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Sexy Kylie was maid for Dr Who

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POP princess Kylie Minogue emerged into glorious Swansea sunshine yesterday as she filmed her latest scenes for the Christmas special of Doctor Who.

The singer, who has been in Wales for the past three weeks making the show with star David Tennant, smiled and waved to fans who had gathered outside the Exchange Buildings in Adelaide Street in the hope of catching a glimpse of her.
But instead of her usual headline-grabbing designer clothes, the diminutive diva was dressed in a short, tight maid’s outfit, complete with stockings and knee length high-heeled boots.
This is the look Kylie, whose mother Carol is from Maesteg, will be adopting as Astrid, a waitress on the doomed Titanic in an episode called Voyage of the Damned. Her look is reminiscent of one adopted last year by another of the Doctor’s helpers, Rose Tyler played by Billie Piper.

In Rise of the Cybermen, chief writer Russell T Davies sent Piper undercover as a waitress in order for her to infiltrate a party.
But her more modest look has now been revamped for what Davies calls the most “ambitious and best” Christmas episode of the BBC Wales made show.
The set was closely guarded by security yesterday and filming was due to continue today.
It is owned by Swansea hotelier Martin Morgan, whose plush five-star hotel is only a stone's throw away.

Monday, July 30, 2007

This Julie Gardner interview has some spoilers for S4 of Doctor Who and S2 of Torchwood


Dalek Crochet Pattern?



It is not every day you get to meet Doctor Who.But that is something nine-year-old Connor Wishart and his brothers Cameron, aged seven and four-year-old Oliver, from Bishopston, in Gower, can claim.They was in the right place at the right time when filming of the cult BBC television series resumed in Swansea at the weekend.The celebrated Time Lord - in the form of actor David Tennant - was happy to spare a few minutes for the youngsters, when he signed autographs for them outside the Exchange Buildings, near the marina.The indoor location is being used for filming of the Doctor Who Christmas special based on the Titanic.Mum Joanne Davies said her sons were delighted to meet The Doctor.She said: "He was really marvellous. He got out of the car to sign the autographs and was more than happy to meet the boys."They are all huge fans of Dr Who and they were absolutely thrilled to meet him."Earlier this month Aussie singer Kylie Minogue, who plays Astrid, a waitress on the ill-fated Titanic, was also spotted filming there.

DavidTennant.com are auctioning various bits and pieces for Accord


S4: Planet of the Ood

The Ood are set to return in Series Four of Doctor Who.

The BBCi Doctor Who website has confirmed that The Ood will return in a brand new adventure for Series Four, entitled: Planet of the Ood.

Viewers will learn where they come from and discover whether the Doctor and his new companion Donna will befriend the creatures.

The Ood first appeared in an episode called The Impossible Planet last year.

They were recently voted the sixth most scariest Doctor Who villain, after the likes of the Daleks and the Cybermen.

Writer and executive producer Russell T Davies has described the Ood as "the most brilliantly made monster in the world", adding they look like "they're permanently throwing up. It's really disgusting".

Gardner Rules Hopper Out

iF Magazine has an interview with BBC head of drama commissioning Julie Gardner in which she talks about a range of subjects concerning Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, all of which she also co-executive produces.In the interview, she quashes speculation that Dennis Hopper will be appearing on Doctor Who. "That's an unfounded rumor I'm afraid. He's not going to be on the show. It was all over the place, but he's not coming," she says.However, Gardner gives a strong indication that the Master will be returning. "It would be rude not to, and he’s a great character. John Simm is amazing and I would go to work every day with him. His scenes were so much fun to do," she says.

John Normington

According to a report at WhatsOnStage.com, the actor John Normington has died at the age of 70. Normington was best known to Doctor Who fans for his highly-acclaimed role as the villain Trau Morgus in Peter Davison's final story as the Fifth Doctor, The Caves of Androzani, in 1984. He later appeared again in the series in the Sylvester McCoy serial The Happiness Patrol in 1987, and finally guested in 2006's Ghost Machine, an episode of the Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood.Normington was a busy working actor right up until this year, appearing at the Old Vic opposite Robert Lindsay in The Entertainer. A former member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, he also appeared in television series such as Coronation Street, Yes, Prime Minister and Casualty.Hollywood actor Kevin Spacy, the artistic director of the Old Vic, said in tribute: "We were honoured to have enjoyed John’s company for as long as we had him. His spirit and influence remained throughout and now that same spirit joins the other great actors who have played the Old Vic stage, where he will always be remembered with admiration and affection. They don't make them like him anymore. We send our love and condolences to John’s partner, family and friends."

Mike Reid has passed away

BBC News reports Mike Reid has died. Best known for playing Frank Butcher in Eastenders (who he played in the 1993 Doctor Who Dimensions in Time special) he played small uncredited roles in Doctor Who such as The Massacre, The War Games and The Mask of Mandragora. For his obituary CLICK HERE.

Dr who is kids choice

U TV reports Doctor Who has been nominated for Best TV Show at the first ever Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards UK, CLICK HERE for more details

'Who' producer hints at return of The Master

Doctor Who producer Julie Gardner has suggested that John Simm's incarnation of The Master may return, despite the character's on-screen death.In an interview with iF Magazine, Gardner said: "It would be rude not to [leave the door open]. He’s a great character. John Simm is amazing and I would go to work every day with him. His scenes were so much fun to do."Life On Mars star Simm played The Doctor's ultimate foe in the final three episodes of the third season and was killed during the finale, his body burnt to a crisp. However, a female hand was seen reaching into the ashes and collecting the ring that The Master wore.

The top moments of Series Three have been posted at the Official BBC Doctor Who website


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Series Three boxset anyone?


Doctor Dave thanks fans

DOCTOR Who star David Tennant has thanked fans for raising £1,500 for a hospice following the death of his mum.
His 67-year-old mum Helen McDonald in Dykebar, Paisley, died after a battle with cancer.
Tennant has been filming the third annual Christmas special of Doctor Who for BBC Wales with Kylie Minogue.

Freema banned from 'Torchwood' sex scenes

Freema Agyeman will not be involved in any sexy scenes when she appears on Torchwood for a three-episode stint.The actress's character Martha Jones will join Captain Jack and his team on the Doctor Who spin-off, before making her "triumphant return" to the main show. Executive producer Russell T Davies has revealed that Martha is banned from any saucy storylines on the post-watershed show - because he doesn't want to destroy the character's image."You have to respect the fact that she is still a Doctor Who character," Russell is quoted by the Daily Star as saying. "There is no sex or swearing with her in Torchwood because there will be kids watching."It's fine for Torchwood's Gwen to be doing it. But we sat there with a script and were literally taking swear words out of Martha's lines."

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Master/Doctor Phonecall "Sound of Drums"

The Doctor/The Master - If I Should Die

Doctor Who: Doctor v Master - Take Me Out

Doctor Who Comic

Newsarama.com has announced that IDW will begin publishing a new title based on the tenth Doctor, with stories written by TV show script editor Gary Russell and art by Nick Roche.IDW chief Chris Ryall told Newsarama that in addition to the new Tenth Doctor comic book, IDW would be reprinting classic Doctor Who comics drawn by Dave Gibbons, with all-new coloring.Gary Russell told Newsarama's interviewer:
"Can't get enough Martha. As for Tennant, 'cos he's the current one, simple as that. It's about putting characters from one medium into a totally different, and utilizing the strengths (and weaknesses) the new medium has to offer. So I gain from a bigger budget, more extras and louder bangs, yet the storytelling has to be as concise, clever and charming as the TV show is, but in a wholly different way. I have now just scared myself beyond belief..."" Old monsters are all very well, but using the big guns like Daleks, Cybermen, the Master - it's a bit gauche. If you're going to use recognizable elements from the show - and I think you should where the story allows it - [it should be] a story that enables you to go "oooh I could put MONSTER X in here, that'd be cool" over to "oooh I need to write a story about MONSTER X" now and again, because people like to spot elements they're familiar with, then they need to be fun. Our first issue does feature something from the current show, and a later issue or two features something from waaaaay back in the series history, but these things should be done sparingly or it's no longer an event, it's the norm. And normal is dull."

Will Billie wed her diamond geezer?

