Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catherine Tate: I thought I was the new Doctor Who

ACTRESS Catherine Tate, who played Doctor Who's companion Donna Noble, said that she had been convinced that she would be the next Time Lord.
Speaking on The Justin Lee Collins Show, which was repeated on ITV tonight, she said that she became suspicious because of persistent attention from the press in the days before Matt Smith was announced as the 11th Doctor on January 3.
She said: "For about four days leading up to [the announcement] there was one particular paper that was so adamant that it was me that they kept ringing up and asking for quotes, confirmation, and saying 'Can we just get a statement?'
"I actually thought 'Maybe it is me, maybe the BBC are so stringent that they haven't told me yet'. For a minute I thought it must be me and that they had told all the papers before telling me!"
Tate, who is to star in a big-screen remake of Gulliver's Travels, as I reported earlier, added that her appearance in Doctor Who had put her five-year-old daughter Erin off the programme.
She said: "She was a fan of Doctor Who until I went on it. She really liked it and then I went on it and it was a bit scary for her and she thought her mummy was in danger. She doesn't watch Doctor Who any more, I ruined it for her."
Tate added: "I loved being in the show, I loved it so much. I even have an action figure - that's exciting to get a little plastic doll made of you. But if you look closely, it does look quite like Cher!
"With my own show [The Catherine Tate Show] I said I didn't really want dolls but on Doctor Who, you don't get a choice. They say 'We are going to merchandise you and that's that.' But I'm delighted with it."

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