Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Captain Jack admits to coming back

JOHN Barrowman has hinted he'll be back playing action man Captain Jack Harkness in David's Tennant's final turn as Doctor Who.
The actor, who got to play the immortal time traveller in his own spin-off Torchwood, has appeared in several Doctor Who episodes.

He told a newspaper: "I'll put it this way - Captain Jack will always return to the side of The Doctor when he needs assistance."

The Captain, who is the first openly non-straight character in the BBC1 sci-fi hit, is someone people can identify with, the actor said.

He cheekily added: "Whether it's because he's omni-sexual or he's proud of who he is - he doesn't give a s*** about what anybody thinks."

Tennant - who won a legion of fans for his portrayal as telly's most famous Time Lord - is due to make one of his final appearances at Christmas.

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