Sunday, April 12, 2009

Who is Donna marrying this time??????

Elisabeth Sladen and Tommy Knight recorded scenes yesterday for the forthcoming Christmas and New Year's Doctor Who specials - which conclude with the Tenth Doctor regenerating into Matt Smith's Eleventh. David Tennant was present, and had a brief scene with Knight (last time their characters interacted was via computer screen - the actors never met).

John Simm's Master was also thought to be present.
Master filming spy Scooty has a collection of images from filming.

Russell T Davies is interviewed in today's Telegraph, and states that "It's not quite as easy to guess what's happening as you think - there's nightmare sequences, and layers of fantasy, because the Doctor's coming to the end of his time. It's quite interesting to watch things being filmed, and think: 'Oh, I can see what that would look like...'" So, is this scene everything it first appears?

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