Monday, June 15, 2009

Proof that Timothy Dalton is doing a cameo?? hmmm

Io9 has an "exclusive" pic of Timothy Dalton, DT, and John Simm they say they recieved from an anonomyous source and i'd have to say it looks rather legit to me.
I want to go on record saying here and now that i think Timothy Dalton will be playing the Doctors' father in a flash back and nothing more, just a hunch i have and the first thing that came to mind when i looked at that pic. I mean we already know the Doctor's mother will appear so why not his father along with her.
I cannot wait to Simm again as the Master!!! He chewed so much scenery in his last appearance that i thought he would burst. Wonder how he will come back tho, and ideas?
Anyway here is the link to the article and pic at Io9, enjoy. The last time i published something of theirs without a credit or link they went batshit n all whiney so id sworn them off but can't avoid this "exclusive" :P

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