Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Doctor united??? noooooooo damn.

I came home to joy in my mailbox when i read the title of an email sent to me by a friend at the link below!!! I was skeptical as ever when i saw it was from the Mirror.

Doctor Who exclusive: All 11 timelords to unite for mission?

Only to have my hopes dashed a moment later when i read on DS it was all hot air :(

BBC denies 'Doctor Who' reunion reports

The BBC has denied speculation of an "all-Doctors reunion" for this year's Children In Need.

The Mirror claimed that all ten incarnations of The Doctor would appear together in a 15-minute episode to be shown as part of the annual telethon in November.

The special would see David Tennant's Doctor calling on his nine predecessors to help him find a missing piece of Time Lord apparatus. The actors who portrayed the first three Doctors - William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee - are all deceased but would be represented by archive footage.

The report also claimed that the special would mark the first appearance of Matt Smith as the Doctor, although Smith is not due to take over from Tennant in the titular role until early 2010.

A spokesman told the newspaper: "Nothing has been finalised yet, although there is discussion of a Children in Need Doctor Who special. It is too early to say what."

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tracy4947 said...

that would so need to be done, im seriously getting dr withdrawal at the moment my poor dvds are getting worn through and will need replacing

lets campaign to ensure this special happens!!!