Sunday, July 06, 2008


Reading all about the net today i find that it's about half and half when it comes to the finale. Some liked it some hated it and a few are in between like me. I loved parts of it and was absolutely groaning thru other parts. RTD did an ok job with the finale but the only part that really touched me was when davros spoke about the people who have died around the Doctor and there was a montage from season one forward, and when the doctor dropped off rose and his twin to wander off and live oh ever so happy. The kiss was fantastic, even if it was with a plot twist {ie the blue doctor}lol.
In the confidential Julie Gardner is narrating that scence and states " Oh you know he is saying i love you in her ear..." well wtf not just say it and be done? What would the harm be in hearing what he felt and obviously still feels? RTD also relies alot on plot twists with the "magic wand" as he calls it waving over and making everything a-ok again and its soooo damn tiresome. All in all i hate the wait for the xmas eppy and the mini season to come but im soooo glad donna is gone, soory you donna lovers i still really do not like her. And when the doctor went and started spouting off like donna i almost lost it, omg what a sight! I was waiting for him to yell "am i bovvered?"
I do hope Moffat returns to the shadow proclamation and the reprucussions of the doctors actions in choosing to run away to fight the daleks on his own without support of the remaining universe. It is pretty bad when the BBC has to send someone on air to explain why the Doctor is still David Tennant tho.
I do hope that they can incorporate the Doctors twin into future episodes and maybe bring a bit more of a close to the whole Valeyard story line from Colin Bakers day. Just imagine the Twin goes insane after years of dealing with who he is and how he is torn between what he should be and why he isnt,mmmmm angst angst angst hehehehe.
I really hate that now people are so confused over the regenrations and how many the Doctor has used. I clearly heard the Doctor state he used the energy for repairing himself and then funneled the rest into the hand, so no regeneration just a botched or stalled regeneration of sorts. But oh well so people have to have each n every nuance spelled out clearly.
One fevered hope i have tho is that Moffat will come around to another Doctor who Incarnation get together and bring McCoy, McGann, Eccleston, Davison, and either baker{please tom tho lol}
back together for another five doctors special of some kind or another. We need one more before the actors reaaaaaallllly get way to old to explain away their apperance like in the CIN special with Tennant and Davison.
Perhaps i will rewatch the whole season as a whole and see something more in series four but deep deep down i know nothing will change my mind, it was ok but not much more than that......

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