Sunday, June 15, 2008


The story was ok, i will give Rusty one thing, he knows how to write a cheap ass story to film. The finale must be costing a bundle to film and be full of special effects and cgi since this one sorely lacked any at all. Rusty is good at cutting those corners. I had hoped a donna lite eppy would have been so much better, but instead we get 12 angry men set on a tram on a planet of diamonds. whoo hooo. I liked it well enough but for this story to follow the two parter before it, really shows the different styles of RTD and Moffat, Moffat being on top here in my humble opinion. At least we got a glimpse of Rose, you did catch her didn't you???


Fu#$ me the confidential for Midnight was even worse!!!! You don't have anyone better to talk about WHO than the foley guy or the boom mic holder? DAMNNNNNNN

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