Monday, May 26, 2008

From the Mirror uk

It's taken him a thousand years or so, but the Doctor has finally pulled. Yes, the Time Lord is getting a Time Lady...
In Saturday's episode David Tennant's Dr Who meets Professor River Song, played by the lovely Alex Kingston of ER and Moll Flanders fame.
River is an archaeologist from the 51st century and soon makes it clear that she's had a very close encounter with the Doctor in another time. A show source says: "The Doctor introduces himself to River Song, and it becomes clear they've been an item - but in the future."
Eventually romance blossoms and is actually played out over two episodes, reaching a climax (so to speak) next week.

In the past, the Doctor has flirted with his female sidekicks but despite the occasional peck on the cheek they've never gone the distance..
But this is obviously a match made in heaven - Professor Song has her own sonic screwdriver

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