Sunday, August 30, 2009


EVERY man must at some point put down the Cybermen and start acting like an adult- and former Doctor Who Time Lord David Tennant is no exception.

With more time on his hands since leaving the BBC show, the 38-year-old actor has decided to turn his attention to cooking and gardening.

But while the Doctor can resolve apocalyptic intergalactic conflict with little more than a pithy one liner and a sonic screwdriver, it seems that his domestic capabilities still need a little honing.

“Those basic life skills seem to have escaped me and maybe now’s the time to make them my hobby,” he muses.

“Cooking is not something that comes naturally to me, so I’m working my way through a couple of cookbooks to teach myself.

“I don’t have any distinctive flair for it. So I’m trying to learn some techniques there.”

But cooking alone is not enough for David, who has thrown gardening into the mix. “I’m trying to teach myself how not to kill plants, which I do manage to have the skill for,” he explains. “I’d like to be a little more nurturing with my garden.”

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