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Who is the greatest ever Doctor Who?

UKTV has a list they posted of the best of the best HERE, and i don't agree with all their choices at all. So im posting my own lol.



Colin Baker 1984-86
The Sixth Doctor was stubborn, arrogant and an ass who had no problem dishing out violence. Colins doctor tried to harken back to the attitude of the First Doctor but he failed miserably and came off to me as more a bully who liked to yell and bluster than a man of the first Doctors character.

Jon Pertwee 1970-74
The Third Doctor was an every man's Doctor who wanted to be more James Bond than Time Lord. His one line of "Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow" that was reapeated to death alone made me really hate to watch any of his Doctor. The best thing to come from this Doctors run: The Brig my friends...

Peter Davison 1982-84
Milksop has long been associated with this Doctor and i somewhat agree. He was emo before there was an emo to emo, you know? I fully expected him to break down in tears in almost every episode and considering the death toll in most of his episodes it was kind of understandable.

Paul McGann 1996
The Eighth Doctor, a Byronesque figure who is arguably the most human and romantic of all of his incarnations, encouraged those around him to seize life instead of withdrawing from it. He also seemed to enjoy giving people hints of their own futures, probably to prod them into making the right decisions. Not to mention Goth clothes and first companion kiss for the win lol

Christopher Eccleston 2005
Okay before you email me and threaten to take my whovian membership card, hear me out. I love love love absolutley love the ninth Doctor. I do i adore him. I thought he was fresh and new and just what the series needed to cause new interest and fan glee. But, theres always a but, he did not stay long enough. He was barely a blip on the Who timeline and if he had just regenerated into nine when he came upon Rose, the shortest incarnation of the Doctor so far. One more year at least would put him in my top three i promise. But as it stands Nine just wasn't with us long enough.

William Hartnell 1963-66
The first and foremost Doctor. The man was devious, cunning, cantankerous, patronising, caring, brave, and able to be selfish and selfless at the same time. How can you not like the daddy of all who? His love for his grand daughter made it clear he was not all that he seemed to be. He was the first rebel of the bunch and left Gallifrey because he was BORED. That rocks.

Patrick Troughton 1966-69
The cosmic hobo with his recorder and impish smile endeared me to Who the first time i saw him. Mercurial, clever, and always a few steps ahead of his enemies, at times he could be a calculating schemer who would not only manipulate people for the greater good but act like a bumbling fool in order to have others underestimate his true abilities. But despite the bluster and tendency to panic when events got out of control, the Second Doctor always acted heroically and morally in his desire to help the oppressed. More than any other perhaps, this incarnation of the Time Lord was a wolf in sheep's clothing. My greatest regret is his is the bulk of the missing Doctor Who episodes that we may never ever see.

Sylvester McCoy 1987-89
The Seventh Doctor was an enigma wrapped in a question filled with secrets.The Seventh Doctor started out as a comical character, playing the spoons, and making pratfalls, but soon started to develop a darker nature and raised the profound question of who the Doctor actually is and what all he has done in his long life, good and bad. Loved every single minute of Sylvesters Doctor, even tolerated mel {shudder} for his sake. And Ace ohhh i love love love me some ace professor.

Dave Tennant 2005-2009
The Tenth Doctor generally displays a light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty and cheeky manner, but combines this with a somewhat egocentric sense of unstoppability when facing his enemies. He is the sheik of geek and so emo it sometimes hurts, but i love the man and have been a big old Ten/Rose shipper from the start.

Tom Baker 1974-1981
We all have "Our Doctor" and four is mine. A friend turned me on to this series brodcast on PBS every saturday and made me a life long who fan from episode one,for me, Revenge of the cybermen. I watched them all with a geeky fanboy glee, here was an iconoclast free thinker handing out jelly babies and almost never having to raise a hand to an enemy because he was just too smart for that kind of thing. And Sarah Jane my my my i loved me some Sarah jane. No one has beat his record of seven years yet, he defined Who for several generations.

Agree with me or not feel free to list your favs in comments i will publish them all.

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