Billie Piper shows off a dazzling diamond ring as she takes a trip to the pub with her boyfriend.
The former Doctor Who star was wearing what was thought to be an engagement ring, adding to speculation that she is to marry actor Laurence Fox today.
The couple are rumoured to be having a secret ceremony in the Cotswolds with only their closest friends and family present - floods permitting.
Miss Piper's platinum ring studded with three diamonds was clearly on show as she and Fox enjoyed a pub lunch and took a stoll with their dogs.
And while it may not have been the most extravagant of sparklers, it certainly beats any from her previous marriage to DJ Chris Evans.
Her ex-husband, with whom she remains good friends, neglected to buy her either an engagement ring or a wedding ring for their £250 quickie ceremony in Las Vegas in 2001.
Miss Piper, 24, and 28-year-old Fox, son of actor James Fox, met last year when they starred in a play together.
They are believed to have booked an intimate Costwolds venue for today. They asked family and friends to keep the weekend free, but it was unclear last night if the flooding in parts of Gloucestershire would affect proceedings.
Some areas have been left without water and there are severe weather warnings in place for the weekend.
A friend of the couple said: "It is a small affair. They do not want a glitzy event, just a lovely day for everyone.
"She is completely in love and the happiest I have known her for a long time."
The rumoured wedding come a fortnight before Evans, 41, marries golf writer Natasha Shishmanian, 28.
Miss Piper and Evans have said how delighted they are that each has found love again after their own marriage ended. They divorced only last month, with Miss Piper refusing to claim a penny of Evans's fortune.

BBC online video service launches

The BBC's flagship online TV service is being launched, offering viewers the chance to download their favourite programmes from the last seven days.
For director general Mark Thompson, the launch of iPlayer is as big a milestone as the arrival of colour TV.
But others have questioned how technically reliable it will be and whether it is late to a crowded market.
At launch, a fixed number of people will be able to sign up, with the numbers increasing throughout the year.
Programme selection
The iPlayer allows viewers to download a selection of programmes from the last seven days and watch them for up to 30 days afterwards.
In the UK, Channel 4 offers a similar service, called 4OD, for programmes across its portfolio of channels.
Viewers interested in the iPlayer can register for the service on Friday and will then be invited to join. The number of users will increase over the summer, before a full launch in the autumn.
The iPlayer began life in 2003 as the iMP (Integrated Media Player), and some believe it should have been launched in that format.
"At the time, it was remarkably innovative. For the BBC to use peer-to-peer technology was revolutionary," said Simon Perry, editor of online magazine Digital Lifestyles.
"If it had just launched it then it could have blown the whole broadcast world away. Who knows what the impact would have been if it had come out before the rise of YouTube," he said.
Instead YouTube had driven a whole generation away from TV altogether, to get their entertainment and news from social networks, he added.
A BBC spokeswoman said the iPlayer, like any other new BBC service, went through a Public Value Test (PVT). The nine-month test was overseen by the corporation's regulators.
She said: "There is always going to be a trade-off between rigour and speed in a regulatory process like this.
"The rigour of the PVT has actually forced us to scrutinise every aspect of the service, from design to value for money."
Arash Amel, an analyst with research firm Screen Digest, said "technical glitches" were inevitable when iPlayer launched, partly because rival applications experienced them and partly through his own experience of the BBC's offering.
I have supposedly been on the trial for the last two weeks but there has just been technical fault after technical fault," he told the BBC News website.
The iPlayer has already courted controversy from open source advocates, angry that, at launch, it will only be compatible on PCs with the Windows XP operating system.
Other services such as ITV's broadband media player and Channel 4's on-demand offering also rely on Microsoft software but, critics argue, the BBC's remit is to serve licence-payers, which includes Mac users and those who favour cheaper alternatives to Microsoft, such as Linux.
The BBC Trust has told the corporation it must widen the access to iPlayer as soon as possible and has ordered a review every six months.
The trust met with Mark Taylor, the head of the Open Source Consortium and one of the more vocal critics of the Microsoft-only launch, earlier this week.
"They reiterated their commitment to platform neutrality, specifically mentioning Linux, and welcomed our offer of help to establish a cross-platform approach," Mr Taylor said.
The OSC is due to meet BBC management to discuss the issue further.
According to Screen Digest data, online TV services are set to explode in the UK. In 2006 it estimates that 520.2 million pieces of content were streamed, of which the vast majority were free-to-view.
It forecasts this will leap to 2.3 billion by 2011.
The BBC currently dominates the free-to-view content market with 80% of clips originating from the corporation, according to Screen Digest. This will fall to about 62% by 2011, as video content becomes more widely available from alternative sources such as Sky.
Mr Amel thinks there is a more general problem with the way the BBC and its rivals have decided to make content available.
"Having to download a separate application for each service is a big problem and is a bit like having to buy a set-top box for every channel you want to watch. If you download all the applications that are available then that is using a lot of processing power," he said.
He thinks providers might have been better to follow the model US networks have favoured where content is downloadable directly from their websites.
Content currently available on PCs would also need to migrate to the TV, he said. Freeview boxes with internet connections are coming on the market in the next six months and could go some way to solving this problem.
"The real holy grail in the UK is one platform, like the iPlayer, that brings all the content in one location - a kind of Freeview concept for downloads," he said.
The BBC has said it is working with Virgin Media to launch on cable later this year.

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Toys and stuff - prototypes

Weta collectables have been developing some really funky stuff as revealed at the San Diego Comic Con. The scale on these babies look amazing and the detail will be be astonishing.First up looks to be the Dalek from Dalek and the Cyber Controller from Age of Steel .http://charles-song.com/phpBB2/album_page.php?pic_id=408&sid=2ee260a6f3e0616a2b2a3d2adf936c87Impressive, most impressive.ETA - DALEK!http://charles-song.com/phpBB2/album_page.php?pic_id=383

Hornby branches out to new lines

Toymaker Hornby is putting its faith in TV favourite Dr Who and Formula One star Lewis Hamilton to drive sales.
The group has negotiated a licence with BBC Worldwide to produce a range of Airfix models based on Dr Who, which should hit shop shelves for Christmas.
A further deal with the McLaren Formula One team will allow it to issue a range of Lewis Hamilton Scalextric cars.
Kent-based Hornby also aims to cash in on the current Transformer craze, with a range of products based on the film.
Shares in the company jumped on the news, rising 24.25 pence, or 11%, to 250.25p on the London market in afternoon trade.
Timely move?
The decision to produce a range of Dr Who goods just in time for Christmas could prove to be a money-spinner.
Last year, Character Group's Cyberman voice changing helmet was touted as one of the biggest sellers during Christmas 2006.
In a trading update to coincide with its annual general meeting, Hornby - famous for its range of model train sets - said it had made a "solid" start to the year.
"Forward orders are much stronger than the equivalent position last year," said chairman Neil Johnson in a statement.
"With a strong pipeline of new product launches, we are very well placed to continue to drive both sales and profit growth."

Novelizations confirmed

With the publication today of Doctor Who Magazine #384, we can now confirm that episode novelizations have returned to the Doctor Who universe.
The issue gives all but one of the story titles for the season, matching books already listed on amazon.co.uk.
The first story, by Garth Roberts, remains untitled, but the remaining are:
• "Eye of the Gorgon" by Phil Ford as novelized by Phillip Stratford• "Warriors of the Kudlax" by Phil Gladwin as novelized by Gareth Roberts• "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?" by Gareth Roberts (novelization status unclear)• "The Lost Boy" by Phil Ford (novelization status unknown)
The status of the two Gareth Roberts stories is a bit unclear at the moment. Only one is actually listed on on amazon.co.uk, under the confusing title "Story Two". But it is listed as being novelized by Roberts himself. Given that "The Invasion of the Bane" by RTD and Roberts, is also to be novelized by Roberts, it may be a safe bet to assume that both Roberts stories will be self-novelized. Each of the books will be released in paperback, with photographs from the particular serial included.
Penguin Character Books will release the books in November.

'Who' actress speaks about character change

Freema Agyeman has revealed that Martha Jones will have a lover when she returns to Doctor Who.The actress, 27, has explained that Martha will have given up on her hope of a romance with the Doctor after spending time away from him, so fans can expect a much different relationship between the two. "Martha will be in a relationship by the time she returns to The Doctor so that part of her soul will be fulfilled. So I think she'll look at her relationship with the Time Lord with fresh eyes - older and much, much wiser," Freema is quoted by the Daily Star as saying."The last time they saw one another was after she'd just saved the world, so she went out on a high. When they meet up again, it'll be odd, so I imagine they'll be sizing each other up a bit!"Martha will make a "triumphant return" to the Tardis in the middle of the next series. Catherine Tate has been confirmed as the new full-time companion.

DW Goes Online in Canada

Viewers in Canada can currently watch episodes of series three online via the CBC website.The content is region protected and only accessible in Canada.

Helen McDonald appeal

A group of forum members of the OG have have launched a fundraising appeal in memory of David Tennant's mother, Helen McDonald, who died recently.The appeal is in aid of the ACCORD Hospice, based in Paisley, in Scotland. Mrs McDonald was a voluntary worker at the hospice for many years and it was where she was cared for in her final days.Fans who donate are asked not to mention David in the comments section, in order to protect his privacy at a difficult time for him and his family.Donations can be made at justgiving.com.The fan website david-tennant.com has launched a similar appeal.

