Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Critics hail Capadi's debut

 Critics are praising Peter Capaldi for his debut in "Deep Breath" saying he has all the hallmarks of a great Doctor. Richard Beech of The Mirror said "If you watched Deep Breath and you don't want to watch the rest of series 8, then there truly is something wrong with you."

 The show received a mixed reception on Twitter, with some viewers deeming 56-year-old Capaldi "brilliant" and "amazing", while others describing the episode as "middle of the road" and "gimmicky".
While on Facebook many praised the new portrayal, but panned the story. I read many casual viewers that commented on the change of face as a blow to their children and they would no longer watch. If you have young children and they cannot grasp how the dynamics  of the show works, I would think letting them watch and not fully explaining was your fault not the writers.

Reddit, of course, was a hot bed of Moffat hate. Many panned the plot and the pacing while most said "There was absolutely no need for the dinosour. It's not like if the dinosaur wasn't there or mentioned we'd all be saying "that episode needed a dinosaur". I saw the dinosaur as fun for the smaller children and there to show how long the bad guys had been on our planet, perhaps they could have just mentioned it in passing with dialogue, but it led to a great visual display also used it in the translation scene to describe how the dinosaur was feeling also similar to how the doctor was feeling, all alone last of its kind. It also showed hoe the Doctor was hurt that Clara just did not see him.

 A small majority of "fan girls" cried about the new age of the Doctor saying "The audience wants young and vibrant doctors and they wont be guilted into accepting the old man. What does regeneration mean literally?"
These NuWho fans always give themselves away by not understanding that The Doctor can literally be anyone and look any way.  And of course the River Song, Rani, Master, Omega theories are running rampant with the appearance of the foe at the end.

All in all the hype was justified in my eyes. It was a solid story with great comedic elements. We finally have a Doctor who won't be a tumbler girls wet dream. And perhaps we can get back to great science fiction rather than who is shipping who.

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