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Doctor Who Lightsaber Duel - Doctor vs Master

Doctor Who at the Cavern

Anyone planning to be in the Liverpool area on the 4th May, who has even the slightest interest in the world of Doctor Who, would be well advised to get themselves along to the world-famous Cavern Club. Because once there, they’ll be greeted by a host of star names from the world of classic Who.It’s all part of Who At The Cavern 3, a day-long convention organised by the Wirral-based Fans Like Us Doctor Who group. Guest stars already confirmed for the event include two Doctors – Peter Davison and Colin Baker – along with Barry Letts, Chris Guard, Nicola Bryant and Terrance Dicks. There’s a few names in there to get the pulses of any classic Who-fan a-pumping.
More guests are expected to be announced, but those interested in attending are being advised to book their tickets in advance. The last two similar events sold out, so to avoid disappointment, you need to find £25 for an adult ticket, and £10 for concessions. Then, either head over to the online box office at, or by calling 01253 625802.
It’s also worth keeping an eye on the event’s website at for the latest news to do with the convention. Have fun…!

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"TW Filming in Bute Park 250907"

Finchley actor to star at the National — and in Dr Who

An emerging star of stage and screen is set for his debut at the National Theatre.
Yorkshire born actor Ryan Sampson, 22, who now lives in High Road, East Finchley, has landed two roles in a series of explicit productions on the realities of growing up into adulthood.
The self-confessed university "drop-out" will also be appearing in two episodes of the BBC's popular Doctor Who in April.
"It was amazing to film," said Mr Sampson.
"It's an actors dream, the set is like a play pen, and everything was top notch in terms of costumes and gadgets."
Despite having had no formal training, the actor has already made a name for himself starring alongside Nicholas Lyndhurst in the BBC comedy After You've Gone.

He is now set to appear at the National Theatre in two of three separate hour-long plays.
DNA is about a group of teenagers who find solace after committing a terrible act.
The other play, The Miracle, explores how a mysterious arrival can help an ailing community.
"It was great to get the opportunity to go for these roles, it is where you aspire to be and it is terribly exciting," said Ryan, who has previously appeared on stage at the Soho Theatre and the Sheffield Crucible.
"In DNA, there are no holes barred and the play is really harrowing, it's sensory overload.
"The roles are quite challenging because the experience of the characters have been difficult to work out how to play, but it is really different to anything I've done before."
With the shows due to start on February 28, Ryan has been rehearsing long hours, and learning his lines when he gets home.
He hopes to continue taking on stage roles, and already has another two series of After You've Gone lined up.
He said: "I have got a long way to go and a lot of things I want to do.
"I would like to move into films, but I don't know if they would be interested in a small boy from Yorkshire."
Tickets for the three productions are on sale now from 020 7452 3000 or

Paul O'Grady to appear in 'Doctor Who'

Paul O'Grady will guest star in the series four finale of Doctor Who, reports The Sun.

The TV presenter will play himself discussing "strange goings-on" during his chatshow as David Tennant's Doctor departs on a mission.

A BBC source revealed that O'Grady had been wanting to appear on the show for some time and his role would be a little more "sinister" than people are used to.

"Paul has been desperate to be on the show for ages and asked if he could be a guest star," revealed the BBC insider.

"Fortunately Who creator Russell T Davies is a big fan of his too, and jumped at the chance.

"We’ve had to wait until his chatshow is filming again so we can shoot him on the set.
"It will be the usual camp Paul - just maybe a bit more sinister."

Stars including Kylie Minogue, Peter Kay and Anthony Head have previously appeared in guest roles in the cult series.

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Q&A with Freema Agyeman - Radio Times, February 2008

NG: So you're out of the Tardis and into Torchwood…

FA: Martha Jones is very much more suited to Torchwood, if you like, because of her experiences [with the Doctor]. She wants to keep her feet on the ground, have her nearest and dearest within arm's reach. And she's this young doctor, qualified now, who has all this information, so she's invaluable to both Torchwood and Unit [a scientific and military elite force].

Your first telly job was on Crossroads in 2003. I assume you're too young to recall the original show?

I don't really remember the original, but I remember the legacy that remained: the sets wobbling and Benny. It was a regular part [she played saucy trainee chef Lola Wise], so I was excited but nervous. I learnt a huge amount, and we had a ball. Maybe that's selfish, because nobody else enjoyed it, but we did!

You also did stints on The Bill and Casualty. Did they bump you off in either?

I lost an arm in Casualty [laughs]!

Did you have to hide it behind your back?

No! Because it was a Christmas special [Casualty @ Holby City in 2004], there was some discussion and they decided they couldn't show that much at Christmas. So there was an injection of anaesthetic and the scene was cut there, so you never saw me limbless.

Hugh Quarshie played the doctor who had to cut my arm off, and of course I bumped into him years later on Doctor Who [for last year's Daleks in Manhattan story], and I said to him, "Look, Hugh - I got it back!" And he totally didn't understand what I meant.

Can you walk the streets without being mobbed by children?

If anyone's going to recognise me, it will be a child. You'll see them look once, look twice, then stare. Sometimes they'll follow you, or look around corners, it's really cute. I'll wave sometimes - it freaks them out.

As well as Torchwood, though, Martha's returning to Doctor Who, isn't she?

I knew from about January of last year what Martha's whole journey was going to be. And I was never in any doubt that the decision for her to not be there full-time was very much a character decision. Because where do you go after you've saved the world and confessed your love to the Doctor, who hasn't returned the feelings? She encounters the Doctor again, but it's in a more professional capacity.

Have you had to pile into the police box with David Tennant and Catherine Tate [who will play the Doctor's new regular companion, Donna]?

Last year it was Captain Jack [John Barrowman] and David and I standing in there, gossiping. This year it's been just as much fun with Catherine and David. Talking about where you're going on holiday, what breakfast cereal you like, right in each other's faces in this little box. It's very funny.

One final question: while filming with Catherine Tate, have you had to suppress the urge to go, "Am I bovvered?"

I think I said, "How very dare you!" once, and I caught myself and went, "Oooh…" and she just smiled. The funniest thing is, she says them herself, which completely relaxes you. She's warm and funny and good company. It's a really nice vibe.

Torchwood mini mates

In lieu of news of actual Torchwood action figures, it appears that the Mini Mates range are doing a new set of Doctor Who figures, including Captain Jack Harkness.You can see the designs for the figure here and further info on Mini Mates here. These are primarily a US range of toys but can usually be found in the likes of Forbidden Planet in the UK.

Tardis Gazette rolls out a tired old rumor...again

Doctor Who to face his evil enemy Davros after 20 years

Doctor Who will face his evil enemy Davros when the character returns for the first time in 20 years.Julian Bleach - best known as The Monster in ITV's version of Frankenstein last year - takes on David Tennant as the leader of the Daleks.Their battle forms the climax to the latest series featuring the Time Lord which starts in April.A show source said: "It's an explosive finale. We want him to come back and cause havoc." Davros was last tackled by Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy in 1988.

David Tennant: 'Astrology is nonsense'

Doctor Who star David Tennant has claimed that astrology is "absolute nonsense".The actor added that if he could place anything inside Room 101, astrology would be the first thing on his list.Speaking on Radio 4's Chain Reaction, Tennant said: "There are get-out clauses everywhere you go. If nothing comes of the predictions, you conveniently forget about it."And the one day of the year you do meet a tall dark stranger you say, 'You see, Mystic Meg was right'. It's absolute nonsense."Were I to do Room 101, astrology would be top of the list."

Steve Moffat interview from Gally con online

Martha will stand up to Doctor in 'Who'?

Martha Jones will be reunited with the Doctor in the new series of Doctor Who - but in a "more professional" capacity.Actress Freema Agyeman - currently guest-starring in Who spinoff Torchwood - told Digital Spy that her character, now a fully qualified doctor herself, has "outgrown" the Time Lord."Martha was always mature, independent and all those things but she was still a bit wide-eyed with him - and that's what's gone," she said. "She still really respects him and knows he's far beyond her intellect and the rest of it, but she was dominated by him and now there's a different dynamic there."Martha, who appears in five episodes of the new series, also has a new love interest. "They've still got this friendship but there's somebody else in Martha's life now," teased Agyeman, "so she doesn't need The Doctor in that respect. That part of her soul has been fulfilled."

