Saturday, October 27, 2007

WHO'S HAVING FUN AT CASTLE? Two related storeies on S4 filming

“Face the Music” is the first fan to report seeing Freema Agyeman yesterday on set at Margam Park in South Wales for Doctor Who series 4! (spoilers removed)They will finish filming at Margam Castle today (Friday)
“No sign of any ********* but did see David, Freema and Catherine Tate filming at the front of Margam Castle with plenty of dry ice around as either something seemed to be landing in front of them or something looked like it was about to explode. Catherine and Freema then left but filming carried on around the back of the castle with David and a military guy inside a stationary jeep… ”

The Time Lord landed at Margam Castle this week and avid fans of TV show Doctor Who were there to capture the scenes.Steven Price, of Sand Lane, Briton Ferry, took pictures as David Tennant and Catherine Tate filmed at the historic site.He said: "They were doing different scenes around the castle. I was there by chance."David Tennant and a girl dressed as a soldier were in one scene I saw filmed."Mr Price said he also got the chance to meet the star of the show.He said: "David Tennant went out of his way to sign autographs."Gary Jones, of Seaward Close, Sandfields, was another Doctor Who fan who got a chance to see the filming in Margam.He said: "We found out from a Doctor Who website that the show was being filmed so my brother and I headed up there."We got a closer view than we thought - we were just standing by the side of them."Mr Jones also got the chance to meet the latest Time Lord and described the actor who plays him as marvellous.He said: "I didn't think he would bother, but he took the time to sign autographs and meet people."

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