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Jon Pertwee on the couch

Three gets psychoanalysed about his persecution complex: he believes that the Cybermen are following him...

Ten 'Waters of Mars' teasers

1. The first line of the episode: "Hello mum. Susie says hello!" Do not underestimate its relevance!

2. The Doctor (and TARDIS) land on Mars on November 21, 2059. There he happens upon Bowie Base One, the first human colony on the red planet.

3. Heading up the base is Captain Adelaide Brooke (Lindsay Duncan), recognised by The Doctor as the pioneer of humanity's colonisation of space. "The woman with starlight in her soul," he calls her.

4. Odd-Doctor behaviour part one: The Doctor instantly realises he needs to leave. "Whatever has started here, I can't see it to the end," he tells them. "I can't."

5. ... but he doesn't leave, because before too long the dreaded 'water' starts to play a part. We won't spoil exactly how it plays a part, but the previously-released preview clip offers a strong hint.

6. There are references to two season four stories, as well as the recent Easter special. There's even a (new) flashback scene to one of the aforementioned.

7. "It's taken me all these years to realise *** **** ** **** *** **** - and they **** **** **."

8. An Ood makes an appearance. Last word is key.

9. Did you know, the human body is 60% water?

10. Odd-Doctor behaviour part two: Towards the very end of the episode, there's a scene that sees The Doctor say things that will utterly shock you. And more than that, the way he says things will shock you too.

'Doctor Who' press conference

How does this special compare to the others?
David: "It tells a different sort of story, I think, and it's a long time into the episode before The Doctor takes control. That's what's unnerving about it - it's not the standard structure. We expect The Doctor to take control earlier - we expect The Doctor to know how he's going to do it and how he's going to win through and he doesn't. Even though he wins in the end it's a bitter sweet victory. People die. That's part of the story we have to tell to go where we're going."

Do you think 'Waters of Mars' can still be viewed by children? It's very dark in places.
Russell: "Oh yes, absolutely. Have you read a Harry Potter book?"
David: "Or seen a Harry Potter film?"

And we start to see the end of The Tenth Doctor's journey here, don't we?
David: "Well I think this gives you a bit of a hint - the fact that The Ood have come to summon the Doctor and the fact that the Doctor now knows incontrovertibly that he's running from his own demise and at the very end he says: 'No, I'm not going - I'm going to rage against the dying of the light' which hints at the final story I suppose.!
Russell: "He's alone and lost again. All these things are coming to an end."

Do you feel like you've wrapped it up satisfactorily for yourself then?
Russell: "Oh, magnificently!"
David: "Yeah - I think we tell a big end-of-an-era story and at the same time handing it on, which is important. This show has been going a long time before we showed up and no doubt will carry on into the far distant future. We tell a big old farewell story and then hand it over in rude health."
Russell: "It's nice knowing that you're coming to an end so far in advance because we had a chance to do everything - there's nothing we forgot. We see the Ood summon the Doctor in Children in Need and you get the first scene of the Doctor arriving on the planet of the Ood. It's actually hilarious - I think that scene is so funny!"

Did either of you keep any souvenirs from the set?
David: "You're really not allowed! People think you just walk away with a pocket full of stuff but the licence fee is very well protected - as it should be. I did get a little gift box at the end of stuff they didn't need anymore."
Russell: "I've got an orb from 'The End of the World' - mind you I paid a thousand quid for it at auction! I was very drunk and thought I'd bought something else but the the next day I ended up with a little orb - that was good, I was very popular."

There are pictures leaking from the filming of the new Doctor Who series. How do you feel when you see them?
David: "It's weird. I remember before it happened thinking we would probably start seeing snaps of them on street corners and wearing anoraks or having cups of tea between takes. I was nervous about how I would feel about that - I'm thrilled that it's carrying on and I know that everyone who's there is a great choice - but of course you feel a little bit proprietorial. I'm cheered because I've just been really excited to see that it's going on and I'm teased by what I'm seeing. I just can't wait to see it. I remember what it felt like as well, to be where Matt is now. It's really exciting to see someone else starting out on that journey."
Russell: "It's funny because when you're inside the programme you see those things and go: 'Oh, it's spoiled, it's ruined', but outside you go 'How exciting!'"

Russell, are you considering writing or putting together a pitch for an American version of Doctor Who?
Russell: "Absolutely not. Upon my dead mother's life! But no, absolutely not. I bet you a hundred quid that I'm not."

