Wednesday, April 16, 2008

S04E03: 'Planet Of The Ood' digital spy article

'Planet Of The Ood' certainly packs an emotional punch, so have hankies on standby when you settle down to watch it. Comfortably the best episode of the fourth season, the story contains many Holocaust parallels and boasts a superbly ambiguous performance from Tim McInnerny as the follicularly challenged villain. What else is in store? Here are a few hints, with three added red herrings for you to have oodles of fun working out.

The Doctor and Donna visit the second great and bountiful human empire.

The Tardis coordinates are set to random.

The Ood should be holding something organic instead of translators in their hands.

Girls Aloud perform a song called 'Something Kind Of Ood' in order to boost sales of Ood livestock.

Donna refers to an Ood translation device as a 'Persil Ball'.

A possessed Ood tells Donna that she has something on her back and can sense crystals from the planet Metebelis 3.

Donna tells a PR woman about the Noble Corporation PLC Ltd Intergalactic branch.

The Doctor reckons he owes the Ood a favour after their previous encounter.

The Doctor and Donna have a snowball fight.

One of the Ood makes a verbal reference to cartoon show The Simpsons.

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