Terrance Dicks Interview

EADT (Suffolk and Essex Online) is currently running an interview with Doctor Who legend Terrance Dicks. Few people have been as active in the world of Doctor Who as Dicks, and in this interview he talks about his long career with the series as well as most recent project, the Quick Reads book series, featuring his newest title Revenge of the Judoon. In the interview Dicks talks about his first writing jobs (with an advertising agency), how his landlord Malcolm Hulke got him started in writing for television, the new projects that he currently has on his plate, and his feelings about the current state of Doctor Who starring David Tennant. You can read the article here.

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The lowdown on the Brit Awards this week

The Brits Awards 2008 is live on ITV1 at 8pm this Wednesday. Performers will include Kylie Minogue, Kaiser Chiefs, Leona Lewis, Mark Ronson with Adele, Amy Winehouse, Rihanna with The Klaxons and Mika. Presenters include David Tennant, Michelle Ryan and Beth Ditto.

Jack Osbourne has been persuaded by his mum to present an award. It will be the first time all four of The Osbournes - Kelly, Jack, Sharon and Ozzy - have appeared in public together since their reality TV show ended.

The theme is 70s Glam v Punk - just like Kate Moss's recent birthday - even when it comes to food with guests getting smoked salmon mousse with dill cream to start. The main is shepherd's pie and lamb and desert is trifle and cheesecake.

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A close encounter with David Tennant

When we were kids, we thought it was hilarious: "Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "Doctor." "Doctor Who?" We laughed and laughed. And now, 40 years later, I'm talking to him. Doctor Who!

He is, they say, over 900 years old, yet he sounds like an excitable wee boy. And yes, the word "wee" is intentional, because this boyish man is as Scottish as shortbread. "Hellooo," he says, his voice high and lilting, his accent as lovely as a single malt near a crackling fire. "How are ye?"

A bit overwhelmed, to tell the truth. I grew up watching Doctor Who, often through the fleshy louvres of my fingers during the scary bits. I watched in amazement as he hurtled through time and space in a blue police box called the Tardis, and I quaked in my jocks whenever he went into battle with seemingly unbeatable herds of intergalactic bad-arses.

It was a different Doctor Who in those days, of course. I grew up during the reign of the second and third doctors, Patrick Troughton (1966-69) and Jon Pertwee (1970-74), and lost interest part-way through the reign of the fourth doctor, Tom Baker (1974-81). The guy I'm talking to today is the 10th doctor, played by David Tennant.

Tall, skinny, quick-witted and cheeky, Tennant has been credited with revitalising the Doctor Who franchise. The show originally ran from 1963 to 1989, with New Zealand broadcasting from 1964, the first country to pick up the show outside the UK.

Then, after a long hiatus, production resumed in 2005. Christopher Eccleston played the mighty Time Lord for one season before being replaced by Tennant in the middle of 2005. He is now widely hailed as the best Doctor Who in the show's 44-year history.

In particular, he's been a big hit with female fans, many of whom type slightly randy prose about him in Doctor Who chatrooms and admit to first becoming smitten when Tennant played the titular bodice-tearing horndog in Casanova, an earlier series written by current Doctor Who writer, Russell T Davies.

I can't see the attraction myself. Rail thin, with a stiff black bush of hair, Tennant looks like a broom in a suit. Perhaps his appeal is simply an issue of contrast, given that most of the previous doctors were dowdy old buggers.

"Oooh, I don't know about that. I think the doctor is a very sexy dude, really, no matter who's playing him. It's just that the way the show is written nowadays invites girls and women in more than it did before. Russell gives it a kind of emotional heart that it hasn't always had, which means that the stories are still enjoyable to sci-fi or adventure fans, but now they connect with people who like more conventional drama as well."

Doctor Who was initially intended to appeal to adults as well as children, and to be educational; the time-travelling concept meant younger viewers could learn about history, while the more futuristic storylines were intended to foster a love of science. But from the start, most kids liked it because it was scary.

Some particularly creepy plotlines rolled out during the early 70s, including one story that involved psychopathic plastic dolls, daffodils that killed people who bent to sniff them, and android policemen with blank faces. An early Doctor Who exhibition at London's Museum of the Moving Image was called "Behind The Sofa", in honour of the fact that hiding behind the couch during the worrying bits was one of the great shared experiences of British childhood.

This was a shared experience among many New Zealand children, too. Certainly, what I loved most about Doctor Who were the monsters. Back then it was the Daleks and the Cybermen, but since then the good doctor has dodged death at the hands of Zygons, Sontarans, Sea Devils, Ice Warriors, Autons, Silurians, the Slitheen, the Judoon and a host of other worrying critters, most of them conveniently bipedal and suspiciously human-shaped.

In the early days, most of the monsters looked like they'd been strapped together on a low budget in somebody's suburban tool-shed. The Daleks ("Exterminate! Exterminate!") resembled animated pepper pots, and the Cybermen looked like skinny guys wrapped in tinfoil.

"Well, it doesn't matter when you're wee, does it?" says Tennant. "You just go with it. If things are a bit clunky, your mind fills in the gaps. I was very frightened by the show myself as a kid, but it's the kind of fear that does you good when you're growing up. It scares the shit out of you to just the right degree, without pushing you over the edge. I think a few gentle nightmares is something we should all experience as children, so long as it's a safe fear."

The modern version is still pretty scary. An episode that plays here in a few weeks is bound to make a few kids run screaming from their grandmas: it features a little old lady who is a "plasmavore" and kills her victims by jamming a drinking straw into their necks and sucking out their blood.

This kind of inspired ridiculousness has made Doctor Who a huge hit worldwide, though the most rabid fans, known as "Whovians", are generally found in the UK. Many seem to be nerds of the highest order, spending half their lives on Doctor Who internet sites discussing interplanetary lore, monster genealogy, tardis mechanics and so forth.

"Well, it becomes a hobby, doesn't it?" Tennant says. "I think that's OK. I think Doctor Who fans are somewhat unfairly judged, like what they're doing is socially unacceptable. It's entirely harmless. At least they're not going out raping or murdering people. And it's a fantastic world to lose yourself in, which is probably why it has survived so long.

I'm not sure about New Zealand, but certainly in Britain, Doctor Who is a part of the cultural framework of our nation. It has an iconic status here, so the amount of attention and analysis is inevitably huge. Which can be daunting as an actor, actually. The show has a lot of devoted followers, and they're looking to you to not ruin something they love. It's quite a responsibility."

Now 36, Tennant was born David McDonald in West Lothian, Scotland, in 1971, the son of a minister in the Church of Scotland. There was already a British actor of the same name, so he later swiped the surname of the Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant.

"I was about three when I decided acting was something I wanted to do, which is lucky, because I was far too young to realise how unlikely it was that I would succeed. If I'd been 12 I'd have probably thought, hey, hang on, people from Paisley don't really do that; I'll get a job in a shoe shop instead. But no, I had a really singular view of my path.

"I used to watch the telly and very quickly understood that there were people who spent their lives pretending to be other people so as to tell stories. I thought that was a fantastic thing to do. As soon as I left school I went straight to drama college and have made my living as an actor ever since." Tennant has been a fixture on British stages and screens for more than 20 years now.

A particular love is performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company. But the lead in Doctor Who carries with it a huge risk of type-casting. Now that he's so widely lauded as a time-travelling, Dalek-trouncing alien hero, can Tennant ever go back to playing Romeo? "I certainly hope so. As an actor, you don't want to destroy your career by becoming so associated with one role that people will never accept you as anyone else. But the only other option was not to accept the part, and I couldn't do that, because Doctor Who is one of the best TV characters ever invented, I think.

"He's a free spirit and an anarchist, almost a force of nature, but he also has this immoveable moral centre to him. That's what makes him heroic, really. He's not heroic in the way that Superman or Batman is, or even Captain Kirk is. He's not a jock. He's not the strongest or the fastest, but he's the quickest witted, so it's about the triumph of the geek over the all-powerful, really, and I think that's very appealing. It was certainly very appealing to me as a child. It's wit over brawn. He's fast and anarchic and fun, but there's a degree of comfort attached for kids, because they always know where they stand with him. He's always got that strong moral compass."

Tennant is notoriously close-lipped about his private life, but it's well known that he lives in London, is dating actress Sophia Myles and has a sufficiently well developed sense of humour to drive a Skoda. He is also a staunch supporter of Britain's Labour Party, and once told a reporter he was amazed whenever he met anyone involved in the arts who voted Conservative: "I'd be thinking, `I have never met anyone from your world. What's it like? Do you roast children over open fires?"' He laughs when I remind him of it; in fact, he laughs all the time. He's certainly the happiest 900-year-old alien life form I've had the pleasure of speaking to.

