Saturday, November 03, 2007

Timelord lands in Brede

Tom Baker, famous as the fourth incarnation of Doctor Who and the voice of Little Britain, has forsaken the South of France to move to Brede. And Tom says it has been a good move for him. He said: "I have only been here for a couple of months. I moved here from the South of France and Brede leaves that standing, especially with all the autumn colours and falling leaves. "That's why I came here you see, because I am in the autumn of my life and I am waiting for my leaves to drop.
"Rye is a beautiful town and I had considered living there but the pavements are just too narrow. It's all single-file - If you are walking along and wanted to talk to someone you would have to talk to them over your shoulder, or walk backwards. "Also there are too many antique shops in Rye and I am worried I may get pulled into one and sold." Tom has been a regular visitor to Mountfield waste site and was enthusiastic about the time he has spent there. He said: "There are so many wits and good conversation here - I am loving it. I don't make friends very easily and this is a great place. It is a shame they are laying people off because I would love a job here as a greeter." As for his other life as an actor, Tom says he busy at the moment with lots of voice-over work for commercials, work for BBC radio, for a programme on the 50 greatest sketches, and work for audio books.

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