Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tom Baker Q & A on "Hornets Nest"

Q: Have you enjoyed reprising your role as The Doctor?

A: Yes, yes! Oh yes.

Q: The excitement amongst fans is building by the day in the run up to the release. What can they look forward to in the Hornets’ Nest first instalment ‘The Stuff of Nightmares’?

A: These Hornets are not just any old Hornets; oh no! They are PRIME BBC Hornets, the likes of which have never been seen or heard of before. And of course BBC Hornets are the stuff of nightmares! And as lovers of nightmares, the fans will not be disappointed.

Q: Doctor Who has a tremendously loyal fan base, what do you think sets fans of the show apart?

A: Their unswerving loyalty. Their good taste. Their BLIND LOVE.

Q: You’ve often described yourself as a performer rather than an actor, where do you think the difference lies and how has this affected your choice of roles?

A: Is that a quote? What’s the difference? I think of myself as an entertainer.

Q: The Brits hold a particular affection for Doctor Who, what do you think is the key to the show’s appeal?

A: The formula is so good. Benevolent alien, a being with secrets. A sonic screwdriver, but I’m sworn to secrecy by the BBC. They pay me 30 pieces of silver every month to be discreet.

Q: What was the appeal of recording a new series of audio dramas?

A: The scripts arrived at a good moment. I’m a bit capricious about what I accept. I asked some hard questions and made some impossible demands. The BBC agreed to everything I asked on condition the details would be locked in a strongbox in the Bank of England. They will be revealed on the BBC website on January 20th 2034 at 6.12 AM – the hundredth anniversary of my birth.

Q: Are you a fan of audio books? Which titles have you enjoyed?

A: I’m a great fan of anything that Michael Jayston records. He’s a magnificent teller of the tale. What a guy! What an actor, and a very tricky bowler at cricket.

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