Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Deep Breath Review

I have finally found some free time to put down thoughts on the series 8 premiere. I watched Deep Breath once then promptly re-watched again to look over any details I may have missed and I have to say I loved it.
The new titles were wonderful. I particularly loved the gears, very steampunk. I read that a Youtuber was hired after Moffat had seen his re-imagining of the titles. I think the new theme sounds a bit retro harkening back to the 80's and was okay. I have faith Murray Gold will perform admirably throughout the series as always.

I loved that Capaldi has some of the best comedic lines all throughout the whole episode..
Oh, I wouldn't bother with that, I never bother with sleep, I just do standy-up-catnaps.
Oh really, how interesting - and when do you do those?
Well, generally when anyone else starts talking. I like to skip ahead to my bits, it saves time.

Capaldi has excellent comedic timing with his lines. His Doctor seems to be more dark and manipulative reminding me very much of the Seventh Doctor. The reason he chose this face still seems a bit unclear and may well be answered much later into the series.

I love how The Doctor is getting a bit darker and more manipulative. He allowed Clara to be caught and interrogated by the Robot Controller standing nearby hidden behind the fleshy mask of one of the RC's previous victims. Granted he was there the whole time, but this is a much darker Doctor willingly putting a companion in harms way just to get some answers. I'll say more about that flesh mask in another post.
I liked seeing Vastra, Jenny, and Straxx again and would personally love to see more. I think they hammered the point home that the two were married a bit too much, but Vastra was flirting with Clara quite a bit. The onscreen kiss between Vastra and Jenny was new ground for Who and I applaud the effort even as I have seen others marginalize and deride it.

The fate of the RC at the end and the question of whether he was pushed or jumped is tough, but again more on that later. The cameo at the end seemed like a bit of fan service aimed especially at the fangirls and tumbler addicts, but I also saw it as a way to explain to the children who watch what just happened. It helped to explain that his face may change, but underneath he is still the same Doctor. I loved seeing Matt again and was surprised that the cameo wasn't spoiled due to all the leaks. I have to commend the fans for respecting Who enough not to spoil it for everyone.

 Now we come to Missy. Just who is she, why is she collecting those The Doctor fails to save? I have read theories ranging from her being the Master to her being another incarnation of River. I have my theories and will post them soon also.
All in all I saw the opening episode as very strong, very bold and dark, and very entertaining. Moffat has taken the series in newer and better directions than RTD in my opinion. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has to offer.

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