"Yes, well, I'm having the time of my life. I'm very content at the moment. The public appreciate me, I love my work, and here I am on my day off, sitting in sunny London in the middle of summer, overlooking the West End from my agent's very posh office. Life, as they say, is sweet."

The new series of Doctor Who screens on Sunday nights on Prime at 7.30pm.

Louise Jameson Interview - 'Dr Who'

In 1977 Louise Jameson donned a distinctly eye-opening leather outfit to star alongside Tom Baker's fourth incarnation of The Doctor, playing the savage warrior Leela. Over two seasons she flung her knife and poisoned thorns at an impressive array of monsters, such as the dreaded 'Robots of Death', giant rats, killer toy Mr Sin and the potato-headed Sontarans. She's now back reprising her role as Leela in a range of audio plays from Big Finish, so Cult Spy spoke exclusively to the legendary companion at the launch of the new online download service.

How hard did you find it stepping back into Leela's leather boots?
"I found it really, really easy and I think it's absolutely to do with her speech because she never condenses any words. She's never colloquial. Since I hit that rhythm, I was back in the saddle really."

Has Leela changed much since she last appeared on Doctor Who?
"I think the writers have acknowledged that I'm that bit older and have given her more wisdom. Also, because it's on audio she's been able to take control of the situation. She's more separated from The Doctor and much more of a driving force."

Do the audio dramas pick up where Leela was left in the television series, on the planet Gallifrey?
"They're in between stories... I've teamed up with Lalla Ward (Romana) to become her bodyguard. We get on extremely well."

Do you swap anecdotes about Tom Baker?
"When asked, Lalla always says 'he's the sweetest man I've been divorced from', which is just brilliant!"

Do you hope he might be persuaded to perform in any Big Finish audio dramas one day?
"I think it would be marvellous. He was in [Doctor Who] longer than anybody. He has a very distinctive and beautiful voice, so sure. He has a huge fanbase."

What challenges do recording the audio dramas have, as opposed to the television series?
"To be able to get very concentrated, very quickly is the main thing. Especially for a long passage, a monologue. With the risk of sounding like my teachers, it's all about the preparation. If you put the homework in you can go anywhere. Knowing your motivation, your objectives."

Do you think the skimpy leather leotard you wore in the show was at all exploitative?
"In retrospect I suppose it was, but I wasn't expecting it. Now it might be very different. I was going into a big show and it was a shock - all this male attention afterwards. Like it or loathe it, it really gave my career a boost."

There's a family drama on ITV called Primeval in which the female lead stripped off to her underwear every time she was in her flat because her pet lizard needs a hot climate. Shades of Leela in terms of keeping the dads happy?
"Haha! Brilliant! At least Leela [being a warrior] had more of an excuse to wear that costume!"

Do you find it strange that K-9 is now associated with Sarah Jane Smith instead of his original owner Leela?
"I have to confess to being a little bit jealous that Liz Sladen is back, but being furious that she ended up with K-9. It's my dog! But I can see why they've done it, as [Sarah Jane] always comes up number one in all the polls - with Leela a close second!"

Did you think when K-9 first trundled on set that he would still be around decades later?
"I had no idea I would still be involved. It's been 30 years. I absolutely had no idea and I wished I'd stayed on a bit more."

Did you have the chance to stay on longer?
"I had the chance to go back into it to do the takeover, Peter's takeover."

The Tom Baker to Peter Davison regeneration scene?
"Yes, but they wanted me back for a whole series. Me, in my arrogance, only wanted to come back for the one story."

Do you regret that?
"Yeah, I do... [but] maybe I wouldn't have been able to do Tenko then."

Did they want you back to ease the transition?
"Yes, because it's such a loyal fandom that they wanted to keep them satisfied. I just said that I didn't want to do a whole series. Shame on me."

Well, it helped you avoid being typecast as a savage warrior...
"Haha. For the rest of my career. Now there's a thought!"

Do you follow the new series much?
"I liked the recent Children In Need one [Time Crash]... I caught it almost by accident. I just loved the line 'You were my Doctor'. It's something the fans say all the time - 'You were my companion.' It's very touching."

You could say to K-9 - you were my dog!
"Yeah, you were my dog and then you buggered off!"

In the current incarnation of Doctor Who, many elements from the classic series have been brought back. Would you be keen on a return for Leela?
"I'd go back, yeah. I wish they would ask. I really would love to go back... but I'm glad that I had a hand in the foundations, as it were."

Louise Jameson is currently reprising her role as Leela in a range of spin-off Doctor Who audio dramas from Big Finish, which can be downloaded from

Tennant and Tate's Chain Reaction

Catherine Tate will be heard interviewing David Tennant on BBC Radio 4 on February 21 when Chain Reaction returns for a new series.In it, they talk about working on Doctor Who - as well as playing extras on The Bill.The show's format sees the interviewee becoming the interviewer of a different guest the following week, with them talking to people whose work they admire and appreciate.Next week (February 28), Tennant will be interviewing Richard Wilson, who played Dr Constantine in The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances, while Wilson's interviewee the week after that (March 6) will be Arabella Weir, who used to lodge with Tennant and made him godfather to her youngest child. Weir also played the Doctor in the Big Finish drama Exile - which featured Tennant playing an unnamed Time Lord and a pub landlord. (Weir will round off the series of Chain Reaction by interviewing fellow Fast Show star Paul Whitehouse.)The half-hour programmes start at 6.30pm. The series was recorded last year.

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"A Day in the Death" synopsis

A Day in the Death:

Owen must decide between power and loyalty in the conclusion of the Martha Jones story arc. Will the girl on the rooftop help him, or a search to destroy a powerful alien artifact? And how far will Toshiko go to save him?

Torchwoods "Dead Man Walking" spoiler pics

The boy who would be jack

A SMALL screen star from Redditch has added to an already impressive portfolio by appearing in Wednesday's (February 13) episode of BBC sci-fi hit Torchwood.St Augustine's Catholic High School Student Jack Montgomery, 15, appeared alongside star of the Dr Who spin-off John Barrowman as the Cardiff branch of the fictional Torchwood Institute dealt with more incidents of extraterrestrial activity.Jack is no stranger to stardom having already appeared in the stage production of the Sound of Music in London's West End and in ITV's Primeval last year.The episode featuring Jack was aired on BBC Two at 9pm.Sue Adams from St Augustine's said: "Well done Jack - your dramatic prowess goes from strength to strength."

Barrowman in talks for 'Barnum' role

'Torchwood' John Barrowman is in talks to star in a revival of the musical Barnum.The Torchwood star is reportedly interested in taking the role of American showman PT Barnum towards the end of next year.Jim Dale played the character on Broadway in 1980, while Michael Crawford starred in a West End production the following year.Cameron Mackintosh has asked writer Mark Bramble to strengthen the storyline for the musical, which was based on a script he penned with Michael Stewart and Cy Coleman.The theatre producer has also asked choreographer Rob Ashford (Evita, Guys & Dolls) to helm the project following the success of his directorial debut Parade.Barrowman, who has judged aspiring West End stars in both How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? and Any Dream Will Do, is now in the early stage of negotiations for his return to the stage.He is currently shooting the third
[???} series of Torchwood and scenes for forthcoming episodes of Doctor Who. He will also kick off a ten-date UK concert tour in April.His spokesman told the Daily Mail: "John wants to come back to the West End and Barnum is an ideal show for him to do, but he can't sign to do it until scheduling has been sorted out."

Friday, February 15, 2008

Reset spoiler pics!!!!

K owen gots shot dead!!!!

And the autopsy is next week and jack uses something "Primal"??? to bring him back, and the weevils swarm and want him too cause "Hey brother looks like a weevil!!!"

Freema Times interview

Weta unveil Doctor Who helmets

Weta Collectables have announced a brand new range of Doctor Who mini helmets.

Weta Collectibles created a storm in the high end market when they revealed their range of Doctor Who statues, based on BBC’s longest running programme of the same name last year. Today they announced their debut range of mini helmets based on the range, which are sure to delight fans of the series and of Weta Collectibles worldwide.

The initial series features six ¼ scaled helmets, from both the Classic and New Series of Doctor Who. From the Classic Doctor Who series comes a ‘Cyberman Leader Helmet,’ from the episode Earthshock, and 'Lord President Borusa Head-dress' from Arc of Infinity. Peter Davison plays the Doctor in both episodes, while from the Patrick Troughton episode Seeds of Death comes an ‘Ice Warrior Helmet’. ‘Sontaran Officer Linx Helmet’ rounds out the classic series selection from the episode entitled The Time Warrior, starring Jon Pertwee.

