Saturday, September 13, 2014

Time Heist Trailer

Friday, September 12, 2014

Retro poster for Listen

"Listen" Preview clip Doctor Who

I cannot wait to see this episode on Saturday! I have watched the unedited cut and I want to see the finished product so very badly. I think this may turn out to be my favorite episode of the whole series.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

2011 NTA Doctor who opening

An actor, David Burton was almost the 8th Doctor???

I stumbled across this on YT and would love to see more. Paul Bernard went and filmed a pilot and everything, changing the familiar blue box to a red one. In 1991, Doctor Who Magazine reported on claims that an independent production company had made pilots for a new series, starring an actor called David Burton as the eighth incarnation of the Doctor.

DOCTOR WHO 50TH - 9 recalls the Time war ( RE-CUT )

Nice concept, blends well in some places not so much in others. I can't imagine the fan glee if 9 had returned for the 50th.

Doctor Who Ultimate Tribute by Lenonymous

Very well done tribute. Bit long, but will make you quite misty eyed throughout. As always subscribe and like please.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

BBC Cuts Robot of Sherwood Scene

A beheading sequence from the climax of this Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who, Robot of Sherwood, has been edited out by the BBC as a mark of respect in the light of recent news events in Iraq and Syria.
The edit has been made to remove a decapitation in the climatic fight scene between Robin Hood and the Sheriff; something that could be deemed insensitive after two US journalists were killed by IS (Islamic State) militants in the past month.
Robot of Sherwood is written by Mark Gatiss and was filmed in February, long before the IS hit the headlines. It centres around Peter Capaldi’s twelfth Doctor and Jenna Coleman’s Clara meeting the flamboyant Robin Hood, played by Tom Riley.
A spokesman for the BBC said: “In light of recent news events, we have made an edit to episode three out of respect.”

Neil Gaiman Wants to Bring Back the Yeti

If Neil Gaiman returns for Series 8, he has his sights set on bringing back the Yeti.
The monsters first appeared in second Doctor story, The Abominable Snowmen, originally broadcast in 1967. They came back the following year in The Web of Fear and were controlled by the Great Intelligence.
“In my head, I love that the Great Intelligence has come back, but I miss the Yeti.  I would love to have huge shambling robotic Yeti, just because I loved them when I was a kid.  So, I would love to do that.  That would be wonderful."
But he also wants to create his own iconic monster:  “I’d love to create a monster, and have it be one that’s interesting enough or fun enough to come back, written by somebody else, or turn up completely reinvented.  I’d love to do that and have the feeling that you’d actually left something behind.  I think that’s hard.  I love that Terry Nation left us the Daleks, and I love that Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis left us the Cybermen.
As before, Gaiman’s admits the biggest problem with coming back is finding time in his schedule: “The trouble with everything, these days, for me, is time.  There is only one me.  There are a ridiculous number of demands on my time.  There are so many things I’m trying to do.  It’s so much more about when I’m going to get time to do it, if I get time.  I think they’ll have me back.  They seem to like me at Doctor Who, and I know that I definitely like them. “

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Robot of Sherwood: Next time on Doctor who

Doctor Who "Deep Breath" extra

I am assuming the poster of the vid altered it to avoid being deleted. If you can look past the sped up voices and the horrible place card it is an interesting look behind the scenes. The look of joy on Capaldi's face as he says " I am Peter Capaldi and I am the Doctor." is priceless.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The companion's companion interview: Sam Anderson

I’m the companion’s companion! Those are the kind of things I’ve been hiding until I read an interview with Jenna and it’s like, “Oh right, she said it. Okay.” Click the pic to read the full interview.

"You haven't met Danny Pink have you..." You will this Saturday

The shy soldier turned schoolteacher will be introduced this Saturday in the episode titled "Into the Dalek."
In this episode you will meet the shy young man that will have a huge impact on Clara Oswald and a Dalek like none other we have ever met. Danny Pink is played by Samuel Anderson.

Doctor Who Actor Bill Kerr dies, aged 92.

Australian actor Bill Kerr has died in Perth aged 92.
His role as Giles Kent in Doctor Who adventure The Enemy of the World saw him sharing the screen with Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor.
Believed missing for many years, a complete version of the six-part story, originally broadcast in 1967-68, was found last year at a TV station in Nigeria.

Tom Baker: In Confidence