Sunday, April 12, 2009

11th Apr 2009 Monster Metamorphosis

New Game Coming Soon!

Responding to a distress signal, the TARDIS lands in what appears to be a disused bio-data storage facility. However, the Doctor quickly realises that the signal was a trap - leaving him the one in distress! The Sontarans intend to punish him for crimes against their glorious Empire.
The Doctor formulates a plan and creates, via biochemical manipulation, a simple life form he calls 'Bob the Blob' which becomes his only chance of freedom.
Monster Metamorphosis is a new Doctor Who platform game which involves players working their way through several challenging levels and utilising the skills of the Slitheen, Cybermen, metallic Spiders and Ood in order to free the TARDIS and escape the Sontaran's prison.
It incorporates amazing 3D graphics with numerous challenging puzzles and obstacles which need to be overcome while also trying to avoid the Sontaran guards and their defence systems.
The Game will be launched on 21 Apr, 2009

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