Friday, November 07, 2014

Peter Capaldi with younger Who fans

Peter Capaldi may look to be a gruff man, but the fans who have met him and seen him in person will quickly tell you that he has a heart of gold and always has time to talk to his younger fans. The two videos below will prove that.

Here Peter is responding to a letter he had gotten from a 9 year old fan with autism who had recently lost his Nanny and needed some words of wisdom on dealing with grief. Buck up because the feels will come and make you misty while watching.

This next one comes from when they were filming for series 8 down Cardiff Bay and a young autistic girl who loved Matt's Doctor and was struggling to come to terms with the regeneration and Peter sat down with her and spoke to her and showed her a photo on his phone of him, Matt and Jenna.

 Peter is truly a man that embraces his role as the Doctor with kindness and deep responsibility towards it's fans. He sees it as more than simple role he plays on TV. Every time I have seen him with kids or addressing kids in any way he makes sure to be The Doctor that they child needs at that moment. God bless that man!

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