Friday, August 07, 2009

Doctor Who - Mike "The Streets" Skinner To Star?

The pop star's Twitter account reveals he is to star opposite Matt Smith in the next series of the world's most successful science-fiction show.

Mike Skinner, of the popular beat combo The Streets, has revealed via a social networking site that he has landed a part in the new series of Doctor Who. A post on Twitter read: "You wouldn't believe the week I've had. I can't talk about it but let's just say I got a part in 'Doctor Who'."

Conspiracists may note that the Tweet has since been withdrawn with the comment: "and just like that. the tweet is deleted." Skinner has 'fronted' The Streets since 2000 scoring a number of hits and awards though the 31 year old has yet to be seen acting.

This would not be the first time The Streets have appeared in the world's longest running science-fiction television show. During 2005's Father's Day, Rose could hear their song "Don't Mug Yourself" on a car radio.

At the moment filming continues on the next series of the show starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan; the first to be overseen by Steven Moffat.

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