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Is this Jack's daughter alice?

Whom ever emailed me this pic please send info of who and what it is I'm seeing. General spoiler news says Jack will find some of his family in this run and if so is this her?

Russell T Davies: Torchwood Touches a Nerve

We are coming.”

If you’ve been watching BBC America, you’ve seen the promos for Torchwood: Children of Earth. That chilling voice over — Jack, Gwen and Ianto in a panic state. All those dead eyes staring back at you! It’s Torchwood’s creepiest monsters ever — kids!

“They just touch a nerve,” says Torchwood creator Russell T. Davies. “A threat to our children gets a primal reaction out of all of us. But beyond that, I think we can be scared of our kids, too. That they can seem unknowable, unreachable - that’s why a gang of young hoodies can seem more unnerving than an adult gang of thugs.”

It’s a story Davies has been wanting to tell for ages and finally he was given the opportunity when the BBC agreed to a five-part Torchwood mini-series instead of the normal run.

“Underneath the sci-fi and the aliens, there’s something very relevant to the world, I hope. The way we sit in the west, and watch footage of atrocities in different countries, and imagine it’s all so far away, and so impossible here. Which is a nice, comfy lie we tell ourselves. That was the heart of it. I wanted to tell a story in which civilization snaps, in which we turn on ourselves, in which nothing is safe. Plenty of people live like that, on this planet. In this story, it’s Britain’s turn.”

But writing an epic five-part mini wasn’t an easy job, even for a pro like Davies.

“I loved it, because it was a huge challenge. Lots of thrillers are written by just one writer, but we had three, across five episodes. Which meant a lot of emailing and late-night phone calls. But we really worked as a team, all locked in one room to thrash out the storyline and create the characters, and that’s my favorite way of working. We also had the Producer and Director inside the Writer’s Room, right from the very start, which is a very unusual way of working in this country, but with huge results - it meant we were all focused, we all knew the tone and the ambition of the piece, and we all aimed in the same direction.

“The size of this story, and the scale of it - spread across more than 40 years of history - means that we needed something bigger, a threat with real intelligence, a race with different protocols and standards. Some of my favorite material comes from Episode Three, where we have to see the government engage in genuine diplomatic relations with an alien species. You watch those scenes thinking, ‘That’s what it would really be like.’”

Aliens, massive destruction of a city, 40 years of history — all well and good, but what about the characters we’ve come to know and love?

Says Davies, “This whole story tears Torchwood down, and then watches them rebuild, but always questioning them, asking what sort of heroes they are, how far will they go? And what’s the difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist? At the same time, we get to know Jack, Gwen and Ianto more intimately than we ever have before - exploring their families, their history, their hopes and loves. And their failings, too. As the alien threat gets bigger, so Torchwood’s humanity is exposed, and threatened, and celebrated too. And their lives are on the line, none of them is safe!”

As for the relationship between Capt Jack and Ianto . . .?

“It just grew naturally out of the scripts and performances from John and Gareth. And it’s such a rich area - the sheer will-they-or-won’t-they tension of two men getting closer. But again, you can come to Torchwood as a new viewer and follow their relationship from the start, you won’t get lost. And it’s honestly a pleasure to write for two such fine actors, they make the whole process a delight.”

In addition to the usual suspects, Torchwood: Children of Earth has several scene-stealing guest stars.

“We’ve got great new talent, like Cush Jumbo as Lois - the innocent secretary who discovers state secrets on her computer - and wonderful stars such as Peter Capaldi, who makes his character of John Frobisher so detailed and so nuanced, and so heartbreaking in the end. Add to that, Susan Brown as Bridget Spears - keep an eye on her, she’s a slow burn - and Nicholas Farrell as the most clever and manipulative Prime Minister you could imagine. And then Liz May Brice as a truly ruthless assassin! We’ve also got Paul Copley as Clem, a character holding so many secrets from the past - Paul’s simply astonishing to work with. And then the greatest enigma of the whole series is Lucy Cohu, playing Alice, who’s no less than Captain Jack’s daughter… What a mix! Best cast I could have imagined!”

If you haven’t been a loyal Torchwood watcher before now, you can still plan to sit down and enjoy this special presentation. Says Davies, “There are fleeting references to the past, but from the moment it starts, we’re telling a brand new story. It’s been deliberately written so that no one will be lost - and at the same time, the faithful viewer will discover so much more about the members of the Torchwood team. There are plenty of rewards for the long-term fan.”

