Tuesday, October 23, 2007

'Who' should last 20 years, says Davies

Russell T Davies has said that Doctor Who is set up so it "should be around for 20-30 years".The writer, who revived the series, said it could continue with year-long gaps to keep it fresh.He explained: "I don't have any big ambitions except to carry on writing stories for telly. We've set [Doctor Who] up in such a way that it should be around for 20-30 years yet."Within that timeframe there will be year-long hiatuses to give it a chance to get its momentum back."Davies has also revealed his plans for the show's break next year - a series codenamed MGM or More Gay Men.He said: "It's going to be about fortysomething gay men and how jealous they are of gay teenagers. I've been longing to write something for adults."What got me started was a friend, a former Mr Gay UK, who split up from his boyfriend. He asked me, 'Why are so many gay men so glad we split up?'"That remark's stayed with me for six years. I think there's a self-punishing streak in that gladness and I want to explore it."

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