Thursday, April 17, 2008

The synopsis for 4.5: The Poison Sky is now online.

4.5: The Poison Sky

The Sontarans activate their masterplan and begin to choke the whole of planet Earth, as Russell T Davies's Bafta Award-winning time-travelling drama continues.

UNIT is left defenceless, with a traitor in their ranks. And as interplanetary war edges closer, the Doctor has to fight to keep both Martha and Donna alive – but will he have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

David Tennant plays the Doctor and Catherine Tate plays his companion, Donna Noble. Freema Agyeman and Christopher Ryan guest star.

4.5: The Poison Sky airs on Saturday 3rd May, Time TBC.

The important bit in this is the TRAITOR part. I am convinced it will be the clone of dear old martha freshly risen out of the green goo we saw here in in the long series preview. And again the sontarans are added to the list of "wanna make earth a home for their CHILDREN" aliens. Can't wait to see if im right!!!!

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