Torchwood: Children of Earth will air on BBC America beginning Monday, July 20 and running straight through to Friday, July 24, 9:00 - 10:15 p.m. ET/PT. The previous night’s episode will encore at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Rose and The Doctor - April Come She Will

Who is the greatest ever Doctor Who?

UKTV has a list they posted of the best of the best HERE, and i don't agree with all their choices at all. So im posting my own lol.



Colin Baker 1984-86
The Sixth Doctor was stubborn, arrogant and an ass who had no problem dishing out violence. Colins doctor tried to harken back to the attitude of the First Doctor but he failed miserably and came off to me as more a bully who liked to yell and bluster than a man of the first Doctors character.

Jon Pertwee 1970-74
The Third Doctor was an every man's Doctor who wanted to be more James Bond than Time Lord. His one line of "Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow" that was reapeated to death alone made me really hate to watch any of his Doctor. The best thing to come from this Doctors run: The Brig my friends...

Peter Davison 1982-84
Milksop has long been associated with this Doctor and i somewhat agree. He was emo before there was an emo to emo, you know? I fully expected him to break down in tears in almost every episode and considering the death toll in most of his episodes it was kind of understandable.

Paul McGann 1996
The Eighth Doctor, a Byronesque figure who is arguably the most human and romantic of all of his incarnations, encouraged those around him to seize life instead of withdrawing from it. He also seemed to enjoy giving people hints of their own futures, probably to prod them into making the right decisions. Not to mention Goth clothes and first companion kiss for the win lol

Christopher Eccleston 2005
Okay before you email me and threaten to take my whovian membership card, hear me out. I love love love absolutley love the ninth Doctor. I do i adore him. I thought he was fresh and new and just what the series needed to cause new interest and fan glee. But, theres always a but, he did not stay long enough. He was barely a blip on the Who timeline and if he had just regenerated into nine when he came upon Rose, the shortest incarnation of the Doctor so far. One more year at least would put him in my top three i promise. But as it stands Nine just wasn't with us long enough.

William Hartnell 1963-66
The first and foremost Doctor. The man was devious, cunning, cantankerous, patronising, caring, brave, and able to be selfish and selfless at the same time. How can you not like the daddy of all who? His love for his grand daughter made it clear he was not all that he seemed to be. He was the first rebel of the bunch and left Gallifrey because he was BORED. That rocks.

Patrick Troughton 1966-69
The cosmic hobo with his recorder and impish smile endeared me to Who the first time i saw him. Mercurial, clever, and always a few steps ahead of his enemies, at times he could be a calculating schemer who would not only manipulate people for the greater good but act like a bumbling fool in order to have others underestimate his true abilities. But despite the bluster and tendency to panic when events got out of control, the Second Doctor always acted heroically and morally in his desire to help the oppressed. More than any other perhaps, this incarnation of the Time Lord was a wolf in sheep's clothing. My greatest regret is his is the bulk of the missing Doctor Who episodes that we may never ever see.

Sylvester McCoy 1987-89
The Seventh Doctor was an enigma wrapped in a question filled with secrets.The Seventh Doctor started out as a comical character, playing the spoons, and making pratfalls, but soon started to develop a darker nature and raised the profound question of who the Doctor actually is and what all he has done in his long life, good and bad. Loved every single minute of Sylvesters Doctor, even tolerated mel {shudder} for his sake. And Ace ohhh i love love love me some ace professor.

Dave Tennant 2005-2009
The Tenth Doctor generally displays a light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty and cheeky manner, but combines this with a somewhat egocentric sense of unstoppability when facing his enemies. He is the sheik of geek and so emo it sometimes hurts, but i love the man and have been a big old Ten/Rose shipper from the start.

Tom Baker 1974-1981
We all have "Our Doctor" and four is mine. A friend turned me on to this series brodcast on PBS every saturday and made me a life long who fan from episode one,for me, Revenge of the cybermen. I watched them all with a geeky fanboy glee, here was an iconoclast free thinker handing out jelly babies and almost never having to raise a hand to an enemy because he was just too smart for that kind of thing. And Sarah Jane my my my i loved me some Sarah jane. No one has beat his record of seven years yet, he defined Who for several generations.

Agree with me or not feel free to list your favs in comments i will publish them all.

Exclusive Torchwood Magazine Comic Strip on WATCH

Go forth and read it HERE


Not a big jack/martha shipper but i like the song and whats not to like about ANY video with Jack in it lol

Michelle Ryan Is The Doctor? (sort of)

Michelle Ryan is Doctor Who… and a whole load of other characters on the latest Original BBC Doctor Who Audiobook, “The Rising Night”.