The New Doctor Who series pieces include a ‘Sycorax Helmet’ from The Christmas Invasion and the 'Industrial Welding Mask’ from 42, both starring David Tennant as the Doctor.

The first episode of Doctor Who launched on BBC Television on 23 November 1963. There have been more than 600 episodes, 150 stories, two television movies and spin-offs. The show has become a television favourite for fans worldwide and has influenced generations, including Weta Senior Model Maker David Tremont.

David says it was both a blessing and a challenge deciding which pieces to create for the range because of the wide variety of characters in the series. “When [Weta Concept Designer] Daniel Falconer and I were researching the range, we had to cull our dream list down to an initial six, because there were literally dozens of different helmets that we could have made. We felt it was imperative to make selections which were spread evenly throughout the 40 years of the Doctor Who series.”

David denies however, that his choices were largely made for selfish reasons. “If I found these in a shop I would buy them - and I am fortunate enough to make them”, he laughs. “We selected the pieces that we thought would be the most appealing and desirable to fans, and as much as I personally love all of them, we took a selection that was more widely known to not only just ‘avid’ Doctor Who fans, but also general enthusiasts of the series, as well, so that everyone could enjoy them. We selected the pieces that looked the most interesting – from iconic moments and characters in the series. Hopefully it will expand into a large set of highly collectible Helmets throughout the entire series of Doctor Who.”

As for what David and the team have planned for the future, he is remaining tight lipped. Can we expect any more pieces to be revealed? “I do what I do now because of the magic I enjoyed as a child with these series. I would love to see more”, he says. “But seriously, we have to make sure that the series is successful, because, at the end of the day, although we are literally playing with my childhood inspirations, we have to be responsible to the business. It’s storytelling, its imagination; it inspires people to create.”

The ‘Sontaran Officer Linx Helmet’ is on display at the New York Toy Fair 17–20 February 2008.

The Miniature Helmet range will be on sale between May–June 2008. Pricing and edition size announcements will be made in coming weeks.

Freema loves Nintendo DS

In a recent interview with The Guardian Newspaper, Freema states her love for Nintendo DS.

Fans can also find out in the interview if she is a Mac or PC girl, what piece of technology she would most like to own, and if she thinks robots will one day rule the world.

Check Out the interview on the website.

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"Dead Man Walking" synopsis

"Dead Man Walking" is the seventh episode of the second series of Torchwood.

The Weevils try to resurrect Owen, using some kind of primal force, (which Jack unleashes) as their King.

Crazy new Doctor Who season four rumors

Colonel Mace, the military officer in the two-part adventure with the warlike cloned Sontarans, will be the new version of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, the soldier who helped the Doctor from the late 60s onward. Noel Clarke may be back as Mickey. We'll see John Simm as the Master again, but only in a flashback... and that DNA-changing fob watch will be back. Finally, the Doctor must decide which of his companions lives and which dies... and he chooses to sacrifice the annoying Donna. (Quite right too.)

Source: {}

Rose Tyler's Return

Big Finish Blog relaunches

The Den of Geek interview: Peter Davison

The Den of Geek interview: Sophie Aldred

The Den of Geek interview: Louise Jameson

A very interesting read...

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Steve Pemberton in Series Four

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine confirms that Steve Pemberton, star of "The League of Gentlemen," will make an appearance in the forthcoming fourth series of Doctor Who. The Sun takes it further, reporting that "insiders said Steve will play a mysterious character called Lux who meets the Doctor during an expedition to uncover the secrets of an abandoned library." The Sun notes that the episode "also stars ER actress Alex Kingston and James Bond star Colin Salmon," confirming Pemberton will be in the same story. The new season of Doctor Who premieres this April.

Gallifrey 2008 Begins

Gallifrey 2008, aka Gallifrey One's Nineteenth Symphony, the nineteenth edition of the North American Doctor Who convention and our annual event, begins this Friday in Los Angeles.
The guest list for the convention includes Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, the seventh Doctor and Ace, together in L.A. for the first time since 1996; seventh Doctor era script editor Andrew Cartmel and composer Mark Ayres; actress Daphne Ashbrook (Grace in the 1996 TV movie); new series writers Steven Moffat ("Blink"), Paul Cornell ("Human Nature"), Robert Shearman ("Dalek") and James Moran (series four's upcoming "The Fires of Pompeii"); Lisa Bowerman, best known as Bernice Summerfield in Big Finish's audio series, along with Big Finish producer Jason Haigh-Ellery; writer Gary Russell; new series guest actors Moya Brady ("Love and Monsters"), Sean Gallagher ("New Earth") and Derek Riddell ("Tooth and Claw"); science fiction television actors Marta Kristen and Bob May ("Lost in Space"), Jennifer Rhodes ("Charmed"), Richard Chaves ("War of the Worlds: The Series") and Kathryn Leigh Scott ("Dark Shadows"); Doctor Who writers Andy Lane, Simon Guerrier, Scott Alan Woodard, Caroline Symcox, Keith Topping, Thomas Powers and David J. Howe; Steve Roberts of the Doctor Who Restoration Team; visual effects coordinator Mojo from "Battlestar Galactica"; and many more!
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Agyeman to Host Hospital Series

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital will be the subject of a new 8-part documentary series to air on BBC3 beginning Thursday, 14 February. The series is narrated by Freema Agyeman, who plays medical student Martha Jones on Doctor Who and Torchwood. Producers spent five months at the hospital in a bid to provide an access-all-areas insight to life at a typically busy British emergency department. The cameras focused on particularly unusual cases and followed the progress of casualties from admission to hospital, through treatment, right up until after they were discharged.

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Airfix Dalek kits article with pics

Paul Cornell's House of Awkwardness

Primeval, Gallifrey and Other Business

Davies: 'Torchwood' stars may join 'Dr Who'

Russell T Davies is happy for Torchwood characters to appear in Doctor Who should he come up with a suitable idea, he has revealed."I think the lines are becoming blurred... now that there's a pre-watershed Torchwood repeat," showrunner Davies told Doctor Who Magazine. "We're building a strong, coherent, interconnected universe... but the answer, as ever, is story. If ever I think of a good story for Doctor Who and Torchwood to meet then I'll do it."Davies does have one caveat about this potential crossover: "The only limit, I think, would be having The Doctor appear in Torchwood itself. Because the 9 o'clock transmission comes first, that would be putting a children's hero into the wrong environment. But anything else is possible!"Torchwood regulars Captain Jack Harkness and Toshiko Sato both made their first appearances in Doctor Who, featuring in the stories 'The Empty Child' and 'Aliens Of London' respectively. The Doctor's former companion Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, will also star in several Torchwood episodes during the second series.

Musical timelord?

People can travel through time by listening to music in a replica tardis.
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Barrowman: 'Young relatives know I'm gay'

John Barrowman has revealed that his youngest relatives have always known he was gay.The Torchwood star, who lives with civil partner Scott Gill, insisted that he has made no secret of his sexuality around his siblings' children.He is quoted by Bent as saying: "My nieces and nephews have known I was gay since they were born. It's always been Uncle John and Uncle Scott and that's the way it should be."He added that he will continue to speak out about his sexuality, saying: "People joke, 'Oh John, get off your soap box', but it is a soapbox and it's something that matters to me. "It's normal, we have partners, we have sex, and we do the same, well, sort of things that men and women do. I mean, I put a willy in my mouth like a straight man's wife puts it in hers, you know what I mean?" The actor recently revealed that he came out to his parents at the age of 21 after a serious AIDS scare.

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TORCHWOOD continues to fight off alien menaces and save the world on a weekly basis on BBC America. The popular spin off series from DOCTOR WHO has been one of the highest rates series for the network, and it continues to garner fantastic ratings in the UK. iF MAGAZINE got a chance to chat with Burn Gorman about the new second series of TORCHWOOD, and in this second part of the interview found out about WHO might be guest starring before the season is over, and more about the ever changing relationships of the TORCHWOOD team.


iF MAGAZINE: So you’re a comic book geek, what kind of things coming up are you personally looking forward to?

BURN GORMAN: I’ve just got saliva in my mouth for the new BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT. I mean Heath Ledger’s death was so tragic and so unexpected, but he looks like he was absolutely brilliant in this film, and I love what Christopher Nolan has done with the movie. Then they’re also making WATCHMEN the movie which should be amazing!

iF: I just did an interview with Doug Jones a little while back for HELLBOY 2, which is another comic book movie that is coming out that should be spectacular.