K9 Series Funding

Australia's Film Finance Corporation has approved funding for the spin-off series featuring K9.A news release says financial backing was agreed at the organisation's July board meeting, although the exact amount of money involved is unknown.It says: "When we meet him in the new 26-part Australian kids' show K9, this highly intelligent creature is guarding an abandoned prison transportation craft."The series, previously understood to have been called K9 Adventures and K9 - The Series, has been created and is being written by Doctor Who classic era writer Bob Baker, says the FFC.TV distribution agent Park Entertainment says the half-hour episodes will be live action and CGI.The FFC is the Australian government's main agency for funding film and TV production in Australia.UPDATE: C21 is reporting that Australia's Network Ten has come on board the series. The show was understood to be already in pre-production but C21 quotes Park Entertainment chief executive Jim Howell as saying it was hoped the show would be in pre-production by October.

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Martha Jones 12″ Toy Materializes, Vanishes


Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?

Today sees the publication of the latest issue of Panini's monthly Doctor Who Magazine, which this month features some exclusive news regarding "The Sarah Jane Adventures". Not only does it confirm the DVD release of the series pilot, "Invasion of the Bane", on 29th October - but it brings us up to date on four of the series' five episode titles!
They are as follows (although the title to Adventure One is still missing because, according to Russell T Davies, "it gives too much away!"):
1: Title TBC
Written by Gareth Roberts
Directed by Alice Troughton
2: Eye of the Gorgon
Written by Phil Ford
Directed by Alice Troughton
3: Warriors of the Kudlax
Written by Phil Gladwin
Directed by Charles Martin
4: Whatever Happened To Sarah Jane?
Written by Gareth Roberts
Directed by Graeme Harper
5: The Lost Boy
Written by Phil Ford
Directed by Charles Martin
Meanwhile in Russell T Davies monthly Production Notes column the executive producer talks about Magic Week - aka the one week in early July where all three Nu Who series were filming at the same time. That meant Sarah Jane, Doctor Who all inside Upper Boat at the same point in time! RTD goes on to give us clues about what to expect from all three shows - although it's up to you to decide which cryptic clue applies to The Sarah Jane Adventures...
"...bits of 1918, 2008, 51st Century, the oh-so-pivotal 1964. Extras passing to and fro, dressed as Stewards and World War One soldiers and Combat 3000 kids. Camera crews and riggers and sparks all treading sand into the complex, having been out in the wilds, recreating the Boeshane Peninsula. Madness!"
"It won't last long - the end of The Sarah Jane Adventures is now in sight, but look, right now - there she is, in that studio over there, the wonderful Lis Sladen, flawless on every take, fighting the villainous Mr Grantham, and his boss Kudlak, and his boss The Mistress."
Doctor Who Magazine issue 384 is on sale, priced £3.99.

Return Of The Ood

They're back - but will they be Beastly?
The Ood, one of Doctor Who's most popular aliens, will return for a brand new adventure in Series Four.
In Planet of the Ood, the Doctor and his new companion Donna will travel to a weird and wonderful alien planet, where she will meet the mysterious race for the first time.
The episode will allow viewers to discover the origins of The Ood and why they behave the way they do – but will the Doctor become their friend or foe?
"We're delighted The Ood are making a welcome return to Doctor Who," said lead writer and Executive Producer Russell T Davies.
"They were last seen falling into a black hole back in Series Two and we think it's only fair for the viewers to find out what the Ood have to say for themselves! Donna is certainly in for a shock."
The fourth series of Doctor Who goes into production this July and will hit UK screens in Spring 2008.
Follow the link below to check out our Ood gallery.

Ood Gallery


British royal PRINCE CHARLES has ruled out a return to the U.K's TV screens - after turning down a role in sci-fi series DOCTOR WHO. Charles made a special guest appearance in an episode of Manchester-based soap Coronation Street to commemorate the show's 40th birthday in 2000, but has passed on the offer to make a cameo in the BBC show's Christmas special - despite pleas from programme bosses. Phil Collinson, Doctor Who's producer, says, "We recently approached Charles because we had some great ideas for him in the show. "Unfortunately he politely declined but he did say he was a big fan of the show." Australian pop star Kylie Minogue confirmed an appearance in Doctor Who earlier this month

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

School Reunion alumni graduate

Contributors to the series two story, "School Reunion", are set to write new television futures for themselves. Noel Clarke and Toby Whithouse, who have also penned episodes of Torchwood, have received a commission from Danny Cohen to write two new series for BBC3.
According to a July 12 report from Digital Spy, both series will be broadcast later this year.
Clarke will tackle the familiar setting of a London council estate with his drama W10 LDN. It will follow the lives of several teenagers residing at the estate. It will be produced by Kudos, who also produced Life on Mars.
Whithouse will continue plying the supernatural in Being Human, about a trio of housemates who are, in reality, a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf. It will film, but may not be set, in Bristol.

Whoz down under

Live in Australia, fan of Dr Who? Then have we got an event for you... Whoniverse 2007.
You can meet Sylvester Mc Coy – 7th Doctor on Sunday July 29th 2007 at Northcote Town Hall, 189 High Street, Northcote, Australia. Doors Open - 11.30am/More details over at http://home.vicnet.net.au/~dwcv/

Doctor Who's David Tennant will be switching on the world-famous Blackpool Illuminations on Friday 31 August 2007.

Blackpool has been the home of Doctor Who before but can now boast the most extensive collection of Doctor Who programme exhibits ever.The collection charts the four decades of the memorable BBC science fiction series from its beginnings way back in 1963 right up to the new 2005 episodes. Many of the Doctor's famous enemies appear in all their glory including the Cybermen, Daleks, the Yeti, Ice Warrior, Silurian, Davros and many more.These are the actual BBC props set together with fascinating items from the wardrobe and design departments. In addition you can see many of the actual costumes worn by the Doctors and the assistants plus video clips from throughout the programme's history including the different title sequences from the original ghostly Hartnell version onwards.The museum is a treasure trove for any lover of Doctor Who and those eager to see what has made this the longest running science fiction programme in the world. At over 5500 square feet in size there's more than you might expect around every corner.

For further info, please visit: www.visitblackpool.com

A glimpse of Martha's future in the new DWM.

Freema Agyeman has given Doctor Magazine the inside scoop on how Martha will have changed when she next meets up with the Doctor in Series Four...
"She'll actually be in a relationship by that point, so that part of her soul is fulfilled," Freema hints, "so I think she'll look at her relationship with the Doctor with fresh eyes - older and much, much wiser. The last time they will have seen one another is after she's just saved the world, so she went out on a high. And then they meet up again... so I imagine that they'll be sizing each other up a bit!"
Also this issue, the mag goes behind the scenes on the Master's death scenes - and travels back to his very first appearance with a Fact of Fiction article on 1971's Terror of the Autons.
Plus, there's a trip to the year 100 Trillion with Blue Peter winner John Bell, while the Doctor Who design team reveals the special effects secrets behind the Master trilogy - with exclusive artwork, design drawings and never-before-seen photographs.
The Doctor finds himself caught in traffic in DWM's new comic strip adventure, Bus Stop; the Time Team witness the Resurrection of the Daleks; and the Matrix Data Bank Tour goes worldwide.
Plus there's some exclusive news on Donna's return to the TARDIS and the latest on this year's Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned, starring Kylie Minogue.
Issue 385 is on sale from Thursday 26 July.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Time Warrior DVD Update

The Restoration Team updated its website today with details about the release of The Time Warrior on DVD in the UK.The four-part story from December 1973 to January 1974, which started the final season of Jon Pertwee as the Doctor and introduced not only Elisabeth Sladen as companion Sarah Jane Smith but also the Sontaran race, will be out on September 3.It will be the first time it has been available unedited.

Australian media coverage

Australian media coverage of Doctor Who and Torchwood continues. Kelsey Munro of the Sydney Morning Herald previews 'Daleks in Manhattan', which Ian Cuthbertson of the Weekend Australian describes as 'finely made, with the production values of a feature film and starring those seemingly eternal 'Doctor Who' villains in top form.' Meanwhile Robin Oliver, also of the Sydney Morning Herald, writes that 'Evolution of the Daleks', 'features the most spectacular Dalek action in Doctor Who's history' and that 'writer Helen Raynor provides unusually strong dialogue, which David Tennant employs with great effect.' Oliver also notes Tennant's amusing appearance on Parkinson on the same Saturday night (28 July, ABC, 10.15pm) where he is introduced as 'Doctor Wow!'. The Melbourne Age's AnnMaree Bellman in previewing Countrycide says 'it's Famous Five Go Camping meets The Blair Witch Chainsaw Massacre'. Ian Cuthbertson also notes that this episode has 'a terrifically creepy beginning to an equally creepy episode . . . Lonely crofters cottages will never look innocent again.' Naoko Mori has also started appearing in Channel Ten 'I believe . . . seriously' promotional trailers, in addition to the similar Ten trailers featuring John Barrowman and Eve Myles.Meanwhile in the Aussie ratings, 'Daleks in Manhattan' scored 839,000 viewers in the 5 major capitals, coming second to the Dame Edna Treatment on Channel Nine. Meanwhile, Torchwood's 'Countrycide' scored 673,000 viewers, these ratings probably affected by a twenty minute delay in its start due to an overlong episode of the local version of Big Brother. For more ratings details see the Sydney Morning Herald's Tribal Mind.

