Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sun gives "Voyage" details?

The Sun has reported alleged details from the upcoming Christmas Special "Voyage of the Damned", starring David Tennant and Kylie Minogue. In the past, the Sun has reported some accurate plot details about Doctor Who scripts (such as a 2005 report that the Daleks and Cybermen would face off, as they did in the episode "Doomsday") and has also printed some stories which proved to be false (such as a 2006 report that Zoe Lucker would be playing the Rani).

The Sun reports that Minogue's character, named Astrid Peth, will share a kiss with the Doctor, and that at the end of the special the character "spins off into space in a strange 'half-form' of herself." The article also states:
The episode is set on board the Titanic, "which has become a spaceship run by arch-baddie Max Capricorn."
Astrid and the Doctor team up to save the earth from Max's scheme.
"Astrid tells the Doctor: 'You need someone to look after you -- can I come with you?' He agrees."
"The special ends with a stunning scene in which the Titanic falls from the sky and looks like crashing on Buckingham Palace."

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