GORMAN: Really? You interviewed Doug Jones? That guy is absolutely brilliant; he’s just amazing. The character he played in PAN’S LABYRINTH with the eyes in his hands was absolutely astounding! I would love to do work like that; just be covered with a latex suit and get to perform with my whole body. I would love to be those far out characters like that. What a great actor. Please pass on my deep regards to him the next time you talk to him, he probably doesn’t know anything about TORCHWOOD but I love him. [Laughs]

iF: So back to TORCHWOOD, how do you feel about the great response that your show has gotten from the American audience?.

GORMAN: I know the folks that went to the TCAS [Television Critics Association] and to Comic Con in San Diego were just blown away that people were even interested. We have this sense that we get such great imports from the States, we feel that we get all of the good stuff and we’re in awe of the stuff that comes over. I think we’re truly in awe of a lot of the teams of writers on shows like WEST WING, and things like that.

iF: Really? I have the same opinion but in the reverse. I love the stuff on BBC America and SCI FI Channel that is brought over from the UK.

GORMAN: [Laughs] So to you we’re the really good stuff being brought over, I get it. But, we just have a different way of things over here. The biggest thing is our budgets. TORCHWOOD is on a budget, that doesn’t even touch the DOCTOR WHO budget, so every episode is ‘what can we do with this budget.’ So the CGI that happens sometime it looks pretty ropy, and other times it looks fine, but it’s not completely relied on. So the focus is on other things like the characters. I’m excited about it and I’m really proud to be a part of this program.

iF: Plus you guys get to be toys this year.

GORMAN: I don’t know. I think it might happen with the others, but what kind of kid would want Owen as a toy?

iF: I know there are lots of adult collectors out there, and I think they would probably be pissed if the whole team wasn’t released.

GORMAN: Oh good, yeah oh cool. What’s the gadget that comes with Owen? I just hope it’s not the aphrodisiac spray because I have gotten nothing but stink for that. I can tell you Owen is a very pure individual and he only wanted to have a chat with that woman about BRIEF ENCOUNTER at her place. They’re going back there to talk about life. [Laughs] He would have some kind of alien thing.

iF: Yeah each member should come with an alien artifact from a specific episode. Maybe they can even have a Suzie figure with interchangeable heads so you can have the resurrected Suzie with the bullet hole..

GORMAN: [Laughs] That would be awesome. You know she deserves a figure too. Indira [Varma] is a wonderful person and a really great actress and it’s a shame they couldn’t find a way to bring her back for good. She’s like a Monty Python character, you cut her legs off and she’s still going to come after you and try to bite you. I think she’s still lurking somewhere, she’s escaped and shot to pieces, but I figure that we’ll meet up with her again when we least expect it.

iF: What do you want for Owen on down the road, because in the first season the most growth we saw was in the episode where he fell in love with Diane the pilot from the 1950’s who left him and flew back into the rift?

GORMAN: I think we needed to see some growth in Owen because the episodes were written out of sequence. We would shoot episodes 2 and 1 then shoot 4 and 6, and when you put it all together you realized that a lot of the time he just comes across as completely brittle and emotionally retarded. If anything for season two, I hope that his experiences have humanized him somewhat. He’s got a hard exterior and a soft interior and in series two we find out a lot why Owen is like that. We learn about his history and his gains and losses. We get a picture as to why he has this brittleness and the inability to speak about his emotions.

iF: Well, that leads me to my next question, is Owen interest in Toshiko in this season?

GORMAN: I wouldn’t want old Owen to get any where near Tosh, because he would spoil her. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in situations like this where you are in love with someone, but they have no idea they wouldn’t even entertain the notion. Me, I’m in my thirties now and occasionally I’ll see someone that I find very attractive and then I think that they wouldn’t even entertain the fact that I might have feelings for them. I think Owen is totally clueless about Tosh; maybe he knows she finds him attractive but I think it just goes over his head. So I think for series two their relationship is developed, but it’s one sided where Tosh thinks they might have a possibility of getting together but Owen just doesn’t entertain it. I will say that it is touched on in the second series. It’s not dealt with horridly, they come together as human beings and Owen really looks out for Tosh. There’s an episode where he warns her to be careful about falling in love, because he fell in love with Diane and she left, and Owen doesn’t want Tosh to go through the same thing and get hurt. I think all of the characters are looking after each other more, and it’s not about competition. It’s not love because that’s too strong, but they are genuinely caring for each other. He doesn’t intentionally hurt her anymore. He almost caused the end of the world by opening the rift and he really feels bad about that and is now trying to do the right thing. That may be more boring for Owen, but I think he’s grown up a bit.

iF: I have to ask, do you ever look over at Nako Mori and say, “Shut up Titicaca!”.

GORMAN: [Laughs] I want to sex him, I want to sex him! [Laughs] I tell you what, defiantly in scenes as much as I laugh; in series two we do not see Owen say “Shut up Titicaca!” I wish there was a place to say that. You know she is more like Titicaca than she would like to admit. [Laughs] She’s quite like her character you know, except she has a penchance for ten inch heels, so when she dresses up she means serious business.

iF: I’ve heard hints that there might be some more DOCTOR WHO crossover villains or characters besides Martha Jones this season. Can you confirm that at all?

GORMAN: I can tell you that there are definitely, it may be for the more obsessive fans, but there are crossovers from DOCTOR WHO. Obviously, there’s Freema [Agyeman] and towards the end of the season there are some, I don’t want to say old friends, but certainly there are some familiar faces, yeah. I would say that.

iF: How was having Freema on as a part of the TORCHWOOD team?

GORMAN: She is a really lovely girl and she comes on with no airs, we all got along very well, thankfully so there was absolutely no edge to it. I think Owen was weary of having another doctor around because he hasn’t got a lot going on outside of Torchwood, especially not now. His role defines him. He certainly wouldn’t go back to the National Health Service, now that he’s obsessed with policing aliens and such. Martha comes in so confident though and she has this back story with Jack that none of them are party to, and Jack calls the shots and says she is going to hang around and use Owen’s space. She very quickly becomes involved in the autopsy room sparring with Owen over who is right. What I did like it about it, was the new girl came in and the writers didn’t have Owen fancy her from the onset. It was less spiky than I thought it might be, they weren’t getting at each other all of the time. And in the other direction it wasn’t them flirting all of the time which would get a bit creepy. You don’t want Owen to being a letch over a girl who saved the world in DOCTOR WHO. Some very interesting and intriguing things happen with Martha and Owen that are a massive storyline and will be very interesting to watch.

iF: Did the writers ever discuss with you guys what Torchwood went through in the year that never happened on DOCTOR WHO?

GORMAN: Not a bean. I caught the DOCTOR WHO episodes where they talked about the Himalaya Expedition and I believe they are elaborating about that a bit online, but honestly we just came in as if we were back at work the next day. We weren’t party to that, we have our own theories. It was nice to be back after the six month break, and really it was great to just have fun again. I’m really lucky to do a job I love, I do appreciate it.

What about everything?

Freema Torchwood pics surface


Who’s next for the Doctor? Season 4 spoilers and a pic...

In the Sun Ran this piture of "a mysterios being"????? and the following spoilers.

DOCTOR WHO series four leaves hapless assistant Donna racing round the stratosphere alone when the Timelord goes missing.
Donna – played by Catherine Tate – fears for the Doctor’s life when he mysteriously disappears and draws support from an unlikely source.
Former assistants Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Sarah Jane Smith and Captain Jack all rush to her aid. The fearless foursome then scour the universe in search of the Doctor – battling a whole host of alien life-force.
Strange species in the new series include the return of squid-faced slave-race The Ood, plus a mysterious hooded being and dangerous flying beasts.
However, it’s not all doom and gloom – the fourth series even sees the Doctor try his hand at romance when he shares a shock smooch with Donna.

Elsewhere, Sarah Lancashire leads an epic cast of guest stars as evil Miss Foster.
And there’s a shock in store when actress Georgia Moffett – whose real-life dad is former Doctor Who Peter Davison – claims to be the Timelord’s daughter.
The new BBC1 series begins in the spring and also features cameos by stars including Felicity Kendal, Lesley Sharp, Lindsey Coulson, and Tim McInnerny.

Doctor Who dub

This is hilarious, i almost pee'd my pants watching and laughing

If you live in the UK you can watch Freema's interview on Something for the Weekend on the BBC iPlayer

Click here to view, unless you suck and live in the US like me ...sniffffles

Germany takes Doctor Who off the air after only six episodes!

German TV station; ProSieben, have decided to pull Doctor Who off the air after just six weeks, leaving thousands of German Doctor Who fans with no resolution to Series One of Doctor Who. German fans have patiently been waiting two years for the station to pick up the New Series of Doctor Who.