'Who' actress to guest in 'Doctors'

Former Doctor Who actress Annette Badland is to make a cameo appearance in Birmingham-based soap Doctors.The 56-year-old - who battled the Time Lord as an evil Slitheen in 2005 - is to play Sarah Hardy, a cantankerous woman who feels persecuted by her noisy neighbours and their new-born baby. Usually-calm and collected, Sarah decides to fight back in order to protect the delicate balance of her lonely life. And it’s Senior Practice Nurse Michelle Corrigan (Donnaleigh Bailey) who helps Sarah realise that her neighbours could actually do with some friendly support since the death of their eldest child.Speaking of her role, Annette told DS: "Being a Brummie, it's so lovely filming back home, especially since it means I don't have to put on a different accent! I'm having a wonderful time on the Doctors set; the cast and crew are all lovely and it's a real laugh shooting my scenes with fellow Brummie Donnaleigh. "Sarah is such a fantastic character to play because she's so complex and not terribly pleasant - not quite a Slitheen but not far off either!"Producer Natasha Carlish commented: "We are all very excited about having Annette on the show. The character of Sarah has required Annette to play her with a tough exterior and an inner vulnerability so that the viewer can ultimately feel sympathy for her plight. Annette has delivered just that and more."She added: "Annette has been a real delight to work with; charming and gracious even on a typically hectic Doctors schedule! We all feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work with her and I am sure that the episode will provide great viewing for our audience."Annette began filming in Birmingham last week and her episode is due to transmit on Tuesday, November 6.

What Scares Freema?


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God Help You Rose Tyler

A joy ride with a stranger turns dangerous in this suspense/thriller/crack recut.

German for Beginners/Whovians

Official German episode titles for Doctor Who season 1, found in some dusty cabinet of the FSK. Surprisingly good titles, no real howlers in there, they more or less translated correctly and didn't invent new, improved ones (as they usually do)... well, except for Boom Town, that one will simply be utterly hilarous to see ;) 1x01 - Rose1x02 - Das Ende der Welt1x03 - Die rastlosen Toten ("The Restless Dead")1x04 - Aliens in London, Teil 1 ("Aliens in London")1x05 - Der dritte Weltkrieg, Teil 2 ("The third World War" is the only way to say this, yes)1x06 - Dalek1x07 - Langzeitstrategie ("Long Term Strategy" not perfect, but clever)1x08 - Vatertag 1x09 - Das leere Kind - Teil 1 (sounds... odd, yet I can't think of a better translation for 'empty' here. Must sound intriguing to newbies at least)1x10 - Der Doktor tanzt - Teil 2 (Sounds quite nice, yes ^^)1x11 - Der Spalt ("The Crack"... I'm going to die of laughter, I know it! Yet I can see why they did it, the wordplay would be lost on Germans)1x12 - Böser Wolf - Teil 1 (See, it's not 'Schlechter Wolf', BBC!)1x13 - Getrennte Wege - Teil 2 ("Separate[d] Ways")Still, some of those sound really, really strange... I suddenly get this 'it's wrong' vibe again. At least they translated Bad Wolf correctly ;)

New Torchwood Audio

The John Jarrold Literary Agency has announced that Steven Saville, editor of the recent Short Trips Anthology Destination Prague, has been signed on to write a new Torchwood audio. The title will be Hidden, and the story will be delivered in August, for an autumn recording by BBC audiobooks.John Jarrold said: "The storyline is under wraps, however, I've read the synopsis, and it's terrific! As one of those who remembers watching the first episode of Doctor Who in November 1963 and still watches both the original and Torchwood, I can't wait to hear it!"

The unreal way to escape from normal life

REALITY television shows are being pushed out of favour by a new type of programme – unreality TV.
Wales-made Doctor Who and Torchwood as well as ratings winners Lost, Primeval and Life on Mars, have triggered our appetite for extreme escapist viewing. And US import Heroes, which gets its UK terrestrial premiere on BBC2 this week, will whet our appetite for this style of entertainment even further, experts predict.
Gill Hudson, editor of TV bible Radio Times, says people today can’t get enough of shows which mix up formerly “geek” chic genres.
“Show likes Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica are all examples of a resurgence in mainstream interest in sci-fi and fantasy shows,” she says.
“Some would say it’s a straightforward case of success breeding success: let’s jump on the Doctor Who bandwagon and get some of the action for ourselves. Others would argue that great writing is the real driver; the genre is irrelevant.
Story continues

“But another school of thought says that when we live in difficult times, the programmes we find especially compelling and comforting are the ones that convey a sense of empowerment: where apparently ordinary people can access extraordinary powers that allow them to take on and defeat the Forces of Darkness.”
“And lo, a new genre of “light” versus “dark” entertainment was born.”
Unreality TV is a new movement which pushes the normal boundaries of small-screen dramas.
This trend will also be seen soon in ITV 1’s Lost in Austen, a “frock of ages” romp in which a contemporary woman finds herself in the body of Elizabeth Bennett from Jane Austen’s 19th century classic Pride and Prejudice.
Then there’s the scheduled update of Frankenstein, also on ITV, in which the doctor is written as a female and, in development for the BBC, look out for Outcasts, a story about misfits in Space.
Then, of course, there’s the much-hyped Heroes which starts this Wednesday.
Elaine Penn, features editor of TV Choice magazine, says it’s a series which is going to take the entire nation by storm. “People at work have managed to get their hands on advance copies and it blew them away,” she said.
The Rev Professor Leslie Francis, a member of the British Psychological Society and director of the Welsh National Centre of Religious Education, says watching unreality TV can have a positive impact.
But, as proved in the Bangor University-based expert’s study of teenagers who watched more than five hours of television a day, it can contribute to an individual’s loss of control and lack of self-esteem.
“People will always be affected by stories,” he said. “But sometimes what they really need to see is what’s happening in the here and now.”


DEMAND for the latest Doctor Who toys is out of this world.
The five-inch high figures of characters from the science fiction show, starring David Tennant, have become collectors' items and are selling out as fast as they hit the shelves.
Some toy stores have now limited the number of figures people can buy.
Customers have even been seen waiting inside shops for the weekly deliveries from suppliers Character Options.
One sold-out figure, the evil Sycorax from the Christmas 2006 show, retailed at £7. But it is now appearing on auction websites formore than £60.
Especially sought-after are figures from series three, which include a model of the Doctor himself, companion Martha Jones and Thay, the last Dalek.
Justine Pryce, of Toys R Us, said: "Certain characters may well be out of stock.
"But we advise against spending over the odds as we are getting regular deliveries."

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Doctor Who Video Game Out For Christmas

Top Trumps have revealed their plans for a Doctor Who video game to be released in time for Christmas 2007.
It is thought it will be available on PC, PS2, DS and Mobile.
An advert for the game appears in the new Doctor Who Top Trumps card pack.

Sladen to return in sci-fi spin-off

Elisabeth Sladen is returning to TV screens as intrepid former Doctor Who assistant Sarah Jane Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures.
The actress, who played Coronation Street barmaid Anita Reynolds in the early 1970s, appeared in a pilot edition of the spin-off show last Christmas.
That programme went down so well with viewers that a 10-part series has been commissioned and will be aired on CBBC in the autumn.
As well as appearing in Corrie, Elisabeth has also featured in The Bill and Peak Practice.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Frank Maher

