Wednesday, April 01, 2009

All the april fools for Dr who wrapped in one post lol

The Official BBC Doctor Who website now has a 20 second version of last Friday's new trailer, CLICK HERE to view it.

Due to the massive backlash from fans and Executive Producer Russell T Davies, the BBC have agreed to repeat the Series Four premier at 7:10pm Saturday, postponing "I'll Do Anything" to a later date, CLICK HERE for more details*.

It Ain't Cool News has an interview with Russell T Davies, who claims that when he was reviving Doctor Who the ghost of William Hartnell warned him quote: "You can't rewrite a Steven Moffat script! Not one line!" CLICK HERE for the article*.

*As you may have guessed it's April Fools' Day. Add Derek Jacobi and John Simm to the cast list of The Masters of Luxor.

Torchwood TV reports Elisabeth Sladen will be appearing in Torchwood's third season, CLICK HERE for that.

John Barrowman and Loose Women

BBC News is reporting that the 2009 Easter Special Planet of the Dead has been postponed, CLICK HERE for more details.

The BBC Press Office reports Georgia Moffett has been cast as the companion for Series Five reprising her role from The Doctor's Daughter as Jenny, CLICK HERE for more details from the Press Release.

The BBC Press Office also reports there will be a new mini series starring Derek Jacobi and John Simm called The Masters airing later this month on BBC One, CLICK HERE for more details from the Press Release.

The titles for the remaining 2009 specials have been announced. They are:

War of the Worlds (to air 31 August 2009 on the Summer Wheatley Bank Holiday)
Lost in Time (to air Christmas)
Degeneration (to air 28 December Boxing Helen Day Bank Holiday)

For more details CLICK HERE.

Also the titles of Series Five have been announced, except for episode 12. They are:
About Time (written by Steven Moffat)
The Dust of Stars (written by Neil Gaiman)
Time of the Zygons/Loch Ness Monsters (two parter written by Helen Raynor)
Scherzo (written by Rob Shearman)
Family Reunion (written by Stephen Greenhorn)
Fractured Time/Merlin (two parter written by Steven Moffat) Ice Time (written by Ben Aaronovitch)
The Fans of Death (written by Steven Moffat)
The End of Time (written by David Agnew)
Untitled/The Fool of April* (written by Steven Moffat)

For more details CLICK HERE.

BBC News has released a trailer for the 2009 specials, CLICK HERE to view (only available in Galactic Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha).

Finally, another sequel to Douglas Addams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has been commissioned. It will follow Eoin Colfer's "And Another Thing…" and will be called "One More Thing I Forgot." The author will be Eric Idol, CLICK HERE for more details and HERE for the cover.

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