Thursday, September 04, 2014

Neil Gaiman Wants to Bring Back the Yeti

If Neil Gaiman returns for Series 8, he has his sights set on bringing back the Yeti.
The monsters first appeared in second Doctor story, The Abominable Snowmen, originally broadcast in 1967. They came back the following year in The Web of Fear and were controlled by the Great Intelligence.
“In my head, I love that the Great Intelligence has come back, but I miss the Yeti.  I would love to have huge shambling robotic Yeti, just because I loved them when I was a kid.  So, I would love to do that.  That would be wonderful."
But he also wants to create his own iconic monster:  “I’d love to create a monster, and have it be one that’s interesting enough or fun enough to come back, written by somebody else, or turn up completely reinvented.  I’d love to do that and have the feeling that you’d actually left something behind.  I think that’s hard.  I love that Terry Nation left us the Daleks, and I love that Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis left us the Cybermen.
As before, Gaiman’s admits the biggest problem with coming back is finding time in his schedule: “The trouble with everything, these days, for me, is time.  There is only one me.  There are a ridiculous number of demands on my time.  There are so many things I’m trying to do.  It’s so much more about when I’m going to get time to do it, if I get time.  I think they’ll have me back.  They seem to like me at Doctor Who, and I know that I definitely like them. “

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