It is therefore no surprise that fans are taking things into their own hands by creating a petition, which will be sent to the broadcasting station.

If you wish to make your voice heard, please sign the petition here.

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This Is Everything

Rose Tyler's Journey

Satan Rejected My Soul

Jip's Master Mix Doctor Who

A Valentine's TARDIS Card

Torchwood's Burn Gorman Talks About Series Two

Torchwood, the spin-off of BBC’s ever popular Doctor Who recently began it’s second season. In a remarkable development, BBC America is playing the episodes with only a ten day delay from when the fans in the UK are able to watch the show.

Burn Gorman, who plays Dr. Owen Harper on the Torchwood team recently spoke with MediaBlvd Magazine’s “The Two Doctors” radio program about the direction his character will be taking this season. He also gave some hints about how Martha will be integrated into the show for a three episode arc starting with number six.

Jim> You’re character really seems to have changed from season one to season two, can you comment on that?

Burn> Absolutely, Owen, in order to remain a valid member of the Torchwood team has to come to some fairly big decisions about his conduct. At the end of series one, he shot Jack, and was going off into, should we say grey areas of the missions he was asked to do. And I think that in order to become a coherent member of the team, he has to start again. There was a sense of forgiveness from Jack at the end of the series. And I think we’ve really started in season two to set his commitment to being a member of the team, and to see how the team works instead of beating, stabbing, snogging and kicking each other all the time.

Kenn>Do you have a feel for Owen’s backstory, and are we going to get to see some of that this season?

Burn> Well, from day one, I was never told anything about Owen. In fact, the producers very much left us alone. I never got a character breakdown, or what they wanted to have the character do, except for some very prescriptive scripts. But we definitely learn a lot about Owen’s back story in the second series. For me, I sort of ask questions of the writers and came up with my own story as for why he is emotionally and at some points socially stunted. Let’s be honest. And at some points can be arrogant and aloof. And I think the truth about Owen is he has a very hard exterior, and a very soft interior. He wants to do the right thing, and he’s passionate about saving life. There are very strong reasons as to why he became a doctor. But in series two we find out that he’s so brittle and unable to show his emotions. We find out exactly why that is, which is an exciting story line.

Jim>We’ve seen the first episodes in the States, and it looks like you and Tosh seem to be forming a relationship this season. Is that going to go anywhere?

Burn> I think I’m surprised as any one else whose watching it. I would say that Tosh and Owen’s relationship develops in a way that he is very much looking out for Tosh. In fact, all of the other members of the team. I think their love for each other and the kind of unspoken respect and trust is more hopefully more apparent this season. But particularly Tosh, I think that Owen is blind to the way that she feels about him. He’s not very aware really of feelings. And we definitely see much more of those two coming closer together. But in terms of an actual relationship we have to wait and see. I mean, I feel sorry for her, don’t you? I wouldn’t want Owen to be with Tosh.

Kenn> Well, it seems like Owen was one of the few people that had a lot of snogging time; first with Gwen, then with the woman pilot from the past. You actually had a love interest twice. Is that going to continue?

Burn> I was actually as surprised as anyone else. Let’s be honest, with gorgeous looking men in terms of Jack and Ianto, I always felt that maybe they should get some of the action. I don’t see myself as that. I see myself much more as a character actor. So I wasn’t entirely comfortable with it, but I enjoyed it while it happened. I think that some of that was with Captain Jack being such a hero figure, they didn’t want to bog him down with the issue of snogging or sex or whatever. He implies it, and talks about it. But we do see more in season of two of other members of the team getting into relationships and such, but thankfully, Owen gets much less of that. I get to keep my top on!

Kenn> It seems that at least for US audiences, Torchwood’s popularity is perhaps surpassing Doctor Who. Is that similar in the UK, or is Doctor Who still the mother ship?

Burn> The reaction that of I got is that in the States it’s seen very much as a standalone series. In Britian, it’s history really, that comes with Doctor Who. You yourselves are Doctor Who fans, I’m a Doctor Who fan, I’ve got so much kind of history and detail from that world, and I think that Torchwood had to, by it’s very nature of being Earth bound and specifically not going to other planets and dealing with alien life as it comes to Earth had to create it’s own world. We’re a part of the ship Whoniverse, but for example, someone like Owen doesn’t know anything about the Doctor. He doesn’t know that Jack has traveled in time. He’s very much concerned with aliens coming to Earth, and his life with Torchwood in Cardiff. It’s only through the series as his mind gets expanded, he knows about the hand in the jar. He knows that Jack can’t die. But he’s very much concerned with the Earth based thing. But we’re just glad that people are enjoying it, because we’re very passionate about it. But obviously we don’t have anywhere near the budget of Doctor Who, so we’re kind of focusing as much as we can on scripts and team. And we have a blast.

Jim> Have you done Sci Fi outside of Torchwood or is this your first venture into the science fiction genre.

Burn> It is definitely my first venture into a science fiction series. I’ve always been a huge sci fi fan, but this is the first continuing character that I’ve played. I noticed very early on unless you totally commit to it, and take it very seriously, it becomes even more unbelievable. But I love to be taken outside the norm into realms of fantasy and wonder. We’re able to go places that normal people can’t.

Kenn> It seems that Owen and the rest of the team found out they could function without Jack when he was away doing his part for the Who finale. Is that level of confidence that they found going to continue?

Burn> I think the team without Jack is like somebody missing a shoe. It’s still familiar. The aliens and the rift don’t stop happening. There are still incidents. There are still things coming through the rift which they are duty bound to deal with. But without Jack, we’re kind of like a ship without a rudder. Gwen had kind of taken charge as it were, but I think that we’re all just a bit lost. I think Owen is somebody who needs a leader as well. He needs to be told what to do so he can make his own decision about whether to follow that or not. But I’d say he would kind of suck as a leader.

Jim>This may not be a fair question, but how long do you see your character going on Torchwood? Would you want to be doing this for 3 to 5 years yourself?

Burn> I’m the type of actor who gets bored pretty easily. The scripts and the people I’m involved with are so passionate, that it has a certain amount of momentum. I really like the actors I work with, but the very nature of Torchwood, I would say, is one where people die young. I’d never say never, but there is only so many times a person can be shot, stabbed, poisoned or whatever before it just isn’t believable anymore. But I’ve had a really good time doing it and I hope the Torchwood world continues, definitely.

Kenn> Can you tell us if there is going to be more of a connection with Doctor Who with Martha coming over and such, or is the show going to remain very much independent.

Burn> I’d be lying if I said I knew anything at all. They started off saying there would be absolutely no links between the two, and now Martha is here in episodes 6, 7 and 8. I just don’t know if those two worlds can collide apart from Jack. But I think it would be interesting to see what would happen. I don’t know what the Who fans would think about it, but me as a Who fan, I say bring it on. It would be great. And also to work with David Tennant, we’d often see each other when we were filming. We’d be at lunch and see some Dalek’s go by or whatever. We’d see him around, so it was kind of a bit of a family affair really. I think it would be very exciting, and I hope that Jack will come back and forth between the series. I don’t know these things, but I’d hope that he can continue in both worlds.

Jim>I thought at first, I’m not sure about a spin-off Doctor Who show. How can it reach that caliber, but it’s just amazing how people have gravitated toward your show. It’s acted well, shot beautifully. You mentioned that the budget isn’t as high, but it looks just as beautiful as Doctor Who.

Burn> Well, thanks. I think that’s a testament to all the BBC Wales team. It’s a little bit like having your own world. Nobody bothers us, we’re just in our studios in the middle of the Welsh hills, and you’re kind of left alone. I think that it’s very important for drama’s as a whole to keep evolving, and I’m just glad to be associated with the Doctor Who world and franchise, but I’m really glad of your support for Torchwood. I think that Torchwood has tried to take risks, and has definitely failed in some parts, but unless you fail, you don’t how to get better, so long may it continue.

Kenn> Do you know anything about what went into BBC’s decision to air the show on BBC America with only a 10 day delay?

Burn> I really don’t. If I knew I’d say. I thought maybe it was something to do with the writers strike, but I guess that wouldn’t affect BBC America. I’m just glad really. I think it’s great that it’s going out only 10 days later.

Burn> Are you guys getting the full version? Over here, they’re editing it for the pre-watershed, the pre 9PM version the day after it airs.

Jim> I think we’re getting the pre-9PM version. What they’ve done though is a beautiful job of editing. We get the more sanitized version I think.

Kenn> It didn’t seem like a lot got cut out in series one, compared to the UK version.