So what are you up to?
Russell: "Developing things but new things. I'm not going to tell you what they are because they'll probably never exist. There's a recession out there [in America] as well. We'll see."
David: "I'll do it - I can do the acting. That was a joke - don't print it!"

Do you feel that you've explored every avenue and possibility that you wanted to in the series?
Russell: "I think when I started I never imagined it could go so far - like to do episodes with Peter Kay or statues of angels that can move - you never would have thought it would go that far. So I'm more than happy - vindicated actually - that all these things worked."
David: "I got to do so many more things than I ever imagined I would, just playing the part itself, let alone working with all the incredible actors. All the things I got to do - hanging off things and being blown up and wearing make-up of myself as a nine million year old man - all these things that I never dreamed of. I didn't have a checklist, thinking 'when am I going to get to ride a unicycle? It's just not fair!' It was just an incredible, continually surprising, trip and I wouldn't have had it any other way."

We know some of the companions are returning for your final episodes - are you able to confirm which ones?
David: "You saw Catherine Tate as Donna and Bernard Cribbins as well. John Simm as the Master - not really a companion but part of the gang..."
Russell: "Jacqueline King who plays Donna's mother, Sylvia Noble. The Master's wife you saw in that as well - Alexandra Moen - playing Lucy Saxon. The Ood. A new Ood too."

Recently Elisabeth Sladen said she was worried about how you were going to cope with not being the Doctor and that you might end up in rehab!
David: "If I end up in rehab I will phone The Daily Star immediately and make sure you're outside to watch. You'll be first on my list of calls! It's not looking that likely at the moment but never say never."
Russell: "She's still in that drunk tank, Lis!"

What was the last day like?
David: "My last day was actually on The Sarah Jane Adventures which is on this afternoon. The last line I said as the Doctor is halfway through the episode tonight: 'You two - with me. Spit spot!' They were the last words I uttered in the suit! I guess it was robbed of any epic quality really but that was probably best because it was very emotional saying cheerio. Filming the very final scenes was very sad. There are lots of scenes in the final story that are very sad and were very sad to play. If one of them had coincided with the actual final day I'dve been a puddle. I was a bit of a puddle as it was but I kept a stiff upper lip."

And what was in the souvenir box - perhaps a sonic screwdriver?
David: "I do have my own sonic screwdriver, yes! I've put it in a secure location because I suddenly got worried my house might get burgled and I'd lose it so I've locked it up somewhere!"

Which episodes or specials have you been most proud of?
David: "We always get asked this and it's hard to pick favourites - it feels so unfair!"
Russell: "There are really no episodes we don't like - also if you leave an episode out it's like you're insulting all the friends and colleagues you've worked with on that episode. It's really weird."
David: "And I haven't seen the last two yet so I can't comment."
Russell: "They will be up there, definitely."

Is the blue suit something you can't ever wear again now?
David: "The only thing, there's a certain brand of footwear - other versions of similar things are very much available - that I used to wear a lot and I don't any more! They were my shoes to start with - four years ago it was my own battered pair that we began with and I feel like that's a special thing now. Maybe I'll get over it but yeah."

SJA news

CBBC Newsround has a short article on David Tennant appearing on The Sarah Jane Adventures, CLICK HERE for more details.

Sarah Jane TV reports Elisabeth Sladen and Russell T Davies appeared on BBC Breakfast yesterday to discuss The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith and The Waters of Mars, plus reports Elisabeth Sladen will appear on The Wright Stuff today, CLICK HERE for more details.

New Who airdate rumor

The Doctor Who News Page reports The Waters of Mars will be broadcast on Sunday 15th November at 7:00pm according to an interview with David Tennant on GMTV. Awaiting confirmation from the BBC Press Office.

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Second Life - Welcome Home, Doctor

Rani in the futurte (2059) is the exact same year as The Waters of Mars is set... And The Waters of Mars should directly follow on from DT's Sarah Jane episodes

New filming clip of new monster

New film clip of filming with a better glimpse of the monster nicccce
thank you andy lawrence very much

update much better view i really like the head

The new Tardis interior revealed??

Click the link to see glimpses of a new monster and the tardis interior 21st October 2009 Matt Smith Llanwonno Church

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Jamie, where's your troosers?

