Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Have a pint of Who beer? SWEEEEEEEEET

Falstaff Brewery has it's own line of specialty beers based upon the Dr Who television program. How damn sweet is that? The line includes beers like:


ABV 4.4%
A mild for May. Deep claret in colour with a bonfire toffee and aniseed nose. Smooth sweet malt flavours with a fruity finish.
Martha Jones

ABV 5.9%
A mild for May. Rich ruby hues with a liquorice nose. Mouthfilling sweet chocolate malt flavours and a slightly tart fruity finish.

ABV 4.5%
A mild for May. Dark Ruby in colour with burnt chocolate aromas.Smooth dark malt and chocolate flavours balanced by a long slightly sharp aftertaste.

ABV 4.4%
Dark straw in colour, a crisp hoppy aroma with hints of honey. Refreshingly orangey hop flavours and a clean hoppy finish.
Face of Bo

ABV 3.9%
Chestnut brown in colour with a bonfire toffee aroma. Dark chocolate and toffee flavours laeding to a smooth chocolate malt aftertaste.

ABV 4.2%
Dark amber in colour with a fruity citrus aroma. Fruity malt flavours with a sharp hoppy finish.

ABV 4.9%
Babington Arms exclusive spring 2008.
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Can anyone find where i can order a case of this?

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