Saturday, October 18, 2014

The 12th Puppet Doctor needs your help.

The people behind the Doctor Who puppets featured below in the video need our help.
"Doctor Puppet is a stop motion animated fan series that celebrates Doctor Who and its rich history through hand-crafted puppets and original stories. The series has been praised on countless websites and podcasts (see a list here,) and even seen on TV and in magazines... but it's never had proper funding.

We are a small group of professional artists and musicians who have largely spent our free time making Doctor Puppet. Stop motion is a meticulous technique that requires nearly every aspect to be made from scratch. A huge amount of time and care goes into everything you see and hear.
 This Christmas, we want to top it!
It will be a mysterious adventure starring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara - something a little darker than our past Christmas episodes. The puppets won't speak or sing, so the music will be their voice.
We plan to release the episode about a week before Christmas.
To make this happen, we need a little help.

What We Need & What You Get

$15,000 will cover the cost of supplies, compensate us for our time, and allow us to hire more live musicians to record the score. It's a very modest budget for a professional animation production. We are not seeking to make a profit, but rather just cover our costs while making the episode.
In return for your generous contributions, we have some cool perks to offer. Get a link to an exclusive video only for contributors, or a prop that was used in a past episode. You can even meet the crew and puppets!

If we unfortunately fall short of our goal, we'll scale back production and use what we have to make something shorter or simpler.
If we surpass our goal and reach $17,500, we'll use the extra money to upgrade some well-used equipment. Any money after this will be saved for future episodes."

Well go on and check them out and please help in whatever way you can. Any amount would be great and of course goes to a great team of people who are producing the best puppetry there is around.

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