Dalek Countdown

ooooooh brillant lmao i love this

Interviews Galore

How Dr Who star Elisabeth Sladen has rolled back the years in The Sarah Jane Adventures

A Time Lady named Romanadvoratrelundar

The London Evening Standard has an interview with Noel Clarke, CLICK HERE for the article.

Five TV interviews John Barrowman on acting in drag, CLICK HERE for the video.

The Flick Filosopher has a short interview with Carey Mulligan on playing Sally Sparrow in Blink, CLICK HERE for the article

Finally SFX Magazine has a "lost" interview with Jon Pertwee from 1986, CLICK HERE for the article

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Tom Baker: How I felt about being Doctor Who

Tom Baker: How I felt about being Doctor Who

When I got the call about being chosen to be the fourth Doctor Who in 1974, I was an out-of-work actor getting by as a labourer on a building site. I'd caught a glimpse of the show, but I was just happy to have a regular payslip.
I had big shoes to fill because Jon Pertwee had been a stupendous success, and there probably was apprehension at the studio about whether I was up to the job. But after 15 minutes on the set, I had the crew falling about laughing, so I knew I'd be okay.
As long as I kept within the BBC guidelines, I could play the doctor the way I am in real life - a slightly anxious and defensive eccentric.
The children loved me and I loved being their hero. Two of my greatest fans, David Walliams and Matt Lucas, ironically now employ me as the little Britain narrator.
During my time as Doctor Who, I never watched any of my own shows because it made me feel uneasy and dissatisfied with my performance. Instead, I listened to the opinions of the fans as a barometer of how I was doing.
It was an honour to be Doctor Who and I couldn't risk being tarred by some of my loudmouth friends, so I distanced myself from them.
It sounds terribly po-faced, given what some celebrities get up to now, but I had too much respect for the Doctor Who dynasty. It's like being Santa, you can't let people down.
On my birthday, it would be amazing to see these legions of small children waiting outside the studio, chorusing, 'Good morning Doctor Who and Happy Birthday.'
The American fans hailed me as a Messiah. I remember one event, in the Hyatt Regency at Chicago airport. I only had an hour and a half before I was due to check in for my flight, yet there were hundreds of fans (mostly women) still waiting to meet me. I had to work my way down the queue of 700-odd women, kissing them all.
To my alarm, some of them took this as an invitation to get fruity! even today, at 75, I can't walk around my local supermarket without women hitting on me.
These days, I like nothing better than doing the ironing with my wife, Sue, nearby, in my cottage in Sussex.
Meeting Sue was another fringe benefit of being Doctor Who, as she was one of the assistant editors.

More filming pics

Life, Doctor Who and Combom has more photos from Series Five filming, CLICK HERE to view.

SJTV has info on Series Two boxset

Sarah Jane TV has a sneak peak at the Series Two DVD extras, including the news that the Red Nose Day special From Raxacoricofallapato rius With Love will be included, CLICK HERE for more details.

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Barry Letts has passed at age 84

Sad news from The Doctor Who News Page. Former Doctor Who producer and director Barry Letts has died at the age of eighty-four, CLICK HERE for more details.

Graeme Harper On "Waters Of Mars"

Graeme Harper On "Waters Of Mars"

SJTV has an interview with Lis Sladen

Sarah Jane TV has an interview with Elisabeth Sladen, CLICK HERE for the article.

Sarah Jane comic but only for the UK :(

ASarah Jane Adventures comic has launched on the SJA website, CLICK HERE for more details and HERE for the comic which unfortunately is only available to view in the UK.

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Sir Ian McKellen and former Doctor Who team up for mockumentary

Sir Ian McKellen will star alongside a former Doctor Who in a one-off mockumentary set in a fictitious run-down drama school, the Clapham Academy of Creative Arts.

McKellen will play his fictitious brother Murray, who runs the academy, which is known by its acronym CACA. Joining him in the academy's faculty will be Sylvester McCoy, who played the seventh Doctor Who and Jonathan Hyde, from The Mummy.

The Academy will be produced by DLT Entertainment, producer of My Family and As Times Goes By, and 2act Productions. Humphrey Barclay, former controller of drama at London Weekend Television, will produce the comedy.

Barclay and John Bartlett from My Family will produce the programme, which was created and directed by Peter Hinton. The producers hope to turn the one-off into a series.