We last saw the ex-EastEnder and Bionic Woman star as Lady Christina de Souza, flying off in her enhanced double decker in the Easter Doctor Who romp "Planet Of The Dead”. It’s fair to say that she made quite an impression, and the question she inevitably now gets asked is, “When is Lady Christina coming back?" Sadly, she tells us, “I suppose it's a possibility but there's nothing planned as yet. I like to keep my options open. I loved playing Lady Christina, she's one of my favourite characters, but I like to do lots of different things so, it depends really.”

So the next best thing is having Ryan narrate “The Rising Night”. It’s the latest release (due out on 9 July) ns a range from BBC Audio that kicked off last year with Pest Control. They’re not audio dramas, but books, except they’re not books because they come on audio CD. Lost? Think of it this way, they’re written in a narrative form like books, but instead of getting published as books, then being turned into audiobooks afterwards, they skip the middle man and go straight onto CD. Only in the wild and wacky world of Doctor Who, eh?

BBC Audio has been picking some star names from the series (including David Tennant and Freema Agyeman) to narrate these tales, and Ryan was more than happy to lend her voice to the range.

“There are some really interesting characters, and it was really fun to play lots of different parts,” she enthuses. “I had to impersonate David – that was the hardest thing. You need to have that energy behind it. The way his pauses are in different places. But it was really great fun. And I thought it was a really good script. That's what's good about Doctor Who. I think the writing is so good. Even though it's about time travel, it's still relevant to the modern day. People can still relate to the relationships and emotions in it.”

"The Rising Night”, written by Scott Handcock, is a historical romp, set in an 18th Century rural Yorkshire village where the sun hasn’t risen for three weeks. The Doctor joins up with local lass, Charity, to solve the mystery. Ryan found playing so many different characters an interesting challenge.

“With Charity I kept her very much how I sound. But then they had another character, a temptress, witchlike character – and I got to go quite flamboyant with her; quite sort of breathy, slightly channelling Joanna Lumley. With all the other town folk I got to do all sort of different accents.

“You can't really prepare. You're the narrator but you're also playing these different characters. The challenge is constantly keeping the energy up; keeping the mood up. Sometimes you have top go from being quite energetic and frenetic and then slowing it right down for the next character. I remember listening to Roald Dahl audio books when I was a kid, and there's something special about the narrator and how they tell the story; if they capture it right, then it's so interesting to listen to. I hope I’ve captured it right. But I'm glad I've done it. It gets you thinking - having to switch between different characters, pretty much improvising it as you're going along.”

A SF and fantasy fan herself, Ryan especially loves "dark comics, like The Watchmen. The ones set in the ’30s and ’40s where the women are like Jessica Rabbit style femme fatales, and you've got guys in their cool hats. It's all dark and edgy and everyone seems to smoke.”

She also names the mind-bending anime Ghost In The Shell II: Innocence as one her favourite film experiences: “I have to say that's one of the most phenomenal films I've ever seen, with all the references to literature and all the quotes. Visually it's so stunning. I thought it was like a Japanese Blade Runner. The music was fantastic as well. There’s a song on the soundtrack, Follow Me, which is one of my favourite songs.”

Recently, of course, we also seen her in the BBC’s Merlin as Nimueh (another character which there are no immediate plans for bringing back, she reveals – "I died, didn’t I?” she muses, "but in fantasy I suppose there’s always the chance of a revival.”) But SFX wondered if they made the same joke on set about her name as we did in the office – did everyone start singing “Nim-a-way, Nim-a-way, Nim-a-way, Nim-a-way…”?


You know, to the tune of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight?


Oh well, just us then.

Torchwood cut 'like punishment'

Cutting the new series of Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood to five shows from 13 felt like "we were being punished", its star John Barrowman has said.

The third series of the sci-fi show - which began on BBC Three before moving to BBC Two - will now be shown on consecutive days on BBC One.

Barrowman said other shows moved to BBC One "and they don't get cut".

The BBC said it wanted to create "a powerful sense of event" with Children of Earth, which will start on Monday.

Barrowman told the Radio Times: "I'm going to get a little political and I'll probably get into trouble for it."

He said Torchwood's first series had been "the most successful show on BBC3 - ever" and, as a result, had been moved to BBC Two where "we were beating shows that had been on BBC Two for a long time".

"The decision was made to go to BBC One and then we were cut - from 13 episodes down to five."

'Very special'

Barrowman said the new episodes were "incredible, I have no doubt about that".

"But personally, I felt like we were being punished.

"Other shows move from BBC Three and Two to One and they don't get cut.

