Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Paul McGann in Fables of forgotten things

This seems to be a short pilot for a planned series that never got off the ground. A mysterious drifter and his young friend must save a frightened, forgetful old lady from a memory eating ghost who has taken over her home. With nothing but a box full of whispering spiders and a bottle of vintage dust, Clarence and Danny have to help the old lady stumble upon a forgotten dance shoe in the hope that one happy memory can bring back a million others. Broadcast on BBC HD as part of their Film Shorts season. Starring Paul McGann and James Bird. This highly atmospheric drama was shot and mastered on Hi-Def with music composed by Josh Hill. 

  • Clarence
    Paul McGann
  • Danny
    James Bird
  • Magenta
    Muriel Barker
  • Eldritch
    Anthony Wise
  • Eldritch (before)
    Louise Dumayne
 Another short titled A fairytale of forgotten things came before this with different actors. Broadcast on BBC2 as part of their Homegrown Hollywood season, this award-winning 5 minute drama is narrated by a young boy who spins an epic fairytale out of the chance discovery of an old button under a leaf. It was the inspiration for the television project Fables of Forgotten Things.

Fairytale Of Forgotten Things from Toby Meakins on Vimeo.

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