Burn> I’m glad, I think the thing should be left alone as much as possible. It’s definitely less F-bombs and swearing in series two I’d say. Even the tone is much more about aliens and about what’s going on rather than the team itself. Which I prefer as a viewer, I want to see the strange things coming in. I just can’t wait for you guys to see the rest of the series. I really do think it’s really exciting.

Kenn> As a final question, without going into spoilers, can you tell us where Owen’s going to be going the rest of season two?

Burn> Owen’s character, I’m pretty certain it’s episode 5, we are introduced to a completely different side of Owen, completely different. It’s one that nobody will have seen before. I also think that episode 6 when Martha comes in, starts a trio of episodes. She comes in and Owen is kind of worried that she is going to tread on his toes, but in the end, they form a real attachment. Not so much a romantic attachment, but they have very deep respect for each other, and she’s very much involved in Owen’s story.


Friday night at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, California, Joss Whedon and “Y: The Last Man” creators Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra celebrated the end of the critically acclaimed, 60-issue epic. And for the first time, artist Guerra teased her next project: IDW Publishing's “Doctor Who.” CBR News caught up with Guerra at the party to talk about the project.
Fans of CBR’s STUDIO TOURS already know that Guerra is an “insane” fan of the British series. “I used to watch the old Tom Baker episodes with my aunt in Toronto, they played them on TV Ontario,” Guerra said. “And then when the new series came out, I started watching those and fell in love with them. It brought back a lot of cool memories from childhood. And I feel totally blessed to be able to work on this new series, which captures a lot of people’s imaginations.”

Tony Lee is penning the series, and both creators have always shared a love for “Doctor Who.” The seeds of the project were sown at Comic-Con International in San Diego last year in a conversation between Guerra and IDW’s Chris Ryall. “And then I sat on it for 6 months until we got the go ahead, and finally this month BBC has given its blessing. We’re really, really happy about it.” The first issue is scheduled to hit stands in July. And stay tuned to CBR for a full report on "Y: The Last Party."


Who M.D.

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Thoughts while watching Torchwood "Meat"

Rhys is an idiot.
Rhys cannot and should neeeeever sing again.
Ohhhh nooooos it's gweeeeen
Owen looks like crap in green, wait owens looks like
crap in anything nevamind
Rhys seems to be more dimwitted than i remember
Ahahahaha jack made a funny{alien meat hehehe}
mmmmm jack n gwen seeexual tension
ok big blobby alien
hey hey hey rhys grows a pair
ohhh gwens pair may be bigger
ahhh meaningful looks with ianto
lol mr caveman
tosh reaching out to owen awww
k owen is a dumbass, come on man tosh is HOT
jacks such a flirt
big suprise rhys gets shot
k i know he had too do it but damn u owen
ok i liked this one mainly because it showed jack feels something for gwen amd deep down wants what she and rhys have now. Also jack saw a bit of himself in that alien it regenerates no matter how you cut away at it and i believe he wanted to save it more because of what he is now.

k next week: adam is on the team, ianto is a serial killer, and jack had/has a little brother named grey?

Torchwood doubles

Fans are treated to a Torchwood double bill next Wednesday with Episode Five, Adam being shown on BBC2 at 9pm, and Episode 6, Reset making its debut on BBC3 at 9.50pm.

Invisible Enemy & K9 on DVD

Further information about the DVD extras of the forthcoming release of The Brain of Morbius have today been revealed on the BBFC website. Along with a documentary, "Getting a Head", and features such as "Designs on Karn", "A Letter to Robert Holmes" and "Set Tour", the disc contains a trailer for the forthcoming releases of 1977's The Invisible Enemy - which saw the first appearance of the robot dog K9 in Doctor Who - and the 1981 spin-off K9 and Company, which stars Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith.It is not yet clear whether or not this joint trailer indicates that the two stories will be released together in a double pack.

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Doctor Who Themed Valentines

More Torchwood stuff

Episode Four, "Meat"

Rhys discovers the truth about Torchwood and becomes part of the team as they investigate a mysterious alien meat supply. With Rhys in increasing danger Gwen is under pressure like never before. Will Rhys go too far? Will Jack ask too much of him? And can Torchwood save the alien from being used as cheap meat?

Episode Five, "Adam"

An alien with the power to change memories infiltrates Torchwood. Can the team save themselves before it's too late? With Captain Jack caught up in memories of his lost family, and Gwen struggling to remember Rhys, it takes Jack's love of Ianto to reveal the truth. But there's always a price to pay.

Episode Six, "Reset"

Captain Jack calls in Martha Jones to investigate mysterious deaths. When the trail leads to a sinister medical testing centre Martha must go undercover. But have Torchwood underestimated how far the testing centre will go to find medical breakthroughs? How safe is any of Torchwood?

Episode Seven, "Dead Man Walking"

Deep in shock, the Torchwood team has to face their darkest hour. However, in an effort to put things right, Captain Jack Harkness unleashes a primal force that uses Torchwood as a conduit to wreck havoc across Earth, aided by the Weevils and their newly-appointed King.

Episode Eight, "A Day In The Death"

A victim of his newfound circumstances, Owen Harper believes he needs absolution. Will the lonely girl on the rooftop help him, or will it be a mission to the retrieve an alien device that is proving more lethal by the second? And how far will Toshiko go to help him?

Episode Nine, "Something Borrowed"

The night before her wedding, Gwen is juggling work with her hen night, when an alien shapeshifter leaves her carrying more than she bargained for. As everyone gathers for the ceremony, Jack must destroy her big day, unless one of the three mothers present finds a means to stop him.

Episode Ten, "From Out Of The Rain"

The website has no information for this particular adventure, but we already know that PJ Hammond's script involves people moving in and out of black and white photographs.

Episode Eleven, "Adrift"

When a local teenager disappears Gwen is drawn into an investigation that reveals a darker side of Torchwood. Hundreds of people have disappeared without trace, but why is Jack obstructing attempts to find them? The answer seems to lie in the rift. Literally, and as Gwen follows the trail, she makes a shocking discovery.

Episode Twelve, "Fragments"

Again, no information, but this is set to flashback and reveal how the members of team Torchwood came to band together.

Episode Thirteen, "Exit Wounds"

No specific information, but Captain John Hart (James Marsters) is back - and brings answers about the whole "Grey" mystery with him...

S4: Episode Two title announced

DWM Issue #392 confirms the title for Episode Two of Series Four of Doctor Who.

Episode Two of Series Four is titled; 'The Fires of Pompeii'.

It has also been confirmed that Episode Ten is titled; 'Midnight'.

[Sources: DWO; DWM Issue #392]

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Martha Jones in Torchwood Series 2 Trailer

Torchwood spoilers pour in!!!!!

Torchwood Episode Titles

2.1 - Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
2.2 - Sleeper
2.3 - To The Last Man
2.4 - Meat
2.5 - Adam
2.6 - Reset
2.7 - Dead Man Walking
2.8 - A Day in the Death
2.9 - Something Borrowed
2.10 - From Out of the Rain
2.11 - Adrift
2.12 - Fragments
2.13 - Exit Wounds

Torchwood 2.4: Meat
Rhys discovers the truth about Torchwood and becomes part of the team as they investigate a mysterious alien meat supply. With Rhys in increasing danger Gwen is under pressure like never before. Will Rhys go too far? Will Jack ask too much of him? And can Torchwood save the alien from being used as cheap meat?

Torchwood 2.6 "Reset" is the sixth episode of the second series of British science fiction television series Torchwood, which will be broadcast by BBC Three on 13 February 2008 and repeated byBBC Two on 20 February 2008. This episode will feature Doctor Who companion, Martha Jones, in the first of three episodes. I got an email from a "Madforjack" with the info that Owen harper is set to be killed, but not all is what it seems as he will be transformed into a Weevil hybrid. He becomes "Weevil King" and appears as such throughout episodes six, seven and eight. Is this the end for 'human' Owen? {wow owen is gonna get handsome for once} I dunno about this bit but i did see weevils running about in the freema extended preview circulating, so who knows.

1. Gwen will get pregnant (and married!) with an alien baby (naughty Gwen!)
2. Characters will step out of a 1920 black and white film and cause chaos

Martha comes onboard with Torchwood to investigate a series of unusual deaths and spots connections between the deaths that the Torchwood team did not.

In addition to the deaths they find lives saved by a mysterious wonder drug.

There’s a medical research facility called “The Phram”.

“The Phram” is run by Copley (played by Alan Dale) who is a “powerful man” with dubious morality.

Martha is now a fully qualified doctor and works for UNIT.