Francis James Maher, stunt performer and co-ordinator, actor and writer: born London 18 June 1929; four times married (one son, one daughter); died Newport, Isle of Wight 13 July 2007.
As a stunt performer and co-ordinator in swashbuckling feature films and 1960s television adventure series, Frank Maher made his career out of being other people - notably "doubling" for Errol Flynn and Burt Lancaster in the cinema and Patrick McGoohan and Roger Moore on the small screen.
In The Crimson Pirate (1952), starring Lancaster in the title role, Maher was seen sliding down a sail and had to endure subsequently reading a newspaper article in which the star laid a £10,000 bet that he did all his own stunts.
His television association with Patrick McGoohan began during the early episodes of Danger Man (1960-67), when he fell down stairs and did other stunts, before getting the job as the actor's double and the programme's stunt co-ordinator. "I was actually a fantastic double for Pat - pure luck, luck of birth, but we were the same height and build," said Maher. "I could interchange his shoes, his hat, everything."
Then, he did the same job for The Prisoner (1967-68), McGoohan's classic, cult series with allegorical stories making a statement about the freedom of the individual. In the opening sequence, it is Maher seen on a beach, running towards the camera. During the series, he had to learn fencing and hang from a helicopter and, when he told the star how much he wanted to write, McGoohan, as executive producer, encouraged him. The result was the Western-style episode "Living in Harmony".
McGoohan's great television rival at the time was Roger Moore and, when Maher worked on The Saint (1962-69), replacing Les Crawford as his double, the star referred to him as "Mrs Maher" because of his meticulous planning of action sequences.
But one of Maher's favourite scenes was with Honor Blackman in the fantasy espionage series The Avengers (1961-69), shot live as the last scene of an episode. "The final punch on the show was from Honor to me to go backwards over a table," he recalled.
Unfortunately, it connected right there [the nose] and blood went everywhere. I literally did go backwards and finished up lying across a table with my head upside down and blood pouring out. There was the camera, a fantastic shot, but I didn't appreciate it very much! She was off camera then because it had panned down on to me. They said, "Cut!" and she flew over and I got the biggest cuddle. How about that? It was worth the blood!
Born in 1929, in Dulwich, south London, the son of Wembley Stadium's head chef, Maher was a gold medal-winning boxer at school, then lied about his age to join the Army's Parachute Regiment at 15 and take part in the Battle of Arnhem during the Second World War. He and a friend were wounded and, on leaving hospital, they were window shopping in Piccadilly Circus when they were spotted by a talent scout who asked if they were interested in entering the film business. They landed walk-on roles as Roman centurions, complete with swords, helmets and skirts, in the £1.2m spectacle Caesar and Cleopatra (starring Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh, 1945). The pair were promised that, if they suffered any cuts, they would be paid £1 for each one, with the result that Maher was earning £11 a day.
This experience and his athleticism and good looks marked out a career as an actor and stunt performer for Maher after another period in the Army. Many of his film roles were as an extra, described by him as a "crowd artist". He had uncredited appearances in Ivanhoe (1952), the South Seas romance Saturday Island (1952), The Devil's Disciple (with Burt Lancaster, 1959) and The Master of Ballantrae (with Errol Flynn, 1953).
His move into television came with The Adventures of Robin Hood (1955-59), one of ITV's early adventure series, based on the folk legend, filmed at Nettlefold Studios, Walton-on-Thames, in Surrey, and starring Richard Greene in the title role. The programme was made by technicians who had a background in the film industry, so it was natural that some of those who had worked with them would be given a chance in the burgeoning new medium. All the fight sequences were carefully planned and written down before they were shot and the close-in, one-on-one sword fights were recreated, with weapons copied from those of the time preserved in museums.
Maher subsequently acted and did stunt work in programmes such as Man in a Suitcase (1968), The Champions (1969), Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (1969), The Persuaders! (with Roger Moore again, 1971) and Space 1999 (1976), before working as stunt co-ordinator on the first two series (1978-79) of the science-fiction serial Blakes 7, created by Terry Nation, who invented the Daleks in Doctor Who. Maher also did some work on the cult heist film The Italian Job (starring Michael Caine, 1969) after a stunt company was fired during shooting.
As he wound down his television and film work, he co-wrote three novels, as Frank J. Maher, with Denis J. Cleary, the thrillers The Capricorn Run (1978, published in 1980 as The Hook), Sahara Strike (1981) and Wipe-out! (1981). Uncredited, he also wrote action sequences for blockbuster films such as Die Hard (starring Bruce Willis, 1988) and in later years he was a frequent guest at Prisoner and Blakes 7 fan conventions.
Maher married and divorced four times, his first marriage being to the actress Dilys Laye.

Tributes Pour In For Helen

Devastated Doctor Who star David Tennant will take time out from filming the hit sci-fi series this weekend to return home for his mother's funeral.

The popular actor has been left heartbroken after his mum Helen McDonald, of Dykebar, Paisley, lost her brave battle with cancer on Sunday.

David, his dad Sandy and other loved ones were with charity worker Helen at the end.

Although the Doctor Who star was back in Cardiff yesterday to shoot scenes for the BBC TV show, he will return to Scotland to pay his last respects to his mum at Renfrew North Parish Church on Saturday.

Courageous Helen had been receiving chemotherapy treatment for a year and a half.

Friday, July 20, 2007

When You're Gone

Stay Another Day

After re watching season 3, i miss Rose even more!!!!!

John Barrowman To Host New TV Game Show

According to the Sun, Doctor Who and Torchwood star John Barrowman has been tapped to host a new Saturday night show for the BBC. The Kids Are Alright is a primetime show in which adults battle super-smart kids. The new show will see a team of seven brainy kids battling against four adults in a series of challenges. For every event the adults win, they pocket thousands. The kids can also get top prizes.The show is being made as a pilot but will become a series if it goes well. No word yet on air date and time.John Barrowman will also be guest host on the Friday Night Project on Friday 27th July, on Channel 4. In previous series, David Tennant and Billie Piper have appeared as guest hosts, alongside regular presenters Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Voyage of the damned demon revealed in pic


Ginormous Dr who picspam

So basically, a picspam of a tonne of set pictures and promos from series 1, 2 and 3 with an intermittent commentary, mainly when there's a clear shot of John's bum in leather trousers.Participants of spam: David Tennant, John Barrowman, Billie Piper, John Simm, Christopher Eccleston and Freema Agyeman.The least dial-up friendly thing ever to grace the internets.

Sad news David Tennants dear mother has passed

McDONALD HELEN. Peacefully, at Accord Hospice, Paisley, on Sunday, 15th July, 2007, Helen (nee McLeod), loving wife of Sandy, mother of Karen, Blair and David and grandmother of Rachel, Matthew, Alexandra, Maisie and Hannah. A service to celebrate Helens life will be held at Renfrew North Parish Church, on Saturday, 21st July, at 11am. Family flowers only, please, but an opportunity will be given to donate to Accord at the service.

Donations can be made via cheque to this address: ACCORD HospiceHawkhead RoadPaisleyPA2 7BLU.K.or via their website


Marsters Knocked on Torchwood's Door

In a brief interview with BBC News, James Marsters talks about his appearance in series two of Torchwood."I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and Torchwood so it was me who knocked on their door," Marsters says.He refuses to say too much about the part but calls his character "naughty and a bit of a psychopath".Also interviewed is Alan Dale, who has recently appeared in the US in Lost, The O.C., Ugly Betty and The West Wing. Dale admits to being a huge fan of British drama and says he is thrilled to be in Torchwood.

Weta Collectibles

The New Zealand based firm Weta have announced the release of a series of Doctor Who Collectibles as part of their Weta Collectibles series.The line will incorporate key moments Doctor Who. The initial series will consist of four pieces, all of which capture a nostalgic scene from the series. Each piece will be made at 6th scale, be free standing, and made out of high quality polystone. Weta Limited Manager Jamie Wilson said "Doctor Who is such an iconic series, with a huge following all over the world. We have chosen memorable moments from the series that capture the power, emotion and transformed them into dynamic collectible pieces. "Selected pieces will be on display at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con from 25 - 29 July. The official images of the pieces will be revealed the following day, on 26 July.

Official Torchwood Magazine

Word has reached us that Titan Books has been given permission topublish an official Torchwood magazine. The magazine is rumoured to bemonthly publication, and will run for an initial 12 issues, with anadditional one off "Special" issue.We expect it will be similar to the current Doctor Who Magazine,containing news and articles related to Torchwood only. The first issueis believed to published in January, around the time the first episodeof season two is aired.

The demon of the deep who takes on Kylie and the Doctor

THE face of the alien facing Kylie Minogue in the next episode of Doctor Who was revealed yesterday.

The spiky red-faced monster will do battle with Kylie and Doctor Who star David Tennant in this year’s Christmas special.

The alien – nicknamed Porg on set – was captured yesterday during a break in filming the latest Timelord special.

And the red-faced alien enhanced his anti-social credentials by lighting up a quick cigarette during filming.

The alien menace dressed in a dinner jacket invades the Titanic’s 1912 launch party in the show.
Kylie, 39, plays a waitress called Astrid on the doomed ship alongside Tennant in the one-hour special called Voyage Of The Damned.

The team were filming a ballroom scene at a secret location in Wales yesterday.

Tennant donned a tuxedo and bow tie for the scene but kept his trademark trainers on as well.

A crew member said, “Kylie is a pleasure to work with.

“She’s incredibly lovely in the flesh and the production has been going really well so far.

“The actor playing the alien spends hours in make-up to get that look.”

When the series returns next spring comedienne Catherine Tate will play the Doctor’s new companion Donna.

