Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eve Myles on Radio Wales

Eve Myles is known for fighting aliens in her Torchwood role as Gwen Cooper and on Saturday 19 April she reveals her love of the more down to earth sport of boxing on BBC Radio Wales.

Eve, who also stars in BBC Wales hit drama Belonging, hosts a special evening of programmes on Radio Wales in the run-up to the Joe Calzaghe v Bernard Hopkins Las Vegas Light Heavyweight title fight on Saturday in Calzaghe Fight Night (Saturday 19 April, 6.30pm).

The Torchwood and Belonging star says her love of boxing comes from her family. "It's been passed down to me from my father and my brother who have been huge boxing fans," says Eve.

"My brother's done a fair bit of boxing himself although nothing on a professional level. But boxing has always been something in the family. Boxing has always been a big talking point and a big event in our house and I think Joe Calzaghe has really brought that to the forefront."

Eve also admits to dabbling in the art of boxing herself: "I did a bit when I was young. I broke my knuckles and I did it no more! I wasn't hitting anybody by the way – it was a punch bag."

Her role in Torchwood as Gwen Cooper involves a lot of action, so Eve is aware of the amount of effort that goes into any extreme physical pursuit.

"It's a very physical programme and that's why I love doing Torchwood – you get to do all these outlandish things and be safe at the same time," says Eve. "You're not going to get hit, you're not going to get hurt, well hopefully – thankfully it hasn't happened yet."

A big Calzaghe fan, Eve believes he stands a good chance against Hopkins on Saturday:

"I think he's got every chance in the world. He's one of the strongest boxers we've ever sent out there and I think that with the support and love of Wales behind him he can do no wrong. All he can do is his best, whatever happens on the night the outcome is that the Welsh will still be proud of him for going out there and representing us."

Eve has just one message for Joe on the night: "Go get him boy!"

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