes to the finale. Some liked it some hated it and a few are in between like me. I loved parts of it and was absolutely groaning thru other parts. RTD did an ok job with the finale but the only part that really touched me was when davros spoke about the people who have died around the Doctor and there was a montage from season one forward, and when the doctor dropped off rose and his twin to wander off and live oh ever so happy. The kiss was fantastic, even if it was with a plot twist {ie the blue doctor}lol.
In the confidential Julie Gardner is narrating that scence and states " Oh you know he is saying i love you in her ear..." well wtf not just say it and be done? What would the harm be in hearing what he felt and obviously still feels? RTD also relies alot on plot twists with the "magic wand" as he calls it waving over and making everything a-ok again and its soooo damn tiresome. All in all i hate the wait for the xmas eppy and the mini season to come but im soooo glad donna is gone, soory you donna lovers i still really do not like her. And when the doctor went and started spouting off like donna i almost lost it, omg what a sight! I was waiting for him to yell "am i bovvered?"
I do hope Moffat returns to the shadow proclamation and the reprucussions of the doctors actions in choosing to run away to fight the daleks on his own without support of the remaining universe. It is pretty bad when the BBC has to send someone on air to explain why the Doctor is still David Tennant tho.
I do hope that they can incorporate the Doctors twin into future episodes and maybe bring a bit more of a close to the whole Valeyard story line from Colin Bakers day. Just imagine the Twin goes insane after years of dealing with who he is and how he is torn between what he should be and why he isnt,mmmmm angst angst angst hehehehe.
I really hate that now people are so confused over the regenrations and how many the Doctor has used. I clearly heard the Doctor state he used the energy for repairing himself and then funneled the rest into the hand, so no regeneration just a botched or stalled regeneration of sorts. But oh well so people have to have each n every nuance spelled out clearly.
One fevered hope i have tho is that Moffat will come around to another Doctor who Incarnation get together and bring McCoy, McGann, Eccleston, Davison, and either baker{please tom tho lol}
back together for another five doctors special of some kind or another. We need one more before the actors reaaaaaallllly get way to old to explain away their apperance like in the CIN special with Tennant and Davison.
Perhaps i will rewatch the whole season as a whole and see something more in series four but deep deep down i know nothing will change my mind, it was ok but not much more than that......

How many died, for the love of you?

Doctor Who Confidential 4x13 - The Kiss

doctor who - christmas 2008 teaser

25 ways to make Who better by lawerence miles

Great read i agree about 80%, go read it HERE....

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Russell T Davies discusses the struggle to keep Who secret


Russell T Davies answers your questions

Writer Russell T Davies has been credited as the man responsible for putting Doctor Who back at the heart of Saturday evening TV.
When he revived the popular BBC series in 2005 - after a break of 16 years - it was a commercial and critical success.
Davies was appointed lead writer and executive producer, roles he will hand on to Steven Moffat in 2010.
The 45-year-old spent much of his early career working in children's television, but it was his adult drama Queer as Folk which first put him on the map.
Davies, who was appointed an OBE by the Queen last month, answers some of your questions as the current series comes to an end.

What other Doctor Who monsters would you have brought back if you had continued to produce the programme for the next few years?
Huw Thomas, Swansea

That's a good question. I've used a lot of the classics but the Silurians were always very good.

They were a race of lizard people who were the original owners of the Earth. I always thought it was a very clever idea that there was a civilisation before us.

I'm not bringing them back but they're ripe to be returned one day.

Now that you have handed control to Steven Moffat, do you intend to leave him to it, or will you write the occasional episode in the future?
Ben Parkes, Grimsby; Mickey Bean, London; Rob Stickler, Sedgley; Adam Chamberlain, London; Steve O'Brien, Bath; David Foxen, Austria; Susan Pye, Ayr; Rhys Martin, Bankhurst (and more)

David Tennant (left) has played Doctor Who since 2005
I think Steven's more than his own man. He doesn't need me at all.

I won't write for it in the future. I'm done with it.

It's time to move on and I'd hate to be just a ghost haunting the corridors that I used to walk.

And who needs me? Because Steve's brilliant and they've got a thousand million plans. I'll just be old news and it's about time.

What are you going to miss the most after you step down as executive producer?
Zoe, Bath

To be honest, I'll miss the people. They are genuinely brilliant people, our designers and producers and the crew at BBC Wales.

They are fantastic and they're part of the reason I've stayed for so long.

What line of dialogue are you most proud to have written?
Phil Fenerty, Southport

That's tricky. I like all my dialogue!

I did love Donna, played by Catherine Tate, in a show we did two weeks ago called Turn Left.

She said: "You liar, you told me I was special," to Rose, when she feels her life has been betrayed and lied.

I think she delivers that line with such venom - I love that moment.

What was the biggest compromise you had to make in bringing the series back?
Matt, London

Comic Catherine Tate (right) plays Donna Noble in the series
Well, that's tricky because if you watch it, it's not very compromising.