Freema Agyeman, whose character Martha left at the end of the last series, is scheduled to return to the Doctor’s side halfway through the new series.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Heart in a Headlock

DR WHO Esurance commercial

Rare Pictures Surface

The Science and Society Picture Library has added to its site what are believed to be never-before-seen photographs of Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning, Nicholas Courtney and John Levene.The set of seven pictures shows them at the opening of the BBC Visual Effects exhibition at the Science Museum in London in 1972.Last month, the library made available for sale a print of the picture formed by joining together the two collectors' edition covers of Radio Times featuring the Doctor and the Master.



AFTER winning fans as a leading man in musicals, TV and on film, John Barrowman is now hoping to be No1 in the pop charts after signing a four-album record deal with Sony.
And the handsome Scot - best known as dandy hero Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and its spin-off Torchwood - is even more excitable than usual as he reveals he's also planning to parade his music on a UK tour.
Making music is no change for the talented 40-year-old.
He has already recorded albums while leading West End productions of Miss Saigon, Phantom Of The Opera and Sunset Boulevard.
He helped shape new West End singers as a judge on BBC talent shows How DoYou Solve A Problem Like Maria? and Any Dream Will Do.
And John was even seen duetting with Hollywood star Kevin Kline in the Cole Porter biopic De-Lovely.
But this is the first time he will get to record pop hits.
John said: "I will do covers of tracks I really like - some things that my fans have asked me to sing.
"It will be a very eclectic mix of music that is like me as a person ... musical theatre, pop and even some pop-country. It will be neat.
"When I sat with Sony, I said, 'I'm not like any other, not just a musician. I'm not someone who writes my own music, so let me develop this.'"
Now John would love to take his music on the road - acting permitting.
But he laughs off any idea of him as a rowdy rocker.
He laughed: "I'm not one of those people who like to go out and get hammered. I'm a little older now - and wiser."
And much too busy, if his current schedule is anything to go by.
Although he is filming the second series of Torchwood until November, John will take time off to guest host Channel 4's Friday Night Project next week. And he will host a pilot for a possible new BBC One Saturday night quiz show called The Kids Are All Right.
As if all that wasn't enough, John is being followed by his sister who is writing his biography, Anything Goes, which is due out next spring.
But, despite being the man of the hour, John admits he was surprised when a publisher approached him.
He said: "I don't think I'm that old yet to be penning such a thing.
"But my sister has been following me for the last seven weeks - I dictate into an iPod and she puts it onto the page.
"It's my stories of my career, my trials, my tribulations, exciting things that have happened to me, my family situations, all sorts of things.
"Luckily I'm from a very tight-knit family and my sister knows everything about me, so I have no problem telling her all this stuff.
"There have been a couple of times - well, actually five - when she's gone, 'Eww, I don't want to know,' but I think she's slightly got over that and I think it will be an interesting read."
JOHN has taken a long time to reach his current status as one of Britain's biggest and brightest all-round talents.
Born in Mount Vernon, Glasgow, his dad's job with Lanarkshire machinery firm Caterpillar moved the family across the Atlantic to Illinois when he was nine.
The youngster moved back in 1990, but his Scots accent had gone - almost.
John laughed: "When I'm with my family I still speak Scottish.
"The weird thing is with Doctor Who star David Tennant, when we are off-set we speak Scottish but when we go on-set he's English and I'm American. It's like being bilingual. We call it bi-dialectical. There is a lot of "bi" in me."
He smiles. John is open and proud about his homosexuality - and that of his "omnisexual" TV alter-ego Jack, who'll pursue any man, woman or alien.
John - voted Stonewall's Entertainer Of The Year in 2006 - has been with his architect partner Scott Gill for 16 years - and they wed last year.
He said: "I am proud to be gay. I'm a gay man, I have no issue with it or for people who do." He beamed: "I was signing autographs and a little boy came up to me with his father.
"The father said, 'Do you want Captain Jack's autograph?' and the little boy said, 'Oh yes, Daddy.
I don't care if he does like boys or girls, he's my hero.' Whether that's because of what I'm doing or because of what the show is doing, I don't know.
"But I said to the dad, 'Either you are an amazing father or you have a very special young boy there.'
"Because he didn't care. It is adults who have hang-ups. Kids don't."
John continued his fight against stereotypes by launching the RAF International Tattoo in June.
He said: "I was representing them because of Captain Jack being in the RAF.
"But mainly I agreed because the RAF in Britain are the only part of the military that openly accepts gay men and women.
"I really wanted to represent them.
"They took me up in this Hawker Hunter fighter jet and flew me around upside down, you name it.
"I am proud to say I puked, got my oxygen mask back on in time to do another loop then threw up again.
"It was like a fantasy. I was dressed in the Top Gun gear and everything."
Back on the ground, John's castmates when Torchwood airs in January will be The Doctor's ex-companion Martha, played by Freema Agyeman, and James Marsters, who played Spike in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
John laughed: "For all those sci-fi fans out there, it is going to be a scene of extreme excitement."
"I told Sony, 'I'm not like any other. I'm not just a musician, I'm not someone who writes my own music. So just let me develop this'"


STARDOM may be beckoning again for Tony Blair, once he has been away his holidays and brought about world peace.
It was reported yesterday that the people behind Doctor Who are keen to sign up the former Prime Minister for a cameo performance.
It may not be as far-fetched as it sounds - he has, after all, already done The Simpsons and appeared with Catherine Tate, who just happens to have been hired as the Timelord's next assistant.
Blair's people have allegedly been talking to the Doctor's people, and they have just vetoed the plotline that involved the Earth coming under attack from giant winged insects. They want to steer well clear of weapons of moth destruction.
However, it seems the scriptwriters might get away with plans for a scene in which Blair rescues Tate from being ravished by a down-and-out on Westminster Bridge.
It's starting to look like they might get away with a sexed-up dosser.
JUST a thought, but if Asda and publishers Bloomsbury have fallen out again by the weekend, what are the chances of the supermarket chain releasing an own-brand version of the Harry Potter book, like they do with Corn Flakes, Pot Noodles, Custard Creams and just about everything else? Something along the lines of Henry Spotter and the Wealthy Mallows.
THE Hollywood rumour mill is saying that Robert De Niro is behind plans for a new biopic of Chinese dictator Chairman Mao. We trust the script will pay homage to De Niro's peerless past career by including the line: "You lookin' at Mao, huh? You lookin' at Mao?"
THE Circus of Horrors has placed an ad in job centres in the north of England for a person to fill in as a human pickle. They're looking for a "loose-limbed person" to fit into a 2ft-high laboratory bottle filled with vinegar.
We believe the vacancy has arisen because the previous bloke ran away to join the army. He's now a pickled Gurkha.
WE fear the London Mayoral contest is going to get nasty pretty soon. We hear Ken Livingstone is wary of Boris Johnson encroaching on his territory by impersonating his newts.
Incidentally, for reasons of economy if nothing else, we hope Boris isn't planning on putting his full name on his election literature. It is, in fact, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.
WE learn that Aberdeen City Council's brand new, state-of-the-art sports pavilion in the Altens area of the city has a helpful sign marked "Referees Dressing Room". Even more helpfully, the message is repeated underneath in Braille. We are sure such gestures would be appreciated by the hard-pressed lot who officiate at SPL grounds too.


LOUDMOUTH teen Lauren Cooper will come a total cropper in a BBC Christmas Special as Catherine Tate sensationally kills off her most famous character.

Tate has invited pop star George Michael into the festive offering - leaving insiders to hint he will play a crucial role in Lauren's demise.

The schoolgirl, catchphrase "Am I bovvered?", hit the screen in 2004 and has starred in three runs of the awardwinning Catherine Tate Show on BBC2. But Catherine, 39, has ruled out a fourth series to concentrate on her new role as the assistant in Doctor Who.

Yesterday a show insider said: "It's going to be Lauren Cooper RIP. Catherine thinks it's time to kill her off, and she'll be going in spectacular style."

The hush-hush scenes with George have already been filmed.

Earlier this year the angry teenager - who also likes to ask,"Are you disrespectin' me?" - starred in Comic Relief alongside former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In the sketch Lauren is sent to Downing Street for work experience but ends up boring Blair with her tales of famous people she has met.

This gave him the chance to utter the line: "Am I bovvered?" Another classic moment was during the 2005 Children in Need, where she cheekily asked pop group McFly: "Why are you so rubbish?" Lauren showed up in EastEnders at the Queen Vic later that year and got up Barbara Windsor's nose, as she went looking for a fight with Stacey Slater who had stolen her boyfriend.

The Christmas special will also feature a flashback of Catherine's character Joannie "Nan" Taylor from the 50s.

But Catherine does not plan to introduce any new characters.

She said: "I'm probably going to be sticking with the tried and tested rather than going for any shocks."

