Thursday, October 25, 2007

KYLIE Minogue is set to solve a years-old Doctor Who mystery – she IS the Tardis!

Who buffs reckon the pop princess’s appearance as waitress Astrid Perth in a Christmas special cracks an ancient code.
Astrid is an anagram of Tardis, while Perth means “part” in Welsh, where the show is filmed – so her name translates as “part Tardis”.
And Kylie, 39, exits the BBC sci-fi hit by spinning into space – as the Tardis is frequently seen doing.
A BBC source said: “Viewers have often been told the Tardis is a living organism.
“But mystery has always surrounded what it is and what gives it its powers. The elements we know about Kylie’s appearance all point towards her being the Tardis.
“The fact Kylie had a hit called Spinning Around is an added irony.” But as usual with the show, fans will be left guessing the whole story.
Meanwhile, a scene at the end of the last series – in which a female hand picked a ring out of the Master’s ashes – has sparked rumours the character returns next series as a WOMAN.
But to add to the mystery, there are suggestions that John Simm – who played the Master – returns in the New Year.

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