Saturday, October 04, 2014

Peter Harness faces backlash from fans


 Peter Harness has deleted his Twitter account after backlash from rabid fans who didn't enjoy his scriptwriting for tonight's Doctor Who episode  "Kill the Moon". Harness is still on Facebook and has yet to respond to any media outlet on the backlash from fans. I enjoyed the episode and I am sorry to see so called fans act in such a disgraceful manner.
  Kill the Moon was a great story for a first time Who writer. I saw some problems for the script, but to act in such a vocal and disrespectful way is just low in any fandom. I have never been ashamed of being called a rabid whovian until today. Shameful people just shameful. I apologize on behalf of my fandom Peter Harness. Your efforts were very good and very well written and I hope this doesn't deter you from writing more for Doctor Who in the future.

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