Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sylvester mcoy and Peter Davidson in the confidential

Ok can someone tell me why every forum and message board out there is awash with Sylvester Mccoy and PD being in the confidential "friends and foes"? They were in clips from the series that they had starred in that feature davros and the daleks. I saw Syl ranting back at davros over a video line before unleashing the hand of omega and peter running about getting shot at is all. Did i miss something or are a mass majority just that damn thick???? Everyone seems to think they were in the confidential because they will pop up in journeys end for cameos, or are filming for the Prom special......oooo k

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Amser Arglwydd said...

I have to say that I concur with you on this Sylvester McCoy + peter Davison theory that a lot of people out there are alluding to. The only thing they have is that SM was wearing a similar hat and a jumper to the one he wore in his role as the Doctor. To me, it is nonsense.