Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dalton is the Narrator?

"He's playing a character called the Narrator, but you'll have to see more at Christmas for that," Davies said in a group interview following the press conference. "He's wonderful, that voice."

Davies would not confirm that Dalton would appear on screen, but enjoyed repeating that his character's name is the Narrator. Even choosing clips for the teaser was a debate.

"We argued over them long and hard, because there's an editor called Thomas back in BBC Cardiff who put those together," Davies said. "We went over them 27 times, every time saying, 'No, take that out. No, take that out.' Because I know science fiction fans are very clever. You can show them one character, and if he's hiding something in his hands, they will guess what it is. If he's hiding something, they will guess why he's hiding something, and therefore they'll guess what the entire plot is. I've seen them do that. So it's such a literate audience, all you really get in those Christmas clips are faces, to show you who is in it, because we daren't show any more."

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