"It'll be the equivalent of a greatest hits album, rather than experimental."


LAUREN Jade Chardonnay Cooper was born in 1991 to single mum Faberge Cooper. The father is not recorded on the birth certificate, though a shortlist of possibles was drawn up.

A precocious child, her first Asbo came at the age of 6, along with a caution for shoplifting from Primark.

A keen smoker and connoisseur of vodka-based fruit cocktails, Lauren's Facebook page listed her interests as "not being bovvered" and "disrespectin'".

Briefly employed in a burger bar, there were hopes that she might actually make something of herself when she got to see the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in 2007, but the meeting did not go well.

Friends are asked to leave flowers from the 24-hour garage by some railings and also a teddy bear. If they can be bovvered.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Face of Boe

The Lonely God

Doctor who New Earth The Face of Boe Theme

Doctor Who - Human Nature Boy

Sleep to Dream

Farscape vs. Doctor Who picspam


I am the Doctor

New Doctor Who Prints Available from SSLPrints.com

ssplprints.com - the official print sales website of the Science Museum, National Railway Museum and National Museum of Photography, Film & Television - are now offering a further set of Doctor Who prints.The new images are never seen before photographs of Jon Pertwee and Katy Manning at the opening of the BBC Visual Effects exhibition at the Science Museum in London in 1972.Those wanting to purchase a print of the Doctor/Master Radio Times front cover should note that the image is only available until Friday 27th July. Link: www.ssplprints.com

Who is the Greatest Doctor Who?


That's a Wrap?

According to Executive Producer Julie Gardner at last Friday's Torchwood Q+A panel up in Beverly Hills filming on the first series of The Sarah Jane Adventures has now wrapped up - and to celebrate the cast are about to have a wrap party (but one that the child stars won't be invited to, according to two sources!)If true it could ultimately prove true that The Sarah Jane Adventures will be heading our way sometime in mid-September. The Mill are continuing to slave away behind the scenes on the CGI side of things, and there's also voice overs and other areas of post-production work still to be done. But there's plenty of time; and the SJA will be coming your way very soon!More news on filming and broadcast details when we get them.

How Barrowman Gave Tegan a Home

John Barrowman was a guest star today on the new series Animal Rescue Live.While on the BBC1 show, he talked about his dogs Lewis and Tiger - the latter of whom was a Dogs Trust rescue animal originally called Tegan. He told interviewer Selina Scott that he and partner Scott Gill decided to give a pet a home rather than swap rings for their civil partnership so went to the Dogs Trust - where a dog called Tegan had just been taken.Telling the co-host of the Doctor Who connection, he said: "So I figured it's fate and it had to be."Barrowman is a celebrity patron for Dogs Trust.View his appearance here.

Sarah Jane Will Air In Autumn

The BBC has confirmed that spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures will be broadcast this autumn.A press office story about the rebranding of CBBC says that the show will be part of the autumn season.A precise date for when The Sarah Jane Adventures will start is yet to be given. The series will comprise five two-part stories. The new look for CBBC, designed to attract a wider audience of children aged six to 12, will be unveiled at the end of the summer.

Torchwood Secrets To Be Revealed

John Barrowman, who plays Captain Jack on the BBC Two's Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, told SCI FI Wire that the upcoming second season will reveal more about his character's complicated backstory.

"Every day I come in, or every new script I get, I learn something new about my character, which keeps it fresh," Barrowman said in an interview at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., on July 13. "And it means that when I play things, I play them differently, because I know different things about him now."

The character of Captain Jack was introduced in a two-part episode of Doctor Who and went on to appear in the final five episodes of the first season. Later, he become the leader of a secret organization at the center of the spinoff show, Torchwood. How he got from one place and time to the other is a mystery that will gradually unfold over the course of Torchwood's second season.

"You don't know the exact date when Jack returned yet," Barrowman said. "We do know he was left on Satellite Five [at the end of season one of Doctor Who]. He was brought back to life. He then came back to Earth and arrived back in another time and had to live through it to get to the point where the Doctor came back. In [season] two of Torchwood, there's some of that revealed."

In his performance, Barrowman is also now bearing in mind an intriguing new piece of information about the character, which was slipped into the end of the recent third season of Doctor Who (currently airing on SCI FI Channel). He couldn't talk about the twist in specifics, but he did say that it came as a shock, not only to him, but also to co-star David Tennant, who plays the Doctor.

"It's always something that takes you by surprise, otherwise it wouldn't be fiction," Barrowman said. "And I love that. And that script, when it came out, David read it. We were filming at the time, and he came running to my trailer and he went, 'F--k me. Have you read this?' And I went, 'No.' And he went, 'Oh, my God. Hurry up.' I went, 'Shut up and get out of my trailer. I'm not reading it yet.' ... So then I read it, and on a lunch break I ran to his trailer and knocked on the door, and he went, 'Well?' And I went, 'F--k me!' But it's absolutely brilliant."

Season two of Torchwood will also further develop the character of Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyeman, who will be making a guest appearance in three episodes.

"It's a perfect progression for her character," Barrowman said. "Because she develops such a strong character by the end of [season] three. So if Jack needs help, who else is he going to call? Jack trusted her to save the world. So did the Doctor. So who are you going to call? Martha Jones."

The third season of Doctor Who is currently running on SCI FI Channel Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Torchwood's first season will begin airing on BBC America on Sept. 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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Doctor Who- What I've Done

"Your hand in mine" - Ten/Martha

Martha/Ten - Starlight

DR WHO PLOT IS EXTERMINATED? Why not read it then expose it???


There's filming in Swansea

filming details14th July 2007 - Swansea Exchange Building filming
Filming has been taking place in Swansea over the last couple of days for Doctor Who, with the inside of the empty building being used as the set of the Titanic for the Christmas Special. Set up for the filming was witnessed on Thursday by "Robo" on OG: "I passed on my way to lunch today and there was a load of trucks outside taking in props. I asked one of the guys off loading stuff and he confirmed that it was indeed Doctor Who. So far all I've seen is a ships porthole as part of a stage set and some antique furniture being offloaded. Looks like they're still building the set today, should be ready tomorrow I would think."
This is South Wales reported on filming for yesterday and this morning; as filming is taking place indoors under heavy security, there isn't anything on location to see!


Marsters Gets Racy On Torchwood

John Barrowman, who plays Capt. Jack Harkness on the BBC's Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood, told SCI FI Wire that a salacious comment made by guest star James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) at a recent convention about his character was a completely accurate description. "That's right," Barrowman said in an interview at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., on July 13. "'You're going to have to go finish yourself off at the end of it.' And he's absolutely right. And we filmed that three days ago, and it took 12 hours. I can't tell you what that was like." Marsters is best known for playing Spike, the platinum-blond, British-born vampire with a weakness for a certain chosen one on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spinoff series, Angel. Julie Gardner, executive-producer of Torchwood, said that Marsters will play an "omnisexual" character who has a past connection to Barrowman's Capt. Jack. "We're kind of really embracing the omnisexual word, aren't we?" Gardner said in a separate interview. "They should all fancy each other. I mean, when they're as sexy as they are, you just want to believe anything's possible. There's a very big story for him in episode one. He and Jack have a very big shared history." Marsters is now filming his episode in Cardiff, Wales, and has been enjoying the experience, by all accounts. "I heard from [Who executive producer] Russell T. Davies today, and James is having a blast," Gardner said. "He's loving it. He's really, really happy." Torchwood will return for a second season in the United Kingdom on BBC Two in early 2008. The first season premieres in the United States on BBC America on Sept. 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Moffat talks about the future

Steven Moffat, who has written some of the most memorable episodes of the BBC's new Doctor Who, told SCI FI Wire that fans have no cause to worry that the rumored departure of executive producer Russell T. Davies at the end of the fourth season will mean the end of the franchise, but he did not deny the rumor. "I know that there's tremendous anxiety among Doctor Who fans about the future of Doctor Who," Moffat said in an interview at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was promoting his upcoming BBC America series, Jekyll. "Here's an answer that people should listen to. No broadcaster lets go of a show like Doctor Who. They'd have to be out of their f--king minds." The new iteration of Doctor Who premiered in 2005 and just completed its third season in the United Kingdom. Each season has seen a major casting change, and the fourth one will be no exception. Catherine Tate has been announced as the Doctor's new companion, reprising the role of Donna Noble from last year's Christmas special, The Runaway Bride. Moffat pointed out that Doctor Who has managed to remain popular despite these changes and that the show is bigger than one person. "If Doctor Who demonstrates anything—any simple truth about television—it's that everyone is dispensable," he said. "Doctor Who is probably there forever. It will probably outlive everyone on [fan Web site] Outpost Gallifrey. That's probably the truth. I'm not saying that it will run continuously for 20 years. They might give it a rest for a while, but I wouldn't imaging Doctor Who would rest for very long now. But Doctor Who is completely safe. It's not in great danger. It's been the center of British culture since Kennedy was shot. I mean, it's not going away. Look, they turned it to s--t and took it off for 15 years, and that didn't kill it. I mean, what's going to kill it now? Success?" When asked if he might be the one to take over should Davies leave the show, Moffat appeared slightly uncomfortable. "Next question," he answered after a long pause. "There's a lot of things to think about there." The third season of Doctor Who is currently running on SCI FI Channel Friday nights at 8 p.m.

