Saturday, April 18, 2009

Big Finish discontinues Short trips

Big Finish regrets to announce that Short Trips, its collected works of Doctor Who short stories, is coming to an end this year, as its licence to publish the books sadly expires. The final release will be Re:Collections, a bumper edition containing the very best stories from the previous 28 publications, which will be out in May priced £19.99.
Big Finish first acquired the rights to Short Trips in 2002, and contributing writers over the last seven years have included Andrew Cartmel, Nicholas Briggs, Paul Cornell, Nev Fountain, Joseph Lidster, Paul Magrs, Jonathan Morris, Marc Platt, Justin Richards, Gareth Roberts, Eddie Robson Gary Russell, Eric Saward and Robert Shearman.
“The Short Trips range has been a popular and exciting way to publish new authors and give our readership the chance to enjoy some truly outstanding work by old favourites,” says Big Finish executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery. “Big Finish will now be concentrating its efforts on audio productions of Doctor Who and a number of exciting new franchises.”
From May 1 2009 all previous Short Trips (with the exclusion of Re:Collections) will be on sale for the specially reduced price of £7.50 from Catch them while stocks last - we have very limited numbers of some titles!

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