Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shocked Sarah!

Elisabeth Sladen gets adventurous in new issue of DWM.
Elisabeth Sladen, star of The Sarah Jane Adventures, has been hinting at the first series' dramatic final story, The Lost Boy.
"All hell breaks loose!" Elisabeth reveals in the new edition of Doctor Who Magazine. "Sarah Jane tries to do the right thing, but then someone shows her something... and it's not the right thing. There's someone else who knows about the shenanigans in the attic. And Sarah Jane gets the shock of her life, too!"
Elisabeth also discussed her delight at this latest chance to revisit the character of Sarah Jane.
"When Russell first suggested The Sarah Jane Adventures, I wondered where they could take her, but she's opened up and I've absolutely relished that. I loved that period of finding things in Sarah Jane, and it's all come back. I'm so pleased."
Also in the new issue, there's exclusive access to the set of Series Four's Roman episode with director Colin Teague; new companion Catherine Tate chats about Donna, Daleks and difficult crowds; K9's birthday is celebrated as the magazine looks back fondly over 30 years of the Doctor's metal pooch and actor Noel Clarke reveals what happened when he met the Daleks.
The Doctor and Martha are deep in trouble in Part 3 of their latest comic strip adventure The First; acclaimed writer Steven Moffat talks candidly about who he fancies, childhood hobbies and what makes him cross as he plucks questions from Out of the TARDIS tin; and executive producer Russell T Davies writes about the Things You Don't Write in Production Notes.
Issue 388 of Doctor Who Magazine goes on sale from 18 October 2007.

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