The Last Voyage Exclusive Audio

BBC Audio recently confirmed that they will be a releasing another exclusive Doctor Who audio early next year. The audio adventure which features The Tenth Doctor is entitled The Last Voyage, and will be the sixth new series Doctor Who story to be published exclusively as an audiobook. The synopsis for the audio has now been revealed, and can be read below:

An exclusive audio story featuring the 10th Doctor, as played by David Tennant in the hit BBC TV series. The TARDIS materialises on board the maiden voyage of a pioneering space cruiser, travelling from Earth to the planet Eternity. The Doctor hasn’t been exploring for long when nearly all of the passengers disappear, leaving a panic-stricken few behind. As if that wasn’t enough, something awful awaits them all on Eternity.

Doctor Who: The Last Voyage will join Pest Control, The Forever Trap, The Nemonite Invasion, The Rising Night and The Day of the Troll, on the shelves of retailers across the United Kingdom and Ireland, on January the seventh 2010

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Video of Matt Smith and Karen Gillen in a scene

Filming video of Matt Smith and Karen Gillen filming a sequence from episode 1 of the new series.

Im really not liking the looks of this so far.....

More filming pics

This time Scooty has got alot of great shots.

Go see them HERE

Dr who logo animated

New Logo revealed

Mmmmmm al i can say is meeeh, coulda been worse...

Download the wallpaper sizes here

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Doctor Who star gives up hope of reunion

Paul McGann, the former Doctor Who star, says he has given up hope of taking part in a rumoured reunion of actors who have played the Time Lord.
He said he had no expectations of ever returning to the role and claimed he has had no contact with the BBC since he left the set of a one-off TV movie in 1996 in which he made his only appearance.
There have been reports that the past Who actors were being rounded up for a Children In need special, but McGann doubted he would ever return to the role.
The actor, who has never watched David Tennant as the Doctor, said: ''It's highly unlikely, because since I walked off that set in 1996, no one's ever called me, I've never met these people, I've never been down to Cardiff and met what's his face, Russell T Davies (who masterminded Doctor Who's revival).
''So no, maybe haven't they got my number. There's always rumours, it's nice to stoke the fire. I'm always hearing them.''
McGann also revealed he was sick of fans coming up and quoting famous lines to him from cult comedy Withnail And I in which he starred.
The movie starred Richard E. Grant as Withnail and McGann as ''I'', two out-of-work actors who embark on a chaotic holiday to the Lake District, and is famed for its sharp dialogue.
More than 20 years after the film's release, McGann said he did not mind talking about the film, but he had grown tired of hearing about ''thumbs going weird'', ''the finest wines available to humanity'' and ''going on holiday by mistake''.
''Withnail gets a little bit tiresome when people start playing the scenes out,'' he said.
''Grant was saying everyone remembers the lines, people are always coming up and quoting whole scenes, and saying: 'What about that bit where you...'''
McGann is starring in a new ITV drama, Collision, about a group of people who have never met, but whose lives change forever after they are all involved in a major road accident.

A Who York Evening with Louise Jameson

Louise Jmeson will be in New York on my birrrrrthday { :( i wanna go }

A Who York Evening with Louise Jameson

More filming details and pics at Combom

Life, Doctor Who and Combom has the latest update on filming of Series Five, CLICK HERE for more details.

New K9 trailer is up

Park Entertainment has posted the latest trailer for the new K9 series, CLICK HERE to view.

SJA synopsis for Part one and two

The BBC Press Office synopsis for The Sarah Jane Adventures The Mad Woman In The Attic

Part one:
Investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith, one-time companion to The Doctor, embarks on a new two-part story, written by Joseph Lidster.

Rani investigates strange rumours about a demon living in a funfair at the seaside. What she finds there, however, is far more alarming than that and she makes a decision that affects not only her future, but also the futures of all those she cares about...

Far in the future, in 2059, an old Rani remembers the day when her whole life went wrong. As her younger self investigates mysterious disappearances at an abandoned funfair, she sets into motion a chain of events which unleash the terrible powers of the alien Eve.

Part two:
Rani investigates strange rumours about a demon living in a funfair at the seaside, in the second episode of this two-part drama following the adventures of journalist Sarah Jane Smith. What Rani finds there is far more alarming and she makes a decision that affects not only her future, but also the futures of all those she cares about...

Alien Eve's powers grow out of control, with everyone caught in her sinister and endless games. As the echoes of an ancient war threaten the modern world, the danger extends all the way to the year 2059. If Rani fails to change her own destiny, then everyone is doomed.