Torchwood to air on BBC Two

Torchwood, the smash-hit thriller drama created by Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies, is currently filming for a new series which will be shown on BBC Two early next year.

Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), Gwen (Eve Myles), Owen (Burn Gorman), Tosh (Naoko Mori) and Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd) return as the close-knit team of investigators solving alien and human crimes as they delve into the underworld of modern day Cardiff.

The high-octane storylines, filmed in and around Cardiff, include Torchwood's encounter with a rogue Time Agent; a tragic time-slip from World War One; and a memory-thief who uncovers long-forgotten secrets among the entire team.

Making a special guest appearance in the first episode is James Marsters who starred as Spike, the punk-goth vampire, in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.

Commenting on his role in Torchwood, James says: "I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and Torchwood so it was me who knocked on their door.

"I am really excited about the character I am playing. I can't say too much about him, except he is naughty and a bit of a psychopath."

Later on in the run Alan Dale makes a star appearance. Alan is currently appearing in Ugly Betty as Bradford Meade and he is well known for his roles in The O.C., Lost, The West Wing and as Jim Robinson in the Australian hit soap Neighbours.

He said: "I am thrilled to be working on Torchwood and delighted to be in England again. I am a huge fan of British television drama."

Another familiar face among the surprise guest stars is Doctor Who's gorgeous companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) who brings her time-travelling expertise and medical skills to the team halfway through the series.

She says: "I'm really looking forward to working with the Torchwood team and can't wait to start filming.

"It's a huge new challenge and a wonderful opportunity to develop and expand the character of Martha Jones."

Russell T Davies said: "Filming is well underway in Cardiff, and we're aiming to make the show bigger and bolder than ever, as we move to our new home on BBC Two.

"It's too early to start giving things away, but we've got some amazing guest stars, fearsome new aliens, and compelling new storylines that will push the Torchwood team further than ever before."

The 13-part series is written by Chris Chibnall, Catherine Tregenna, Helen Raynor, James Moran, Joseph Lidster, Peter J Hammond, JC Wilsher and Matt Jones.

Created by Davies, with Chris Chibnall as co-producer and lead writer, the first series, which aired on BBC Three last year, achieved the channel's highest ever ratings – with an audience of 2.5 million for the first episode.

Torchwood is executive produced by Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner, Head of Drama in BBC Wales. The producer is Richard Stokes.

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John Barrowman at London Pride - THE KISS

Totally doctor Who, John Barrowman behind the scenes on shooting The Sound of Drums.

Can't Decide


doctor who series 2 trailer 2006

Doctor Who Series 1 Boxset Easter Egg Trailer

Chicago Tribune interviews Barrowman


Radio Times under fire for front covers

Its mix of wholesome entertainment, homely features and television listings has brought Radio Times millions of loyal readers.

Corinne Bailey Rae, a rare black star on the front cover
So they are likely to be surprised to find its editor at the centre of a racism row. Gill Hudson has admitted that black and Asian people seldom feature on the magazine's front cover but insists her hands are tied by commercial considerations.
Miss Hudson, who has edited the BBC-produced magazine for five years, told The Sunday Telegraph: "I do notice when we put an Asian or black figure on the copy and I think, 'Yippee', but it's not often you can do it. We have to sell almost a million copies a week and we have to go for the biggest programmes possible. I can't choose the cover by quota. It's about getting the right programme, not the right ethnic mix."
Miss Hudson's comments came after Noel Clarke, one of Britain's brightest young black actors, whose credits include appearances in Doctor Who and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, accused listings magazines, including Radio Times, the biggest seller, of discriminating against ethnic minority stars.
At a seminar on diversity at the recent Cheltenham Screenwriters' Festival, Clarke, 31, said: "I could bring you every cover of the various TV guides for the last year and you'll see maybe one or two people of colour - Radio Times, TV Times, all of them. A friend of mine had a major role in a very big and very popular soap. His family had huge storylines that were the talk of the week. He began asking why his family had never been on the cover of anything. Eventually they said, 'Every time we put you forward, the people who run the magazines say, 'If you put them on the cover, they won't sell'."
Nirpal Dhaliwal, the writer and broadcaster, said: "We are constantly being told that magazines won't sell if they put black and Asian talent on the cover. No one ever bothers to test that theory. I think the onus is on a BBC publication to try a bit harder and take risks.
"Black and Asian talent is not considered a dead cert in terms of sales but it certainly could be with the right push."
In the past three years, only 12 of more than 150 issues of Radio Times have featured someone black or Asian on the front cover. None showed a black or Asian TV personality alone and only one - featuring the singer Corinne Bailey Rae to coincide with the recent Live Earth concert - was dedicated exclusively to a living black or Asian star. EastEnders, the BBC's flagship soap, has eight black or Asian characters.
Even when ethnic minority stars do make the front page, they are often granted less space than their white peers.
A cover dedicated to Comic Relief in 2005 was dominated by the comedian Graham Norton, with David Walliams and Matt Lucas, the stars of Little Britain. The three were featured in front of a small portrait of the black comedian and fellow Comic Relief presenter Lenny Henry.
In 2004, a cover about news presenters featured Sri Lankan-born George Alagiah, the BBC Six O'Clock News anchor, alongside several white colleagues. Fellow presenters Darren Jordon and Moira Stuart, who are black, appeared only inside.
A spokesman for the Commission for Racial Equality said a black face on the front of a magazine "inspires some of our under-achieving black boys to strive for success. It's time we saw some more positive representations of black people in the media." The BBC has often paraded its efforts to raise the profile of black and Asian talent. Last year, Mary FitzPatrick became the BBC's first editorial executive of diversity, charged with ensuring that the diversity of the population was reflected. She drew controversy when, after criticism of Fiona Bruce wearing a necklace with a cross on air, she said women news-readers should wear what they want, including veils.
She also said it was wrong for the BBC to have expressed horror at the manner of Saddam Hussein's execution because doing so "imposed" western values on a different culture.

AUSSIE singer Jason Donovan has revealed his dream role – as the next Doctor Who.

The ex-Neighbours star says he may bid to become the new Timelord when the BBC part comes up for grabs.
The sci-fi role is currently played by David Tennant, but Jason said: “I would love to play the Doctor. It would mean relocating to Cardiff but that’s not such a bad thing – it’s a nice place.
“I certainly wouldn’t say no if they offered the role to me. It’s a great show, which I love watching.
“Can you imagine an Aussie Doctor?”
Jason, whose former on-and off-screen love Kylie Minogue is currently filming on the Christmas special in Cardiff, said: “TV acting is definitely my real passion. I want to do more one-off dramas in the future as well – but not so much the soaps.”

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Bad Wolf Convention in the UK has details for next weeks convention.


Welcome to the Doctor Who MIDI Archive!


Doctor Who - Chasing You (Doctor/Jack)

A new Martha Jones Fanlisting.


The BBC is asking people to vote for their favorite S3 moments.


Obituary: Robert Marsden

It is with deepest regret that we announce the passing of Robert Marsden.

Robert was best known to Doctor Who fans for his role as Abraham Lincoln in the 1st Doctor adventure; The Chase.

Who brings Kylie to South Wales?

KYLIE MINOGUE braved the Welsh rain yesterday as she filmed scenes for her forthcoming appearance in Doctor Who.

The diminutive pop star spent the day in Swansea recording her role in the hit BBC Wales show’s Christmas special.

But fortunately for the Australian, her pink umbrella was only called upon to help her dodge showers as she nipped out for lunch, with most of her scenes being shot indoors on a miserable day in South Wales.

The episode featuring the former Neighbours star sees Kylie playing a waitress on the Titanic, and it is believed the building on the city’s Adelaide Street in which yesterday’s action took place has been chosen because its wood panelling may replicate the doomed cruiseliner’s interior.

Kylie has spoken of her nerves about taking on her first acting role for 15 years, but seems to have thrown herself into the role, arriving for work at 7am yesterday and not breaking for lunch until 2pm.

Wearing black lace-up boots and a knee-length black jacket, she then emerged from the building under a bright pink umbrella, smiling happily at onlookers.

The singer, whose mother is Welsh, has taken on the role in the sci-fi drama as she seeks to rebuild her career after suffering from breast cancer.

Filming has so far taken her to both Cardiff and Swansea.