Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Unconfirmed spoilers

Found this posted on the martha jones live journal:

This thread speculates whether Martha is involved with UNIT or indeed is the new head, since UNIT soldiers were seen at the filming of the Sontaran two parter that she's in. A member in post #35 says he's got a reliable source (take that as you will) that Martha IS involved with UNIT, which is why she's there when the Doctor and Donna come across the Sontarans. Seemingly she transfers from Torchwood to UNIT, and Jack is involved in helping her do this. Well. I am SO squeeful over this. I LOVE UNIT. UNIT characters in new Who haven't exactly been stellar. I think the Brig is one of the best characters Classic Who ever saw, and all of the army chaps are fabulous. I also love Doctor Harry Sullivan, but that's another matter! I think it'd be brilliant to see Martha involved with UNIT, and have a cast of supporting UNIT characters around her, like the old days. Maybe our crazy fan spec wasn't crazy, and she actually WILL become the new Who equivalent of the Brig.

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