"So why are we? It felt like every time we moved we had to prove ourselves."
But the show's writer and creator Russell T Davies told the magazine: "Part of us thought, 'we could do another 13 episodes, we've learnt how to do that, and the second series was better than the first'.

"But why not change it?"

He said if the show was made in the US, "they'd try to keep it going for seven years, doing the same thing every week".

He added: "It's the British audience we make these for.

"And I don't think audiences are remotely lost by a change in format."

A BBC spokesman said: "We wanted to create a powerful sense of event when the show came to BBC One and so talked with the show makers about a story that could run over five consecutive days."

This was something "very special" that had only been done before with 2008's five-part thriller Criminal Justice and Iraq-based drama Occupation, shown earlier this month.

Torchwood: Children Of Earth follows the alien-chasing team as they battle for the future of the human race against the fiercest force they have encountered

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Doctor united??? noooooooo damn.

I came home to joy in my mailbox when i read the title of an email sent to me by a friend at the link below!!! I was skeptical as ever when i saw it was from the Mirror.

Doctor Who exclusive: All 11 timelords to unite for mission?

Only to have my hopes dashed a moment later when i read on DS it was all hot air :(

BBC denies 'Doctor Who' reunion reports

The BBC has denied speculation of an "all-Doctors reunion" for this year's Children In Need.

The Mirror claimed that all ten incarnations of The Doctor would appear together in a 15-minute episode to be shown as part of the annual telethon in November.

The special would see David Tennant's Doctor calling on his nine predecessors to help him find a missing piece of Time Lord apparatus. The actors who portrayed the first three Doctors - William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee - are all deceased but would be represented by archive footage.

The report also claimed that the special would mark the first appearance of Matt Smith as the Doctor, although Smith is not due to take over from Tennant in the titular role until early 2010.

A spokesman told the newspaper: "Nothing has been finalised yet, although there is discussion of a Children in Need Doctor Who special. It is too early to say what."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

walesonline has Timothy Dalton article also

Bond star Timothy Dalton to appear in Doctor Who

JAMES BOND star Timothy Dalton has returned to the land of his birth to take a starring role in sci-fi hit Doctor Who.

The Colwyn Bay-born actor is to feature in a Christmas special that will include David Tennant’s final scenes as the time-travelling hero.

Dalton, who played Bond in The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill, has left his home in Los Angeles to film in Cardiff, where the revived BBC series is based.

He plays a terrifying judge who puts the Doctor on trial in an intergalactic court case.

It will be his first major role since playing an evil neighbourhood watch member in the spoof British comedy Hot Fuzz.

Christian Cawley, editor of Doctor Who and Torchwood website Kasterborous, said the casting was “a big coup for Doctor Who”.

He said: “It’s a good gig for him as it will be one of the most memorable episodes yet. If true, it’s a superb piece of casting. Timothy Dalton is a big coup for Doctor Who because he’s pretty iconic.

“While not considered as memorable a Bond as Pierce Brosnan, Dalton nevertheless brought a degree of grit and realism to Bond that has recently been rediscovered in the Daniel Craig films.

“His roles in various classical titles on stage and screen as well as his appearance in the only non-camp role in Flash Gordon (1980) have given him a deserved air of quality and respect over the years.”

Elaine Penn, features editor at TV Choice magazine, said Doctor Who could put a new spark in Dalton’s career as well.

She said: “Doctor Who has done wonders for many people’s careers in recent years. Even David Tennant wasn’t really a household name until he stepped into the Tardis.”

She said female viewers “of a certain age” would appreciate the dashing actor.

She said: “Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for tall, dark, Welsh men.

“I’m wondering if Timothy can be persuaded to don a dinner suit in the Christmas Special, and am sure that Russell T Davies will throw in some kind of in-joke for James Bond fans. What a great bit of casting. And he can even pop home to visit the family while he’s filming.”

The Christmas Special will be one of three end-of-year specials that will bring down the curtain on David Tennant’s spell in the Tardis.

It is expected to see the return of a host of famous names from recent series including John Simm, 38, who will reprise his role as The Master, as well as the companions who have kept Tennant company, Catherine Tate, Billie Piper and Freema Agyeman.

Matt Smith, 26, is to “regenerate” into the role on the death of Tennant’s Doctor.

For Rada-trained Dalton the role will fit into a CV that ranges from The Royal Shakespeare Company and Flash Gordon to James Bond.

The 63-year-old’s career began with a series of period dramas including playing Philip II of France in The Lion in Winter and a remake of Wuthering Heights in 1970, in which he portrayed the tortured Heathcliff.