Torchwood Series 2, Episode 6: “Reset”
Written by JC Wilsher, Directed by Ashley Way
Freema Agyeman joins Torchwood for three episodes, starting with this conspiracy thriller which has far-reaching consequences. Martha must help solve a series of mysterious deaths in Cardiff…

Torchwood Series 2, Episode 7
Written by Matt Jones, Directed by Andy Goddard
A dark and scary tale pits Torchwood against their most terrifying adversary to date. Plus, more Weevils than you’ve ever seen and a derelict church packed with all manner of creepy stuff…

Torchwood Series 2, Episode 8
Written by Joseph Lidster, Directed by Andy Goddard
Richard Briers plays Parker, a dying recluse who has something that Torchwood wants…

and unless her episodes are not consecutive, it looks like Freema will NOT be in the wedding episode (9) as the tabloids would have us believe…

Torchwood Series 2, Episode 9
Written by Phil Ford, Directed by Ashley Way
A fun filled romp with a dark edge. At a very important Cardiff wedding, not every guest has been invited…

BBC Norfolk Aldred interview

BBC Norfolk have a brand new radio interview with Classic Series Actress; Sophie Aldred.

Actress Sophie Aldred, who played former companion 'Ace', in the Classic Series, was in Norwich on Saturday 2nd February 2008 to meet fans of the cult television sci-fi drama.

She talked about fighting the Daleks, a love of meeting fans and her passion for Norfolk.

BBC Norfolk's Martin Barber was there to interview Sophie.

Listen to the interview, here.

Sci Fi confirms April debut for Who and SJA

The Sci Fi Channel has confirmed earlier reports that both Doctor Who Series Four and The Sarah Jane Adventures will begin airing on the channel in April. The channel's news service, Sci Fi Wire, has the confirmation, and Sci Fi's full press release is below.

DOCTOR WHO SEASON FOUR AND THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES COMING TO SCI FI CHANNEL IN APRILNEW YORK - February 4, 2008 - SCI FI Channel has acquired the fourth season of People's Choice Award-nominated Doctor Who and the phenomenally popular series' new spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures from BBC Worldwide America. Both series are slated to premier on SCI FI in April 2008.The Sarah Jane Adventures is written and produced by the same creative team behind Doctor Who, including multi-award winning writer Russell T. Davies. Having traveled the universe with The Doctor, Sarah Jane is used to alien encounters. Accompanied by her new young friends Maria, Luke and Clyde, she becomes embroiled in an offbeat world of mystery and danger.In season four of Doctor Who, David Tennant reprises his role as the tenth Timelord. For his latest adventures he is joined by a brand new companion, Donna Noble, played by award-winning actress Catherine Tate (The Catherine Tate Show, BBC AMERICA) who appeared as 'the runaway bride' in the previous season. 'Martha Jones,' played by Freema Agyeman, the Doctor's most recent companion, who had a dramatic role last season's finale, makes a triumphant return in the middle of season four."We are excited to have Doctor Who back on SCI FI for its 4th season," said Chris Regina, Vice President of Programming, SCI FI Channel. "It's an exciting franchise that continues to reinvent itself for new generations of viewers. The youthful appeal of The Sarah Jane Adventures will no doubt attract even younger new viewers."Candace Carlisle, EVP Sales and Co-productions, BBC Worldwide Americas commented, "The imagination of Russell and the rest of the production team in Cardiff who have produced these two incredible shows is outstanding. We are so pleased that the loyal fans of the SCI FI Channel will be able to meet a whole new range of characters and aliens that are intrinsically linked to the Doctor's history. Both 'Sarah Jane Adventures' and the new season of 'Doctor Who' are jam packed with some of the most creative storylines ever produced by the BBC's brilliant team."The third season of the new Doctor Who averaged 1.3 million weekly viewers on SCI FI.The deals were brokered by Lisa Hofer, Vice President of Co-Production & Sales, BBC Worldwide Americas. Executive Producers for The Sarah Jane Adventures are Russell T Davies, Head of Drama, BBC Wales, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson. The series producer is Matthew Bouch. Doctor Who season four is produced by Phil Collinson; Executive Producers are Julie Gardner and Russell T Davies. Doctor Who season four is a BBC production in association with CBC.SCI FI Channel is a television network where "what if" is what's on. SCI FI fuels the imagination of viewers with original series and events, blockbuster movies and classic science fiction and fantasy programming, as well as a dynamic Web site ( ) and magazine. Launched in 1992, and currently in 93 million homes, SCI FI Channel is a network of NBC Universal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies.BBC Worldwide Americas incorporates the U.S., Canadian and Latin American arms of BBC Worldwide, a commercial and wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Sao Paulo and Miami, BBC Worldwide Americas has five core businesses: Channels, TV Sales, Content & Production, Home Entertainment and Digital Media. Profit from BBC Worldwide is returned to the BBC public service.

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Ok i reaaaaaallllly need one of these please oh god please help me!!!!

Fob watch review here

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Freema TV apperance this weekend

Freema will be appearing on Something For The Weekend on Sunday 10th of February. The show airs on BBC 2 at 10 am.

Doctor Who has a daughter?

The Timelord is apparently set to get a huge shock when Doctor Who returns this spring - when he discovers he's a dad.The Doctor, played by 36-year-old David Tennant, is left stunned after he lands on Earth and learns he has a daughter, reports the Daily Star. -->

But, as with all the sci-fi hit's best storylines, there's a twist and the Doctor finds out the girl has been made by aliens, who sneakily took some of his DNA without him knowing.The Timelord's daughter is apparently played by 23-year-old Georgia Moffett, who also happens to be the real life daughter of former Doctor Who star Peter Davison, 56.A source was quoted as saying: "It's an amazing signing!"More incredible storylines have apparently been concocted for the new series, including a showdown with the Daleks and their evil creator Davros.Meanwhile, Catherine Tate is set to reprise her role as Donna, the runaway bride, and will star as The Doctor's companion throughout the new series.


The Big Finish download section goes live, sorta..

A few dubious rumors about Torchwood

A memory-altering creep named Adam joins the team and makes everyone believe he's always been there. He also makes Tosh think she's a cleavage-flashing bimbo who's dating him. Also, Gwen forgets Rhys, and Owen believes he's a dork. (So, not much change there.) When Ianto realizes his paper diary doesn't mention Adam, the psycho gives Ianto false memories of being a serial killer. Jack finally figures it out and stops Adam, and everybody gets their real memories back. We glimpse a super-cheesy vision of Jack's childhood. Gwen remembers Rhys, but declares she doesn't love him as much as she loves Jack. (WTF?) This sounds quite like the audio book Border Princes.

Also, some Torchwood rumors: Gwen and Ianto sleep together (probably not). Bilis, the creepy old guy from the end of season one, turns up again and sleeps with Ianto(ewwww old butt shots ewwwwwww). And Bilis and Gwen die. All of these rumors seem highly dubious, but there you go.

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Dr who cinema trailer details

It's got a lot of the stuff from the TV Trailer, but it's edited together different, and looks more cinematic. New stuff I noticed: -it begins with Donna talking to her grandfather, and vaguely saying that she regretted not going with The Doctor after the Chrismas Special's events, and that if he ever sees a flying blue box she should shout for her -this is intercut with clips of the Doctor on the streets with some sort of scanning device I assume in his hand, and it seems to lead him to Donna. He's out on the street looking in through the window of a building, she's behind a door inside the building, looking ecstatic and waving to him. Him...not so much. -A shot of the Sontarans in full uniform with helmets on -An ice planet/frozen wastes shot -Giant Wasp attacking Donna, who's dressed in 1920s style clothes, I think -Shot of the Doctor looking up in shock/grief with tears in his eyes. Followed by a shot of Donna with tears in her eyes looking out of a window of a place made of stone (I don't think this is connected to the shot of the Doctor, I think it's from the Rome episode). Then a shot of Martha totally soaked or covered in some thin layer of slime looking defiantly at the camera, then a brief shot of Rose outdoors at night, I think. -trailer ends back at Donna talking to her grandfather saying "Cos he's still out there, somewhere."

Friday, February 01, 2008

RTD won't listen to fans input....ok bite me russ

The best Doctor Who spinoff, the kid-oriented Sarah Jane Adventures, will air on the Sci Fi Channel starting in April, producer Russell T. Davies revealed. He also explained why he insisted that Doctor Who must be the only BBC show without a message board on its official site: he doesn't want to hear from the fans. "I'm sorry to say this, all the science fiction producers making stuff in America, they are way too engaged with their fandom. They all need to step back."