I thought there'd be a lot of compromise, I thought we'd be compromised on budget.

We could have ended up with no ratings and a Sunday afternoon slot, so absolutely nothing and that really is the honest answer.

We got to make everything that I wanted to make.

How nervous were you before Rose was aired that the show would flop?
Duncan Steele, Aberfoyle

Very nervous. It's hard because I knew what we'd made was good. So I knew I could sleep at night.

I knew even if no one watched it, I could sit there and say I had done a great piece of work.

How frustrating do you find some viewers' appetite for the publication of spoilers?
Tom Murphy, London

Well, it's actually very few people, to be honest. There are some people who like spoilers, and they spoil it for themselves - and they like spoiling it.

It's when they then promote it on a bigger scale and they push those spoilers into the tabloids so the general public get to hear.

I think it's a real shame and I think it undermines all storytelling.

I think the leaking of stories undermines most British drama at the moment. Most soap operas give away their stories months in advance and every soap opera has declining ratings.

Could you please give a hint or two about next year's specials?
Mark Harrison, Middlesbrough

No. Nice try. Not at all.

When you first revived Doctor Who back in 2005 did you imagine having two spin-offs and having such a big fan base?
Rach, Birmingham

No way, none of us ever saw this much success coming.

I didn't even envisage a spin-off would be possible.

We're still getting eight million viewers a week, which is a miracle when everyone else's ratings are still going down.

I'm still gobsmacked by that. I can't even get my head round that. I'm still delighted by that every day.

The last episode in the current series of Doctor Who will be screened in the UK on BBC One at 1840 BST on Saturday, 5 July.

Russell T Davies was talking to BBC News entertainment reporter Fiona Pryor.

Phil Collinson on 5 live

No big spoilers, although he does state DT WILL be playing the Doctor in the upcoming specials.

Listen HERE......

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Send A Message From The 'Time Lord'!

David Tennant is Patron of Headway Essex and has signed 1000 cards to raise funds to support people with brain injury and their families and carers. Your donation to Headway will be explained on the back of the card.
The card will be black and white, A5, high gloss and comes with a white envelope and an authentic signature.
The greeting inside is ‘With Best Wishes’
Maybe you could send a card to say Thank you Happy Birthday Get well or even Congratulations!
You can add your own personal message.
Imagine the fun of opening up a card from David Tennant (DR WHO)!
A great gift and a surprise from someone who cares!

How To Get Your Card

Put your questions to Russell T Davies

Davies will answer some of your questions as he prepares to step down as the executive producer this weekend.

Go HERE to ask.

Finale will not be edited on sci fi channel for the USA

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sylvester mcoy and Peter Davidson in the confidential

Ok can someone tell me why every forum and message board out there is awash with Sylvester Mccoy and PD being in the confidential "friends and foes"? They were in clips from the series that they had starred in that feature davros and the daleks. I saw Syl ranting back at davros over a video line before unleashing the hand of omega and peter running about getting shot at is all. Did i miss something or are a mass majority just that damn thick???? Everyone seems to think they were in the confidential because they will pop up in journeys end for cameos, or are filming for the Prom special......oooo k

Win a Davros Mask!

Go to and play the game to win, you must be a resident of the UK to enter{bastards} anyway i can't enter to win but i can help you to....hehehehe

Q: Name the Doctor's companion whose genetic material was absorbed by a Dalek.
A: Rose

Q: Which humanoid race were Davros's original Dalek mutants created from?
A: Kaleds

Q: Which of these is not one of the names of the Cult of Skaro?
A: Kast

Q: Which race has not been subjugated by the Daleks?
A: The Time Lords

Q: Which story featured a transparent or "glass" Dalek?
A: Revelation of the Daleks

Q: What name did Henry Van Statten give his Dalek exhibit?
A: Metaltron

Q: Who was credited with creating the original 1975 Davros mask?
A: John Friedlander

Q: Who shot off Davros's hand?
A: Bostock

Q: What were Davros's first words in Genesis of the Daleks?
A: Observe the test closely, my friend.

Q: Name the 1960s episode that ended with a Dalek emerging from a bank of sand.
A: The Executioners

Q: Which was the first story that specifically mentioned a "Dalek Supreme" on screen?
A: The Chase

Q: In which issue of Radio Times did the word "Dalek" first appear in print?
A: 28 Dec 1963-3 Jan 1964

Q: In draft scripts which rare mineral formed the core of the Daleks' Time Destructor?
A: Vitaranium

Q: Who did original Davros actor Michael Wisher base his performance on?
A: Bertrand Russell

Q: When did a Dalek first state: "I cannot see. Vision impaired"?
A: Planet of the Daleks

Good luck!

You must be aged 18 or over and be a resident of the UK. This unique silicone mask is not a children's toy

TV week article on "Journey's End"

Radio Times Davros Articles and behind the scenes scans