Dalton could have played Bond as a 22-year-old, turning down a request from producer Albert Broccoli in the late 1960s to take over from Sean Connery.

The actor, who had a long relationship with Vanessa Redgrave in the 1970s and 80s, lives in Los Angeles with his Russian musician partner Oksana Grigorieva and their 12-year-old son Alexander.

Who crew on for San Diego Comic-Con

If i only ha d the money to go :(

Sci Fi Wire reports reports David Tennant and Russell T. Davies will attend Comic-Con International in San Diego next month along with some of the cast and crew of Torchwood, CLICK HERE for more details and HERE for the schedule from David-Tennant. com

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Proof that Timothy Dalton is doing a cameo?? hmmm

Io9 has an "exclusive" pic of Timothy Dalton, DT, and John Simm they say they recieved from an anonomyous source and i'd have to say it looks rather legit to me.
I want to go on record saying here and now that i think Timothy Dalton will be playing the Doctors' father in a flash back and nothing more, just a hunch i have and the first thing that came to mind when i looked at that pic. I mean we already know the Doctor's mother will appear so why not his father along with her.
I cannot wait to Simm again as the Master!!! He chewed so much scenery in his last appearance that i thought he would burst. Wonder how he will come back tho, and ideas?
Anyway here is the link to the article and pic at Io9, enjoy. The last time i published something of theirs without a credit or link they went batshit n all whiney so id sworn them off but can't avoid this "exclusive" :P

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Matt Smith to face Daleks? Dammit why?

Ok, i am a fan of the daleks do not get me wrong, but Rusty over used them for like every damn season finale and i'd really like to see more old foes make apperances other than the same old rehash exterminate tin pots. K thats off my chest any way the article below popped up on the netz and i grabbed it for you to peruse. Enjoy!!

Matt Smith will battle The Daleks in his first 'Doctor Who' episode.

The 26-year-old actor - who takes over from current Time Lord David Tennant next year - will face the legendary extraterrestrial mutants in his first adventure to please fans who think he is too young to play the iconic role.

BBC bosses{the same ones who cancelled the show back in the 80"s}reportedly decided to revive the Doctor's most famous {overused} foes to boost {beat a dead horse} show ratings as they are worried Smith will not be as popular as Tennant - widely considered one of the most successful stars of the long running sci-fi series.

A network source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "They know fans will take a while to get used to Matt as The Doctor, so it makes sense to have him fight his most famous {overused} enemies. They always bring good ratings."

BBC chiefs have previously revealed they plan to "step back in time" when designing the Tardis for the new series of the programme.

Instead of the current brown and orange interior, the time and space machine will have blue walls and white windows, similar to the original 1960s Tardis.

The new series of 'Doctor Who' - which stars Smith at the 11th Time Lord - is due to start next spring

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Being Human Star In Tennant Who Finale

Sinead Keenan, who plays George's girlfriend Nina in Being Human, is in the final David Tennant two-parter, her agent has confirmed to SFX.

Although we don’t know who she’s playing, or how major her role is, according to Being Human creator Toby Whithouse, she nabbed the role because Russell T Davies loved her as Nina: “Bless him, Russell T Davies would email me after every single episode, going, 'I'm loving it!' He absolutely fell in love with Sinead who plays Nina. So he's given her a part in David Tennant’s last two parter.”

Karen Gillan triva on offical site

The Official BBC Doctor Who website has been updated with a Karen Gillan trivia challenge, CLICK HERE for the first question.

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Children of Earth Premier on July 20th

BBC America has announced that Torchwood: Children of Earth will premier Monday July 20th, to visit the website CLICK HERE. TVShowsOnDVD reports the DVD release will be the following week, for more details CLICK HERE.

Creep - Doctor Who & Torchwood

Wedding storylines for 'Doctor Who'?

David Tennant's Doctor Who swansong will feature three weddings, according to a report in The Sun.

The newspaper claims that former companions Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Sarah Jane Smith will all be getting married.

Rose - played by Billie Piper - will reportedly marry the half-human clone of the Doctor in their parallel universe, while Martha (Freema Agyeman) is said to be tying the knot with Mickey Smith.

However, in the new series of Torchwood - airing next month on BBC One - it is revealed that Martha is already on her honeymoon.

Tennant will also make a special appearance in Who spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures for the wedding of his former companion Sarah Jane.

Russell T. Davies said of the Sarah Jane episodes: "Viewers thought they may have to wait until November for the next full episode of Doctor Who - but this is an extra special treat."

Karen Gillan, 21, was recently named as the Doctor's new companion