Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Doctors Daughter

There is a strange article in scifi pulse about the upcoming Doctors Daughter episode. Its an interview with little miss Moffet, read it here: The Doctors Daughter Speaks (Mild Spoilers).

On the planet Messaline the Hath - fish monsters that communicate through bubbles - and humans have been at war forever trying to find "the source of life". Time is measured on Messaline by counting the generations of the dead. Martha is kidnapped and the Doctor meets the most important woman of his life. But as General Cobb threatens genocide, the Time Lord faces an even greater battle – can he find peace with his own child?Georgia Moffett will be playing a "role no-one will ever forget" as she steps up as Jenny, the Doctor's daughter, though apparently its by some stolen DNA rather than a raunchy Doctor.

From Digitalspy: Martha gets captured by the Hath at the beginning of the episode. It isn't a trick, Jenny really is the doctors daughter. ... Features a set piece where Jenny has to cross a tunnel crisscrossed with laser beams.The episode was designed to "change the Doctor" in a way that will have "a real impact on him" and that in terms of the series continuity the episode will have a "lasting impact".At least Donna is there to try and make it all better:Donna: I know that look. See it a lot round our way. Blokes with pushchairs and frowns. You've got Dad-Shock! Sudden, unexpected fatherhood. Takes a lot getting used to...

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