Saturday, August 08, 2009

Torchwood fans hit back over Ianto Jones death messages

UPSET sci-fi fans have hit back after internet death threats were posted to Torchwood writers to say: ‘We’re not all crazy’.

Last week Wales on Sunday revealed some fans had left online messages saying they would ‘murder’ the scriptwriters responsible for killing off the show’s Ianto Jones, played by Newport actor Gareth David Lloyd in the Children of Earth mini-series.

But in scores of responses left at Wales on Sunday’s website, WalesOnline, admirers of the Cardiff-set BBC hit distanced themselves from ‘extremists.’

One, writing as Iam, insisted the article highlighted only a tiny proportion of fans.

Iam said: “I am sure that 99% of these comments were simply ill-conceived knee-jerk reactions to the strong emotions elicited by the death of Ianto.

“I want to stress that THOUSANDS of fans are protesting politely and peacefully. Over £4,000 has been raised for the charity Children in Need as part of this protest.”

And ‘Kendra’ said: “There are thousands of fans out there, who are raising money for charity, sending polite and reasonable letters, and doing what we can to be supportive of the character and actor.

“But it’s always the crazies that get highlighted and from then on, any time anybody tries to make a reasonable argument, we’ll get dismissed as being one of the death threat/ wacko/ axe-wielding nutcases.”

KB13 admitted fans were angry at ‘RTD’ – Torchwood creator and Dr Who writer Russell T Davies – but said: “Those comments are over the top and upsetting, they came from personal journals and fans gathering places where people are blowing off steam.

“Please don’t condemn us based on things written in private and shared with other fans.”

But Jimmy 900 said: “This is what happens when socially inept people are asked to handle emotional content.”

Behellmorph added: “This is getting out of hand, sending death threats to writers? That’s just wrong.

“Granted, the passing of Ianto’s death is very sad but that doesn’t mean you should go threatening people like that.”

Meanwhile ‘Cuisle’ urged fans to accept Gareth David-Lloyd had left the show.

Jovialien insisted making threats of violence was not typical fan behaviour.

And Tardigger said: “Only the most miniscule portion of fans saddened by the demise of Ianto Jones and concerned about the fate of Torchwood have posted comments similar to those cited in (last week’s) article.

“The many thousands of other Torchwood fans, however, reflecting myriad opinions both pro and con towards Children of Earth and Mr Davies, remain united by one common element – respectful disagreement through open discourse.”

Rusty added: “GROW UP! It’s a TV character!

“Granted, I was never that fond of Ianto to begin with – he was a blank as far as I’m concerned, but death threats?

“Come on, people!”

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